The Night Fair Ch1

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Tammy-May looked around her with wide eyes, she couldn’t possible take in what she was seeing, half of it she couldn’t even believe. Less than two weeks ago, reeling after finding her boyfriend of three years in bed with her best friend, Tammy-May had gotten drunk, the kind of drunk where you wake up with little to no memories of the night before, only it had turned out that in her drunkenness she had decided to make some changes to her life post break up. That’s how she had found herself moving half way across the country to join ‘The night fair’ which was essentially a traveling commune of adult performers and entertainers. Too shy to perform herself and lacking any major talents that might entertain, she had managed to secure a job in the ticket booth which included a bunk in one of the shared traveling buses that had been decked out to house the members of her new community.

Having arrived for her orientation the day before Tammy-May had been handed a uniform that consisted of little more than a deep red Basque, a pair of black gloves and some fishnet stocking, shown how the ticket office worked and left to settle in to the small space that was now her home. She had cried her self to sleep wondering what the hell she was doing, last week she had been happy, working shifts at the only dinner in the town she had grown up in and thinking her boyfriend was on the verge of proposing to her, it felt like her life was some cruel cosmic joke.

Tonight had been her first shift, it had gone fairly smoothly, even though she had felt supremely self conscious in her ‘uniform’ and her new boss had told her she needed to work on her hair and makeup before her shift the next night because she looked like a ‘plain Jane’. Her boss, Vic, was a busty matronly type in her fifties who wore a heavily skirted version of the same uniform that Tammy-May did, she also wore bright red lipstick and clashing blue eye shadow and smelled of cigarettes and alcohol, she was kind enough though and Tammy-May had taken on board what she said, swearing to make more of herself the next night.

The ticket booth closed when the night fair was in full swing and the visitors were able to loose themselves in the pleasures of the night with tents and stages set up in a make shift village across the expanse of whichever field on the edge of whichever town they were in for the night.

Tonight was the first chance she had been given to explore what the night fair actually consisted of and her mind was well and truly being blown.

Everywhere you looked you could see tents made of sumptuous fabrics selling food, drinks, fortunes and erotic toys among other things and walking between the tents were performers of all types, stilt walkers, fire breathers, sword eaters. Every now and then the tents were spaced out to allow for stages with all kinds of performances from singers to burlesque performers, erotic dancers and Madams or Masters having their way with their subs, or even sometimes brave members of the audience. It was enough to make Tammy-May feel every inch the small town girl she was and send her scurrying back to her bunk.

The next night Tammy-May made sure to add extra rouge to her cheeks and went heavier on the eye pencil than she ever had before, she even blew out her long brunette locks into voluminous waves which cascaded over her shoulders skimming her lower back , it was funny really because when she looked in the mirror and finished off the look with some deep chocolate coloured lipstick that one of her bunk mates had given her, she hardly recognized the reflection staring back at her and she suddenly had the feeling that maybe she would fit in with her new community better than she had initially thought.

Vic had been pleased with the glow up and had decided to christen this new version of Tammy-May ‘Tam’. She kind of like it, feeling like she was starting a new life was why she had run away with the night fair after all.

The following nights were a whirlwind and by the second week Tam was beginning to feel like she had made the best division ever despite how drunk she had been when she made it. She’d become firm friends with some of the other ticket booth girls who also happened to be her bunk mates and she’d ventured around most parts of the fair in her off time, they had just travelled two days to a new town and finished setting up with opening night that evening.

She was on the early shift meaning she was free by 10pm, she stopped off at her bunk to change, some of the other girls had helped her choose some more appropriate clothes from some of the traders at the fair so she didn’t feel quite so much the country bumpkin any longer. She picked out a tiny pair of black denim shorts and paired them with a sheer purple crop top that had long flared sleeves and some sandals with ribbons that criss crossed across her ankles and tied in a pretty bow, along with her work hair and makeup she looked suitably sweet and vampy all rolled into one. The other girls were all busy tonight either on the later shift now or hooking up with new squeezes, her friend Cassie had been seeing both the strong man and the bearded lady, the night fair was the perfect place to let your freak flag fly, she had said, though Tam still wasn’t sure if she had a freak flag, most of the performers still scared the ever loving shit out of her or made her blush so furiously that she swore she saw the air around her glowing.

