The older women share the experience

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I continued to shampoo Miss Judy’s hair in the kitchen sink as our girlfriend Barbara was digging through the items in the bag. Barbara asked Miss Judy what all the small packages and pouches were. Miss Judy told her some of it was for next week when all of us were getting frosted blonde and the other pouches were just samples the she got at the beauty supply to try out. Miss Judy said she was ready to rinse and have me set her hair. She wanted me to use the older color rollers like the ones in my hair. The gold, gray, silver, and burgundy magnetic rollers. I rinsed her hair and had her sit in the chair with the towel wrapped around her shoulders. Barbara said ” let’s try out some of these samples like the coconut conditioner.” Miss Judy agreed saying ” My hair could use a little conditioning before we roll it up.”

Barbara got out one of the packets and Miss Judy told me to get the rollers, clips and combs ready to set her hair. Barbara cut open the packet and began to apply the contents to Miss Judy’s hair. I was getting put the rollers when I noticed that the contents she was applying were not real thick and white. They were kind of opaque and shiny. As Barbara started to work it in it lathered up very thick and rich. I looked at the packet and it was coconut shampoo. Miss Judy said ” Oh that is OK I could use another shampoo, especially upright like this. Very relaxing.” Barbara continued to lather Miss Judy as I got the rest of the items organized. I also found the conditioner for after the shampoo.

Miss Judy had Barbara come around the front of her to shampoo the front of her hair. I could not resist and started to shampoo the back so Miss Judy had both of our hands in her hair. Barbara’s robe came open in the front and Miss Judy could see she was not wearing anything underneath. Barbara told her that we had been in the jacuzzi before we set each others hair. Miss Judy looked up at her and reached her hand into the opening of the robe. Barbara gasped and started to moan as I could see Miss Judy’s hand move in and out of the opening. Miss Judy told me ” Keep shampooing please.” as Barbara leaned down and kissed Miss Judy’s lips. Barbara’s hand were now leaning on Miss Judy’s shoulders as she was breathing heavier now. Then all of a sudden Barbara moaned out loudly as she climaxed.

Miss Judy told me it was time to rinse her hair and put the conditioner in it. Barbara sat down on the chair to catch her breath. I took MIss Judy over to the sink as she bent forward so could rinse her hair. When all of the shampoo was out of her hair I applied the conditioner to her hair and worked it through. This one was very thick, rich and bright white in color and really smelled like coconut. As I was working that into her hair she said” That got me quite excited, how about you?” I told her yes it did. She reached back under my robe to feel my excitement and then pulled down her pants and panties. She said ” come around behind me and put it in me please.” I walked around behind her as she wiped a little of the conditioner on me. As I inserted into her I could barely reach her hair and she said ” that’s ok I will work this in as you work your in me.”

I was thrusting behind her as she was working the thick conditioner in her hair. Before too long she was breathing heavier as was I and moaning loudly. Barbara got up from her chair and got behind me and pulled up my robe. She put her finger inside me and worked it around as Miss Judy and I both climaxed at the same time. Now that was a new experience for me and I hoped it was not the last time it happened.

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