The Rent is Due Again

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Part 1

Alison and Nicole had been together since their junior year of college.  After each one of them spent the first 2 years living in the dorms, both of them found each other thru the university’s roommate finder page online.  It was a big step for Alison who was seeking not only a roommate, but one who preferred dating girls more than men.   Alison had almost no experience, only some light petting with a friend who slept over her parents house, and one who she met when she worked at a summer camp, but that only lasted a month before the camp ended.  She found Nicole, who had known all along that she was not into guys and had been in a high school relationship, and a year long one while in college.

It didn’t take long before both girls knew they were great together and soon the pair of them became inseparable.  By the time their senior year came around both of them were so committed to each other that they knew that they would be together long after they graduated.  The one thing both of them wanted more than anything was to live in a bigger city, so they could enjoy the night life as a couple, something neither of them could do in their hometowns.  With both of them being from the mid-west, they chose Chicago, and without much trouble both girls were offered jobs after graduation.

Nicole’s job was in an investment firm, which required her to be in the office every day while Alison’s was a hybrid position at an insurance company.  After Alison spent 2 weeks training in the office, she would only have to go in a couple days a year for staff meetings.  They found an apartment in a nice area, close to several clubs they had found while looking for a place, and moved in just days after graduating.  The pair of them didn’t waste any time in becoming regulars on the club circuit with both of them fitting right in to the scene.  Every Friday and Saturday nights they would start out at one club and usually make their way to another, staying until closing time.

Things went on like this for almost a year before both girls realized they were starting to have trouble keeping all their bills paid every month.  They tried to cut back for a few months, but they were even further in debt by then.  Neither one of them wanted to move out of their apartment, but their lease was almost up and they needed a decision right away.  The owner of one of their favorite hangouts, a woman in her early 40’s named Violet had noticed the 2 girls had been different the past few weeks.  She knew them well enough, so she brought them a couple drinks, on the house, and decided to ask if everything was alright with them.

The girls were embarrassed at first to tell Violet what was wrong, but within a few minutes of talking, Alison admitted to Violet that Nicole and her were finding living in the city more expensive than what they thought it would be and were thinking about moving into the suburbs. Violet knew that if the girls moved out of the city she wouldn’t see them in her club very often, if ever again.  She quickly thought of what she could do to help the girls out.

Violet was a woman of extreme tastes and decided to make the girls what she considered a very simple offer…”Would $3,000 help you guys out?”  Nicole was the wilder of the two of them and was quick to say she would do just about anything for that much money.  Alison on the other hand was much more cautious than Nicole was being…”It must be something crazy for that much money.”  Violet reached over the bar and grabbed a small piece of Alison’s hair…”Would you be willing to give up your pretty long hair for that much?”

Alison pulled back from the bar and looked towards Nicole.  Nicole, who’s 2 previous girlfriends were both more masc than girly-girls like Alison, liked the idea of Alison changing her look.  She held Alison’s hand…”If we did this it would cover our rent for the next 2 months.”  Alison was not as enthusiastic as Nicole was…”You’ve had short hair before Nicole, so why don’t you give up your hair.”  Nicole had an instant response for her friend…”Come on Alison, you work from home every day, but I have to go to the office and I have to keep a professional look.”  Alison knew her friend was right, but she still didn’t feel like she could go thru with the offer.

Violet saw that she was about to lose them so she decided to sweeten the pot, hoping to get at least one of them to give up their precious locks…”Listen girls, I really love having you in my club.  I can go up to $4,000 if it will keep you guys coming around.  Why don’t you grab a table and talk about it and I’ll bring you guys another round on me.”  The girls went off to talk things over, but Alison still couldn’t be convinced.  Violet came by with fresh drinks for the two of them, much stronger than she would normally make them.  She made eye contact with Nicole and gave her a big wink, and a slight nod of her head directing her towards the restroom.

