The Price of Paradise

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The ad seemed innocent enough.

Person Needed Immediately!

Looking for a special young lady to help out with household
chores, shopping and serving and special get togethers.

Must be chaste, obedient, clean and comely.
All expenses paid including college tuition and books as well as
room and board in a luxurious Maui home!

XXX XXX-XXXX ask for Madeline and submit resume and a
recent photo to …

Suddenly visions of palm fringed beaches of white sand and gorgeous cerulean waters danced in JJ’s head. In those visions, she was laying on the sunny beach all by herself in her perfect green bikini.

“Yup” she said out loud, “I can certainly go for that…”

Within an hour her resume was on it’s way with a head shot that made her look oh so professional and only slightly coquettish just in case the husband had some input.

“Hi, my name is Jujou and I am VERY interested
in your Person Friday job offer…”

After a few back and forth emails and phone calls it was decided that Jujou would fly to Maui and begin working the very next day.

The suddenness of it all took her completely by surprise.

“But…I won’t have enough time to get my things together for the trip over! I don’t even own a decent bathing suit!”

“Not to worry,” she was informed via email, “We will provide you with everything you need when you get here.”

“I don’t even have a suitcase, just a small back pack.”

“Just bring your essentials, that’s all you’ll need.” the email informed her.

The next morning she hopped on a plane and was on her way to beautiful Maui first class.

The flight over was horrible. The kid behind her cried half way across the Pacific and kicked her seat back for the other half. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the guy in the seat next to her would sniff her every time she got up to pee.

“Why the fuck do people bring small children onto planes? she thought “and why does this pervert sniff me whenever I get up to pee?”

At length the plane landed in Kahului and Jujou got away from her tormentors. All she had was her small carry-on bag with a couple of changes of clothes and toiletries in it so she made to to the curbside in record time.

She phoned Madeline as she waited by the curbside. Several surfer types offered her rides, bu, she left them in no doubt she wasn’t interested. “Ugggh,” she thought,”Well, THAT never changes…typical guys….”

Madeline answered on the third ring.

“Hello Madeline? This is Jujou, I’m at the curbside and ready for pickup.”

“Please, call me Maddie” she said in a friendly tone. My husband Bill will pick you up and just a few minutes. He’ll be driving a black Mercedes SUV.”

“Thanks Maddie, and please, call me JJ. Oh, I think I see him now.”

A gorgeous top of the line SUV pulled up to the curb in front of her and the automated door silently swung open.

“Hop in Jujou” said a man’s gravely voice from the darkened cab. “I’m Maddie’s husband Bill”

Still on the phone, JJ tossed her bag into the SUV and distractedly took the proffered hand. It was rough and strong. The hand of a man used to doing hard work.

Hanging up the phone JJ smiled and turned to Bill.

“Thank yo…you. she gulped slightly as she recognized her seatmate from the plane.

“Well I’ll be…” he trailed off with a grin. “I do believe we’ve met before.”

“Ahhh…yes, so it would seem” the petite redhead replied with the friendliest smile she could manage.

The ride home was uneventful. Bill described the house and her duties. Above all else he warned her, “Keep Maddie happy, she can be a might prickly when she doesn’t get her way.”

“Yes Sir” she replied “I’ll remember that.’

A small voice screamed in the back of JJ’s mind “Get out while you still can” but the practical and slightly egotistical side of her that said she deserved an island dream house told it to shut up.

The house, to put it mildly, was simply gorgeous. Not a mansion for sure, but as close to one as JJ had ever been in. Set on a very secluded beach in the exclusive Makena area of South Maui it was about as close to a private beach as you can get in the Islands. Totally inaccessible by land (without invitation) anyone who wanted to reach it had to make a 1/4 mile swim through sharp lava pinnacles to reach it. Her view on that first morning had literally taken her breath away. Palm trees, white sands and deep blue waters, just as she’d seen it in her mind’s eye. She couldn’t believe that was only 2 days ago. She was a light year from her musty Seattle shared apartment.

