The Razor’s Edge Part 2

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The rest of my weekend continued uneventfully. Tyler and I did take some time to go out on the town, but I felt like my mind was elsewhere. I was asked several times if anything was wrong, but I replied each time with a simple “no.” The truth was, mentally, I was still at the salon replaying the events of Friday night. I couldn’t get the image of Veronica nonchalantly having every strand of her hair shaved from her head. I caught myself glancing at my appointment slip each time I opened my wallet to make sure I still had it. So many questions were swirling inside of my head. Is this what I wanted? Would I have the guts to go through with “the trim” when it came time to decide? How would it look? How would it feel? All I knew for certain was that my weekend was over and the work week was standing ahead of me.

I stood in front of my mirror contemplating how to fix my hair today. Fed up with nothing looking right, I pulled it into a tight ponytail and declared myself ready.

“You look nice hun.” Tyler said as he laced up his shoes. 

“Thanks Tyler,” I responded looking for my car keys. “I just feel kind of blah today.”

“Well, you still look good to me.” He said with a smile before kissing me on the cheek. “I’ll be at the office late tonight, so let me know if you want to catch dinner in the city.”

My commute flew by, despite the dreadful traffic. Before I knew it, I was walking into my office. It was a typical Monday. Phones ringing off the hook, and multiple conversations broadcasting across cubicles. I sat my stuff down at my desk, and had just settled in when Veronica called me over. As I wheeled myself around our shared wall, I was stunned by what I saw. Veronica’s flaming red hair appeared to have never left her head. The only difference was that she was wearing it down, instead of her typical bun.

“Looks good huh?” Veronica asked with a smile. “Took me a while to find the right wig.”

“If I didn’t go with you on Friday, I would never guess that it was fake.” I replied, still awestruck by the image.

“It may look good, but it’s itchy as hell.” Veronica said pointing to her wig. “Can’t wait until after work when I can shed this facade.”

“Well it’s very believable.” I said with a smile. “Any big plans for tonight?”

“I have to go back to the salon for a touch up.” Veronica replied. “I could use the company if you don’t have any plans.”

The thought of returning to Razor’s edge was exciting. I secretly hoped that I would be able to see another “transformation,” to help me decide on my hair’s fate.

“Sure.” I said, getting out of my head before I became lost. “Tyler was planning on going out to eat tonight after he gets off work, so maybe you could join us.”

“I’d like that.” Veronica responded as I retreated to my cubicle.

Other than a few mundane conference calls, my day went by quickly. Veronica and I packed up and walked down to the garage where we slipped in to her car.

“This appointment may take a little longer than last time.” Veronica said as she peeled off her wig and tossed it casually to the back seat. “I definitely don’t like the feeling of stubble, so Julie is going to work her magic to make me smooth again.”

“That’s okay.” I responded nonchalantly, but internally I was thrilled to have more time to observe.

We pulled into the parking lot and walked into the salon. Tonight there were two stylists at their stations, one of them being Julie from last week. The other stylist looked younger and was just seating her client in her chair. Jennifer was at the front desk wearing a dark brown wig this time.

“I’m here for my follow-up appointment Jen.” Veronica said running her hand over her scalp. “It’s amazing how much it grew since Friday.”

“Julie is waiting for you in back to clean you up.” Jennifer replied motioning towards Julie’s chair. “And you brought your friend back with you I see.”

“Yep.” Veronica replied. “Didn’t take much convincing, plus we’re grabbing dinner afterwards with her boyfriend.”

“Well Kat it’s always nice to have you here.” Jennifer said with a smile. “Go ahead and take a seat, and if you need anything, just ask.”

With that, Veronica walked back to Julie’s station and gave her a hug. I found a comfortable spot with a clear view of Veronica as well as the other stylist’s station where a middle aged woman with shoulder length blonde hair was seated.

“So how was your first weekend as a bald beauty?” I over heard Julie ask Veronica.

“I absolutely loved it, but this stubble has got to go.” Veronica replied.

“Well V, I can definitely shave it smooth again.” Julie said with a sly smile. “Or we could do something a little more long term.”

