The older woman

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I was about 17, just 3 weeks shy of my 18th birthday, and working in Miss Judy’s beauty parlor. We had a lot of older attractive women come in to get their hair done every week, but there was one who I found to be very interesting. She was in her early 50’s, very pretty and outspoken. She also had the most beautiful thick red hair that I had seen in our shop and at my shampoo bowl. I loved it when she would come in because not only did I get to shampoo that beautiful head of hair but she would flirt with me all the time. She would always insist that I use the leopard print shampoo cape because as she put it ” I am a wild woman.”

It was one Saturday morning when she came in that she said she wanted to speak with me. I had no idea what she wanted to talk about but I asked if she wanted to talk while I shampooed her hair? She touched my face and said “that would be lovely.” She took my hand and we went back to the shampoo sinks where I grabbed the cape and had her sit in the farthest sink for a little more privacy. I wrapped her in that sexy leopard print cape and leaned her backwards into my sink and began to wet her hair. I applied some shampoo and started working it into a thick lather which was not hard to do with her thick hair. She asked me if I was handy with plumbing issues as she had seen me fix the sinks and other things in the shop. I told her that I knew how to fix a few things and asked her what she needed me to do. She told me that she needed two faucets installed in her bathrooms and a couple of outside sprinklers fixed. She told me that her late husband used to fix things but she lost him two years ago. I told her that it would be no problem and asked her when she wanted me to come over to fix those items. She asked if I could be there Thursday morning and she would have the faucets there and that she also had a box of sprinkler parts her husband kept just in case. I told her that I would be there and was glad to help. She told me that she did not like hiring contractors and having someone she did not know in her house. She reached up and touched my face again and said ” I know I can trust you.” I finished shampooing her and took her to Miss Judy for her roller set.

That Thursday morning came and I was there bright and early to get started. She invited me in and had a plate of bacon and eggs ready for me. I told her that she did not need to fix me breakfast and that I was ready to get started. She giggled a little and said ” eat up then you can fix the sinks first then the sprinklers, you are going to need your strength.” I ate one of the best breakfast meals I have had in a long time. She did know how to cook. I then got up from the table and took my plate to the sink. She said ” I will get that, get started in my bathroom then the spare bathroom next.” I gathered my tools and the faucets and went back to her bedrooms master bath. She had a very large bathtub and also quite the vanity with a large sink. She had removed all the items from under her sink. So many bottles of shampoo, conditioners, hairspray, face creams and a big box of rollers and clips. I removed the handles from the faucet and the hand sprayer she had, then climbed under the sink and removed the old faucet. That was not hard at all. The newer one required a bit more work and also had a hand held sprayer attachment that I installed which was much better than the old one. After everything was tightened down I tried it out and made some adjustments and it worked perfectly. She came back and tried it out for herself and was very happy with the result. I then got started on the second one in the spare bathroom which was much easier since I had made the adjustments and mistakes on the first one. She came into the bathroom and tried this on out as well and even the hand sprayer attachment which she squirted me with just a little and laughed.

She asked me to have a look at her kitchen sink for a minute as it had a small leak which turned out to be just a hose clamp that needed to be tightened. We turned on the water and checked and everything was ok. As the water was running she took the sprayer and washed out the sink and said ” this is where I like to wash my hair because the sink is so big.” I just smiled and asked her if she still wanted me to fix the sprinklers? She looked at the clock and it was almost noon. She said after we have a little lunch first. She made us some sandwiches and cut up some fruit and poured a glass of wine. She offered me a little sip with lunch and she said “don’t tell anybody.”

After we ate I went out to her garage and found the box of sprinkler parts and went to work. It turns out she had more than a couple that needed fixed but I got all of them working. I cleaned up the yard and the garage and put the sprinkler box back and went back inside. She was not in the kitchen so I called out for her. She called out that she was in in back room and for me to come back there. As I walked into her bedroom I could hear water splashing and thought we had a problem but as I turned the corner I saw her in the bathtub which was filled with bubbles. She poured a large cup of water over her hair and said ” come her and give me one of your wonderful shampoos.” She handed me a bottle and said to use that one first. I opened it up and applied it to her hair and lathered her up. Her back was towards me as I continued to shampoo her. She leaned back a bit farther and I could see her breasts. She also got some shampoo on my pants from her hair. She turned around a bit and reached up to undo my pants as she said ” lets get you out of those dirty wet things and get you cleaned up.”

Well needless to say I was quite excited and a bit confused as I had been with only one girl and a couple of men and thought I was mostly gay. But as she pulled down my underwear and started to handle me I could not help myself. I continued to shampoo her hair as she continued to handle me. I applied some more shampoo to get a thicker lather and she took me in her mouth. It did not take too long before she made me explode. She had me get into the tub with her then and had me rinse her hair. She handed me another bottle of shampoo and said ” lather , rinse , repeat.”

I applied the second shampoo to her hair and worked up an even thicker, richer lather this time. She reached into her hair and took some of the lather and put it on my hair and started to shampoo me at the same time. By this time I was ready again and got in front of her as she put her legs on the sides of the tub ands guided me into her. I kept thrusting as we both kept shampooing each other. This went on for a very long time until we were both exhausted. We rinsed off each other and put on some robes. She took me by the hand and led me to her bed. We laid down and took a well deserved nap.

When we awoke she felt her hair and said we need to wet this down again so I can set it. I asked her if I could set her hair for her and she just smiled, pulled me to her and kissed me. I got the box of rollers and clips as she wet her hair and then sat down in the chair. I got to comb and section her hair and began to set it in these larger magnetic rollers. I told her that those rollers were my favorite. She reached under my robe and asked ” do you want me to set your hair too?” I told her “please.” I had used most of the rollers on her hair and she told me to look under the sink in the other bathroom. There was another box of smaller magnetic rollers there. I brought them out as she looked in the mirror to examine her set. She said ” you did a good job, I will have to have you come and do this for me very often.” She had me sit down and began to comb and section my hair. She used the red, blue and beige rollers all over my head. She tied a net over my rollers and had me stand up.

She took me by the hand and led me back to the bedroom where we stayed until the morning. We kept it quiet and saw each other at least twice a week for a while until she moved. This woman taught me a lot about myself and the pleasures of making love with a real woman.

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  1. This story was awesome. I have very much enjoyed ALL of your stories. Thank you for writing and continuing to share. I am looking for more hair adventures!!

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