The New Recruit

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Bill was hurriedly escorted to join the group during the processing.

The younger men had been through several other processes when he was quickly, and firmly put in line and demanded to keep the line tight,

“Keep your eyes forward, no talking, and do as you’re told” shouted a loud excitable young man in a drill sergeant uniform.

“Sir yes sir,” he responded loudly, hoping that was the response that was expected of him.

He stood as close as possible to the young man in front of him in the group lineup along the narrow hallway.

The group clumsily shuffled forward approaching a door that the proceeding young men turned into under a medical sign that was boldly affixed over the door.

He tried his best to keep in step with the young men in front of him without stumbling into them as they approached the door and turned into the room for whatever medical exam was being inflicted.

When he was at the doorway Bill watched the young men ahead of him quickly have a stethoscope placed on their chests and were asked a few questions for a quick few seconds.

Some were called to the side and a few had to drop their pants and underwear for the doctor to check their penis and testicles. Why this was deemed necessary seemed irrelevant and random but obviously, no one could ask why they were put through the embarrassment of having to drop their pants and have their penises exposed to the doctor and others in the room.

“Next” the doctor called to the line as Bill realized that he was the next in line.

Bill approached the doctor and they held eye contact for an unusually long period.

The doctor listened to his heart and poked at his abdomen and ribs.

“Drop your pants” the doctor commanded.

Bill struggled to contain his reaction and emotions and slowly first lowered his pants and then his low-cut bikini underwear.

The doctor had a slightly visible reaction to his skimpy underwear and exposed penis, but quickly grabbed and squeezed his testicles thoroughly before grasping his penis and lifting, and completely examining the penis as it was transforming from a flaccid to semi-erect uncontrollable state from the manipulation.

“Move along, that way.” The doctor yelled dismissing him through the next door as he slightly bit his upper lip.

Bill struggled to pull up and button his pants while moving away from the doctor towards a rear door.

The door led to another hallway where the young men in front of him were again lined up very closely as instructed with their toes almost touching the heels of the young man in front of them.

“Listen up recruits.” The drill sergeant screamed in what seemed like a strained voice.

“When you are told you will enter the room and sit in the next available chair where you will be shaved. After you are shaved you will leave through the back door and form a line in the rear hallway until you are given your next instructions, do you understand?”

“Sir, yes sir.” The group yelled as loud as possible.

Their fate was obvious as the young men shuffled towards and into a room that had a faded small square sign above the door where each nervous young man entered that read “BARBER SHOP.”

The buzzing sound from the room was deafening and the only other sound coming from the approaching door was someone inside yelling,

“Next recruit.”

This command prompted the young man at the head of the line to enter the room, and the procession behind him to move clumsily closer to the door.

“Next recruit.” Was repeated continuously followed by the slow movement of the line until Bill found himself standing at the doorway under the ominous sign.

“Next recruit.” Was yelled loudly in his direction.

“Old guy you’re next.” Was yelled at Bill as he hesitated, but quickly forced himself to focus on where he was.

“In the chair recruit.” Was yelled even louder.

Bill swallowed hard and moved as quickly as he could into the room.

Trying to overcome the disorientation of seeing and entering the room for the first time. He moved toward the empty barber chair and quickly observed that the room was narrow and had four barber chairs to the right and another door at the far end of the room.

The floor was thickly covered around the base of the chairs with piles of hair of assorted lengths and colors.

Two barbers were alternating between the four chairs, while he walked towards the empty chair on the far right of the four he couldn’t help but note how the barbers were firmly holding, and moving the heads of the recruits in their chairs and were making quick work of removing all of the hair that they had on their heads.

Bill sat in the chair and tried to keep his eyes forward as instructed. His peripheral vision could see the young man in the chair to his right having his head firmly pushed down and turned side to side as his hair fell straight to the floor and his head was quickly reduced to stubble.

“Go.” The barber yelled at the boy to Bill’s right after his rough head shave was complete.

This command led the boy to jump out of the chair and scurry towards the back door of the narrow shop as instructed without being able to see the results of his haircut, and the extremity of the transformation he had been subjected to. In less than thirty seconds the boy went from having a full head of blond curls to a completely bald head.

Bill’s stomach and nerves were more than he had imagined during all the years of thinking about being in this situation. And somewhat embarrassingly, although anticipated he was getting extremely aroused.

