The punishment set, sissy training continues

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Elizabeth rinsed my hair thoroughly and wrapped my hair in a towel. She had me sit down in the styling chair while Michael and his father sorted out the supplies. Elizabeth removed the towel and began to comb my hair for the next step. Michael was going to do a body perm wrap on my hair as his father helped. Elizabeth gave Michael the comb and he began to section my hair for the perm wrap. His father was giving him some helpful tips as he began to use the end papers and roll down the first perm rod. They were using the large purple and pink rods for bigger curls. I kept wondering which one of them had came inside of me as I was being shampooed. Michael was doing great wrapping the perm rods in my hair and Elizabeth helped by handing him the end papers. She told me that when I was all wrapped up the were going to use a very gentle perm solution and neutralizer for my curls and then follow up with a roller set. She also told me that as I was processing, she wanted me to color John’s hair and then give him a clipper cut. She said she was going to show me how.

Michael finished rolling down the last per rod in my hair and John checked his work. John had to unroll only two rods and roll them up tighter. He than place the cotton around my head under the rods in preparation for the perm solution. Michael and John began to apply it ever so gently making sure that every rod was saturated. Michael placed a plastic bag over my rods and secured it so the solution would not leak out. As I got up from the chair John sat down and Elizabeth wrapped a cape around him. She had me section his hair and helped me mix the haircolor. I began to apply it to his hair and lathered it in. I continued to shampoo in the color and John was moaning. Elizabeth walked around to the front of him and pulled his pants and underwear off releasing his now hard penis. She told me to keep shampooing as she began to stroke him making him harder. She took him in her mouth and worked his penis. She then got up and took over shampooing John’s hair and told me to finish the job just like she was doing. I went around and knelt down and stroked him and then began to place him in my mouth. It did not take long for him to climax.

Elizabeth said that was sissy training module two. Now let’s go rinse his hair and check your curls.

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