The perfect couple – part 2

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If you haven’t read The perfect couple – part 1, make sure to read it first before reading this one.

Part 2

My heart started to beat extremely fast because I didn’t know if she is mad at me for shaving her nape that short and high. Before making any move I asked her, “Is everything okay babe or are you mad at me?” She gave me a very strict look and said, “I told you to get out of the bed and get ready, we are leaving in 5 minutes. I don’t want to hear any questions, just do what I told you immediately!” I was very confused because I had no idea what’s happening so I just calmly said “Okay honey, I’m coming just don’t be mad at me!” She almost didn’t even let me finish and said, “You are going to address me as ma’am, not honey! Do you understand that!?” I answered very politely like a soldier, “Yes ma’am!”

When I finished the sentence it made me extremely turned on because I loved my girlfriend’s strict look that fitted extremely well with her new haircut with the shaved nape. On the other hand, I was still unsure if it’s a game or she is just mad at me. I got ready as fast as possible to not make her wait any longer. Then we got into my girlfriend’s car, where I asked her where we going. She gave me another of her strict look and said, “Did I gave you permission to ask questions?”, I replied shortly, “No”, “No WHAT?” she said after my short response. I immediately replied with “No ma’am!” It felt like being in a boot camp when you are not allowed to speak when you are not asked to do so.

After 15 minutes we arrived in a very small town and parked next to a huge field with an athletic track. When we got out of the car I saw something around 15-20 young-looking men running on that track. The most interesting part was that they were all wearing super short haircuts, similar to the military haircut my dad used to wear all the time as a military officer and me when I was younger. Then my girlfriend shouted at me, “Hurry up! You need to get your summer haircut immediately because your haircut is a mess”, I politely obeyed her order and said, “Yes ma’am”.

I was getting kinda nervous when we were getting closer and closer to a small building with a barber pole because I didn’t know what is about to happen. When we entered the barbershop, I saw 20 people of similar age similar to the ones running on the athletic track. They were all quietly and politely waiting for their haircuts. The barbershop had 8 leather barber chairs and 7 of them were full. Then I realized they are all getting the same haircut, military high and tight. All the barbers were working like robots, without stopping. The barber standing next to the last empty chair asked us, “Can I help you?”, my girlfriend answer “I made an appointment for two haircuts 20 minutes ago.”

I was very surprised when I heard two haircuts instead of one and started to think about if she is getting a haircut too even if I cut her hair today. My girlfriend looked at me and said, “What are you waiting for? Get it the chair NOW!”, “Yes ma’am” I replied. The barber immediately put a paper towel around my neck that tight I could hardly breathe and then put a barber cape on. He looked and at in the mirror and said, “What are we doing today young man?” I didn’t even have a chance to say something when my girlfriend came to the barber and said, “He is getting a military horseshoe flattop. Shave the sides with #00000 blade and use shaving cream around ears and neck. Make the top as short as possible but don’t forget about the horseshoe landing strip”, “It looks like someone is getting the shortest haircut in this room”, the barber said.

I felt extremely embarrassed because all of the boys were looking at me, I felt and looked like a kid getting a summer punishment haircut with his mum. I couldn’t even talk or say something because the barber immediately grabbed my head very tight and pushed my head so my chin was touching my chest. Then he turned on a huge clipper that made horrible sounds and put them on my neck. I could feel the clippers running on my back and sides very aggressively. When I looked at the mirror I saw my shaved back and sides that looked almost white because of my pale skin. After finishing the sides he started working on the landing strip. He used some products and a hairdryer to make my hair stand straight. Then he very precisely made the shortest landing strip I have seen in my life with a bald spot in the middle. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I have never had ultra short haircuts like this.

After he finished he brushed off all the little hair on my neck and asked my girlfriend if it’s what she wanted. She came to me and rubbed the back of my head and said, “You know what, let’s shave sides and the bald spot in the middle of his landing strip completely bald. “As you wish ma’am,” the barber said and started with the shaving. I was feeling very uncomfortable because I have never experienced the feeling of razor shaving my head. When he finished I could only see ultra-short spiky hair standing straight on top of my head and the rest of it was completely shaved.