Nicole watched as Alison started on the drink that Violet had brought over.  Taking a few sips of hers, she then excused herself to go to the “little girls room”.  Once she went inside she found Violet there waiting for her to come in…”Did you get Alison to start drinking her new drink?”  Nicole told her that Alison was already halfway thru it and then asked Violet what she could do.  Violet then surprised Nicole by telling her…”I put a little something in Alison’s drink.  She’s going to be out of it within an hour, or so.”  Nicole tried to figure out what Violet had planned, but wasn’t totally sure.  Violet then told her the rest of the plan…”Take her home after she finishes her drink and once you get her there I want you to cut off her hair, leaving it an inch, or so, long.”  Nicole shook her head at the plan…”Then what do I do?”  Violet then gave her $5,000 in cash and a business card for a female barber, who she said would give Alison a nice new look….”Text me when you have the hair ready for me to pick up, and make sure to put the cash in Alison’s purse.  Then you can say she agreed to let me cut it off in the bar last night.”

Nicole was all in on Violet’s plan now…”She’s going to be mad, but I think she will believe it.”  Violet then told her the last part of her plan…”Take her to the shop on the card and ask for Ella.  She’s a barber who also frequent’s clubs like this, and specializes in short haircuts.   If you tell me just how you want her to look, I’ll make sure Ella leaves as much, or as little as you want her to have.”  Nicole was getting really excited that by the next morning Alison would be a whole new person and their money problems would be gone for a few months.  Nicole was helping Alison out of the club shortly after, with Alison appearing to be a lot more drunk than she would normally get.

After struggling to get Alison into the apartment, Nicole sat her on the couch so she could settle in for a minute.  Nicole was starting to have second thoughts about doing this to her loved one, but once she looked over and saw the pile of unpaid bills, she knew she had to go thru with it.  She only needed 2 things to complete her task, a plastic bag from the kitchen and the pair of scissors she kept in the bathroom closet.  Nicole felt bad for what she was about to do, but she was also getting excited at how Alison was going to look with  her hair buzzed short.

Nicole stood behind the couch with the scissors in her hand.  She carefully grabbed a small piece of hair and brought the scissors in close.  She only hesitated for a second before closing them and watching as the stands fell limp in her hand.  A quick gasp at what she had done was her only reaction before grabbing piece after piece, snipping Alison’s hair off with ease.  It took about 5 minutes for Nicole to take off what she was going to on the side of Alison’s head.  She moved to the top next, starting at the front, Nicole was only leaving a little over an inch on top, guaranteeing Alison’s final look would be super short.  Finishing off everywhere that she could reach, Nicole carefully moved Alison’s head to face the other way, exposing the rest of what was left of her hair.

With all of Alison’s hair, except for 1 lock that she kept for herself, in the bag, Nicole texted Violet that she was ready to give it to her.  Violet told her to set the bag outside of her their door after she got Alison to bed.  Violet would text her when she was there so Nicole could buzz her into the building.  Nicole got Alison up from the couch and in the bedroom without to much trouble.  Getting her out of her clothes was a different story, but she soon had Alison down to just her panties, and into bed.

As Nicole set the bag outside the door, she again felt regret over what she had done to the girl she loved so much, but the money would keep them in their apartment for a few more months.  She texted Violet who picked up her prize soon afterwards.  As she laid in bed next to Alison, Nicole hardly slept that night as her guilt kept her awake the whole time.  She was beginning to wonder if she would even be able to keep the truth from her as the had always been truthful with each other.  By the time morning hit she was out of bed by 6:30, nervously trying to keep busy until Alison woke up.

Alison first started stirring in the bed at around 9:00.  Nicole had decided she needed to act like everything was normal to be able to pull this off.  Poking her head in the doorway…”Hey sleepyhead are you going to want coffee before we head out?”  Alison, rubbing her eyes as she starts to fully wake up…”I didn’t know we had anything planned for this morning, but we could always stop and get something to eat.”  Nicole swallowed hard before she spoke…”We can get get some food, but I figured you’d want to get your hair cut before we go to the bank?”  Alison looked at Nicole with a blank look…”I just had the ends trimmed a few weeks ago. and what do you need at the bank?”  Nicole knew she had to play the next part cool…”Babe, just how out of it were you last night?  If I thought you were that drunk, I would never have let you go thru with it.”  Alison looked at her and as she spoke she reached for her now missing long hair…”Nicole, what are…WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO MY HAIR NIC?”

