The Nit Epidemic Prequel

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I am the headmaster of the finest mixed boarding schools in the country. It was coming towards the end of the summer term when I noticed the start of another fresh epidemic: lice. This has come up in the past very often but we dealt with it in the standard way meaning that we ensured that all the girls were treated and checked and held in strict isolation with staggered times to do communal activities to ensure that we could control the outbreak but I got this feeling that this time it wasn’t going to be that easy so I decided that immediate action must be taken. My immediate move was to call a full staff meeting in the staff room just after the final lesson of the day.

The staff meeting

I decided that the first move in a meeting regarding an affair as important as this is to call a roll call to ensure that everyone was able to have their say on any potential solutions that were decided upon. Having taken the roll. We began by suggesting various ideas. The same ones that we had tried before came up however whilst I had my opinions about the strength of the outbreak, I wrote them down nonetheless. The science faculty suggested a new radical change to what we had done before they recommended that everyone’s hair be dyed thus killing any lice in it due to the chemicals that are being used. This suggestion was written down for the vote later.


The next group to stand up and provide a suggestion the next suggestion was the most dramatic given by the school nurses but by far the most effective. Shave the hair off any girl who has head lice. This would involve setting up a small barbershop within the school and hiring barbers to staff it permanently. This suggestion was written down and with no further suggestions, the only thing left to do was vote on the method to control this epidemic.


We took a vote and it was a unanimous victory for the barbershop. So, in adjourning the meeting we determined that we need a meeting with the nurses tomorrow morning at 09:00 to determine exactly how we are going to carry it out.


tomorrow morning 09:00


At 09:00 sharp there was a knocking on my office door that meant one thing the most important health meeting ahead of the new term was going to take place. We were discussing the determined solution that we now need to implement. As I called for my visitors to enter in strode Ayda and Cassara. I beckoned for them to take a seat.

We discussed in depth the ideas we discussed last night and how exactly this should be executed. It transpired that we need to go to one of the local cosmetology schools and employ some barbers who are certified for work. We would need to supply them with the relevant equipment and that requires a visit to a retailer of hair equipment and speaking with a building contractor to redevelop a section of the school building. we agreed that the best solution would be to visit the local cosmetology school later that week.

Picking the cosmetology school

I did a quick bit of research and looked up the cosmetology school within our county having found its location: The Ethereal Beauty Academy 123 Willow Lane

A phone call to the Ethereal Beauty Academy cosmetology school

Having completed my research on where my local cosmetology school is, my next step would be to call the cosmetology school to call.

The call went like so:

Receptionist: Good afternoon welcome to Ethereal Beauty Academy. How can I be of assistance?

Dr. Gregory Evergreen: Hi, may I speak with someone about scheduling a visit to your cosmetology school?

Receptionist: Of course, I’d be happy to help you with that. Can I have your name, please?

Dr. Gregory Evergreen: Sure, my name is Dr. Gregory Evergreen.

Receptionist: Thank you, Dr. Gregory Evergreen. What date were you interested in visiting?

Dr. Gregory Evergreen: I was hoping to schedule a visit sometime this week, preferably on Tuesday or Thursday, if possible.

Receptionist: Let me check our availability for those days. Yes, we have openings for both Tuesday and Thursday next week. Which day works better for you?

Dr. Gregory Evergreen: Thursday would be perfect. What time slots do you have available?

Receptionist: We have morning slots available from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, and afternoon slots from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Which time frame would you prefer?

Dr. Gregory Evergreen: The morning slot at 02:00 PM works well for me.

Receptionist: Great! I’ll go ahead and schedule you for a visit on Thursday at 10:00 AM. Can I have your email address? I’ll send you a confirmation.

Dr. Gregory Evergreen: My email address is [email protected].

Receptionist: Perfect, thank you. Is there anything specific you’d like to see or learn about during your visit?

Dr. Gregory Evergreen: I’m interested in learning more about your cosmetology program, and the facilities, and perhaps meeting some instructors and current students if possible.