When the barber released me from the cape I got up and went back to the door very embarrassed. My girlfriend stopped me and said, “Where do you think you are going? Now it’s my turn and if you move one more time, you are going to leave this barbershop completely bald.” I almost started to cry how embarrassed I was when I see everyone in the shop looking at me. I didn’t say any single work and kept standing next to the door rubbing my bald landing strip.

On the other hand, I was excited to see how the barber is putting a paper towel tightly on my girlfriend’s neck. I couldn’t hear what she was saying but I could see her pointing her finger at one of the young cadets with military high and tight. The barber shouted at the young cadet and told him to come to the barber chair where my girlfriend was sitting. Barber told him to turn around so she could see the haircut from all angles. After she finished observing his military haircut she told the barber, “Cut my hair like his but take it way higher.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, my heart started to beat super fast and I couldn’t breathe. I wasn’t sure if I’m just too excited or scared of what’s about to happen. The barber also looked very surprised and asked my girlfriend, “So do you want me to give you a military recon?” and pointed out on picture on the wall. In the picture was a marine with the shortest military haircut I have seen in my life. Not even my dad had a haircut extremely short like this. My girlfriend nodded and replied, “That’s right, make sure it’s very short.”

Barber didn’t say anything and turned on one of is huge clippers with #0000 blade and put it on her nape. He pushed her head to her chest and started from her nape that has already been shaved by me but not that short. She didn’t even have a chance to move because he was holding her head very thing so he could precisely shave her back and sides. After he finished with her back and sides he put #1 guard on the clippers and put her head to normal position. Then he put the clippers on her forehead and started to buzzing her top until everything on top was in the same length.

I couldn’t believe how good it looked, she had completed pale white back and sides with almost no hair and on top she had a small island of super short spiky hair shaved very high. My penis was starting to get bigger because she looked extremely sexy and I was enjoying every second of her haircut. When he took hot shaving cream and started to spread it around her neck and ears I was in heaven. After he finished he dusted her neck with a talcum powder and released her from the cape. She immediately put her hand on her neck and started to rubbing it to feel the ultra-short spiky hair.

I couldn’t stop looking at her how perfectly she looked with her new military haircut. She had undoubtedly the shortest haircut in the barbershop which amazed almost every cadet in the room that was staring at her with open mouth. She handed cash to the barber with a very generous tip and said while she was rubbing her hand on my nape with her long nails, “See you in three days, we have to keep his haircut military short and mine too for the sunny summer.”

When we left the barbershop I had a strong urge to rub my hand through her fresh military recon haircut but I wasn’t sure if she is still in a strict mood so I didn’t do it. We didn’t talk during the ride back home at all but she seemed to be happy and not in a strict mood anymore. When we got back home we both took a shower to try how does it feel to run water through our short haircuts, it was an amazing feeling. When I got out of the barber chair I hated the haircut but when I was looking in the mirror I kinda started to like it.

After shower when she was showering I hopped in bed to take a nap because I was tired of everything that happened that day. I closed my eyes and after 5 minutes I heard my girlfriend coming from the bathroom and her steps that were getting close to me. When she got to our bedroom she took all of her clothes off like I did because it was extremely hot. Then she lay down on me and put her head on my chest. She was so cute when she was lying on me with her new haircut almost naked.

I started to rub her head with my hands and gave her a couple of kisses on her short spiky hair on top of her head. After 10 minutes of cuddling and rubbing our heads observing our new haircuts, she kissed me on my neck and whispered to my ear, “I hope you enjoyed it, baby, I hope I wasn’t too strict for you but I was dying to see you with this haircut which I’m now in love with.” After she finished that sentence we had the wildest moment in our bed.

From that moment we visited that barbershop every three days to keep it our haircut military short and sharp looking. When we didn’t have enough time to get to the barbershop I cut my girlfriend’s hair every three days by myself but she was still enjoying more getting her haircut in the barbershop by the same barber. She enjoyed the military atmosphere of getting super short military haircuts.

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