Maddie gave her the tour and the rundown on her duties. Bill pretty much ignored them, but every now and then JJ caught a fleeting glimpse of him stealing a glance at her.

“Tonight we are hosting a party with a few good friends. You will be expected to serve the food and keep glasses full. Afterwards, you will clear it up and clean the kitchen…spotless. Understood?

“Yes Ma’am” JJ replied.

6:00 PM and the front door bell rang. JJ answered the door dressed in every woman’s go to, a fashionable “Little Black Dress”, one of the few items she’d been able to bring from home.

Introducing herself to each couple as they entered she received looks of approval from the men and looks of appraisal from the ladies. There were six in all, 3 couples. One Asian, one local and one Haole.

Moments later JJ was serving wine and drinks to the appreciative guests. The drink flowed and the guests got chattier. The ladies asked her about herself. Where was she from, was she married, and whether she had or wanted any children. Ladylike chit chat. As the men downed their drinks they took the opportunity to get closer and surreptitiously touch her but she was outnumbered and soon a jovial pat on the arm evolved to a tap on the butt. She was quite relieved when the chef announced “Dinner is served.”

The meal was fantastic. Sauteed Mahi Mahi in a white wine sauce and local steaks kiawe wood grilled to perfection. Of course, JJ enjoyed hers with the chef at the kitchen table and periodically got up to top everyone off. Still, it beat having to fend off roving hands.

The next morning….

Maddie was not happy, She didn’t say anything but JJ could tell. She was curt all day and somewhat bossy. Around noon the women from the night before came over for lunch. The conversation was hushed and seemed to stop any time she drew near.

After the meal the ladies retired to the solarium that flanked the sumptuous beach side swimming pool. Though she remained in the background, JJ couldn’t help but notice the quick glances and gesticulations made in her direction. “Have I done something wrong?” she wondered in a small panic, “I REALLY don’t want to screw this gig up.”

All she could think of was the men’s groping the night before. Surely they couldn’t blame her for THAT? She couldn’t help what their creepy husbands did. After all, a lot of guys get a bit “handsy” after a few drinks and she did her best to keep away from them.

Quietly, she appraised the women. All four were trophy wife beautiful with gorgeous hair and perfect makeup. Their bodies were trim and tight, bodies that most women would die for. AND…they were rich. Surely they wouldn’t feel threatened by a little domestic from the mainland like JJ but then again, she was used to guys drooling over her with her athletic body and perfect long red curls that framed her face and nymph-like blue-green eyes perfectly.

After lunch Maddie called JJ into her private office and told her to have a seat.

Looking around nervously she asked “Am…am I fired?”

Maddie looked shocked. “Why no dear, what would make you say that?”

“It’s just…last night, You know…with the guys touching me. I tried to…”

Maddie cut her off. “Ahhh yes, boys will be boys won’t they?”

“I…I didn’t know what to do…”

“I know, I know my dear. Perhaps if you didn’t make yourself up? A plainer look might work wonders…”

“Yes Ma’am. I’ll give that a try.”

“Good, I’ll be by to collect your make up this evening. And maybe that black dress should go as well. Far too fetching…”

“But what will I wear to serve at dinner?”

“Buy yourself a few nice conservative dresses. Charge them to my account.”

“Thank you Ma’am.”

That night JJ ordered some nice below the knee dresses and a one piece bathing suit.

The next Maddy left for a one week business trip. Bill was nice and left her to her own devises. In the afternoon he knocked on her door. “Got some packages for you Jujou.”

“Must be my new clothes” she told him as she took the boxes.

“Must be” he replied with an odd little smile. “The guys are coming by around 4pm for drinks. Put on one of your new dresses and be ready to serve by 4:30.”

“Yes Sir” she said with a hint of trepidation.

“Don’t worry, we’ll behave ourselves” he said with a wink.

4 PM

Jujou wiped the steam from the mirror. Fresh from the shower she took an appraising look at her toned body. Lovely porcelain skin over great musculature.A gorgeous red thatch of pubic hair and ice blue eyes all topped with a magnificent mane of red loosely curled shining hair. “Not too bad” she said to her reflection.