The barber who had a very serious look on his face was a tall man wearing a baseball cap and black smock, Bill couldn’t see but quickly was made aware of the man’s large firm hands as they grabbed his head and pulled it back so he was looking at the stained ceiling of the dimly light room.

The buzzing of electric clippers grew louder as they neared Bill’s right ear. The clippers first touched at his right sideburn area and went diagonally up to the top of his head.

He immediately felt hair fall from his head onto his shoulder and then fell to the floor.

The shock of the hair falling and the electric feeling of the vibrating clippers shook his body and intensified his arousal.  The barber continued to mow his hair across the top of his head as it was held firmly back to keep him looking up at the ceiling.

He tried to process the feeling of the intense vibration through his whole body that was feeding the arousal that he knew he had to hide, coupled with the realization that all of the hair on his head was being reduced to stubble quickly and mercilessly under the barber’s firm dominant hand.

The strong-handed barber kept his head back but shifted it to the right as he continued to remove all of his hair until the clippers were at his left ear and sideburn area and again mowed diagonally towards the top of his head.

Bill felt like he was given a reprieve when the clippers momentarily left his head and the barber removed his strong hand.

The relief was short lived when the large strong hand returned to his head and was adjusted to push his head down so his chin was at his chest but facing to his right. He realized that he could feel the warmth of the large, firm hand on his head because his hair was gone and his scalp only consisted of short rough stubble.

The intense vibrator touched his head again at his neck and moved up the back of his head, the stimulation was incredible and electrifying.

The shock of the vibrations and knowing that all of his hair was being taken away without mercy had Bill start to think of ways to slow his erotic feelings and avoid having an orgasm in the barber chair.

He quickly invoked the technique that he used when he was making love to his wife and needed to last longer. His personal method was to think about when he was a boy growing up in Vermont and being out in the snow and cold while walking to school, which made his penis and testicles shrink. This seemed like a crazy idea, but it worked when needed to prolong lovemaking with his curvy wife to give her an incredible climax before his own ejaculation.

The barber’s grip intensified on top of his head kept his chin down but methodically turned his head to the left as he cleared all of the hair on the back of his head causing the hair to drop quickly on him and to the floor.

Hair was on his shoulders, shirt, and lap when the barber shoved his head forward and mumbled,

“Go.” The deep voice commanded.

This was the signal that he was done, shaved bald, and discarded from the crass barber’s chair and wrath.

Bill jumped out of the chair as quickly as he could to get away from the dominant barber and struggled to process what had just been done to him and his hair while dealing with an erection in this harsh public place.

He staggered towards the rear door only to be stopped by a young recruit who was probably more than half his age and had already had his head shaved. The boy must have had light colored hair because the extreme clipper cut made him look like he was completely shaved and smooth with no visible stubble.

“Lean over the garbage can and wipe your head.” The young bald boy yelled with a tone that tried to convey authority.

Bill took a paper towel that the boy offered and wiped his head and shoulders while leaning over a large trash can. When it seem satisfactory he dropped the towel into the can and hurried to the rear exit door.

Through the door, he tried to gain composure and contain his arousal, and joined the young men that had been shaved ahead of him lined up against a wall on the right side of the corridor in front of him.

He took his place behind the last boy in line and stood as close to him as possible to “keep the line tight” as directed.

His mind was racing with many thoughts. He fought off the immense urge to feel his head and assess the damage of the shearing he had been subjected to while trying to delay his immense arousal and erection.

Several boys took their places in line behind him while he stood still, facing forward struggling with all of the feelings that were flooding him. As told he stood motionless but his mind was on fire with the fact that he just had all of his hair shaved off in thirty seconds or less from a callous army barber with a group of soldiers during the induction process.

As strange as it seemed this was an erotic fetish fantasy that he had thought about for many years. The fact that he had and was trying to hide a raging erection while facing forward in this line of young recruits added to his incredible arousal.

After several minutes of being stoned faced facing forward and fighting all of the raging urges, the last boy joined the line behind him and a drill sergeant loudly approached the line.

“All right recruits, listen up. We will now march to the barracks; everyone better keep the line tight and eyes forward. When we get to the barracks you will be assigned a bunk and a locker. At the locker, you will remove all of your civilian clothes and line up to proceed to the shower.”

“Do you understand?”

“Sir, yes sir.” Was yelled loudly by the line of men with freshly shaved heads.