All of a sudden I heard the loud pop of clippers at the other stylist station and I wasn’t able to hear the rest of Veronica’s conversation with Julie. I looked over and saw the young stylist pushing a pair of red clippers all over her client’s head, severing her blonde hair quickly. Before long, a mound of blonde hair was scattered on the floor of the station. The client looked absolutely pleased having just been sheered like a sheep, and quickly agreed to be razor shaved by her stylist. As she was being lathered up, I moved my attention back to Veronica and saw Julie smearing a blue gel all over her head.

“This should feel a little cold as I apply it.” Julie said as she applied the blue gel. “Let me know if it becomes uncomfortable.”

“You’re not joking, it feels like you just took at stuff out of a freezer.” Veronica replied jokingly. “It’s not uncomfortable though.”

“Good.” Julie said as she finished. “We just need to wait a moment for it to set before we continue.”

Just as I started wondering what Julie was doing to Veronica’s head, I looked over and saw that the other stylist had finished with her client and were saying their goodbyes. She looked great without hair, easily took ten years off of her age. She stepped over the mound of hair that was once connected to her and walked towards reception. 

“You look beautiful.” I said as the stranger walked past me.

“Thank you” she replied with a smile as she ran her hands over her smooth scalp. “Been meaning to do that for a long time now. I’m happy I finally took the plunge.”

“It really does suit you.” I responded. 

“It will suit you too.” She said as she walked away. “You have beautiful features.”

I reached up and touched my head after hearing her comment. I never considered myself to have beautiful features. I actually always felt a bit homely. I watched the stranger as she check out at reception and left, before turning my attention back to Veronica. Julie was running a handheld device over Veronica’s scalp. As the device made a pass over the translucent blue gel, it turned dull, milky color.

“You should feel an intense tingling sensation while I work on a section,” Julie said as she worked the machine. “But it should subside rather quickly once it begins.”

“Yes, but I assume that is how you know that it’s working.” Veronica replied with a grin

After about twenty minutes of running the device over her scalp, Julie turned it off and set it on her station counter.

“Ready for the moment of truth?” Julie asked as she positioned herself behind Veronica.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” Veronica replied.

Julie ran her fingers along the edge of the gel which looked as if it had hardened some and began peeling the gel from Veronica’s head slowly. Before long, the gel was completely removed and was inspected by Julie.

“Looks like it was a success.” Julie said as she showed the removed gel to Veronica. “Your scalp will feel pretty sensitive for a while, but it usually subsides after a day or two.”

Veronica said nothing, as she closed her eyes and ran her hand over her apparently smooth scalp.

“Makes sure you apply the growth inhibitor every day after you shower.” Julie explained as she sprayed the contents of a white bottle onto Veronica’s scalp. “If done properly, you may never need to deal with stubble again.”

“Again?!” I thought to myself “What did Veronica just have done to herself?!”

Veronica got up from the chair and walked towards me. “Just let me settle my bill and we can go to dinner.” She said with a wink. “Unless you want to stay for a trim.”

“Holly’s next appointment rescheduled for tomorrow.” Jennifer said, clearly overhearing what Veronica had said.

“I wouldn’t want to inconvenience her.” I said nervously.

“It wouldn’t be inconvenient at all.” The stylist responded as she cleaned up her station. “Only if you’re ready of course.”

Although I was a little stunned regarding what I had experience tonight, I could not deny the fact that I was interested. For almost three days, I’ve fantasized about what happened on Friday, and now tonight, I have the opportunity to make it a reality. I stood up and walked towards Holly’s station confidently and I sat down in her chair where I was caped.

“My name is Holly.” The stylist introduced herself

“My name is Kat.” I replied as she took my hair down from the ponytail and played with it.

“Okay Kat, what are we doing tonight?” Holly asked, turning my chair towards the mirror. “I can take it off in stages and you can tell me when to stop; or I can use my balding clippers.”

“I want to be bald.” I responded in surprise. Did I really just say that out loud?!

Holly apparently didn’t need any more convincing. She walked back to her counter and grabbed the red balding clippers. She turned them on with a loud pop and positioned them at my hairline.

“Last chance to save your hair Kat.” Holly said over the hum of her clippers.

“Do it before I change my mind.” I replied as she pushed the clippers into my hairline. 

