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Kitty was a Korean model who had gained a lot of fame and popularity because of her long, beautiful hair. She had been in the industry for several years, and her unique feature had always set her apart from the other models. Designers and producers alike loved working with her because her hair added a certain grace and elegance to every shoot she was a part of.


One day, Kitty received a call from a top salon in the city. The salon had heard about her long hair and wanted her to be a part of a special hair project they were working on. Kitty was thrilled at the opportunity and immediately accepted the offer.


On the day of the appointment, Kitty arrived at the salon at 8 am. The staff greeted her warmly and led her to the chair. The lead stylist explained to her that they would be giving her a keratin hair treatment that would make her hair even more beautiful and manageable.


Excitement coursed through Kitty as the stylist began the treatment. She could feel her hair becoming smoother and silkier with each passing minute. The stylist worked carefully and meticulously, making sure every strand of hair was treated with the utmost care.


Before leaving, the producer approached Kitty and told her how much he loved her hair. He advised her not to do anything drastic with her hair and to take good care of it. He even suggested that her manager come back to the main salon after a year, where they could cut her hair but still maintain its length.


Following the producer’s advice, Kitty took great care of her hair over the next year. She used high-quality hair products and regularly visited the salon for hair treatments. As a result, her hair grew even longer and was now down to her ankles.


A year later, Kitty returned to the salon for her much-anticipated haircut. She arrived at the main salon at 10 am and was greeted by the same staff who had worked with her the year before. They led her to a private room where she was asked to sign a makeover agreement.


Once she had signed the agreement, Kitty was changed into a strapless dress and taken to a different section of the salon. The stylist took before photos of her long hair, which was now down to her ankles.


The stylists then explained the haircutting process to her again and made sure she was comfortable with it. They took their time, combing her hair and making sure it was perfectly detangled and smooth.

As Kitty settled into the salon chair, the stylist began to work on her long hair. They carefully combed through the tangles and gently washed her hair, taking their time to ensure that every strand was thoroughly cleaned. Kitty closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of warm water running through her hair. She felt completely relaxed, almost as if she was in a spa. The stylist then applied a rich conditioner, massaging it into Kitty’s hair to make it smooth and shiny. As she rinsed the conditioner out, Kitty couldn’t help but let out a contented sigh.

As Kitty’s hair was being washed and conditioned, the stylist noticed tears rolling down her cheeks. Concerned, they asked if everything was alright. Kitty nodded her head but continued to cry.


The stylist gently asked if Kitty wanted to talk about it. Kitty hesitated for a moment, then opened up. She explained how much her hair meant to her and how it had been a part of her identity for so long. She shared memories of how her mother would comb her hair for hours on end when she was a child, and how her hair had always been a source of pride and confidence.


As the stylist listened, they could see how much Kitty was struggling with the idea of parting with her hair. They knew that this was an emotional moment, and that Kitty needed time to say goodbye to her long locks.


So, they gave Kitty all the time she needed to have her final moments with her hair. The stylist left the room, giving her privacy and space to do what she needed. Kitty sat there for a while, combing her hair slowly and crying softly.


After half an hour, Kitty finally composed herself and was ready to move on to the next stage of the makeover. The stylist returned to the room and gave Kitty a comforting smile. They understood that this was a difficult decision for her, but it was necessary for her career.


Kitty took a deep breath and wiped away her tears. She was ready to let go of her hair and embrace the change.

he stylist sensed that Kitty was still upset and decided to offer her a comforting massage. They gently massaged her neck and shoulders, using a lavender-scented oil to help her relax. Kitty closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh of relief. The massage was just what she needed to calm her nerves.


Once the massage was over, the stylist applied a small amount of hair gel to Kitty’s hair. They explained how the gel would help to keep her hair in place during the haircut, and how it would give her a sleek, polished look once the makeover was complete.


As they talked, the stylist also explained how they were planning to cut Kitty’s hair. They would start by cutting off her ponytail to create a more manageable length, and then gradually cut her hair into a shorter, layered style. They showed Kitty pictures of similar hairstyles to give her an idea of what her new look would be like.


The stylist then left the room to retrieve the haircut cape, leaving Kitty alone with her manager. Her manager could see that Kitty was still upset and rubbed her back in a comforting gesture. She reminded Kitty of all the opportunities that lay ahead, and how this makeover would take her career to new heights.


Kitty nodded, appreciating her manager’s words of encouragement. She took a deep breath and prepared herself for the haircut. The stylist returned to the room with the haircut cape, and Kitty wrapped it around herself, feeling a sense of finality as she did so. She was ready for the transformation to begin.

With Kitty comfortably caped, the stylist then placed a tissue around her neck to prevent any hair from falling onto her skin. They made sure to tuck the tissue under the collar of the cape to keep it in place.


Kitty could feel the weight of her hair pressing against the back of the chair as the stylist began to section it off into four parts, tying each part with an elastic band to keep it out of the way. She couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss as each section was tied off. Her long locks had been a part of her identity for so long, and now they were about to be gone.


The stylist could sense Kitty’s apprehension and asked if she was ready to begin. Kitty took a deep breath and nodded, steeling herself for the inevitable.


The stylist picked up a pair of scissors and began to cut through the first section of Kitty’s hair. As the scissors snipped through the strands, the sound echoed through the salon. Kitty’s heart raced with each cut, and she could feel her hair falling away from her scalp. She could no longer feel the weight of her hair on her shoulders, and the sensation was strange.


The stylist worked methodically, cutting off the length of each section until Kitty’s hair was just below her shoulders. The weight of her hair was gone, but she could still feel the strands brushing against her skin.

Kitty’s heart raced as she heard the sound of the razor blade slicing through her hair, creating an undercut at the nape of her neck. She knew it was necessary for the new style, but the sound and sensation were overwhelming. She tried to keep still, not wanting to disrupt the process, but she couldn’t help but whimper at the touch of the blade.


As the stylist moved to bring out the clippers, Kitty’s anxiety spiked. She had never had her hair this short, and the idea of having clippers running through it was terrifying. She squeezed her eyes shut and took deep breaths, trying to calm herself.


The stylist noticed Kitty’s distress and paused. “Are you okay?” they asked, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.


Kitty took a moment to compose herself before nodding. “Yes, sorry. It’s just…it’s a lot,” she admitted, her voice shaking slightly.


The stylist nodded understandingly. “I know it can be overwhelming, but I promise it will look amazing,” they reassured her.


With Kitty’s consent, the stylist began to use the clippers to create a tapered look at the back of her head. As the clippers hummed and vibrated against her scalp, Kitty couldn’t help but squirm in discomfort. The sensation was new and jarring, and she found it hard to adjust.


But the stylist worked quickly and efficiently, shaping her hair into a short, tapered style that suited her face shape and features. They took their time, making sure every strand was in place and that the style was perfect.


When they finished, they spun the chair around so that Kitty could see herself in the mirror. She gasped at the sight of herself – she was almost unrecognizable. Her hair was short and choppy, with a shaved undercut at the back. It was edgy, modern, and suited her perfectly.


Kitty couldn’t help but smile at the transformation. It was a drastic change, but she knew it was for the best. Her long hair had been beautiful, but it was time for something new. And as she ran her hands through her newly styled hair, she knew she was ready for whatever came next.

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