The thought of being stripped naked in a group of freshly shaved young men sent more chills through his body, but as the line started moving the drill instructor appeared at Bill’s side with another soldier in uniform and barked an order to him.

“Take this recruit to the side as directed.”

“Sir, yes sir.” The small framed young man yelled back as Bill noted how young the man who also sported a freshly shaved head like his seemed to be.

“Follow me.” The young soldier yelled in his best attempt to be authoritative.

Bill followed the young man down the opposite way of the hallway where the other freshly shaved recruits were directed. After a short walk, they reached a side door with an illuminated red sign above that read in bold letters “EXIT ONLY”.

The young man pushed the door open and Bill was temporarily blinded by the bright sunlight from outside of the processing facility that he had just been escorted from.

“Follow me.” The young recruit said in a contrived tough voice.

He was led from the building down a long narrow sidewalk, He tried to keep pace with his young escort but he still was fighting the urge to feel his freshly shaved head, but that feeling was multiplied by the new sensation of the warm sun on his scalp which he had never felt before when he had hair.

They approached a fence that had a small gate opening that was staffed by another attractive young man in an impeccable uniform with an extremely closely buzzed haircut.

“Open the gate.” Bill’s escort barked to the gate attendant.

“Yes sir,” the young soldier replied as he quickly pulled keys from his uniform belt.

Bill was given a slight push from one of the boys through the gate and found himself standing on the sidewalk looking back at the uniformed boys inside the large ominous looking fence while they locked the gate that he was just quickly pushed through.

As the young men saluted each other and crisply turned and went about their respective duties, Bill finally realized that he was alone and no longer being watched or directed to do what they ordered.  He took a minute to assess his feelings about what just transpired and his first impulse was to feel his head.

With his hand, he was quickly overcome by the sensation that all of his hair was gone and his whole head was now covered in rough stubble.

The next thought in his mind was that he had a raging erection and it was amazingly overlooked, and not addressed by the drill sergeant, barber, or the young men that pulled him out of the line of freshly shaved men. The young men whose next destination was the barracks, and shower where they would disrobe for the first time in a group and expose their naked bodies and newly shaved heads.

He processed all of the feelings that flooded him after the brief but highly emotional experience that he was just subjected to as a car slowed to the curb near where he was standing.

“Nice haircut.” Said a very attractive mature woman who was driving the car.

“Need a ride somewhere?” she continued.

“Yes please, Ma’am,” Bill responded in his best military voice and approached the passenger side, and got into the car.

“Wow, that’s a really short haircut.” She spoke trying to hide her smile.

“It’s a regulation induction haircut,” Bill responded firmly.

The pretty lady drove silently for a few minutes away from the military base, then onto the nearby highway after a silent pause, she finally smiled at Bill for a few seconds and then spoke.

“Was the experience all that you thought it would be?”

Bill finally broke his stone face that he used in the tight forward facing lines and responded.

“Oh my god, It was way beyond what I imagined, the intensity was more than I could have hoped for.”

“Thank you honey for setting that up, I still can’t believe that you made that happen.” He added.

The pretty lady smiled for a few seconds and took another glance at Bill’s freshly shaved head.

“I’m so glad you enjoyed it lover, and we owe my cousin Bruce for getting this to happen.”

“Oh yeah, I definitely owe Bruce for this.” Bill quickly shot back.

“That crazy bastard made me drop my pants in front of all the young guys and played with my dick and balls, and I could tell that he was holding back from laughing at the little panties you made me wear.”

“He said that he was going to make sure that you got the full experience.” She said happily, then added.

“He texted me and said that you were already hard”

They both laughed heartily, then he said. “Hurry up and get us home, I am so horny right now”

As the lady smiled devilishly she pulled the car off of the highway onto another road.

“Why did you get off the highway?” he asked, “Do you have to make a restroom stop? it’s bad enough that I’m really horny and have to wait until we get home to get naked and in bed with you.”

“Relax,” she said. “See that motel ahead? I got us a room there so you wouldn’t have to wait.”

They both smiled widely and she added. “And I am super horny too, I can’t believe an army recruit is going to make love to me.”

She parked the car in the parking lot, grabbed a small overnight bag from the back seat, walked around the car, and grabbed his hand.

She led him towards one of the motel doors and as she was opening the door she smiled at him and spoke.

“Wait till you see the shave that I got.”






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