The Razor’s Edge Part 3

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Veronica pulled in to an empty parking spot at the restaurant and turned off the engine. A million thoughts were running through my mind.

“You okay Kat?” Veronica asked as she undid her seatbelt. “You look like you’re panicking.”

“What did I just do?” I asked looking back at my friend as I ran my hands over my head. “I just let some stranger shave me bald.”

“Yes you did, and you look amazing!” Veronica said touching her hand to mine. “A few moments ago you were enjoying the new you, and now you’re scared because you’re about to show Tyler. I totally understand.”

Veronica’s eyes were comforting and are even more piercing now that she had no hair. Deep down I knew I made the right choice back at the salon. I just wish I had more time to set my affairs in order before I took the plunge.

“Do you really think I look good like this?” I said gesturing to my now smooth scalp. “How do you think Tyler will react?”

“You look gorgeous girl!” Veronica said as she caressed my head. “And I am sure that Tyler is going to love it. I told you I would put on my wig if you think it would soften the shock when we walk in there.”

“Would you really not mind?” I asked

“Of course not Kat.” Veronica said as she reach to her back seat and began adjusting it to head. “Now let’s go in there and blow his socks off.”

We exited the car and walked in to the restaurant together. Tyler was sitting in the back by the window looking at a menu when we slid into the booth.

“Oh hey guys.” Tyler said while looking over the specials. “I went ahead and ordered some appetizers. I hope you don’t mind stuffed mushrooms.”

With that, Tyler lowered the menu and looked across the booth to see Veronica with her luxurious red hair, and me with my newly smoothed head.

“Your hair.” Tyler said, obviously in shock, but still smiling. “It’s all gone.”

“I told you I was getting a new haircut, and this is what I settled on at the salon.” I said smiling back. “Do you like it?”

“Of course I like it Kat!” Tyler said catching himself. “I just was expecting a more subtle change when you told me you were getting a cut.”

“Well I’m glad she didn’t go for subtle!” Veronica chimed in, running her hands through her fake hair. “She looks so good that I’m going to get mine cut the same exact way.”

“You really do look great.” Tyler said, still staring at me. “It looks so smooth.”

“I feels smooth too.” I said feeling much more confident. “I had her shave it twice to make sure it was as smooth as possible.”

My haircut filled up most of the dinner conversation. Tyler showed a lot of interest in my transformation, and seemed very eager to return home to inspect it further. After dinner, Bradley embraced me in the parking lot and gave me a long, passionate kiss.

“I’ll see you at home.” He said, opening Veronica’s passenger side door for me.

As soon as we got onto the road, Veronica peeled off her wig, and tossed it to the back seat.

“Julie was right about my scalp feeling really sensitive after the treatment.” Veronica said as she ran her fingertips over her scalp. “That wig is just about unbearable.” 

“How does it feel?” I asked, inspecting my own scalp in the mirror.

“Just super sensitive where all of the hair was removed at the root.” She responded as she pulled into the parking garage at our office. “It’ll be worth it, if I can maintain the smooth look for longer.”

“I can see why you’d want to stay bald.” I said reaching up to touch her denuded scalp. “You look so naturally beautiful with that look.”

“That feels so good when you touch my scalp like that.” Veronica said with her eyes closed.

“It feels softer than it did before you had it done.” I said as I continued to run my fingertips over every inch of her head. “And I can’t see the shadow of your hair anymore. You look like you’ve been bald for a lifetime.”

“Your head can feel like this too.” Veronica said purring. “But that would mean saying goodbye to your hair, possibly forever.”

“I have to think about it before I go through with the treatment.” I responded, still rubbing Veronica’s head. “I need to make sure that I would want to be bald forever.”

“I want you to keep touching my head,” Veronica said opening her eyes, “But we’ll eventually draw some attention being two bald women touching each other in a corporate parking garage.”

“You’re right” I said, unbuckling my seatbelt. “Tyler looked like he was going to race home and wait for me.”

