The punishment set, beauty parlor pictures next day

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The morning after my pink transformation I awoke to noises in the kitchen. As I walked in I noticed that Aunt Marie had shampooed and set her hair and was just starting to set cindy’s hair in rollers. She asked me to get Wendy shampooed for her and then change into the dress she had laid out on the couch. I asked what we were doing that day and she told me that we were all going to the Elizabeths beauty parlor to have our hair done and take pictures for a commercial ad. So, I had Wendy come over to the sink and leaned her forward and wet her hair. She wanted to sit down while I shampooed her, so I applied the shampoo and lathered her up. We were watching Marie roll Cindy’s hair very carefully and secure each roller with a clip. Wendy asked me if I liked having my hair shampooed and set. I told her that I thought it was kind of fun. Wendy told me that I looked pretty in makeup and Marie said that’s why you should have been born a girl.

I rinsed Wendys hair and had her sit down at the kitchen table for Marie to set her hair. She had Cindys hair done and the two of us went into the living room to change into the dresses that were there for us. We carefully got them over our rollers and put on the nylons and shoes that we a bought the days before. It did not take long for Marie to set Wendy’s hair and she and Marie got dressed and we were off to the beauty parlor.

As we arrived Elizabeth, her husband and their son greeted us. Both her husband and son worked running the beauty parlor and the barber shop down the street. They had cindy and Wendy sit under the dryer and took Marie and me to the styling chairs. Elizabeth worked on Marie and her husband worked on me. We had our rollers removed and they proceeded to tease and comb our hair into a very glamourous updo. One of the other beauticians came over and worked on my make up and then Marie. as all this was going on there was a photographer going around taking pictures of the process.

After we were finished, they started on Cindy and Wendy with the photographer shooting the whole thing. We had pictures of us in rollers, under the dryers, in the chair, at the sink. We then went outside and sat on a blanket and took some more pictures out there.

By that time a crowd had gathered, and people were checking out the shop. It got so busy that Elizabeth had us help out. I got to shampoo a few people and the girls helped by sweeping up and running errands.

At the end of the day we were sitting in the shop and talking. Elizabeths son Michael kept smiling at me and asked if he could do my hair sometime. I told him that I would like that very much. Her husband said that I should come over to their house in a couple of days for dinner and Michael could do your hair then. He said they had everything at home just like their beauty parlor. He said that he would like to teach Michael a couple of things if I was willing to be his model. Marie said she would be happy to help. She loves having her hair done isn’t that right Stephanie?

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