The sound of the humming changed as it began to mow through my hair. I looked over and saw Veronica sitting patiently in the waiting area watching as I was shaved bald. Pass by pass, I could feel my head getting lighter and colder. I glanced at the floor and saw my mousey brown hair accumulating beneath my chair. As quickly as Holly began, the clippers were turned off and I was turned towards the mirror again. Every strand of hair was mowed from my head. It took me a while to accept the image as myself.

“The clippers do a good job of shaving to the skin, but nothing beats a smooth razor shave.” Holly as as she ran her finger tips over my scalp.

“It needs to be smooth.” I replied half dreaming.

“I can do smooth.” Holly said as she lathered me up.

I glanced back over to Veronica who gave me a playful thumbs up for encouragement. After my head was lathered, Holly took a safety razor and dragged it across my scalp, leaving smooth white skin in its wake. The feeling was heavenly and indescribable. Not happy with the first shave, Holly lathered me up again and shaved against the grain. After she was finished, I was uncaped and hugged by Holly.

“Welcome to the club Kat.” Holly said. “You look beautiful.”

I stood up and walked over to Veronica in the waiting area.

“Ready to meet Tyler for Dinner?” Veronica asked as she stood up to hug me. “He’s definitely going to be shocked”

“Well lets go shock him.” I said as I ran my hands over my smooth scalp. “This feels so good, and I don’t care what he has to say.”

I walked to Jennifer at reception, who smiled as I approached.

“Your bill has already been taken care of.” Jennifer said. “So has your follow up visit this Friday.”

I looked back at Veronica who was collecting our coats.

“She’s a good friend.” I said to Jennifer. “So how do you think my boyfriend will react.”

“I’m not sure.” She replied with a shrug. “Either he’ll love it or hate it. If he loves it, hold on to that man. If he hates, it, kick him to the curb. What is important is how you feel.”

“You’re right” I responded. “Plus, hair always grows back.”

“Only if you let it!” Jennifer said with a smirk

With that, Veronica and I exited the salon and walked to her car.

“What was that stuff Julie put on your head?” I asked, still curious from before.

“A conductive scalp mask.” Veronica explained “It hardens around the hair follicle and a small electric pulse damages the follicle causing it to release the hair from my scalp. Think of it like electrolysis and waxing combined.”

“So you’re going to be bald for life now?” I asked as we entered the car and started down the street.

“I’ll have to use a hair growth inhibitor for a while.” Veronica responded “But that is the goal.”

“Wow.” I replied, once again running my hands over my scalp. “I can see why you’d want to keep this feeling from now on.”

“I know.” Veronica said as she pulled into our office parking garage. “Which is why I went ahead and paid for your follow up appointment for this Friday. Holly can give you the same treatment I got today if you want. Otherwise, she’ll give you a fresh shave and send you on your way.”

We sat there in the parking garage and hugged each other. I felt so alive and energized. So unlike how I felt last week. It was if I got a brand new lease on life.

“You should probably call Tyler and see where he wants to meet us.” Veronica said with a smile. “I’m starving.”

“You’re right.” I replied, pulling my phone out from my purse, hesitating to call. “I wonder what he’s going to think.”

“He should think about how blessed he is to have two beautiful women to eat dinner with.” Veronica said with a smile. “Do you want me to wear the wig so it’s less of a shock to him?”

“No.” I replied as I hit dial on my phone. “You shouldn’t have to put on that itchy thing again. He can take me or leave me.”

“Hey Tyler.” I said with my phone on speaker. “Veronica is joining us for dinner if that’s okay. I went ahead and got that trim I was talking about last week and she came with me.”

“That’s great.” Tyler replied. “Let’s meet at Georgino’s on 4th if you two feel like Italian.”

“Sounds like a plan.” I responded. “I hope you like the haircut I decided on when you see it.”

“I’m sure it looks great.” Tyler said. “I’ll see you at the restaurant.”

With that, I hung up the phone and we headed to the restaurant to meet Tyler. I wasn’t certain on how he would react. The only thing I was certain of was that I was really enjoying the adventure I was having right now, and that I didn’t want it to end quite yet.

To be Continued

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