Dried off and hair done, she began opening the dress boxes. “What the…” she said as she pulled a VERY short strapless number from the box. She quickly rummaged through all the boxes revealing outfit after outfit, each skimpier than the last.

There HAD to be some mistake. These were not the dresses she had ordered. There was no way she could serve the husbands dressed in these things.

“I’ll look like a frickin stripper!”

“Oh well, she thought. Guess I’ll have to serve them in my sweat pants and a baggy night shirt.”

Jujou walked to the hamper to retrieve the comfort clothes she’d worn all day.

She was startled to find them missing. “Oh shit” she exclaimed as she puled the drawers of the bureau open…nothing. The closet too was bare. The only choice she was left with was were her new clothes.

Bill called out “Jujou…where are you?”

Coming she replied in a panic as she slipped into the least revealing of the dresses. It was cut VERY deep in the neck line and as she turned she couldn’t help but notice her butt cheeks were hanging out.

“Oh My God!” How could this have happened?” she said to herself

Bill knocked on the door. “You coming?”

“Um…there’s been some kind f mistake. These are not the clothes I ordered…”

“Well, we won’t hold against you. Come on down.”

“I…I can’t Maddie will kill me…”

“She’ll do nothing of the sort,” he said with a scoff. “I hold the purse strings around here. Now come on out.”

Meekly, Jujou opened the door. Bill took one look and whistled. “Might not be the dress you ordered but it sure looks fantastic on you”

The night was something of a blur. The men were sitting around the low coffee table in the sunken living room and every time she bent to serve or remove a glass the tiny dress rode up and gave the men a good look at her lady bits. It wasn’t long before their roving hands were all over her.

It became a game of sorts. JJ bent down, the dress rode up and before she could tug it down hands were explore her innermost secrets. At some point early on, she’d began sipping drinks to dull her humiliation.

By 8 PM, she was a bit tipsy and paying less attention to her hemline and their hands.

By 9 PM, the her hemline had migrated to her waist..

By 10 PM someone finished the job helping her clear of her outfit and the petite redhead found herself serving four rather drunk men completely nude.

11 AM the next morning…

Jujou woke to a pounding on her door. Hung over she groaned and answered the door only to see a fuming Maddie. Only then did she realize she was stark naked. Maddie pushed into her room and fuming looking her naked body up and down in fury, and held the skimpy dress from the night before up to her.

“What the hell is THIS?” she said in a quite rage. “l told you to buy CONSERVATIVE dresses and you spend MY money on these hooker rags? What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I…I…I went to serve drinks and when I got out of the shower all of my normal clothes were gone and then all of the boxes had the wrong clothes and I had no choice but to…”

“Stop!” ordered Maddie. You’re telling me someone stole your clothes and left you with these?”

“Yes” she sniff nervously “Yes Ma’am.”



Maddie strode to JJ’s chest of drawers and one by one, pulled them open. Inside were several conservative dresses, her old clothes and, in a bottom drawer, the half dozen skimpy outfits that had arrived the day before.

Maddie cocked an eye at JJ. “I’m going to have a little chat with my husband regarding your future here…”

With that she turned and stomped away…

The fight between them lasted 2 days. All day long JJ could hear Bill and Maddie going at it on and off. Then, on the third day came an eerie silence.

Around noon, JJ was called into Maddie’s office.

She pushed the door open slowly, not really knowing what to expect. Maddie sat at her desk, the same noncommittal look on her face she’d worn the last time JJ was called before the “Boss”.. This time there was no invitation to sit. Maddie just began talking.

“So, it would seem you’ve made quite an impression upon my husband” she said blandly. “I was ready to send you back to sunny Seattle but, he wishes you to stay. I have agreed with certain…stipulations.”

Jujou looked up at her with hope in her eyes.

“First. henceforth, you will no longer serve or work around my husband or his friends without at least one of the wives being present. Understand?”

