The prized fighter gets buzzed

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Camilla, ladies’ boxing champion, owned the ring with fists of flame and a flare for the dramatic.
Her mentor, Rachel, was pleased after every fight and would always display happiness with her training with Camilla.
Day and night, the two girls would spare til they both fell of tiredness.
With fame, came the charities. Every ten wins warranted a trip to the children’s hospital.
Young ones would fondle over the super-star, they saw themselves in her which brought joy to Camilla.
But something ate at the heroine’s mind, if she lost, what then?
How could she face her fans, she was in too deep to lose.
The fight against her next opponent was coming up, Camilla trained day and all night for it.
Rachel would find her passed out on a wrestling mat in the morn but she dare not ask for Camilla to take a break.
“It’s a nice day out”,said Rachel as Camilla brushes her mid-back length hair.
“We should go on a walk”
Camilla looked over her shoulder,”Not today, I have to train”
Rachel sighed and left for the walk.
“Six, seven, e-eight”,Camilla grunted as the weights were pushed up.
Her mind was a race of ideas, of Rachel and her opinions or the fight and the possibility of her losing the fight.
Everything was riding on this, no room for slip-ups.
One afternoon, Rachel convinced her champion to take a walk with her.
They probably went ten miles when the thoughts came.
“Do you think I can do it?”asked the frightened Camilla.
“I dunno, that’s what we’ll find out”
“Thanks”,sarcastically rebuffed Camilla, leaving her trainer to watch the sunset alone.
On the way back, Camilla heard footsteps not of her own.
Thinking it was Rachel, she turned around to apologize.
No trainer stood before her but a hooded stranger did.
“Empty your pockets”,he demanded,”Make it snappy”
Thinking she could take him, Camilla lunged at the figure but the stranger countered her moves.
Grabbing her black ponytail, he raised her bruised figure as her knees were scraped by the
“Shouldn’t have done that, dolly”,he mused, clicking up a knife.
Instead of going for the throat, the hooded figure jaggedly cut through her black strands til her broken body fell as the last follicles were cut.
“You can keep your cash”,he mocked as he walked away, whipping Camilla’s ponytail around as he left.
Camilla laid there, beaten and defeated, almost broken.
Camilla looked in the noise’s direction, another stranger had come.
“Ma’am! Are you alright?”franticly put the new stranger as he addressed her wounds.
He prepped her and carried her, he wore a barber’s uniform and his eyes were light grey.
He hobbled her all the way to his shop.
“Everything will be alright”,he charmed her as the key unlocked the shop door.
They passed a row of chairs and went into the back, up the stairs led the two to a quaint apartment which smelled nice.
Again, he dressed her wounds beautifully and offered his bathroom for her to use.
After a shameful bath, Camilla put on some of the stranger’s clothes tearfully.
How could have I lost, I’ve trained so hard, she condemned herself.
The man that saved her made them some tea.
As she sipped away at her glass, Camilla expressed her gratitude for him taking her in.
“I guess I should be going”,Camilla said, getting up to leave.
“Like that?”he asked.
Camilla looked at him, her hair was uneven, how could she leave like this?
“If it’s not a bother?”
“Not at all!”he said,”This way, please”
He took Camilla down to the shop and seated her gently into the leather-cushioned chair.
“So, Miss”,he said,”What’ll it be?”
“Just shave it, I don’t care anymore”
The man stopped a minute,”My idea was more of a…”
“Whatever. Just do it”
With that, the man got to work.
He took up his clippers and applied a number 1# guard to it.
As Camilla teared up at her loss, her barber passed over her scalp with the clippers.
Only stubble remained on her head, she was a bit in awe at how different she looked.
The man removed the guard and carved serval designs into her scalp.
Mixing up some dye, the man bleached Camilla’s scalp and dyed it hot red.
When all was said and done, Camilla was smiling somewhat as he uncaped her.
Camilla sheepishly thanked the guy and headed for the door.
“Hey”,he called her, she turned to hear him say,”I want you to keep fighting, you hear?”
She nodded and waved goodbye.
Rachel was aghast at the change but hugged her after the story came out.
No matter how hard Rachel tried to prevent Camilla from fighting, the buzzed flame-redhead would not be stopped.
As the two opponents punched and jabbed, Camilla happened to gaze up at the stands.
Her hairdresser sat in the middle row.
Fight, he mouthed.
The prized fighter became a wildfire, rapidly hitting her opponent til she dropped.
“The winner is Camilla, the blazing spirit!”

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