“I think you definitely peaked his interest with your trim.” Veronica said with a smirk. “Go home and capture some of that passion.”

“I will, but tomorrow night, you and I are going to hang out at your apartment and have a girls night.” I said stepping out of the car.

“Sure,” Veronica replied. “But what’s so special about tomorrow?”

“For one, I’m calling in sick tomorrow and going wig shopping.” I said with a smile. “And two, I’m going to finish give you a head rub as a proper thank you for everything. You’re a good friend.”

“Lets make a day of it then.” Veronica said while touching her head. “I’m going to take a day off too. There’s no way I could wear my wig all day tomorrow. Meet me at my apartment in the morning and we’ll go wig shopping together.”

With that, we said our goodbyes. I hopped in to my car and drove home to a very enthusiastic Tyler. He met me at the door and kissed me passionately, running his hands over my head. The love making was explosive and full of vigor. After we finished, I laid there breathless trying to remember the last time we had sex like that. I instinctively kept reaching up to touch my hair, finding only cool scalp.

“How do you feel now that your hair is gone?” Tyler asked out of breath as well.

“I feel great.” I said continuing to feel the smoothness of my scalp. “Makes me wonder if I should ever grow it back again.”

“You mean like making this permanent?” Tyler asked, gesturing to my head. “Wouldn’t you miss your hair eventually?”

“It’s just a thought Tyler.” I responded back, dropping the subject. “I do feel great though, and I didn’t hear any complaints during sex.”

“It was just exciting seeing you like this, and being so confident.” Tyler said touching my back.

Tyler quickly drifted off to sleep, but I couldn’t. My mind was racing, thinking about everything that happened today, so I hopped into the shower to give myself a chance to relax. The warm water hitting my scalp felt heavenly. As I showered, I felt a rough patch on the front of my scalp where my stylist hadn’t gotten it completely smooth. I looked over as my leg razor and cream and decided that I wasn’t quite ready to have hair anywhere on my head. I lathered up my entire head and awkwardly shaved my head by myself for the first time. Although there wasn’t much to shave, I went slowly against the grain to make sure I got it as smooth as possible. After exiting the shower I stood there in front of the mirror inspecting myself. I did not miss my hair at all. I admired how perfectly shaped my head was, and how much more my green eyes were visible. Truthfully, I had started to forget what I looked like with hair, and dreaded its regrowth. Did I even want it to grow back? Would I seek out the same treatment that Veronica had gotten? 

After I thoroughly lotioned my head, I migrated back to the bed, where I slipped in unnoticed. Even the pillow touching my scalp felt like heaven. Eventually I drifted off to sleep amidst the racing thoughts.

In the morning, I texted my supervisor informing him that I was taking a personal day and rolled back over in my bed while Tyler got ready for work.

“Playing hooky today I see.” Tyler said as he put on his jacket.

“You wore me out last night Tyler.” I said with sly smile. “I need a day to recuperate.”

“Well enjoy your day off my love.” He said kissing me on my head. “I’ll see you when I get off of work.”

With that, I rolled over and caught a bit more snooze before being awoken by a text from Veronica asking when I was planning on coming over. I sent my response that I was getting ready, and rolled out of my bed to greet myself in the mirror. Even after a couple of hours I could notice the stubble sprouting up from my scalp. I decided that I didn’t have time to take care of the new growth at the moment. I quickly got ready and drove to Veronica’s apartment just outside of the city. I got out of the car and knocked on her door. Veronica met me at the door wearing a beautiful silk robe, tank top and shorts.

“How does your head feel today?” I asked noticing a sheen on her scalp. “It looks so smooth and shiny.”

“Still a little sensitive.” Veronica replied touching her head. “I took a shower this morning and applied the hair growth inhibitor, so now it feels a little tight. I was a little self conscience about the shine, but it’s growing on me. How is your head?”