“Yes Ma’am” she said as meekly as she could trying to protect her dream job hopefully.

“Second, since you seem to like dressing like a slut, you will no longer be allowed to wear normal clothes. In fact, you will no longer be allowed to wear any clothes at all. Everyone has seen you naked anyways thanks to your drunken romp!”

“Wah…what?” JJ stuttered in surprise..

“You will be naked at all times. It will be a nice reminder that you flaunt yourself anyways and we are going to keep an eye on you anyways from now on to prevent any mishaps. Since you couldn’t follow my orders and seem to enjoy public nudity as you were happily naked the other night in front of all our husbands, you will remain nude for the entirety of your stay with us. Do you agree or not?”

“Yes Ma’am” Complete nudity seemed a small price to pay given the benefits of her employment.

“Lastly, if you step out of line again or there is even a hint of you flirting with our husbands, my lady friends and I are empowered to do what ever we can to keep you in line or this little arrangement is over. Do you agree?”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Very good, I often go on business trips and I must know that I can trust you. If you can behave in the nude and it doesn’t cause problems, I think that should prove something. If you keep to the rules, there should be no problem. Step out of bounds and there will be severe consequences. You are dismissed but first…”

Maddie held her hand out expectantly and JJ looked at it in confusion.

“Your clothing?” she said with a roll of her eyes

JJ took a deep breath and began to strip. When she finished Maddie accepted the bundle and unceremoniously dropped the outfit in a black plastic garbage bag. “Put the rest of your clothing in this bag and then set out with the recycling by the boat ramp. I’m sure some deserving homeless woman will like your clothes.”

She did as ordered scampering across the lawn and out of the gate to place the bag by the edge of the boat ramp where the garbage and recycling was picked up. Hoping, that no one would see neighbors could still see across the water pretty easily, she dropped it off and thanking god for the tall wall that surrounded the house ran back inside.

Weeks passed and all seemed good. Everyone seemed to enjoy having a naked redhead serving them and JJ was getting used to being nude even outside where the sun and wind kissed her body which reminded her of the paradise she was in. The men still gawked and occasionally copped a feel as did the ladies on occasion, but things settled into an odd new normal.

Then, Maddie went on one of her trips and the guys got strange again. They got a little booze in them and once again their hands began roaming around her body. She tried to avoid them, but once in awhile one would run a hand over her breasts and nipples or a hand would lightly run over her pubic hair. It happened so often that she was rolling her eyes and groaned as they stared at her nudity. They were careful around their wives but she suspected that some of them suspected their men couldn’t keep their hands to themselves.

About a week after Maddie returned, she threw one of her parties with the normal couples in attendance. JJ, as usual was serving in the nude. Everything seemed okay until one of the ladies, a woman called Jackie, pointed at JJ and said “She is just too pretty for my taste. Just look at that smooth body and that red fucking hair. I just don’t trust her alone around my man.” Turning to Maddie she asked “Can’t we do something to tone her down?”

Maddie looked over at Jackie and then at JJ and with a glance around the room, the husbands who tried to dart their eyes away from the cute red head but failed to do so fast enough.

“What do you have in mind?” asked Maddie as the other wives looking relieved that this had finally come up and Maddie was receptive, all nodded in agreement to show they agreed.

“I don’t know,” replied Jackie “…something! We can’t just have her around making them drool like perverted puppies all the time over her. She loves it too whether she wants to admit it or not. Look how she walks, and she doesn’t even realize that she tosses her hair when she turns usually. I am not sure what shampoo and conditioner she uses or soap, but she smells like she works at a cosmetics place. That is not demure or humble, it is teasing.”

The men, sensing danger excused themselves from their glaring wives to play some pool and ping pong in a neighboring room and JJ was ordered to clean up as the ladies discussed what to do. At one point, Maddie walked over and pointed to the room the men were in and told her that room could use some cleaning attention. The women gathered and watched as the men looked a bit hungry at her as she did her duties, walking somewhat seductively and tossing her hair without even thinking.

