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“Perfect Wife Treatment” 


Many early sororities’ main focus was to find girls good husbands. 

In some areas men wanted their wives to be low maintenance. This meant no hair and no teeth to save on hair and dental care. Thus, pledges at those sororities would have their hair and teeth removed. In the old days, it was done by burning hair follicles, using dangerous chemicals, and pulling teeth manually with little to no numbing. Needless to say, the process was painful.

This particular house kept up with some of those traditions. However, nowadays, they use the “perfect wife treatment”, which is quick and painless.

Bald, toothless wives had fallen out of popularity a few decades ago. Now the trend was returning in a different way. Many young women chose it for themselves, not for a future husband. The majority of them thought the hairless and toothless look was sexy. For many it improved their sex lives. Additionally, life expenses were getting out of hand, and this way they could save a ton of money on hair and dental care.

The the older generation of members used to hide with wigs and dentures. However, the newer generations chose not to hide at all. Many of the girks didn’t even bother getting dentures, even if it meant never being able to eat solid foods anymore.

There had never been this many pledges before. It was amazing to see. Every  initiate would receive the treatment during the ceremony.

Tonight was the night that the selected pledges would go through the ceremony and get the perfect wife treatment.

Undressing was optional, but because the treatment always caused a mess, all of them stripped naked. Every new girl got injected. There were kits to make dentures based on their own teeth, but none of them felt the need to use one.

The girls waited patiently for the treatment to work. First their hair was falling out. Large clumps of it in all textures and colors landed on the floor. Soon, every scrap of it was gone. Then, their teeth started to loosen, clattering on the floor one by one.

A side effect of the treatment was immense arousal. Everything felt so sensitive. The girls couldn’t help but touch themselves and eachother. It resulted in a giant, sticky mess of hair, teeth and bodily fluids.

After cleanup, a picture was taken of all the current sorority members. All grinning happily, proudly showing off their hairless and toothless states.

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