Razor’s Edge: The Harvest

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I spent the rest of the day hyper aware of my hair. Every reflection in every mirror or shiny top-coat on a car reminded me that my hair was still attached to my head. I caught my mind wandering to the moment when Beckah ran the clippers down Bev’s head, severing each hair and sending it to the ground. More and more hair accumulated on the floor around the salon chair until Bev was completely buzzed. If that wasn’t enough, Beckah then lathered her up and shaved her completely smooth. The event replayed in the mind over and over again. Part of me desperately wanted Laura to call me and tell me to come back immediately because Beckah had a sudden opening in her schedule so that I could be sheered as well. The other part of me was happy that I escaped from the salon with my hair intact. 

“What would Bill think if I came home completely bald?” I asked myself as I stared at my reflection in my bathroom mirror. “Could I pull off the look like Beckah said, or was she just saying that to get me to submit to the clippers.”

My musings were cut short by the sound of our garage door opening. I looked down at my phone and realized that much of my day had slipped away and that Bill was home for lunch. I walked back towards the front of the house to greet him at the door.

“Fancy meeting you here stranger.” Bill said jokingly as he slid out of his car. “I figured you would still be at yoga.”

He didn’t comment at all that I had gotten a trim. Clearly the cut was so minor that he couldn’t tell anything had changed.

“No yoga today.” I replied back and leaned in for a kiss. “I decided to play hooky and schedule a hair appointment for Jennifer instead.”

“So no more trims at home?” Bill asked as we walked towards the kitchen. “Our little girl is growing up, whether we like it or not.”

“Yeah, it’s time she got the salon treatment.” I said with a smile. “I booked an appointment for after school at that place called Razor’s Edge. I would have joined her, but there was only one appointment slot left. We could have had a mother daughter bonding experience.”

“That’s a shame.” Bill replied putting his hand on my shoulder. “I bet Jenny would have loved that. Maybe something will open up by the time you both get there.”

With that, I rummaged through the fridge and pulled out stuff to make sandwiches while Bill grabbed the bread and chips from the cupboard. We spent the rest of his lunch break discussing office drama and eating together before he had to head back to work. Even after all of these years, we still enjoyed each other’s company. Lunches with Bill always had a way of perking me up.

“If there is an opening tonight, I may try and get a different cut.” I said, testing the waters as I walked with Bill back towards the garage. “Something very different. Short.”

“I’m sure whatever you decide on will look gorgeous on you Rhonda.” Bill said as he got into his car and opened the garage door. “I’ll see you and Jenny when I get home tonight. I love you.”

“I love you too.” I called out as he closed the door, turned on the engine, and drove off. 

“Well, he basically told me to shave my head if I wanted to.” I chuckled to myself as I settled onto the couch with my laptop.

I spent the rest of the afternoon googling images and videos of women having their heads shaved. The more I saw, the more I lusted to have the experience myself. I loved the look of the short buzz cuts I came across, but were completely overshadowed by the images of women with cleanly shaved heads. The sound of Bev’s hair being scraped from her head. The rasp of the blade, sent shivers down my spine, stirring something inside of me. The feeling of her completely smooth scalp was something I would not soon forget. As my mind wandered, so did my hand from playing with my hair to slipping between the waistband of my yoga pants. My binge watching of head shave videos had left my mound wet. There, I found myself masterbating on the couch in the middle of the day, fantasizing about having another woman shave me bald. It did not take long before I lost myself in climax.

After recovering, I looked at the time on my laptop and saw that I had 30 minuted before Jennifer would get off of school. I cleaned myself up, hopped into the car and made my way downtown. Traffic was always heavier around this time of day, but it gave me the opportunity to continue contemplating my not-yet-scheduled haircut. As I continued down the road, I came to the intersection where the salon was. It didn’t look any busier than it was this morning when I stopped by, but it was hard to tell from the storefront. Before long, I made it to Jennifer’s school just in time as the kids started pouring out of the building. As if on queue, Jennifer bounded out of the school chatting with one of her friends Cherie. She caught sight of my car, said her goodbyes, made her way towards me and climbed into the car.

“How was school honey?” I asked as we waited for the car line to move. 