Later that night JJ was called downstairs. As she stood naked before the assembled group nervously feeling like she was a defendant in some kind of trial about to be found guilty by a jury of older women. “We’ve been working to come up with a solution to our little problem here” said Maddie.

The men thinking this was an all women discussion and not wanting to be part of the potential verdict started to get up to find something better to do where they wouldn’t be glared at because of the “little problem”..

“Just where do you think you’re going?” Maddie called out to them. “You guys helped create this problem and now you’re going to stay and watch us fix it”

“Jackie, What is it your husband is always going on about?”

“He can’t stop talking about that little red bush of hers. Goes on about it day in and day out that she is a true red head, a flame bush.”

“Mickey, Darla, same question.”

“That damn red hair, it’s all I ever hear about.”

“My man too, he’s obsessed with it” answered Darla

JJ did not like where this was heading and squirmed a bit uncomfortably. She knew that her long red curls tended to get her a lot of attention from men and they were not the first women to admit a bit of jealousy of the long shiny red locks.

“Well then,” said Maddie, “It would seem we have gotten to the ‘root’ of the problem finally and it is time for decisions to be made…”

Jackie wheeled out a drink cart covered by a white cloth. and stopped in front of JJ.

“You were told no more shenanigans with our husbands but, you didn’t take it to heart.” stated Maddie looking around at the guys who shrugged admitting that it was challenging.


“No buts, we have all struggled with this long enough and it simply doesn’t work the way things are right now. The way you are right now. You have two choices. You and everything you own goes out on the street tonight and we call this over and done with or you accept the punishment on this cart. Assuming you do, I think we all might be a bit more comfortable with this arrangement finally.” The other women looked a bit eager at the words and smiled. JJ just looked at the cart, the white cloth.

To which Jackie added ” 1 minute to decide…unveil the punishment we all agreed upon or hit the road, Red”

JJ’s mind raced. She didn’t own anything. Didn’t even have a stitch of clothing. Would they really throw her onto the street naked?

“30 seconds…”

She knew she had no choice. Reaching over she grasped the sheet and drew it back. Her jaw fell open as her mind wrestled with the tools on the table neatly laid out. Scissors, clippers, a steaming bowl of hot water with a can of shaving cream and a few safety razors next to it. She stuttered and her hands flew up to her dangling red curls framing her face. “But…you mean….you can’t mean to….like all…all of it? Is that a razor? for my pubic hair?” She looked to Darla who was standing with a smile next to her.

Darla grinned and didn’t say a word until JJ reached back up to her long red locks with a questioning confused look. “Yes hun, not just your pubic hair. We decided that long red hair of yours was impossible. You absolutely cannot keep it. So yes, the razors will take care of that too…” JJ feinted to the floor with four smiling women and four disappointed men about to see their toy lose its shine.

She came too laying on the floor, a bustle of activity around her as JJ quickly remembered what was happening and looked around to see that she had been prepped for her punishment which was to be delivered immediately. Someone had put a pillow under her ass an two of the women were holding her legs wide. Jackie looked down from a standing position and Maddie nodded to her. Jackie knelt between her legs and flicked a hair buzzer to life.

“Good to see your back with us.” she snarled. “Wouldn’t want you to miss a second of this”. She looked at JJ’s unique ginger bush and ran her nails threw the curly hairs almost whimsically. “We decided to start with this little eye candy. Let’s remove your unique gifts so you are easier to have around, shall we?”

Then, without mercy she ran the clippers through the middle of Jujou’s pubic patch. Left, right, up and down the hungry clippers devoured her bush. A few minutes later JJ’s cunt was bared to the world. But Jackie wasn’t finished with her yet. Maddie brought a jar and brush of something and put it down next to the pillow under her ass within easy reach of Jackie. Jackie began spreading wax across the poor girl’s mound and as she applied the waxing cloth said to her “that’s right red, I am pulling this shit by the roots!

