The Preacher’s Wife

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Preacher Witten was a fundamentalist preacher in rural georgia. His temple of sorts was just a farmer’s shed just outside one of the poorest white majority neighbourhood in this state. His great desire was to build a beautiful temple for his poor, but upright god fearing congregation. Every sunday after the service his beautiful wife roberta known as robbie would collect and count the dnations. The money collected by robbie barely catered for the daily needs of husband and herself.
Every sunday robbie would witness the same sad scene. She would tell her husband the sum collected and he would fall into a mental and spiritual depression. Robbie feared for her husband’s sanity and more so for his spiritual well-being. She would counsel him by saying that god moves in mysterious ways or that god tests the faith of his most beloved or that maybe god needed no temple to abide as long as he abided in the hearts of the faithful. However robbie knew that her words were having less and less efffect on her husband week after week. Robbie dearly loved her husband and wanted to help him get the money he wanted for his temple.

Now robbie was a beautiful lady of italian extraction. Although she was only fve foot one she had an hour glass figure and knew how much her c sized pointed breasts with dark protruding nipples made her husband and her former boyfriends go crazy. Her butt was just a perfect one hand squeeze and her pale face was complimented by her big black eyes. Preacher witten had met his now 26 year old wife 5 years before in brooklyn, while taking a sabbathical from studying in fundamentalist seminary down south. Robbie had previously been a catholic and dressed in tight jeans, low cut tops and high heels like all her italian-american friends in the neighbourhood. She had studied as a nurse, but left her studies once she fell madly in love with preacher witten and his southern accent. Once she fell for him she decided to follow him everywhere. She would only wear the most conservative of clothes and barely any make-up. She only went to see her family in new york for a two week period just before thanksgiving.

It was in one of these family visits that robbie came up with an idea to raise money for her husband’s temple. She knew of a private club where the richest new york people attended. It was a fetish wish club called “Pandora’s wishbox”, because once you opened the door of the club and was willing to pay the money you could wish for all the evil that would come out just for your own pleasure. This club had a special wish arrangement. One could either as a client propose in writing a detailed wish to the club in with the respective money offered and the club would try to arrange for the wish if the money on offer was right. The club obviously made money, but the owners of the clubs were fetish millionaires themselves and this was more of a playground for them rather than a business venture. They were ready to put money themselves to see some of their wishes or their clients wishes fulfilled. The other way the proposal could be made was by somebody outside the club who in turn for money would offer a deal. The club would then research its database to see if there were enough clients interested in such an arrangement.

Robbie’s proposal with respective photos and videos was accepted after a week. They proposed her offer could be met and it would be on new year’s eve. Robbie would get 20000$ for her performance and anything else she could get from her proposal. What had excited mostly the board is that robbie was truly a vicar’s wife as they had checked her story from her facebook posts and posts of other such sites. These new york atheists truly hated fundamentalist preachers like her husband and wanted nothing better than a chance to humiliate his pretty young wife.

Robbie accepted the invitation, told nothing to her husband and invented a story that she needed to visit her family soon after christmas as she needed to visit her sick aunt. She knew her husband would not come as he was never welcomed by her catholic parents who disliked that he had turned thir beautiful young daughter who could had married a doctor into the poor wife of a conservative fundamentalist preacher in rural georgia.

Robbie had proposed a clothes auction. These meant that she would offer to strip her clothes in front of people in return for money. All the money she would get from the strip auction would be hers, plus the guarnteed money. Robbie was made to sign a standard document that she would strip all the way as long as there was an offer or else she would forfeit 10000$ of her own money and loose all money collected and the money guarantee. She signed the document as she had already put her mind at rest that she would be naked in front of people. In turn she got a gurantte that nobody would film it or take photos during her strip auction.

Now the day had come and robbie was on stage for her strip auction. Before she started the “Pandora wishclub” had made an introduction of robbie as the faithful pastor’s wife from fundamentalist georgia ,which to those people present was like the end of the world and a world they despised. Robbie was asked by the evening’s presenter what was her offer. Robbie said that she would auction her clothes. The presenter funnily told her that her clothes were fifty years out of fashion to which the snobbish public in attendance laughed. Robbie said that she would have her clothes removed on stage by the buyer of each item. This got the crowd going, but not much. These people had seen hundreds of naked girls on stage, o.K. She was a real life vicar’s wife, but that was it. However, they were willing to give the club the benefit of the doubt after all they had never been disappointed before.