Nicole had her excuse all planned out after sitting awake most of the night…”You said you needed to go to the bathroom and the next thing I saw was you talking with Violet.”  Alison was trying to remember the events of the night before, but couldn’t remember anything after Violet brought them their drinks.  Nicole gave her the last part of her plan…”Don’t you remember when we walked into her office and she cut off your hair?”  Again, Alison tried to recall any part of the night as she played with what was left of her hair…”I know I was seriously thinking about it, just for the money, but…”  Nicole still played it like she had no idea…”So, how much did you end up getting from her?”

Alison reached into her purse and pulled out a big stack of money and a business card.  She couldn’t believe when she counted up to $5000…”Oh my god.  We should be good for 3 or 4 month’s babe.”  Nicole acted surprised at the amount, even though she was the one who talked Violet into the total…”That card is for the girl Violet said specializes in short hair.  We’re supposed to stop in sometime this morning.”  Alison thought that was a little strange…”A salon where I don’t need an appointment?”  Nicole knew it was actually a barbershop that only took walk-ins, but didn’t want Alison to be put off.  Once she got her there she knew she would get her to go thru with it…”She just moved to the area and hasn’t set up a clientele yet.”  As they both got ready to go, the two of them stood in front of the bathroom mirror.  Alison fought off watery eyes as she tried to do her make-up, while Nicole was already imagining how great her soon to be masc looking girlfriend would be.

As they found the place they were looking for they were both surprised by the lack of any signage other than the small black letters on the door…’Ella Baker, Barber’  Nicole reached quickly for the door, but Alison was a bit hesitant…”Nic, that says she’s a barber.”  Nicole put an arm around Alison to guide her thru the door…”This is the place you need Ali.”   Ella was keeping busy in the shop when the girls walked in…”Well, hello girls.  You must be Alison and Nicole, come on in.”  Alison was surprised at what stood before her.  Ella was a tall goddess of a woman, her Scandinavian features were on full display, topped off by a full on flat-top.  The sides shaved almost completely off, except for a slight fade near the top, which was cut to a perfectly flat level.

Nicole moved towards the waiting area, leaving Alison standing in the middle of the room.  Ella was ready to get to business…”So, I guess you’re going first.”  That got both girls attention as Nicole had no plans at all of giving up her long hair.  Ella’s statement made Alison relax just a little bit as she took the few steps over to the big barber chair.  Alison felt strange as she put her feet on the big platform before she sat down on the heavily padded seat.  Ella worked quick to pull a paper strop around her neck and then cover her with the pinstriped cape.  Ella combed thru what was left of Alison’s hair…”You guy’s didn’t leave much to work with, but I’ve got the perfect cut to finish your transformation.”  Ella turned towards the counter, leaving Alison waiting to hear her plans.  Alison looked at Nicole trying to see her reaction.  She saw that Nicole was starting to get excited at what was about to happen to her.  It was then she had her first thoughts that Nicole might be in on this.

Instead of telling Alison anything about her plans, Ella turned back towards her, then turned back towards her with a small clipper in her hand.  Instead of using them like Alison thought she was going to, Ella held them level and started to drag them downwards making a straight line appear from front to back,  and halfway up the side of Alison’s head.  In less than a minute the line came around to the other side.  Ella put the small clipper back on the counter and picked up a bigger one.  She snapped a blade onto the clipper and turned back towards Alison…”I’m going to take this down to a 2 before I fade it down to the skin.”  Nicole couldn’t believe that the girl she loved was about to have a bald fade.  It was the cut she always wished she would have, but she was again feeling guilty about what she had done.