The pain was tremendous as she was quickly stripped of her womanhood. When she was done she gathered up JJ’s former flames and put them in a ziplock bag. Tossing the bag to her husband she said “Here, it’s finally all yours. Now you can shut the fuck out about it”

He picked the bag up sheepishly and tucked into his pocket.

Still reeling in shock, the ladies that were holding her legs wide shifted and helped her back to her feet. Mickey smiled “It is time. It should be over quick. We will all be much more comfortable once this is done. Think how easy it will be for you, no longer having the burden of being a beautiful ginger.” The absolute satisfaction in her voice said it all.

They walked JJ to a chair in front of a large mirror. She tried to rise but they gently pushed her into the chair. Maddie knelt down in front of her and looking her in the eyes said. “Relax, you know you deserve this. You really are a bit too attractive at the moment and you know it and flaunt it without even thinking about it. Without that long red mane of yours, that will no longer be a problem. You will no longer be a problem while doing your duties.”

She walked around and the other women stood around in a circle waiting with some satisfaction as the punishment was about to hit a high point. The men looked grim, looking like they were about to see their favorite toy ruined. Maddie walked in front of her, holding a large set of clippers that looked like it could quickly do some damage. “Now JJ, I think all of these women would like to hear you admit you deserve this out loud.” She looked at her unexpectedly “Well, little one? Do you need to be kicked out of this house?” said Maddie with confidence and a coaxing smile.

JJ bowed her head and thought of all the men and women she’d lured with a simple flip of her gorgeous red hair. All the broken promises, all the teasing and in that moment she realized sadly that Maddie was right. “Yes” she replied “I deserve this”. Maddie smiled and raised the clippers and turned them on with a flourish followed by a loud buzzing as they came to life making JJ jump. The other women smiled waiting to see the red head lose her unique assets that their men have been drooling over.

Maddie approached and the clippers moved towards her forehead. “Don’t worry JJ, this will be over with before you know it.” The clippers bit deep right at her forehead and JJ gasped as her luxurious hair began to rain down about her and though her mind wanted her to scream NO! in her heart she knew it was too late to change her mind. The clippers were already doing their work.

She looked around at the women who had hands over their mouths almost in amazement they were doing this to her. They looked gleeful as the hair that had made her unique her whole life and made men drool slithered down her shoulders on to the floor lifelessly. The buzzer eventually stopped and she stole a glance at the mirror. Her once beautiful hair had been reduced to mere stubble. A light auburn fuzz that presaged total baldness.

A moment later Mickey was slathering her head with hot foam. “Gotta soften it up to get a close shave” she said with a wink

JJ nodded in bland agreement knowing that there was no stopping the final assault on her once beautiful hair. Each lady took a turn shaving away the stubble and a short time later JJ’s scalp was smooth and shiny.

“Wow, we’re gonna need sunglasses once she hits sunlight. This is soooo much better. This was the perfect solution.” said Jackie with a giggle

“Oh wow” said Mickey as she ran a hand across JJ’s scalp. “Sooo smooth” she purred with a small grin of victory.

“But wait…there’s more.” said Jackie as she flourished a small touch up razor

Darla squirted a bit of foam onto her fingers and languidly massaged it into JJ’s eyebrows. Jackie swiftly dived in and with some careful strokes of the razor, removed her once perfectly manicured arched brows.

Jujou looking at her own reflection couldn’t believe the bald and browless creature she saw before her was herself. It looked utterly alien. Bzzzzz, a higher pitched clipper fired up. “Close your eyes” said Darla moving a tiny set of clippers towards her eyes which she quickly closed reflexively and stood still. From the vibration, JJ knew her long eyelashes had now been removed as well..

The ladies walked her to the bathroom together. Once there, they stripped and got into the shower slathering her from head to toe with a strong smelling chemical.

“Don’t get this shit on yourselves” Jackie said. “This is industrial strength hair remover. It’ll be weeks before she needs a touch up”

A short time later they rinsed her off and JJ watched the last bit of her once beautiful hair disappeared down the drain. She knew even the hair roots that had blessed her with her long ginger curls had now been washed away.