By midnight the party had really started and she couldn’t help but smile as she walked among the fair goers and her fellow fair workers, the air felt magical tonight, full of wonder and desire. She stopped to watch a group of contortionists tangle themselves together in a sensual knot before turning the corner and finding a crowed gathering around a small clearing outside an old fashion caravan at the end of the next row. She made her way to see what had caught the attention of so many of the fair goers, a crystal ball reading perhaps or a strip tease, she laughed softly to herself because either was equally possible.

As she slipped between the crowd she caught a glimpse of who had caught so much attention, he wasn’t someone that she recognized, he looked like a biker, dressed in leather pants and boots with a black vest that showed off his thickly muscled arms and over his shoulder he had what looked like a gun holster. As he turned to the crowed he pointed to a tall blonde woman opposite where Tam was watching and beckoned for her to step into the loose circle the crowd had formed, Tam went up on her tiptoes to try and see what was going on but she was still unsure as to what the man was going to do with the leggy blonde until the patron in front of her took a step to the side and she finally got a full view of the clearing.

At the front of the area there was a sign which said ‘Take the chair if you dare’ and in the centre in front of the caravan sat an old fashion barbers chair, faded red leather covered the arms and the back with a peddle round back to change the height. Around the chair, littering the ground was a layer of hair, clearly not just from one person, she saw different lengths and colours, some still ponytails or braids from where they had been severed from their owners heads. She looked back up at the stranger and realized that what she had thought was a holster was actually home to all kinds of hair cutting instruments, scissors, clips, combs and a huge set of clippers. Her eyes trailed up to look at the barbers face, his square jaw covered in a dark stubble, amber eyes stalking the women who was now walking toward him, his brown hair cut short on the sides with enough length to look tousled on the top. He looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties and Tam was sure she hadn’t seen him before, he must have joined the fair even more recently than she had and from what she could see he was definitely making a splash.

Tam watched as the blonde stood in front of the chair and the barber spoke to her to quietly for her to hear, the blonde nodded then turned and sat in the chair, crossing her legs under an impossibly short skirt that rode up to sit more like a belt than actual clothing.

The barber looked up from his position behind the chair and grinned at the crowd ‘well what shall we do with this one?’ he asked and the crowed hooted an hollered in answer with shouts of ‘use the clippers on her’ and ‘cut it all off’ he played the crowed, tapping his finger against his lips as though in thought before taking a small pair of shears and snipping through the elastic keeping the blondes tresses at bay, her hair tumbled around her in thick waves, long and clearly well taken care of ‘we should take this off’ the barber said to the blonde motioning to her top, a plain white T ‘don’t want it to get…. Dirty’ he said suggestively while winking at the crowd. The blonde complied and he took her T when she handed it to him and put it on the steps to his caravan before turning his attention back to her and walking around in a menacing circle, very much a predator stalking his pray, the blonde swallowed hard and it was clear she was rethinking agreeing to the situation she now found herself in. As if he could tell she might bolt soon the barber crouched in front of the chair, one strong hand on her thigh, thumb stoking her skin sending visible shudders through her, he squeezed quickly then stood and began brushing the long silken hair on top of her head forward so it fell over her face. Leaving her like that he removed the clippers from his holster and the crowed whooped as he fired them up, the blonde grabbed the arms of the barbers chair, her whole body tense as he brought the clippers to her forehead, shearing a long lock above her right eyebrow quickly followed with the same across the rest of her forehead leaving behind a short fringe and a relieved looking woman in his chair. Tam couldn’t help but think that the blonde was relieved too soon and was proved right moments later when he continued to use the clippers to cut a slanted line towards one ear and then the other. The barber then moved around to shear one side, then the other, slowly getting longer toward the nape of the blondes neck, the crowd shouting and heckling as the blondes once long hair was reduced to a very seventies bowl cut that wouldn’t have looked good on anyone. Tam watched in morbid fascination as tears peppered the blondes cheeks, reality well and truly setting in now most of her long blonde locks lay in her lap or on the floor around her. The barber stepped back to admire his work then laughed when he saw his victims distress ‘you don’t like it?’ he asked, clutching his heart in mock offense ‘I’m wounded’ he told her before leaning to whisper something in her ear, Tam noticed she nodded almost imperceptibly and then he straightened up and walk back behind the chair. Replacing the clippers in his hand with scissors and a comb, he used the comb to lift hair from the crown of her head and severed it a couple of inches from the scalp, he continued this scissors over comb method across the back of the blondes head reducing the hideous bowl cut to a much shorter style, he then worked forward taking each side short, finally finishing with a minuscule side swept fringe at the front, the completed look was a beautiful pixie cut reminiscent of Mia Farrows hair in Rosemary’s baby, the blonde looked undeniably stunning, the cut accentuating her features and giving her a pretty elfin look. The barber finished by running a little gel or something through the style and then handed the blonde a hand mirror, she gasped when she saw her new short haired reflection and Tam was shocked to her core when a huge smile broke out over the blondes face. The barber traded her top for his mirror and once she was dressed again he helped her from the chair, showing her off to the crowed who were now hooting and whistling their appreciation while the blonde stepped into the arms of the man she must have come with, stood on the edge of the circle, his desire evident in the way he kissed her, making the crowd laugh and cheer louder.