“It was school.” Jennifer replied with a smirk. “So it was as good as it could have been.”

Soon the line lightened up and we were able to start heading towards the salon.

“I made you an appointment for 5:30 at Razor’s Edge, so let’s head on over.” I said as I pulled into the flow of traffic. “Have you thought about how you want your hair cut?”

“Not really.” Jennifer replied as she played with her phone. “I figured I’d let them help me decide. They’re the professionals.”

“Yes, but do you want to keep your hair long, or are you wanting to have it cut shorter?” I replied coming to the stoplight in front of the salon. “They’re going to ask these things.”

“I know, but I kinda don’t care.” Jennifer said with her eyes still glued to her phone. “I guess I want something different, but I don’t know what exactly.”

We pulled into the parking lot and walked into the salon together. Laura was still at the front desk and greeted us with a smile.

“Welcome ladies.” Laura said and she clicked away at her keyboard. “You must be Jennifer. Ramona will be ready to take you back in a moment. She’s just cleaning up after her last appointment. If you’ll have a seat, she’ll be right with you.”

Jennifer and I walked over to the waiting area where she sat down and resumed her texting. I peeked around the corner and saw a cute hairdresser with flaming red hair cut into a pixie sweeping up mounds of raven black hair. I looked as if Beckah wasn’t the only clipper happy hairdresser in the salon. I wondered how Jennifer would react if approached with the idea of buzzing or shaving her beautiful blonde hair. It was hard to tell at this age. Before long, Ramona stepped around the corner and greeted the both of us.

“Hi there, my name is Ramona.” She said with an outstretched hand. “And who do I have the pleasure to work with tonight?”

“My daughter Jennifer.” I said motioning towards the teenager glued to her phone. “She’s not quite sure what style she’s looking for and was hoping for some guidance from you.”

“Well I think we can work something out.” Ramona responded. “You have some beautiful blonde hair Jennifer. Why don’t you come back with me to my station and we can get to work.”

“Okay.” Jennifer replied, slipping her phone into her pocket.

“Do you want me to sit with you?” I asked as Jennifer started to follow Ramona towards her station.

“No thanks.” Jennifer replied. “I think I can handle a haircut mom. Why don’t you see if they can squeeze you in too?”

“Okay honey.” I said as Jennifer left me alone in the waiting area. 

Of course my mind raced at the unknown. What would my daughter look like after Ramona finished with her? I could vaguely hear the two of them talking and laughing about something, but I could not pick out specifics. I thought I hear the sounds of clippers when I felt a hand touch my shoulder.

“Hi there stranger.” I heard a familiar voice call out to me. “Long time no see.”

I turned around to see Beckah standing there with her smock draped over her arm and her purse in her hands. Seeing her sent a lump into my throat. I had spent the entire day fantasizing about her shaving me completely bald, that I was unprepared to say anything to her when I saw her again. Sensing my nervousness, Beckah broke the awkwardness by simply ignoring the awkwardness altogether.

“So I’m guessing your daughter is already back with Ramona.” Beckah said with a reassuring smile. “She’s in good hands. She’s very skilled.”

“She seems very nice.” I said back regaining some of my composure. “Are you heading home?”

“Yep.” She replied wiping her brow. “Its been a long day. I’m going to go home, kick off my shoes and relax with a glass of wine.”

In the distance, I was sure I could hear clippers running.

“I gave a lot of thought to what you showed me today.” I said as I tried to focus on the sounds coming from behind the partition. “I had actually hoped you would have gotten a cancellation today so I could have talked to you some more about it.”

“If I put this apron back on and take you back to my station, we’re going to do a lot more than talking Rhonda.” Beckah said as she ran her hands through my hair. “Is that something you’re ready for?”

My heart skipped a beat  as the sounds of the clippers in the distance faded.

“I’d hate to keep you from that glass of wine.” I said biting my lip in indecision.

Without saying a word, Beckah slipped her smock back on, took my hands, and led me back to her work station. She sat me in her chair and caped me before whispering in my ear. “I’m going to take all of this hair off of your head. I am going to shave you completely smooth. Savor every last moment. There is nothing like your first shave.”