“Its good.” I responded while feeling the stubble. “I shaved it last night, but was greeted with more stubble this morning.”

“I can help you with that if you’d like” Veronica offered, motioning towards her bathroom. “I promise I’ll be gentle.”

Veronica had a small stool in the middle of her bathroom that she directed me to sit down on. Without saying a word, she ran a hand towel under hot water before placing it on my scalp. The feeling was intense and amazing. After a few moments, the towel was lifted from my head and Veronica applied lather all over. With a brand new safety razor, Veronica moved methodically, removing strip after strip, leaving only smooth white flesh in its wake. After she finished, she placed another hot towel on my head.

“When I take that towel off, I’m going to spray some hair growth inhibitor on it to help fight back the stubble.” Veronica said as she grabbed the bottle down from her medicine cabinet.

I nodded in agreement as she removed the towel and began spraying my scalp with the inhibitor. I felt the tightness that Veronica spoke of. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but I could definitely feel that it was doing something. I reached up and ran my hands over my scalp, pleased to find nothing but smooth skin.

“I believe you mentioned a head rub today to thank me for being such a good friend.” Veronica said motioning back towards her living room. Veronica sat on a floor pillow while I crawled onto the couch. “Don’t worry about being gentle.”

Veronica handed me a bottle of lotion that smelled like papaya, and I began to rub it deeply into her scalp while she moaned. Being so close to the top of her head, I couldn’t see any evidence that Veronica had hair before, but I could tell that some of her scalp was enflamed from the treatment. Still though, there was something soo beautiful about her perfectly smooth scalp. It was hard to believe that just a few days ago, she had long red hair cascading from this very head. As I rubbed her, I noticed that she moaned the loudest when I dug my fingertips into her scalp and dragged from from her forehead to her nape.

“This lotion smells good.” I said as I continued to work on her head.

“I can do you next if you’d like.” Veronica responded with her eyes closed “The inhibitor should have soaked down to your follicles by now.”

“I would love a good head rub if you’re offering.” I said as I continued to dig my fingertips into her scalp. “I can definitely feel the inhibitor working.”

“Good.” Veronica responded, as she stood up from the floor pillow. “How did you feel about me using it on you?

“If it keeps me from having to shave every day, then I’m happy with it.” I responded as I was moved to the floor pillow. “Staring at your perfectly hairless scalp has made me a little envious.”

“You don’t have to be envious Kat.” Veronica said as she began to apply the lotion to my head. “All of this shadow that I see on your scalp could go away forever if you’d like.”

Veronica began to drag her fingertips down my scalp like I had done to her. The feeling was unbelievably sensual. Every stroke brought me closer to climax. It took me a moment to realize that I had been moaning just as much, if not louder than Veronica as she rubbed my head.

“I don’t like the thought of my hair growing back.” I said feeling her touch stop for a moment, likely getting more lotion on her hands. “But the thought of making such a permanent decision is anxiety provoking.”

I turned back to find that Veronica hadn’t been getting more lotion, but instead had removed her clothes. I reacted with my gut feeling to kiss her, as we embraced each other on her couch. Before I knew it, my clothes had been removed and Veronica buried her smooth head between my legs. As she brought me closer and closer to ecstasy with each kiss and lick, I ran my fingertips across her scalp, causing her to moan. After I had finished, Veronica laid back onto the couch with her legs spread wide, inviting me in. Having never experimented with another girl before, I was led by my instincts and began to lick and suck on her clitoris. Veronica kept her hand on the back of my head, and pushed me deeper in to her, as I caused her to orgasm. After she finished, we cuddled each other under a throw she had on the couch.

“That was definitely unexpected.” I said as I caressed Veronica’s body. “I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“Not so new for me though.” Veronica said as she. “I’ve always preferred the company of a beautiful woman.”

“So that’s why you never went on any dates with guys from the office.” I responded. “I just thought you had an anti dating policy for colleagues.”