Ella started at the side of Alison’s head again.  Ignoring the bottom half, she repeatedly ran the clippers all the way up Alison’s head, pulling them away as she got to the top.  As she saw her lovers hair being buzzed away, Nicole felt a torrent of juices flowing between her legs.  She calmly tried to hold her hand against her pants without Ella seeing, but Ella had seen this many times before when girls brought their partners in to have them taken short like this.  Ella decide to play with Nicole just a bit to make her nervous.  Looking at Alison she spoke loud enough for Nicole to hear…”Do you want your girlfriend to have a matching cut, or should I take her shorter?”  Nicole’s eyes shot straight towards Alison’s reflection in the mirror, waiting for her answer, but Ella cut Alison off…”Don’t worry about that now.  Let;s get you finished first.”

Ella switched the blades on the clipper and proceeded to begin to fade the side of Alison’s head.  The top half of the back and sides were soon faded from nothing up to a 1/4 inch at the top.  She then grabbed her small edging clipper again and began to take the bottom half of her head down to the skin.  Alison couldn’t believe what had been done to her, but before she had any longer to process it Ella began to wipe warm, white foam on the bottom half of her head.  Alison had a look of terror when she saw the razor in Ella’s hand, but as it started to scrape against her skin she was starting to be amazed at how good it felt.  She gripped the armrest tight as Ella made her way around her head, hoping she didn’t start to shake like she did when she got excited.

Setting the razor down for a minute, Ella took a fine comb and a spray bottle and began to comb the top of Alison’s hair over to the side.  She then picked up the razor again and began to cut a sharp hard part on the top edge of Alison’s head.  Alison had never been overly fond of the look on other girls, but as she saw it take shape on her head, she was starting to feel like she was a different person now.  When Ella suggested that she extend the line onto her eyebrow, Nicole couldn’t believe when Alison didn’t hesitate to tell Ella to do it.  She soon had a notched brow perfectly inline with her hard part.

As she watched her girlfriend being transformed Nicole was starting to sense that Alison was beginning to like the change happening to her.  Ella then moved to the top of her head…”I would have liked to have a little more to work with up here, but you’re going to have to look a little more butch this time.”  Starting towards the back, Ella took her wide comb and clippers and began to clipper the top.  She started by going very short in the back and getting progressively longer as she moved forward.  When she was close to the front, Ella was barely taking anything off…”This will leave you something to play with.”  Setting her tools down, Ella picks up a small can of pomade.  Taking a generous amount in her hand, she starts to rub her hands together before she starts putting on Alison’s hair.

Ella then takes what looks like a round plastic brush and begins working Alison’s hair back and slightly to the side.  As she’s doing this the hair is slightly lifted and moved into perfect place. Ella takes a new  plastic brush off the shelf and hands it to Ella…”Guys have used these for years to keep their crew-cuts in place. You’ll love how quick your going to be ready to go.”  Ella unhooks the cape from around her neck and the new Alison is allowed to get up.  Nicole jumps out of her seat and hugs her lover…”Holy crap Ali, you look beautiful.”  Alison looks at herself again in the mirror.  While this was not something she would have ever chosen for herself, she thought the look was a new start for her.

Ella then surprises the two of them…”So then, are we going to make you a twin today?”  Alison smiles at the thought of Nicole looking just like her, but Nicole loves the hair she has grown out since she broke up with her first high school girlfriend who had convinced her to chop it almost all the way off….”I need to look professional for work, so I can’t cut mine short like Ali.”

Ella lays the cape on the back of the chair…”I’ll see the two of you real soon.”

End Part 1


Part 2

Things began to change as soon as they walked out of Ella’s shop.  Alison, who seldom drove, preferring to take the train to work every day, grabbed the keys from Nicole…”I’ll drive from now on.”  Nicole couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but walked around to the passenger side for the ride home.