Tam couldn’t believe what she had just seen, the blonde had been on an absolute roller coaster, complete humiliation to deep sexual desire in a matter of minutes, she had never considered a trip to the hairdressers particularly sexy but looking at the barber, his victim and the way the crowd were eager for him to pick another, she definitely felt the stirrings of something like desire.

Tam found out the next day that the new guy was called Axel and while he was new to this year’s line up he had actually been a regular at the night fair for the last few years, coming back to success year after year, rumour was that he’d been late to join the fair this year because he’d done time for a brawl that had broken out at another of his shows when one of his victims boyfriends had seen what Axel had done to her hair, apparently he’d shaved her bald, to the skin, and her boyfriend had not been happy. Tam could believe it too, she fell into a habit of stopping by his patch at least once per evening, morbid curiosity had her yearning to see more. She’d noticed three things, firstly people actually WANTED to be picked, they seemed to yearn for the humiliation, secondly most of the people who were subjected to his chair were women and thirdly, perhaps most importantly, no matter what he did during the cut, the end result always without fail looked good, even if the victims were not always happy. He was obviously a very good stylist, taking into account people’s styles, features and face shapes and landing an a style that he believed would suit them. She actually enjoyed watching him work, not necessarily the showy parts where he gave someone a terrible cut, but the bit after when he fixed it up into something stylish, the way he concentrated on his work was incredibly sexy.

Tonight she had been on the late shift and by the time she was free most of the shows had wound down with performers and fair goers alike retreating to the tents and buses to partake in some of the more carnal pleasures of the night fair. Making her way from the ticket booth to her bunk she really hoped that her friends hadn’t brought the party back to their bus, she loved life with the fair but she still wasn’t brave enough to participate in most of the after hours activities. She stopped to chat with a few of the performers and vendors that she had become friendly with as she weaved her way through the fair toward her bunk until she came upon Axel and his chair. The barber was no longer surrounded by a crowd but judging by the piles of hair littering the floor around his chair it had been another busy night for him, Tam couldn’t help the flutter of disappointment she felt at having missed the show entirely. She watched from behind a tent flap as he used a yard rake to collect up most of the discarded hair and disposed of it, the muscles across his back flexing deliciously as he moved, lifting the huge chair into the trailer linked to his caravan as though it weighed nothing. yep, it was official, she had it bad for the brooding Barber.

She continued across the fair, and found that a small campfire had been lit between the buses around her own and there was a small party happening with some of the performers, Vic and the other booth girls, everyone was in good spirits, drinking and chatting, someone played music and several people were dancing, it was almost all PG fun aside from a healthy dose of nudity and drunkenness. Cassie called to her from her perch on the strongman’s knee by the bonfire and Tam accepted the tequila bottle Cassie thrust in her direction, the liquid burning it’s way down to the pit of her stomach. If there was one thing Tam had learned since joining the fair, it was how to party, so for the next couple of hours that is just what she did.

