The Prom Date

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Sandy and Alex were friends since Kindergarten, they had been a part of each others lives in every thing they did.  They had always been competing against each other, from Summer Camp to High School sports, neither one of them ever having the upper hand.  They had been battling each other to see who’s hair would be longer by the time they got to middle school the next year.  It was just days before she was leaving for summer camp when Sandy’s mother informed her that she was getting her hair cut.  Sandy tried to convince her mom that she wanted to keep her long hair, but her mother insisted.  The next day 20 inches of Sandy’s hair laid on floor of the chain salon and Sandy figured that Alex would finally have the upper hand.


As she grabbed her bags from the car and made her way to the camp registration Sandy could not believe her eyes.  Alex was already there, and she now had the same shoulder length haircut that Sandy had gotten.  Sandy and Alex both had a laugh now that they knew they were both still equal to each other.  It was 2 weeks of competing against each other, neither one of them getting the upper hand.


The next several years saw both girls excelling in every thing they did.  Both of them were first chairs in the band, and they both lettered in Track and Field, and Lacrosse.  They were starting their Senior year of High School, and by now they both had hair almost to their waist.  They were going to the last Track and field event of their high school careers, and Sandy came up with her biggest challenge yet.  Neither of the girls had ever spent time to pursue having a boyfriend in school, as they were always way to busy with sports, band, or drama.  So Sandy came up with a challenge, whoever had the slower time in the relay event they were running in would have to take the other one to prom in 2 weeks. The biggest thing was that the loser had to dress like a man.  They would get a short man’s haircut and wear a tuxedo, while the other one would get to wear a dress


Alex was hesitant at first, but with a little pushing from Sandy, she agreed to the bet.  Both girls knew this could effect them for years to come.  They both received athletic scholarships to the state college, and would continue to be in each others lives for the next 4 years.  The track meet came and went with Sandy having the best time, by just a fraction of a second.  Alex was devastated by the loss, more so by losing to Sandy than the bet itself.  Sandy had everything already planned out.  She gave Alex a list that had the place where she was to get her tux, the flowers she was to give to Sandy when she picked her up, and finally, the name and time of the hair salon where the appointment to get all her long hair cut off was.


Alex was not happy as the clerk at the tux store laughed at her wanting to rent a tux, but she was measured and paid for the sky blue tux she was to wear.  She then ordered the flowers, and made her way to the salon.  As she walked in and gave her name, she was surprised when the stylist (Abby) told her that Sandy was just there, and had given her complete instructions on how Alex’s hair was to be cut.


Alex sat down in the stylists chair.  She wasn’t really nervous until the stylist said it was time to get started.  Abby wasn’t no time at all as she inserted her largest shears just below her ear on the side of her head.  Alex held back tears as she saw 2 feet of hair slide down the cape into her lap.  Abby quickly made her way around her head, sending sheets of hair to the floor.  In just 2 minutes Alex now had the shortest hair of her life, and she knew it was just the beginning.  Abby grabbed her large clippers and continued to chop away at Alex’s hair until there was barely an inch left all over.  Alex hadn’t seen what had happened yet, but could tell her head felt so much lighter, and that she had hardly any hair left.  Abby then started to run the clippers up the back right against her scalp.  Alex liked how they felt, but shivered at what she knew they were doing.  After several more minutes of  clippering and tapering the back and sides, Alex now had a short boy’s haircut, with just enough hair on top to comb over.  She finished the cut with some shaving cream and razoring along the hairline, and over the ears to her sideburns.  Abby turned her to face the mirror for the first time, and after a few seconds of shock Alex had a little smile on her face.  “I make a really cute boy” she said as she got up from the chair.  She went to pay Abby for the cut, but was told that Sandy had already paid for her.


The Friday night of the prom came, and Alex was actually smiling as she got ready to pick up her date.  Alex was glad she lost the bet as she was happy she no longer had to keep her hair long, just so she could keep up with Sandy.  She was now free to explore any hairstyle she wanted.  She knew Sandy would look beautiful in the finest designer dress and matching fancy shoes, and her hair would surely look exquisite.


Alex knocked on the door, and Sandy’s mom opened the door.  She smiled at Alex, and told her she was surprised at her look.  She told Alex that she heard about the bet, but thought that Sandy was the one who lost the bet.  Alex was confused by the statement, until she saw Sandy come in to view.  There was Sandy, a complete mirror image to Alex.  They had matching tuxedos, and the same short boy’s haircut.  Sandy gave Alex a big hug, telling her there was no way they wouldn’t look like twins when they went away to college.


They were the hit of the prom.  The only thing was several people started to wonder if they were more than just friends.  They never considered themselves anything other than team mates.  After they shared a dorm for a few weeks, both of them started to become very comfortable with each others continued company.  They had never needed other people in their lives, but, soon knew they would never be apart from each other. Of course the two of them continue to bet with each other, but now it’s betting which one of them will go the shortest.



Thanks to Reddit friend Perms-bobs-boycuts for some motivation.





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