That evening Nicole thought they would be heading back to Violet’s club to show off Alison’s new look, but Alison decided that they would start their night out at one of the clubs that catered to a much more masc crowd than they were used to.  Nicole felt totally out of place in the bar while, surprising to her, Alison seemed to adapt easily to the unfamiliar surroundings.  They managed a couple rounds before Nicole started pushing Alison to move on…”I told Violet we would stop by so she could see how your hair turned out.”  Unlike the old Alison, she waved the barmaid over for yet another round…”Relax Nic, I’ll let you know when we’re leaving.  Violet will still be there whenever we decide to go.”  Alison continued enjoying the place and kept the two of them there until last call.

The next week saw Alison continue her new dominant position with Nicole.  Every day as soon as Nicole came home from work Alison took control of everything they did whether it was the food they were having to when Alison needed to be satisfied in the bedroom.  It was Wednesday when Nicole got her first text from Violet…”I hope to see the two of you this weekend.”  Nicole deleted the text not wanting Alison to know that they have been texting each other.

When Friday came around Nicole had begged Alison enough that she gave in and agreed to go to Violet’s club that evening.  As soon as the walked in Violet came over to great them and check out Alison’s haircut…”Oh my.  You look so much more beautiful.”  Alison thanked her and they were soon enjoying their first round of drinks.  Again, rather than letting Nicole pick what she wanted, Alison did the ordering for both of them.  While Nicole was usually a fruity drink kind of girl, Alison ordered her drinks that were mostly whiskey, insisting that Nicole keep up with her.

About halfway thru the evening Violet caught Nicole coming out of the restroom…”I had hoped you would have joined Alison in Ella’s chair.”  Nicole ran her hand thru her long hair…”I did the Masc thing years ago.  I’m a girly-girl now.”  Violet then gave Nicole the surprise of her life…”I’m having one of my monthly parties at my house tomorrow and I want you to be my special guest.”  Nicole was getting excited.  Violet was known for having the best parties ever, so Nicole quickly agreed…”Let me tell Alison about your party.  I’m sure she’ll want to come.”

Before Nicole could walk away Violet told her what she meant…”Ella’s going to be putting on a show for all the other girls and you’re going to volunteer to be her victim.”  Nicole had a blank look on her face…”What do you mean, victim?”  Violet told her what she didn’t want to hear…”She’s going to be doing a series of cuts to show off her skills for my guests.”  Nicole struggled to get the words out…”I don’t want all my hair cut off.  I have to look professional for work.”  Violet knew she had the upper hand…”Do you remember the texts we exchanged when you cut off Alison’s hair?”  Nicole was getting nervous now…”Yes.  What about them?”  Violet showed Nicole the texts on her phone…”You may have deleted them from your phone but I still have them.”  Nicole couldn’t believe what Violet was telling her…”Alison loves my long hair.”  Violet stood her ground…”I’m sure she loved hers too.”

Nicole was apprehensive while getting ready for the party while Alison was ready faster than usual.  When Nicole finally came out of the bedroom Alison was already waiting for her…”Come on.  I son’t want to miss even a minute tonight.”  The only thing on Nicole’s mind was what Violet and Ella had planned for her.  As per what had become the norm Alison grabbed the keys out of the bowl and they both headed out.  On the walk to the car Nicole was a little taken back when Alison commented on her hair…”Damn Nic, your hair looks incredible tonight.  Did you do something different with it?”  Nicole grabbed her long hair again, fearing it might be her last time…”Nothing special, just shampooed it today.”  As they sat in the car Alison again commented…”I don’t think it’s ever looked better.”  Nicole sat and nervously played with her hair the whole ride to the party.

The two of them couldn’t believe the house when the arrived.  It looked almost as big as their apartment building, with a huge landscaped exterior as well.  They were only inside for a few minutes before Violet found them…”Oh, I’m so glad you made it.”  Nicole scanned the room as Violet spoke with Alison, telling her how great the change has been for her.  Nicole certainly paid attention when Violet touched her hair…”It’s going to be a special night tonight.”  Violet excused herself to speak with some new arrivals.  Alison then dragged Nicole back to the bar…”Come on babe.  You look like you could use a good strong drink.