They brought her out to show her off. Jackie worked her like a strange circus animal. Had her strike poses and do a few simple tricks on all fours like a dog laughing that she was no longer a show dog any more. “She will make a great working dog now without all that troublesome beauty that she was burdened with.” She said a tiny bit smugly.

The men couldn’t believe that gorgeous little JJ the redhead had been reduced to the hairless circus freak working dog that stood before them.

“OK boys, here are the new rules” announced Maddie. This piece of furniture now serves only one purpose. When ever you’re horny and we’re not, feel free to use her. Yes, you finally get to fuck her like you have been dreaming of even though she is no longer a sexy red head. She is your own personal cum dump.” She then paused and said “Of course, we ladies will also be availing ourselves of her services first. We get “dibs” as you would say whenever we want it. It is only fair if you are getting to fuck her.”

The guys shook their heads and walked away as the women reached out to pull her leash close. They did look a bit hungry though to finally fuck the former redhead that had been dick teasing them from their perspective for so long. Bill muttered something about her being like a ugly little fuck mannequin now.

“Well sweetie” said Maddie to JJ, “It looks like you’re not getting dick anytime soon.” Pushing JJ to her knees with zero resistance, she pulled JJ’s smooth head into her crotch and said “time to earn your keep.” She squealed. “Oh, and you can clean up that…afterwards” pointing at the large pile of once gorgeous long ginger curls on the ground.


In the year that followed the ladies continued to modify their “little cunt licker”. While the guys did use her on rare occasions it was mostly the ladies who enjoyed her attention. Therefore, Maddie made a few “adjustments” just to ensure that JJ would never be a problem again.

JJ’s hair had begun to grow back after a few months. Finding shaving to be a time consuming task, she arranged to have her personal esthetician literally remove the problem and within a few months a series of electrolysis treatments insured JJ would remain hairless for the rest of her life.

The second change was just as radical. A series of rings had been pierced through the ex-redheads outer labia as well as one through her clit. A locking rod with a spoon shaped end was made to pass through the rings, effectively closing her to penetration while the spoon shaped end formed a shield over the poor girl’s clit. This insured there would be no unauthorized orgasms.

Her clit ring protruded through the shield and Maddie would regularly clip a lead to it and a walk her about the yard. Her nipples and lower lip had been pierced as well giving her a very alternative look that no longer sang of her girl next door beauty she once had sported. Her septum had received special treatment. Pierced through the cartilage and grommeted, it bore a heavy gauge ring that rested upon her upper lip. Sometimes, as punishment or just for fun Maddie would run a chain from clit ring to nose and pull it tight. Occasionally, she’d add a weight.

Above her locked up slit, Maddie had tattooed “Maddie’s Little Slave” in block letters. Behind her right ear, a second tattoo read “BALD forever” accompanied by a pair is scissors. The women had been talking about additional tattoos as well around her back and body and perhaps even up her neck to her face.

Jujou took it all like a champ as she was now a true slave working dog. After all, this was home in paradise, right?

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  1. I can’t believe it. You’re my all time favourite author. I’ve spent countless hours reading the stories written by you. I’ve even written several unpublished stories after being inspired by you. After seeing you not publish anything for so long, I thought you were gone for good. After seeing you after such a long hiatus, I can’t express my happiness in words

  2. What’s the origin of ‘Jujou’ stories?

    It’s been bugging me for half a year already so figured I just ask here.

    There is a series of stories about a redhead called Jujou by Mad Willy (aka jujou2006):
    Some of these stories are also on Literotica, author is also called jujou2006. There are some changes though – Where The Wild Things Were in HSN version has an additional ‘IN MEMORY OF JUJOU’ at the end and one story has a different title – Happy Birthday To Me – Birthday Present. On Literotica there are also 3 stories that aren’t on HSN (A Gamble Too Far, The Game, A Good Walk Spoiled) and most of the stories from HSN are not on Literotica. So jujou/Mad Willy (who’s been inactive for more than a year so I can’t ask him/her personally) has just uploaded some stories to Literotica and some to HSN, right?

