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As we wrapped the towels around ourselves and stepped inside she went over to the couch where she had two white terrycloth robes and handed me one. I said I kind of like being in a towel as it can accidently fall off. She said ” The robes can open up at anytime honey.” I took the one she had handed me and put it on. It was long sleeved but short in length as it came just mid thigh with a very feminine look to it. She went back to her room and brought out the roller box with all the clips, brushes and combs in it. I said ” I will do you first.” She laughed and said ” first you need to set my hair then you can do me.”

I had her sit at the table where the box was placed and got out the wide tooth comb and detangling brush. I took the towel from her hair and began running my fingers through it to detangle it gently as it was wet. I then took the detangling brush and ran it through until it was a bit more manageable and I could get the wide tooth comb through it. She was getting the rollers sorted out separating the purple, red, and blue ones for her hair. She had a separate box with the gold, gray, silver and burgundy ones for my hair on the table as well. I finally got the comb through her hair and began to section it so I could start rolling it up. I was going to do a traditional block set and started at the top of her head and worked my way backwards. Starting with the purple, then the red, then the blue towards the ends for more curl. It looked like a rainbow mohawk until I started on the sides again continuing with purple, red, then blue. She was handing me the rollers and clips as I needed them.

I was almost finished setting the second side of her head when we heard a knock on the door and Miss Judy stepped inside. She had a couple of bags with her as she walked into the kitchen. She started to inspect my roller set so far and made a couple of adjustments. She said ” not bad honey, I taught you well.” The girls said hello and gave each other a little hug and a kiss. Miss Judy asked her ” are you ready for me?” She replied ” almost sweetie, he just has to finish setting this side and netting me and then we can get started.” I asked them ” get started with what?” to which they both replied ” you’ll see.”

As I was setting in the last roller Miss Judy handed me a pink cotton net for her hair and helped me put over her rollers and showed me a different way to tie it up. It made a cute little bow in the front and secured the rollers very well. Miss Judy had me sit in the chair next to her and said ” it is your turn baby, we are going to do a candlestick set on you for some pretty barrel curls with maybe some petal curls just for fun.” As I sat down she took off the towel from my hair and started to finger comb through the curls. Miss Judy showed her how to loosen up the curls and detangle them gently. She had brought some other types of combs and brushes as well as some setting lotion for permed hair.

Miss Judy got started sectioning my hair and rolled in the first few curlers in a the candlestick fashion. I had had this done before and liked the results. I ended up with barrel curls on the sides with some teased/ backcombed style on top. Miss Judy told her that we were going to do petal curls on the top and the barrel curls on the sides. She began to help Miss Judy roll my hair and both of them kept pressing themselves on my sides as they were rolling. At times I got the feeling that they were very good friends as they kept touching each other hands.

They were working at setting my hair for quite a while and I could feel the weight of all those curlers in my hair. Miss Judy said” I like the look of these older roller colors, I still have a few of them myself.” She told Miss Judy that she has had them since she was a girl and her mother used to set her hair on them every week. Miss Judy replied ” Mine too, now hers as well.” They both looked at me and giggled.

Finally the last roller was placed and pinned down and Miss Judy used the black cotton net over my rollers tied more loosely up front. The girls stood in front of me and admired their handy work. Miss Judy told her she did a good job and since there were some of the older rollers left how about you two give me a shampoo and set so I can be in rollers as well?

They giggled and hugged, then something that caught me by surprise, they kissed, on the lips. She looked at me and said ” Girlfriends forever, now you are in the club too.”  I stood up and had Miss Judy go over to the sink where she took off her blouse and wrapped a towel around her shoulders. Yes she was wearing a bra. I leaned her forward and wet her hair, I was handed a bottle of shampoo from the bag Miss Judy had brought and applied it to her hair. I lathered her up as the girls started to talk. She asked Miss Judy if I shampooed her often at the salon. Miss Judy said ” almost every time he works, but I get to shampoo him as well and usually set him up in rollers before he goes to work.” She said ” I know, I have seen him in rollers and make up, he makes such a cute girl doesn’t he?” Miss Judy replied ” I know you can’t ever tell when we get his hair and make up done. He even has guys flirting with him that think he is a girl.”

I continued to shampoo Miss Judy when she asked me ” so how’s the sex between you two, Do you like it with a woman, not a girl, not a boy but a woman?’ I told her it was great and I enjoyed it very much. She asked Miss Judy ” have you two ever?’ Miss Judy said ” yes a couple of times, just got horny doing hair and we had a good time.” She asked Miss Judy if she would be OK with sharing me together some time? Miss Judy said ” yes, that sounds exciting, what do you think?” she asked looking at me.

My legs got weak and I was about to hit the floor when she said ” I think he likes the idea and so do I.”

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