Alison again ordered drinks for the pair.  Again, instead of the nice fruity drinks that Nicole preferred, Alison ordered shots of whiskey for the two of them, insisting that Nicole quickly down the generous pours before ordering 2 more.  By the 3rd round Nicole was already feeling the effects and finally started to loosen up a little bit.  That would all change when Violet came back over to them…”Nicole, darling, you’ve got the longest hair of anyone here tonight, so you could certainly afford to lose a little bit of it.”  The smile fell from Nicole’s face as she knew she had no choice but to agree to be Ella’s model for the evening…”Okay, but I need to keep my hair looking professional for work.”  Violet led her into the other room to get her ready for Ella.

Violet reappeared in the main room and called everyone into the other room…”Alison you should go right up by Nicole for the best view of her transformation.”  Alison saw a very pale looking Nicole now sitting in a barber chair, all caped up with Ella standing behind her.  She walked right up to the chair and looked Nicole in her watery eyes…”You better be a good girl for Ella tonight.”  She felt a shiver thru her body as she heard Alison talking down to her…”I have to be at work on Monday Ali.”  As Alison backed away from the chair she gave Ella a nod to go ahead with what she had planned.

Violet then introduced Ella and Nicole to the gathering in the room…”Girls, Ella is going to be doing a a series of haircuts on our volunteer Nicole.  I promise that everyone of you will see a look you will love.”  Nicole nervously looked out at the crowd of about 40 girls.  It was then she realized that the majority of them had hair at least as short as Alison’s, if not shorter.  She knew that she was about to join them.

Ella was truly an artist when it came to hair.  She first showed everyone several longer cuts before giving Nicole a classic French bob cut.  Nicole was breathing a sigh of relief as she still looked completely professional with her new haircut.  Violet then came towards the chair again…”Girls, you’ve seen what Ella can do when he customer’s want something longer.   Now she’s going to show us some cuts that a lot of you prefer.”  Nicole looked quickly to Alison, and saw her smile was growing wider as Violet explained what was coming next.

Ella began to comb the hair up on top of Nicole’s head.  As she pinned up the first side she turned to the crowd…”This will be the perfect cut if you want to make your girl look younger again, or if she needs to be taken down a notch, or two.”  Nicole shuttered as Ella turned the clippers on, not knowing what was coming next.  Her face turned to a look of panic as Ella ran the clippers all the way up the side of her head.  Pass after pass followed and as Nicole looked to Alison for help she noticed Alison’s demeanor starting to change.

Ella began to work on what was left of Alison’s hair and quickly began to expose a few inches of the undercut in the back, leaving Alison with a modern version of the famous Dorthy Hamill wedge cut from years ago.  Nicole saw Alison making contact with Ella and to her surprise, when Ella asked her if she should keep going Alison didn’t hesitate…”Yes, definitely.”  Ella was spraying down Nicole’s hair again and combing it straight down again.  Nicole held her breath as Ella brought her scissors up to the side of her head, now at eye level.

Ella made several level cuts across the side of her head.  Nicole couldn’t believe when she felt the hair touching her ear fall away, fully exposing her ear for the first time in years.  Ella then switched to the other side and Nicole soon saw both of her ears now sticking out more than she remembered them doing before.  She closed her eyes as Ella then worked to connect the two sides.  When she paused for a second Nicole turned her head to each side not believing how high Ella had cut her hair.  She had always liked bowlcuts on other girls, but never thought she would see one on her head.  When Ella started to finish the ends of the cut Nicole assumed that was going to be it.

Nicole watched as Ella put the last finishing touches on the cut and Nicole was telling herself that she could get used to the look in time.  Then Ella turned to Alison again…”Is this how you wanted her, or were you thinking of something closer to what you got?”  Nicole was shocked that Alison was even told about her getting her haircut, but she knew Alison loved her long hair, so she would probably not want it any shorter.  She couldn’t believe what she heard next…”She’s going to have to wear a wig for work, so it would be better if you took the top down.”