    Well, here’s when things get weird. I traced these stories back to 00’s. I also found out that Jujou based some of them on real life event from her life (found on her deviantart commission comment).

    There are multiple Jujou stories that aren’t on Literotica and HSN uploaded anonymously on And that website has some history. I think it was the first site dedicated to sharing haircutting stories. It has been dead and revived multiple times, as you can see browsing throught the years on WebArchive. These less known stories sometimes refer to Jujou as JJ, and sometimes do not include her name at all. You can tell it’s a JJ story by how it’s written, main character being a redhead and some particular fetishes.

    Here’s an example, The Football Game (Part 1&2) uploaded 2003-06-24 by Anonymous:
    Main character is a redhead that’s called ‘J’. A lot of these anonymous stories from very early are about Jujou.

    I also found one story uploaded by Mad Willy on some weird website that was basically an IP adress. Jujou was bounty hunter in a Star Wars universe. This IP site is now no longer available nor archived.

    My question is, how do these stories keep popping up? Has Mad Willy/jujou2006 been writting them constantly for 20 years (latest HSN upload 11/09/2020)? What’s up with sequel to One of Those Days on Buzzshave, is it the same author? And what about that one story that doesn’t feel like Jujou story but still refers to her as ‘JJ’ on haircuttingstories? So many questions. Wish I could ask Mad Willy, but after a year of inactivity I highly doubt he would answer.

    1. OK, now I’m almost convinced. There was a clue in You Bet Your Life!!! all along. The stories were written by KELLI21257/KELLY21257 in the late 90s. JJ is her alter ego/one of her characters/someone else.
      See here:
      (Bets & Dares -> Kelli21257)

      Stories uploaded by Kelli are very similar. Yeah, the main character is a blonde named Kelli, not a redhead but here are my arguments:
      – very similar themes (like football bets)
      – similar writing style
      – Kelli appears in You Bet Your Life!!! and almost loses a bet
      – JJ stories are also on Haircut Story Archive in 2002 categorized as ‘Author Unknown’ my guess is these are Kelli’s stories
      – there’s a HCS story called Dialog about JJ that has only dialog to other story. There’s a similar thing in one of archived Kelli stories
      – there’s a sequel to You Bet Your Life!!! (not One of These Days, my bad) about Kelli (although JJ isn’t directly mentioned) that was co-written by her and bears similarity to more hardcore JJ stories
      – there’s no modern technology in JJ & Kelli stories
      – name Melissa comes up in one JJ story and it relates to KELLI21257

      But now who’s jujou2006 who uploaded stories to Literotica, HSN (as Mad Willy) and made a DeviantArt commission in 2017? Is this the same redhead whose photos you can find on fubar profile? Is it Kelli? If so, how old is she now? She has been on the internet since at least 1998 (geocities post). Was she writting stories for 20 years? The mystery continues.

      1. I was initially skeptical, thrown off by the roleplay format of most of the Kelli stories, but after reading some of them I have to say that I completely agree. I have a few additional pieces of circumstantial evidence:

        1. In Kelli: Punished!! and The Poker Game (and possibly more), Kelli is a redhead instead of a blonde.
        2. There’s a common theme in both Kelli21257 and Mad Willy’s works of having a shaved pussy as undesirable/unattractive, and a point of humiliation.
        3. Not just the common theme of football/poker bets, but the tendency to describe the football/poker games in such excruciating detail that they sometimes make up half the word count of a story.
        4. Even in the comparatively more tame Kelli stories, there are still sometimes themes of permanent modification, including tattoos and permanent hair removal, in addition to the more general themes of humiliation and slavery.

        All of these things in tandem were enough to convince me that they are the work of the same writer. I’m a big fan of their work, and the fact that this story was posted in 2020 gives me hope that they might post more in the future! But even if they never do, I hope that the writer is doing well and that they take heart in knowing that their work is enjoyed by many here.

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