The older woman episode 2

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A week after our very first encounter she had come into the beauty parlor for her usual shampoo set and manicure. I greeted her at the desk and she took me by the hand as we walked to the shampoo sinks. I got her her usual cape and towel and had her sit in the chair in the back area. I leaned her back into the sink and wet her hair. The warm water flowed all through her thick red hair as it took a while to get it fully saturated. She closed her eyes and moaned a bit. When I asked her if anything was wrong she said ” no I was just thinking about last week and how I would like to have you come back over to help me work in the backyard planting some flowers and a couple of trees. We are going to get pretty dirty and may need another bath.” I started to breathe heavy and almost passed out at that thought. My legs got weak and something else got firm. She noticed it and said” I take that as a yes answer baby?” I said absolutely, as I applied the shampoo to her hair to lather her up. Miss Judy walked back and asked if she was ok and almost ready for her roller set. She told Miss Judy ” Almost, I am just having fun with my boy toy, just love his shampoos,” Miss Judy said ” yes he is quite good at it among other things, we will talk later.”

I finished her shampoo and thoroughly rinsed her hair and Miss Judy had me apply the conditioner/setting lotion and bring her to the chair. She asked Miss Judy if I was going to help set her hair. Miss Judy said not right now, he has some other clients to shampoo and then Miss Robin is going to do a roller perm on him later. As I left to go back to the shampoo sinks I could hear the two of them talking and giggling and she said to Miss Judy ” oh God yes a few times.” I started to get a little paranoid wondering what they were saying but then I got started on the other clients and forgot all about it.

I had finished the last client needing a shampoo or rinse and Miss Judy came back to the sink area. She said she had my friend under the dryer and asked if I was ready for robin to perm my hair. I told her yes and asked her how big are the rollers going to be? She showed me the ones Robin was going to use and they were just the size of the regular beige and yellow magnetic rollers I usually got set with all the time. Miss Judy caped me and leaned me back to wet my hair. I said ” I thought Miss Robin was going to do this?” She said ” I get to shampoo you first and she is going to do the perm wrap, besides I wanted to talk to you first.” She said she knew that my “friend” and I had a, as she put it, “romantic encounter.” She told me ” good for you and her, she needs it ever since her husband died and it is good for you to encounter other women to figure out who you are.” She also said “she will teach you a great any things, but do not get attached, she just wants the physical relationship now and I don’t want to to get hurt. Remember it is just sex not romance.”

She applied the shampoo and lathered me up. I told her that I was ok with what she wanted and that I would enjoy myself as long as it lasted. Besides I still liked having boyfriends too at times. She said ” I know that, you are so cute when we have done your hair and make up and you get dressed up. You know you have a few guys looking at you.” I told her that I appreciated the complement and I would figure myself out but was just going to have a little fun while I could. She rinsed my hair and applied the pre perm conditioner and combed it through. Miss Robin came back to get me and take me to her chair.

As I walked with Miss Robin I saw my ” friend” as the girls called her, under the dryer. She smile and said ” I cannot wait to see your in rollers again honey.” Miss Robin sat me down and started to section my hair as Miss Judy gave her directions since Miss Robin had only a few roller perms. Miss Robin got started rolling in the curlers with the end papers on them as Miss Judy handed her the plastic pics to secure the rollers. Miss Judy helped with the more difficult areas until I was all rolled up. Miss Robin wrapped the cotton wick around the rollers so the perm solution would not drip down and would stay on my hair. She then started to apply the perm solution to each roller. Miss Judy took my friend from under the dryer and sat her next to me and started to remove her rollers and comb her out. She looked over at me and said ” I can’t wait to see your hair after this, I bet it will really hold a set better now.”

Miss Judy had her all combed out and sat her at the manicure table to get her nails done. I was sitting and waiting for the timer to go off to get the perm solution rinsed. Miss Robin came over to check the rollers and the time and said ” Have fun, have sex but be careful, don’t get your heart broke.” I told her that I would be ok. Just then the timer went off and she took me back to the sink. She leaned me back and started to rinse the perm solution from my hair with the roller still in and then applied the neutralizer foam all over. We had to wait a few minutes them she began to remove the rollers one by one checking the curl. Miss Judy came over and said that she did a really good job and that she loved the curls. Miss Robin applied the rest of the neutralizer foam and worked it through then rinsed it.

She sat me up and took me back to her chair to let everybody see the result. Miss Judy told her to set my hair on the larger blue rollers very loosely and dry me on a low temp. By this time my friend was finished with her manicure and came over to ask me if I wanted to stop by after work for dinner. I told her that I would enjoy that very much and would see her about 7. She said : I cannot wait to see how your hair turns out.” She leaned down and kissed me on the cheek and left. Miss Robin combed and sectioned my hair very carefully and set me up in the blue rollers, then netted me and put me under the dryer. Miss Judy and Miss Robin sat on either side of me a proceeded to tell me what I needed to do at dinner that night and it got kind of ” detailed.” They both worked on my hair after it was dry and got me a couple of items to bring, a bottle of wine and a dessert.

When we had finished with the last client and cleaned the shop both girls helped me get changed and told me to have fun. I drove to her house and knocked on her door. I was so nervous as I heard her come to the door that when she opened it I almost fell over. She said ” Oh your hair looks beautiful, they did a good job.” I told her that hers looked great and she looked very pretty. I handed her the bag and she sat it on the counter. She looked inside and took out the wine and the dessert. She said ” how did you get the wine, you are not old enough to buy it yet?” I told her that Miss Judy got it for me to give to her. She smiled at me and asked ” so she is ok with you and I getting physical?” I leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and said yes she is. She responded by placing her lips on mine and pressing hard for a very passionate kiss. She said ” Lets eat to get our strength up.” We sat down at the table and had a very delicious meal. It was very difficult to eat as I was very excited and nervous.

We finished dinner and we started to clear the table. As I was putting the dishes in the sink she asked ” How long until you can shampoo your hair again after this perm?” I told her about two or three days. She said ” good , by that time you can come over and help me plant some of these flowers and these trees and I will need another good shampoo as will you.” I told her that I loved shampooing her beautiful hair and loved it when she returned the favor. She leaned in and we began to kiss as she reached down to undo my pants. She again began to handle me like before and worked her way down. She took me in her mouth and when I was about to explode she stopped and she stood up to take off her skirt and underwear. We went over to the table and she leaned backwards on it. I kneeled on a chair as she wrapped her legs around me and guided me in her. I did not think the table was going to hold us but she said she and her late husband did it here all the time.

We kept going for quite a few minutes until we both climaxed. She climbed off the table and grabbed the cake I had brought, took me by the hand and said ” lets eat this in the bedroom.” She led me back to a wonderful night of passion. I did not think it could get better than this until the next time.

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