Happily buzzed and almost ready for bed Tam sad in a folding chair watching the flames of the now dying fire, lots of the other party goers had sloped off to sleep or to play more privately and only a few people were left up as the sky began to show signs of the impending dawn. Tam had seen several of her bunk mates taking their lovers to their bus and had no desire to lay listening to them having sex all night so she had decided watch the new day dawn, the night air holding a chill now, making her lean a little closer to the waning heat of the fire. Focused on the flames she was aware of someone else coming to sit close to the fire not far from where she sat. She turned slightly to see if it was anyone she knew only to come face to face with Axel, his amber eyes drinking her in, a casual smile on his lips.

‘Hey there’ he drawled ‘not sure we’ve met, I’m Axel’ he put out his hand to shake and she shivered a little when she put her hand in his.

‘Tam’ she said

‘Tam’ he repeated ‘I’ve seen you watching my show haven’t I?’

Tam knew her cheeks were blazing in a blush as she nodded and hurried to tell him ‘I just can’t believe what people let you do to them’

He laughed a deep rumble ‘The don’t just let me’ he leaned closer to her, voice low, he added ‘They beg me to let them sit in my chair’ .

Tam gulped down a breath and willed herself not to shudder at the idea of being at his mercy, she could certainly see the appeal. She cleared her throat in an attempt to compose herself , licking her lips, her mouth gone dry. His eyes tracked her movements, lingering on her lips as he told her ‘you wouldn’t have to beg though.’

fleetingly she thought perhaps she was having some kind of fever dream, she sure felt like she was burning up from the inside, right from her very core.

‘maybe not’ she replied ‘but you would have to beg me to sit in it’

He barked out a roar of laughter, sitting back in his chair drinking from a bottle of whiskey that she hadn’t realized he was holding, he then passed it to her and she took a swig too. She had been telling the truth about his chair but he wouldn’t have to beg her much for anything else and she was sure he knew it as she took another swig and passed the bottle back. Music was still playing, she thought maybe it was a fiddle, the song low and mournful, it fitted the dying embers of the fire and the first wisps of light slowly beginning to claw their fingers across the sky. ‘Dance with me’ he said, half asking , half demanding. He offered her his hand she took it, letting him pull her from her chair and into his arms, he smelled like whiskey and smoke, his lightly calloused hands fetching Goosebumps out on her skin where he touched her, he held her close and she reached up to place her hands on his shoulders looking up into his eyes with the reflection of flames dancing there he was beautiful. He leaned in to kiss her, slowly at first, giving her chance to pull away, then with an urgency that took over them both as they connected, a class of tongues and bodies melding together as their desire erased all space between them. He fisted his hand into her hair to tilt her head so he could deepen their kiss and she moaned into his mouth, eliciting a growl she felt rumbling from his chest. ‘God you’re sexy’ he told her ‘come back with me?’.

She couldn’t think of anything she wanted more and when she told him so, she was rewarded with a grin and soon he was gently pulling her through the tents to his caravan, he had it decked out with cozy fabrics adorning the walls, a double mattress wedged across one end making a much bigger bed than she had in her cramped bunk. Now they were alone together there was a sense of urgency between them and soon their clothes were scattered together on the floor and they were tangled together unable to tell where one body ended and the next began, by the time the sun had risen they knew every inch of each other and Tam’s desire had been sated In a way that she had never experienced before and could only hope she would experience again.


As the weeks turned into months Tam’s new life with the fair became everything she had hoped for and more, her bunk mates becoming more sisters than friends making the job fun no matter which of them were stuck in the ticket booths. She spent her free time exploring not only the fair but herself too. Axel continued to seek her out after hours most nights and their coming together was an education in itself, Tam had never realized how vanilla her sex life had been before or how desirable it made her feel to be able to drive him over the edge again and again. He hadn’t suggested she sit in his chair again since that first night, though she had been scared at first that he would, instead he seemed to love her long hair and had even convinced her to let him put it up in elaborate coils and braids a few times. She continued to stop by his shows when she could, the crowds continuing to delight in seeing him shear the crowning glory of anyone brave enough to let him. She had to admit that there was something incredibly sexy about the idea of submitting yourself to someone that way, though she still couldn’t get her head around the public humiliation that quite clearly made the experience all the more pleasurable for some.