Receptionist: Absolutely, we can arrange for you to meet with our admissions team and take a tour of our campus. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Dr. Gregory Evergreen: No, that sounds perfect. Thank you so much for your help.

Signing off the call

Receptionist: You’re welcome, Dr. Gregory Evergreen. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday at 10:00 AM. Have a great day!

Dr. Gregory Evergreen: Thank you, you too. Goodbye!

Receptionist: Goodbye!


Later that week

When I had some free time from the running of the boarding school, I informed my deputy that he was in charge in my absence as I was popping off to continue the implementation of our nit epidemic solution. I then rang down to the nurse’s office and informed them that it was time to continue where we left off. They said we’ll be in the office in 10. I made sure that my affairs that were on my desk were in order and in doing so meant that anyone coming in wouldn’t be able to find anything out of the ordinary. Ensuring that I had everything in order I sat back and relaxed as I awaited the arrival of the nurse’s assistant. They were prompt and 10 minutes after our phone call. They had arrived.

I heard a prompt knock and with my usual authority, I instructed them to enter with a curt bark of enter. In walked Cassara Payne we had a quick discussion on the plan for the visit before deciding to set off. We agreed on the following objectives:

  1. Obtain a shortlist of qualified cosmetology students to invite for an interview
  2. Obtain a list of the equipment needed for the in-house barbershop
  3. Check that the qualified students have the correct certifications for what we need

Arriving at the car

Upon arriving at my vehicle I swiftly unlocked it and got into the driver’s seat.


Getting into the car

Once in my vehicle I set the satnav and checked I was happy with the positioning of the mirrors, seat and steering wheel. I fastened my seatbelt. I then started the engine put her into gear and started to drive out of the car park and onto the long drive down to the gates.

Driving to the Barber school

As we set out on the drive to Ethereal Beauty Academy, we work our way down the main drive and turn onto the scenic route that leads back into the city. You find yourself cruising along a scenic route bordered by lush greenery and towering trees. The road winds gently through picturesque countryside, offering glimpses of rolling hills and quaint little farms along the way.

As you approach the outskirts of the town where the academy is located, the landscape begins to change. The rolling hills and quaint little farms give way to charming suburban neighbourhoods lined with neat rows of houses, each with its unique character.

Soon, you spot the sign for Ethereal Beauty Academy, its elegant script standing out against a backdrop of vibrant flowers and manicured lawns. Turning into the driveway, you’re greeted by the sight of a stately building nestled amidst landscaped gardens, with large windows gleaming in the sunlight.

Arriving at Barber school

As you park your car in the visitor’s lot and step out, the air is filled with the faint scent of flowers and freshly cut grass. You take a moment to admire the beauty of your surroundings before making your way towards the entrance of the academy, anticipation building with each step.

Entering Signing in to the cosmetology school

Once inside the cosmetology school, I introduced myself to the receptionist. We were then prompted to sign in on their visitor tracking system. Took a seat whilst we waited for the director to take us on our tour of the building.

Touring the building

Reception Area: The tour begins at the reception area, where students are often multitasking—answering phones, scheduling appointments, and welcoming clients. The decor is modern and stylish, reflecting the latest trends in the beauty industry.

Classrooms: Next, you’re taken to the classrooms where theory lessons take place. Here, you see students engaged in learning about anatomy, chemistry, and the latest techniques in hair styling, makeup application, skin care, and nail art. Interactive displays and demonstrations enhance the learning experience.

Salon Floor: Moving on, you enter the bustling salon floor—a dynamic space where students hone their skills under the supervision of experienced instructors. The air is filled with the sound of blow dryers, chatter between clients and stylists, and the occasional burst of laughter. Stations are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and products, and mirrors line the walls, reflecting transformations in progress.

Styling Stations: At the styling stations, students demonstrate their prowess in hair cutting, colouring, and styling. You witness a range of techniques being practised, from classic cuts to avant-garde creations. Some students are meticulously crafting intricate updos, while others are perfecting the art of the blowout.