“I’m sorry if I put you in an awkward spot with Tyler.” Veronica said. “It was hard for me to hide my attraction. I don’t want to ruin anything in your life.”

“Hey” I said making eye contact with her. “You didn’t force me to do anything I didn’t want to do. I had a great time with you today. Let’s not ruin it with thinking.”

After we got cleaned up, Veronica and I drove to the wig shop where I found a wig that matched my previous color and style. Putting it on was almost depressing, as it seemingly undid all of the adventure I had underwent in the past few days. Veronica was right about the it being uncomfortable to wear a wig.

“It looks good on you Kat.” Veronica said she as she adjusted the fit on my head. “Looks like you.”

“You mean it looks like the old me.” I said with a smile. “This wig will just be a reminder of what I once looked like when I actually had hair.”

“So you’re keeping your appointment on Friday?” She asked, returning the smile.

“I believe I will.” I replied. “As long as you come with me.”

The rest of the week seemed to slip by. Veronica and I made several more planned rendezvous afterwork behind Tyler’s back. The cheating made me feel uncomfortable, but when I was with Veronica, everything felt perfect. I knew I had to end things with Tyler, but decided to do it after my follow up appointment to The Razor’s Edge. Before I knew it, Friday afternoon rolled around and Veronica and I were pulling into the parking lot of the salon.

“Last chance to back out Kat.” Veronica said as she ran her hands over my scalp.

“I’ve made up my mind.” I said leaning in to kiss her. “I want to be a beautiful bald woman forever.”

With that, we walked into the salon together and checked in with Jennifer.

“Glad to see you again Kat.” Jennifer said wearing a copper colored wig. “Just here for a touch up with Holly?”

“Yep, I need her to take care of this regrowth for me.” I replied with a smile.

Veronica walked with me to Holly’s station and gave me a passionate kiss before I took my seat. Holly made an approving gesture and Veronica walked back to the waiting area where she could have a front row seat to my denuding.

“So what are we doing today?” Holly asked running her fingers over my scalp.

“I want to be smooth for a while.” I replied. “I really don’t want to have hair ever again.”

“I could do a similar treatment that V had done on her, if you’d like.” Holly responded. “But you need to know that it could become permanent. Are you prepared for this?”

“Yes.” I responded making eye contact with Veronica with a smile.

With that Holly took out the mysterious blue gel and began applying it to my head. It felt ice-cold to the touch, and I could feel my heart beating a mile a minute. After the gel set, Holly began running the handheld machine over my scalp. Every time she reach a new section, there was an intense tingling sensation that quickly subsided. After each part of my head was treated, Holly placed the machine on the counter.

“Are you ready for the moment of truth Kat?” Holly asked as she found the seem of the gel on my forehead.

I nodded in agreement as Holly began to peal the gel from my head slowly. The feeling was intense pressure as the gel released from my head. After she finished freeing the gel from my head, she showed me the end result. On the underside of the gel was a million of my tiny hairs clinging on to it.

“Looks like it was a success.” Holly said as she placed the gel cap onto her station. “You’re going to notice that you scalp is going to be very sensitive for the next few days. After you take a shower, you’ll need to use a hair growth inhibitor to insure that the hair doesn’t grow back. How do you feel?”

“I feel like I’m on the greatest adventure of a lifetime.” I responded looking at Veronica.

The End

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  1. As I get older my desires or fetish’s seem to soften and not hold me like they did 20 or 30 years ago. But reading this I was on the edge of my seat the whole way. Stops 1,2 and 3! I am not a dirty old man, just someone who can lay out scenes and scenarios in his mind. This painted a vivid picture of a woman who was finally freed from the constricts that our “society” has to offer! I have read most the stories on the site which are all good. This is my first comment, don’t be too hard on me LOL.

    1. You are too kind. Reading and writing in this genre has been a great way to safely share my interests. I have a few stories in various stages of completeness that I hope to upload soon. Thank you again for reading and commenting!

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