Tonight she had spent some time with some of the other girls taking a lesson from the belly dancers, she wasn’t sure she had the rhythm for it but it had been fun none the less. It meant that when she approached Axel’s pitch the crowd was more sparse than usual, the fair hitting the quieter more sensual stretch of the evening where it’s patrons sloped off home or into the myriad of tents and caravans on site. She noticed one couple wrapped up in each other, both sporting what she suspected were newly shaven heads, their hands roaming over each other scalps, the bristles there definitely turning them on. A few weeks ago she would have blushed as they pushed against each other but now she just chuckled and continued on to find a place in the loose circle around Axel and his chair. The ground covered in hair as testament to the nights activities he was just finishing shaving a guy bald as a bowling ball, shaving foam and a razor blade doing the job and the guy in the chair sporting a very obvious arousal in his pants. Tam watched as they guy stood, readjusting and a woman with thick red curls stepped forward to feel his new skinhead with an approving smile before leading him away.

Axel gave her a wink when he noticed she had joined the circle of audience members and butterflies took flight in her stomach. He looked around at the others gathered there to see who would be his next willing victim but no one seemed ready to step forward this time even with his encouraging patter egging them on. Tam felt disappointment wash over her as Axel announced the show was over for the night since there were no more customers for his particular services and the group around them began to disperse.

‘Give me ten minutes to clean up’ he asked her as he stepped forward and snaked his arm around her waist, pulling her in for a kiss.

‘of course’ she replied and watched his muscles flex as he lifted his huge barbers chair and placed it next to the back steps of his caravan before picking up a bin bag and his rake and beginning to tidy up the detritus of the evenings entertainment.

‘you can take a seat while you wait’ he told her, eyes flicking to the chair ‘rest your bones’ he told her with what she was sure he thought was an innocent smile.

She narrowed her eyes at him, clearly onto the risky game he was proposing, she was gratified to see his eyes widen in surprise when she did in fact step toward the chair and take a seat.

The warm red leather was comfortable against her skin as she rested back and placed her arms on the arm rests, fingers stretching out to clasp the ends. She crossed her legs which allowed the short red satin camisole dress she was wearing to ride up high enough to show where her black stockings ended on her thigh. She watched as his hungry eyes took her in, sitting in his chair, and his arousal at the sight quickly became obvious. He went back to the task of clearing up the debris left from his show and disposing of it before walking to her and leaning in to kiss her deeply before whispering in her ear ‘do you trust me’.

Rocked with desire to her core she could do little more than tell him ‘yes’ he took her hand and had her stand before lifting the chair to move it around the other side of his caravan which he had sent up as an extension of his living space with folding chairs and a crate for a table, he also had strings strung up which had sheets hung over then that he could pull around the area to afford them some privacy. He drew the make shift curtains now and led her back to the chair ‘This show is just for us’ he told her by way of explanation.

Tam couldn’t believe she was doing this, she knew full well what the fate of anyone sitting in this chair was and she knew that once he began there was no backing out, yet she felt the heat gathering between her legs at the idea that she was now at his mercy. He crouched down in from of her, hands on her thighs, fingers caressing the sensitive skin leading to her sex, and looked into her eyes.

‘You’re sure?’ he asked

‘yes’ she told him breathily

he looked into her eyes for a moment longer, clearly making sure to give her the time to back out, but she had never felt so sure of anything so she leaned forward, one hand on his cheek and kissed him again.

When they parted he stood and circled the chair to be at her back and she felt him slip out the pins that were holding her hair up in a coil at the back of her head, it fell into soft ripples down her back, the solar powered lights strung up in the space picking out all the shades in the thick brunette tresses. He began massaging her scalp and running his fingers through her hair root to tip and she couldn’t help the moan the escaped her lips as she tried not to squirm around in the chair, if she felt this aroused already she wasn’t sure what would happen when he got the scissors out. When she heard a soft chuckle behind her she realized he knew exactly what he was doing to her. After what seemed like a long time he finished combing out her luscious locks and again walked around in front of her, she was pleased to see he was rock hard, clearly she wasn’t the only one enjoying this.