During the tour, we asked our key question what equipment would we need to implement an in-house barber complete with a reception area and salon floor with 5 styling stations the answer was:

Required Equipment

Barber Chairs (5): High-quality, adjustable barber chairs that provide comfort for both clients and students. Look for chairs with hydraulic lifts, reclining capabilities, and swivel features.

Mirrors (5): Large, high-quality mirrors positioned in front of each barber chair to allow students to observe their work and clients to see the results.

Workstations (5): Workstations or countertops adjacent to each chair to hold tools, products, and equipment. These should be spacious enough to accommodate barber tools and supplies.

Barber Tools: Each workstation should be equipped with a set of essential barber tools, including:




Razors (straight razors and safety razors)

Combs (wide-tooth and fine-tooth)

Brushes (neck dusters and styling brushes)

Spray bottles for water

Hair clamps or clips

Sanitization Station: A designated area with disinfectants, sanitisers, and sterilization equipment to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards. This may include:

Barbicide jars for disinfecting tools

Sanitizing sprays or wipes for cleaning surfaces

Autoclave or UV sterilizers for sterilizing tools

Hand sanitiser for students and clients

Barbering Products: Stock each station with a range of barbering products for styling and grooming, including:

Hair styling products (pomades, gels, waxes)

Shaving creams and gels


Beard oils and balms

Hair tonics and sprays

Waiting Area: A comfortable waiting area for clients with seating, reading materials, and possibly a reception desk for appointment scheduling and client management.

Barbering Supplies: Ensure an adequate supply of disposable items and consumables such as:

Neck strips

Disposable capes or aprons

Cotton balls and swabs


Barbering capes or gowns

Training Materials: Provide educational materials such as textbooks, instructional videos, and mannequin heads for students to practice various techniques before working with clients.

First Aid Kit: A well-stocked first aid kit in case of minor injuries or accidents.


Speaking to the student Barbers

Having seen the entire cosmetology school I then explained the more unique reason as to why we were there to the cosmetology school director. I also requested that I would want to speak to some of their students who would be getting their licenses by the fall. The director said that this could be arranged today and led us to their boardroom. the director then asked if we would like any refreshments whilst we wait for students meeting our criteria to join us.

After waiting ten minutes we were joined by about 15 or so students. We motioned for them to take a seat. I then explained who we were and where we were from. The students nodded realising that this could be the start of something big. I then went on to explain the predicament and the reason why we were at the Ethereal Beauty Academy on that day. We then took their details, resumes and portfolios and explained that we wanted them to allow us to take a look at them later on once we returned to the Brighton Academy. We thanked the students for their time and that we would be in touch with the shortlisted applicants. The director then dismissed the students and they shuffled out and shuffled back to their studies.

Signing out

The director then escorted is back to reception. Once we arrived back at reception we thanked them for their time and signed out of the school. We walked to my car in the visitor’s lot before heading back to school for the remainder of the day.

Driving back to the boarding school

We left the ethereal beauty academy and the drive back was most uneventful and much the same as we drove in. Once we arrived at the gates of the Brighton Academy. The team at the gates buzzed them open having recognized my car once I buzzed to activate the cameras. I then completed the drive and parked in my marked parking spot Cassara and I returned to our respective offices intending to pick up the plan on Monday next week.

Monday morning 09:00

Picking the cosmetology students for an interview

As usual, at the moment this morning started with my school nurses knocking on my door at 09:00 sharp. Today’s objective is to pick our 10 candidates for interview. We started by checking the candidate’s resumes checking to see if we could find anything that set them apart in terms of their ability for the job we would be tasking them with. Given what it is they’ll be initially tasked with I suggested we remove those who aren’t as skilled in shorter styles this allowed us to cut 3. We also checked out those who we thought psychologically would be able to handle the challenging task of dealing with this epidemic. This allowed us to cut another 2 and from that, we had our shortlist ready for the next stage in the hiring process the interviews

End of part 1

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