The next evening, shared experience

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Miss Judy and I walked out of the back room and went over to the sink area where Peggy was caped and ready for her shampoo. I introduced myself and asked her if it was OK for me to shampoo her hair today? She said “I have heard a lot of good thing about you honey, please let’s get thing started.” I leaned her back into the shampoo sink and turned on the water to check the temperature. I started to wet her hair and asked her if that temp was ok. She told me she like it a little cooler so I adjusted the temp to her preference.

As I wet her hair she asked me how I got interested in hair and make up. I told her how my mother had started by me out by shampooing and setting my hair twice a week and finally Miss Judy took me under her wing and gave me a job in her shop. She sked if I dressed like this all the time or just sometimes. I told her that I dress differently at school but like this at home and here at the shop.

I had her hair saturated and applied the green colorfast shampoo to her hair. As I worked it into a lather I asked her how she got started. She told me that she always felt different as a child and like to only play with the girls. She like dolls and dresses and cried every time her mother cut her hair. She said her father was killed in Vietnam and her mother never remarried so it was just the two of them. Her mother worked making clothes, mainly dresses and she was always the model.

She told me that her mother let her grow her hair out and one day instead of her mother cutting her hair she told her she wanted to try something new. She took me to the kitchen sink and had me lean forward and shampooed my hair with her shampoo. Usually she washed my hair in the bathroom sink and used baby shampoo. After the shampoo she put some setting gel in my hair and set me up in rollers for the day. The rest is history.

I had to rinse the colorfast shampoo from her hair and then applied the thicker conditioning shampoo. As I lathered her up she asked if she could sit up a bit because her back was a bit sore and she wanted to watch in the mirror across the way. So I sat her up and continued to shampoo her upright. She said to Miss Judy ” I love this, getting shampooed by a shampoogirl in rollers.”

By this time Teri’s hair was dry and Miss Judy took her out from under the dryer. She sat her down in her chair and she and Barbara started to take out the perm rods and rollers one by one. The curl in her hair was wonderful as it dropped down into a beautiful ringlet. Once the last rod and roller was removed Miss Judy took over and started to pick and comb out each curl.

I leaned Peggy back into the sink to rinse her hair and apply a little conditioner and let that set in for a few minutes. Peggy asked me if I had a boyfriend yet and Barbara said ” she is going out with my nephew.” Peggy said ” well good for you, is he cute?’ I told her yes and left it at that. I rinsed the conditioner from her hair and wrapped her in a towel to get her ready for Miss Judy’s magic rollers.

Miss Judy asked me to have Peggy sit in the next chair and also asked me to see if I could tease out a little more height to Barbara’s hairdo. I said sure, no problem and had Barbara sit in the last chair.

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  1. Your writing is good. Numbers are bad. Maybe change shampoo girl to female hair cutting stories. I’m pretty sure that is what this audience is looking for. Try writing one forced female haircut story. Then look at your numbers. 👠✂️💈. Trust me it will work.

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