With that Beckah grabbed her red clippers and flipped them on with no guard attached. I sat their transfixed as the humming clippers were brought up to my forehead and plunged into my hairline. The humming turned into the hungry sound of the clippers chewing through my hair. Beckah made a clean path all the way down my center part to the back of my head before repositioning the clippers back to my forehead for another pass. I let a soft moan escape my lips as I watched my scalp slowly become more exposed in the mirror. Before long, the clippers fell silent, and I was greeted with the utter paleness of my scalp. Beckah had buzzed off every last hair.

Without saying a word, she reach back to the counter and removed a towel from a metal box. Steam shot out of the box when she opened it. Soon the towel was draped over my shorn head. It felt so warm and comforting. Before long, the towel was removed and my scalp was met with the sharp chill of the air conditioned salon. Beckah lather up my head and began scraping away my remaining hair with her safety razor. The raspy sound was different than when I watched Bev’s head being shaved. It was hard to explain, but each scrape of her razor brought me closer and closer to orgasm. After the last bit of cream was scraped from my scalp, Beckah lathered me up again and began all over again. This time the razor felt no resistance as it glided over my head. Before long, Beckah finished with the razor and wiped off my head with another warm towel.

“My finest work, if I do say so myself.” Beckah said as she ran her fingertips across my scalp. “How do you feel.”

“Like I’m in heaven.” I said with my eyes closed, enjoying the head rub. “Please don’t stop doing that.”

“I’d love to stay here longer, but I do have to get home to that glass of wine I was talking about earlier.” Beckah said as she applied an unknown lotion to my head. “If you check in with Laura on the way out, she’ll set you up with a follow up appointment.”

“Follow up for what?” I asked with a chuckle “You already shaved me bald.”

“This look takes work.” Beckah said as she continued to rub the lotion in. “To keep this smooth, you’ll need frequent shaving.”

“I guess you’re right.” I said as ran my hands over my freshly shaved head. “This feels so good.”

Beckah took the cape off of me and shook the hair off onto the floor.

“This one is on the house too by the way.” Beckah said as she started to sweep my hair up. “I’ve thought about shaving you all day. So this was worth delaying that glass of wine.”

“Thank you.” I responded, still touching my scalp. “This feels like heaven. I hope my husband likes it as much as I do.”

“I’m sure he will.” Beckah said as she slowly peeled her hair off of her head revealing her perfectly smooth scalp. “Mine loved it when I first shaved. Never grew it back.”

The sight wasn’t a shock to me, although the wig looked totally real, deep down I knew that there was no way Beckah could have not have at least shaved her own head once.

“You look beautiful with no hair.” I said admiring her head  with a smile. “You should leave the wig off.”

“We all wear wigs.” Beckah said with the wig dangling from her finger. “Don’t want to shock new customers.”

“So all of the hairdressers are bald too?” I asked as we walked towards the front of the salon. “I guess I should have figured.”

We stopped in front of Laura’s desk. She greeted me with a smile and did not seem too surprised to see my new hairless look. “I see that you’ve joined our little club. Do we need to put you down for a follow up visit?”

“Yes” Beckah interjected. “Squeeze her into the end of my schedule in 2 days.”

Laura filled out an appointment card for me and slipped it across the counter.

“Mom?!” I heard Jennifer say from behind me.

I turned around expecting to see my daughter complete shaved bald, but was totally shocked to see not much changed with her style at all. Jennifer stood there with her mouth gaped open and swept her hair to the side, revealing a side shave that could be completely hidden by her hair.

“Holy shit mom!” Jennifer said as she approached me. “You’re bald!”

“I guess I am.” I replied with a smile. “Do I look okay?”

“You look so badass!” She replied, grasping me in a tight hug. “And yes, you look so good.”

With that we left the salon and started our drive home. Of course, much of our conversation revolved around my shave and what it felt like. Jennifer shared that Ramona had mentioned the possibility of shaving, but that she thought that I would freak out if she had done anything that drastic. By the way Jennifer could not stop touching my head, I could tell that she was interested. Even though we were still riding the high of my recent haircut, I couldn’t help but feel nervous about what Bill would think of my new style.

To Be Continued…

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