Ella picked up her clippers again and looked at Alison…”What size guard do you want me to use?”  Alison was quick to answer…”What you have there is fine.”  Nicole saw that Ella didn’t have a guard on the clippers.  With tears running down her face she looked up to Alison…”Ali, why?”  Alison gave her a stern look as she got right up close to her…”Violet made her offer to me first, but I turned her down, that’s why.”  Before Nicole could even react to what Alison said to her Ella’s clipper were plowing a bald path down the center of her head.  Nicole wasn’t interested in comforting her…”You and Ella are going to be best of friends from now on.”  Nicole tried to put out the fire with a meek…”I’m so sorry babe.”

Nicole now sat in the chair with nothing but a 5 o’clock shadow on her head,waiting to accept whatever was coming her way.  Ella soon covered her head with a hot, moist, towel.  Pulling it off her head a few minutes later, her eyes met Nicole’s…”This will help make your head as smooth as glass when I’m finished with you.”  A coating of equally warm white foam was spread over her head.  Ella put a fresh blade in her razor and began to clear a path of pale white skin as the foam was removed.  Alison gave Ella her approval…”You’re going to get real familiar with her head.”

Ella pulled the cape off of Nicole, who was still in shock at the image she saw in the mirror, started to stand up, but Alison pushed her back into the seat…”Hold on.  I have something special for you that everyone will want to see.”  Nicole couldn’t believe when Alison held out the heavy black collar…”If you want to stay with me you will ask me to put this on you.”  Nicole looked at her confused…”Ali, I want to be with you forever.”    Alison continued to hold the collar in front of Nicole…”This will be the last choice you will make in our relationship.”  Nicole wanted nothing more than to be with Alison forever, and thought that putting the collar on would help her get over all of the guilt that had been hanging over her head.  She thought that Alison would get tired of it after a short time and eventually forgive her.

Nicole leaned her head forward, then Alison put the collar around her neck.  She could feel it getting tighter as Allison fastened it closed…”You will wear this all the time, except while you’re at work.  That is until we can get you a job you can do from home.”  Nicole rubbed her hand against her head, again tearing up at the loss of her long tresses, but Alison pushed her hand away…”You’ll be in Ella’s chair every week, so you might as well get used to your new look because it’s her to stay.”

Alison the surprised her by hooking a leash to the collar and waking her thru the crowd.  As they walked everyone had their turn rubbing Nicole’s bald scalp.  She led Nicole to another room, where violet had a huge collection of leather harnesses and outfits.  Alison ordered Nicole to strip as she found just the right outfit for her new slave to wear.  Nicole couldn’t believe what Alison wanted her to wear, but she was soon led back to the main area with nothing more than a few feet of leather and a tiny thong covering her most private of areas.

When the party started winding down Nicole expected Alison to allow her to change back into her regular clothes, but instead Alison just pulled her along by her leash.  As they said goodnight to Ella, Alison kept Nicole in her place…”I might bring this one in before Friday.  I don’t want her to even see a shadow of hair on that head of hers.”  Ella, of course was more than happy to oblige…”I can always fit her in for you.”

They then went to pay respects to their host.  Violet gave a firm rub to Nicole’s head…”If you think you look different now, just wait until next week.”  As they departed Nicole began to ask Alison what Violet had meant.  Alison ignored her several times before giving Nicole something to worry about for the next week…”She has a piercing artist coming nest week and I told Violet that you have been wanting a lot of new jewelry.”  Nicole couldn’t believe what she was hearing and tried to tell Alison that she couldn’t have a lot of piercings at her job.  Alison just pulled her along…”Well if they don’t like the piercings then I guess they won’t care for the week after when two tattoo artists coming, and I volunteered you to be their blank canvas to work on all night.”




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