He took his comb and began sectioning her hair, bringing the front section forward and tucking the rest behind her ears with a sensual caress. With her hair brushed forward like this she couldn’t see what he was doing, so when he slid the scissors into the hair against her forehead, somewhere above her eye brows, she swallowed hard and squeezed her eyes shut. Then she heard it, the first ‘schnick’ of the scissors severing her beautiful hair, she felt equal parts horrified and turned on and opened her eyes in time to see the second lock severed and falling onto the bare skin of her chest above the satin of her dress, her eye line now clear she could watch him work, the concentration on his face as enticing as always. He continued to cut her hair into a fringe across her forehead with military precision and she began to fear that he was going to give her a bowl cut like that first cut she had seen him perform all that time ago. Her fears were soon alleviated though as her began to pull more hair forward from either side of her face and cut in what she assumed might be face framing layers which got gradually longer to meet up with the long hair still tumbling down her back. All to soon he was finished and stepping back to look at his work.

‘You want to see?’ he asked her and she nodded, feeling the newly shortened layers tickling her face as she moved. He picked up his mirror and showed her what he had done, she now sported a short fringe which somehow made her eyes seem larger and layers framing her face accentuating the length of her jaw and sharpness of her cheekbones, she had to admit she looked good, but she also had to admit that she was a little disappointing. As if reading her mind Axel took the mirror from her again and cocked his head to one side appraising her ‘but maybe we aren’t done yet?’ he asked and laughed again at the way this made her clench her thighs before making a humming noise in his throat and readjusting his own desire bulging in his pants.

‘I have an idea’ he told her before taking his place behind the chair once again.

This time she felt him sectioning off her hair and pinning some of it up above her head before once again combing out the long tresses that remained hanging down her back and over her shoulders. She was practically trembling with anticipation now as she felt him gather the hair at the back of her neck and slide the scissors into the hair at her nape, the scissors crunching through the hair he had gathered was enough to send her over the edge and she all but bucked out of the chair riding an orgasm that had her seeing stars. A laughed rumbled from the barber as his grip on her hair tightened and the crunching of the blades became all the more frenzied until the last tress was severed and she felt the tension at the back of her head give. Axel reached forward then with a fist full of hair that had, moments ago, been attached to her head, and let if fall through his fingers onto her breasts and slither down her body to pool in her lap. She couldn’t believe the amount of hair there and knew this time she wouldn’t be disappointed with the result. She felt shorter hairs begin to fall on her shoulders and neck as he tool the blunt chin length hair left even shorter, snip by glorious snip. The feeling of his fingers on the short hair so close to her scalp was more sensual that she could have ever imagined. Then she heard a sound she had never expected to hear so close to her own head. Axel had turned on his clippers, a tremor ran through her, the anticipation almost overwhelming as he gently pushed her head down and placed the humming blades against her nape, guard free, she felt the vibrations of the blades against her scalp, his pathway through her hair aching, teasingly slow, again and again he trailed the clippers up the back of her head this way and that until, finally satisfied, he turned them off. Breathing heavily and on the verge of another orgasm Tam clasped the arms of the chair as she felt him release the hair on top of her head and run his fingers through it. She was confused when he then walked around the front of the chair and put out his hand to pull he up.

‘Are we done?’ she asked, trying to keep the edge of disappointment out of her voice

‘for now’ he told her and pulled her to him, his erection pressing into her stomach as he twined his fingers into her hand and lifted their connected hands to feel the undercut he had given her ‘this can be just for us’ he told her and she all but melted into him at the feel of their fingers against the stubble left on her scalp, masterfully hidden by the still long locks covering it ‘our little secret’ she grinned.

‘Exactly’ he agreed ‘but right now I need to be inside you’ he told her and of course there was nowhere else she would rather be.

To be continued….

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