The Punishment set color, cut and set

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The next morning after we had breakfast aunt Marie had us get dressed and tied scarfs over our rollers. We all got into the car and went to the grocery store. I was a bit nervous but as we arrived, I noticed that most of the women and girls there were in rollers, so we fit right in. We got everything on her list and brought it home to put it away. We then got back in the car, and she brought us to the beauty parlor. As we walked in there was Elizabeth waiting for us. She owned and operated this beauty parlor and had done so for years. Elizabeth took us one at a time and removed our rollers and combed us out. She was still in rollers herself and told her other beautician that I was the one who helped color and set her hair last night.

The other beautician told me that I should get my license when I got older and become a beautician and come to work in their shop. She told me that Aunt Marie works there from time to time. Aunt Marie said she likes her hair long and having it done. She told them that I also helped shampoo and set the girls hair the other night. She sits so quietly while getting her hair set in rollers and having her nails done. She is going to have long hair then she is going to learn to take care of it.

After we were all combed out and styled, we went shopping at the local Sears for some clothes. Each one of us got a couple of new summer dresses and sandals. Aunt Marie stopped by the beauty supply store and picked up a couple of items there before we headed home.

When we arrived home Aunt Marie had me go into the bathroom and take off my clothes and step into the bathtub. She took out a can and started to spray the foam on my legs and back side. She told me that it would get rid of all the hair, and she would teach me to use it or shave my legs once a week. After a few minutes she rinsed the foam and made sure all the hair was gone. I then shaved my underarms and used the foam on my arms as well. I dried off and got dressed and went to help the girls with their chores.

When it was time to help make dinner I went into the kitchen and started peeling potatoes at the sink. Aunt Marie told me since you are here at my house and like your long hair like a girl then we will treat you like one of the girls. It seems like you don’t mind having your hair shampooed and rolled up in curlers. You even have a lot of blonde streaks in your hair like a girl. Tonight, we are going to take it one step further and color your hair like a girl. We have some pink make up for you too and even your favorite pink nail polish. I just finished peeling potatoes and putting them in the pot. I tried to hide the fact that I was really excited.

After dinner was done the girls and I cleared the table and washed the dishes. When the sink was cleared and cleaned Aunt Marie came over and put a towel around my shoulders and had me lean forward over the kitchen sink. She turned on the water and rinsed my hair. She applied some shampoo and began to lather it in. She rinsed the lather and then applied some more and shampooed it up to remove all the hairspray and setting lotion we had used before. She rinsed that and wrapped a towel around my hair.

I sat at the kitchen table as she towel dried my hair. Elizabeth came into the kitchen and asked if I was ready. I told her I was ready and asked what color she was going to use. She told me that she and Marie had something special in mind. First Elizabeth combed and sectioned my hair and began to trim the ends. She then combed up sections and cut some of the bulk. She told me that I had very thick hair and this would give it more volume and bounce. She finally pulled my hair up from the back and used some clippers on the nape of my neck to trim up the loose stray hairs.

She had me go back to the sink and rinsed my hair and gave me another light shampoo to remove and loose hair. She towel dried my hair and again sectioned it into six areas. She and Aunt Marie had mixed up the hair color in a bowl and began to use brushes to apply it. This mixture was different from some of the hair color that I had seen before. It was very thick and kind of pink in color. It had a strong smell to it also. As each section was saturated, they secured it and went to the next section. After quite few minutes my whole head was covered in this thick pink creme. Elizabeth removed the clips and began to work the creme through my hair. She continued to shampoo it in she asked me if it felt good and if I liked having my hair colored so far. I told her that I liked it and enjoyed having my hair shampooed.

She piled my hair on top of my head and made a bun. The color processed for about thirty minutes when she checked a strand and said about ten more minutes. She did another strand test and said it was time to rinse. I went over to the sink where she bent me forward and rinsed the color from my hair. She applied a blue color shampoo and lathered it up and then rinsed that. She wrapped a towel around my hair and had me sit down in the chair at the kitchen table. She unwrapped the towel and she and Marie took a look. Elizabeth said it looks light enough to apply the toner now.

I asked what it looked like and they told me I had to wait until they were finished. Marie began to section my hair again while Elizabeth mixed the toner. I noticed the toner was a brighter pink color than the previous mixture. Elizabeth told me not to worry that I was going to love what they were doing to my hair. They began to apply this mixture to my hair and worked it in. My cousins came in and said it looks like I was getting a pink shampoo.

This toner processed for twenty minutes and was then rinsed. I was shampooed again, and she applied a conditioner and had that sit for almost twenty minutes before it was rinsed. I heard my cousin tell Marie; her hair is pink. I was shocked but excited to see what they had done. I was rinsed again and towel dried. As I sat at the kitchen table Marie got out the pink rollers and clips and her and Eizabeth set my hair.

After the finished roller setting my hair, they began to apply some make up. They had pink eyeshadow, blush and lipstick they applied, and the girls polished my nails with the pink polish. Marie put on some dark eyeliner and false eyelashes and the finishing touch was some pink pearl earrings.

I finally got to see the results in the bathroom mirror. My hair was a pastel pink, in pink magnetic rollers with a pink net over the rollers. I put on the pink summer dress and pink sandals I got that day, and I was done.

Marie and Elizabeth told me that I made a very pretty girl and that I should stay like this. Marie Told me that as long as I was in her house that I would be in a dress, rollers and make up like a girl.




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