Robbie started by auctioning her coat. She got a fiver and the coat was soon removed by an old man who threw in the fireplace to the delight of the audience while making a sign like saying it smelled nasty. Now robbie offered her shirt. She got 20$ for it. She got another 2o$ for her skirt. She had a small black laced nightdress which she removed for 45$. Next to go were to be her tights. She got 65% for them and were removed by a nasty millionaire of indian descent. Now the show really started. Robbie said that she would remove her bra for 200$. The ofer came and a millionaire from oregon removed and took as a trophy. However to the surprise of the audience she was wearing two star stickers on her pointed nipples. She said she would remove the stars for 400$. The same oregon millionaire offered the money to her and out came her beautiful black protruding nipples on her c sized pointed breasts. Next was her panties. She said that she would get it off for 1000$. Some booed , but an arab offered the money and he sent his big bodyguard to collect the small black panties from robbie’s beautifula ass and tight snatch. Robbie got cheers and applause and thanked the public for their gentle offers which would go for her husband’s temple.
However a voice from above the loudspaeker said that robbie was not finished yet.
” yes I am finished I auctioned off all my clothes!” said robbie with a tinge of feared surprise in her voice.
“Not so.” said the presenter who had been briefed on the trick they were to play on robbie.”Look what’s written on the contact you signed.”
“I know what I signed!” yelled robbie in anger.
” no you don’t. Here it is clearly stated that you have to show us all your skin.” the presenter correcting her.
“But, I did I have no clothes on me. Look I’m naked.” retorted robbie.
“Naked yes, but we cannot see all your skin. You still have that lovely hair on your head. I’m sure there is somebody in the audience who would like to see your scalp. Who would want to shear you like a cue-ball. Now is there somebody like that in audience.” asked the presenter to the audience.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” shouted the crowd.
“Well I’m not gonna let you shave my head. I’m not a sheep.” said robbie in fear.
“O.K. Fine, but if you refuse to let us sahve you bald here on stage and in front of everyone you will not only loose all the money you were guaranteed and would have just given us a free strip show, but we will also expect you to pay us 10000$. And believe us robbie we know you can’t afford it. So what it’s gonna be,money or your beautiful long silky straight black hair which reaches to your bum .” he asked robbie while security surrounded her.

Robbie started crying and screamed “Please not my hair, not my beautiful black hair, please not.”
” my dear little vicar’s wife your hair will be chopped off cause we know you don’t have the money. Yes we tricked you dear, but did you believe we would have offered 20000$ just for seeing you naked on stage. With that money we could have paid ten high class escorts to strip and fuck for hours. No robbie we brought here all our hair fetish lovers from all over the world. We have come here to shear you so get ready cause first comes the hair auction and then your headshave. If you cry it’s better it will make it the more worthed. We are here to humble you and humbled you will be.” said the presenter in an threatining voice.

Robbie was put on a special barber chair hidden behind the curtain. She was tied firmly to the chair while crying and begging while the crowd chanted “Shear her! Shear her”.

The auction was over in a few minutes. The final offer was made by an old financier. He offered 30000$ for her hair and the chance to see and touch her bald skull. In a few minutes robbie had no hair at all. The old financier than ordered the barber to shave her off with a razor. He did this for 10 times each time the fiancier passing his old fingers on her head. He then threw cold water at robbie’s head and this made her shudder. While robbie sobbed in the middle of the stage with no hair and no clothes the old man started to masturbate inside her shaven hair.

After the show an inconsolable robbie was given the money she had been promised and the money for her clothes auction and her hair auction. She took the money and went straight back home to her pastor husband. She told him she had got all the money in return for shaving her hair to a women who made high fashion whigs for women. Her husband was astouded that his wife loved him so much that she would sacrifice her beautiful straight black hair that used to reach to her small tight butt. When the congregation heard the fake story robbie had invented, they started contributing more money and three women offered to have a headshave and sell their hair to raise money for the lord’s temple. In 4 years the temple was built her hair was back to her beautiful lenght and the congregation had increased and thrived. Meanwhile the old financier died of a heart attack while in prison waiting for his trail for fraud and the “Pandora wishbox” club burnt one week just before thanksgiving. The lord truly works in mysterious ways.

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