The Reunion Headshave: Part 1

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It has been five years since I had seen Pam and Sandy. I couldn’t even remember what they looked like now. But it is the era of technology which enabled us to stay connected virtually. It is not the same when you stay in touch only over the phone. Some things were being said from time to time and we drifted apart, all three of us with all three of us.
Sandy was the love of my life. The most amazing and beautiful girl I ever met. As we used to sit beside each other in class, I always used to catch a glimpse of what she was doing. Her every movement, her postures, her smile… everything made me fall more and more in love with her. Sandy had hair right down to her waist. She hated getting haircuts. She hated the sound of the scissors. The metal which was held by a stranger who decided the fate of the most erotic part of her body.
In our relationship, the inevitable had happened. I always knew she would never love me back. She came to know about my feelings for her but this is where it went downhill. We mutually decided to be friends but later on she even bailed out of our friendship. The virtual world made sure we weren’t close friends but in the end, she broke my heart. Ever since I had been mad at Sandy for walking away without explanation.
“Hi! Can I get a trim to get rid of the split ends?” said Pam who I had seen for the first time in five years.
“Hey Pam! It’s so good to see you.”
“Hi! What are you doing here?”
“Well I kind of own the place. I was looking for a new business and with the current state of the economy, I said, hey! You know what never goes out of demand even during the recessions? Hair salons. So here it is. Hired a few people and trying to make it work.”
“But you don’t do the cuts here do you?”
“Me? No, of course not. I got a staff.”
Pam has always been nice to me. But if there is one thing I had learned from failed love stories of my friends is to never misunderstand kindness for crush. So, I always wondered but never really knew if Pam liked me back then.
“So listen, my parents are not at home and I have been really bored running the errands. So bored that even thought of getting rid of these little strands hanging down from my head.” Said Pam clinching at a chunk of her black dry hair. Pam was not the prettiest but maybe because she never wanted to be! Her hair were always poorly maintained. She wore tacky clothes and thought of herself as a tomboy. Although, social conventions never really let her have short hair but I knew she always wanted to cut it all off.
“I am free tonight if you want to catch a movie” “Great.” “How about you get what you came for now.” Said I.
I showed her to her chair and one of the barber put a cape around her while using the spray to make her hair wet. I had never seen Pam with wet hair and I felt like I had never really felt before for her. Earlier I said yes to hanging out just because I couldn’t say no. For me, she had always been the friend of the woman who broke my heart. The barber was done with the spraying and had taken the scissors in his hand.
“How much do you want me to cut it? Four-five inches will get it to the middle of your back.”
“No! No! Not that short. Half an inch of split ends only, please.” Said Pam as she thought of the look her mother would give her if she cut her hair that short.
The barber then took the comb and scissors as he straightened her hair one at a time and began to snip at her hair. He pulled all her hair right back towards her back and cut Pam’s hair in a U shaped manner. A few inches of hair kept falling on the ground as the barber went from one corner of Pam’s hair to other. It was the first time I was paying attention to a haircut even though I owned the hair salon. I felt aroused by the haircut Pam had just got even if it was just a little trim. I couldn’t bear to look her in the eye at that very moment and therefore left the hair salon to prepare for our evening together.
It was evening and Pam and I went for the movie. I didn’t really pay attention to the movie as the scene of Pam getting haircut at the salon kept coming back to me. But I did enjoy the little moments during the movie when Pam’s hand accidently touched my hand. I saw her blush and even held her hand for the rest of the movie. As we came out of the movie theatre, it was quite late but we came across a food joint. We ordered food and got to talking.
The conversation shifted from stories of the past five years we hadn’t seen each other to the time we knew each other and suddenly Pam asked. “Have you seen Sandy ever since school got over?”
“Ah! I wished you hadn’t brought her up.” I said hiding none of my resentment I had towards Sandy.
“Why is that?”
“It didn’t really end well between us. That’s all.”
“No, that’s not all. What happened between the two of you? The only reason I drifted apart from you guys was because of school and everything but you guys were inseparable.”
“Tell her that. She didn’t even blink twice before she broke my heart and then broke the friendship that she wanted in the first place. You want to know what happened between us. I wish I knew. She left me without answers and all I have done is wonder but not anymore. I want to move on… maybe move on to you if you’re interested.” I said.
“I would really like that.” Pam said whilst blushing. “What she did was wrong and I hope we can move forward from this.”
“Yes, surely. But you know what would make me feel even better. If I ever got a chance to get her into my salon and cut all her hair off!” I said but I knew I had said too much. The lust from seeing Pam get her haircut that afternoon and the memory of Sandy reminded me by Pam made me say it and I knew it was a mistake and I need to set the record straight with Pam but then Pam said something that got both of ours evil sides take over.
“So let’s do it.” Said Pam. “Sandy and I have been best friends at one point but I always knew her obsession with herself and her fantasies will break many hearts including her own. I tried to stop her many times from doing the wrong things but she always felt herself to be superior. I know so many people loved her but she is the kind of person who would rather save her hair than her friends if she had to choose. So yeah! I will help you.”
“We can discuss it when we get home.” I told Pam.
“My home?” asked Pam and I agreed with a smile on my face.
Back at Pam’s house it was rather silent as her parents weren’t home. Pam and I had our lights dimmed down as we both sat on the couch.
“Pam! What we are discussing is illegal but a perfect way for me to move on from her. Sandy deserves it and I would not let you take the blame for any of it. It is me who will shave Sandy’s head! All I need is for you to get her to me.” Said I as Pam nodded.
“You are my partner in this. I will get into deep trouble if you don’t stick with me. This is for our future together but for now I need you to prove your loyalty with actions as well.” I said to Pam as I slowly took my hand towards her chin, then her cheeks and finally as I brushed her hair away from her ear and didn’t let my hand off her hair. It was at the moment Pam understood what I meant.
“No! Not all of it. My mother would kill me. She gives me shit for even cutting it to the half of my back.” Said Pam as the mood turned quickly from sensuous to despair.
“It is not for me. It is for us. I know you always wanted to get rid of your hair. You don’t want your hair, I don’t want your hair, to hell with everyone else in the world” I said as I moved from my side of the couch and closer to Pam. The image of her getting the trim in afternoon came before my eyes as I went in to kiss her. And then I felt the utter joy of Pam kissing me back. It was a moment I had never experienced before. I never wanted for it to stop. But I stopped and said, “I will kiss you with the same passion and desire after your haircut and you will know that the length of your hair doesn’t change how I feel about you.” said I, “How much would you let me cut it? Don’t say half an inch.” I said as we both smiled after our passionate moment.
Pam slithered her sexy body towards me. Her mouth was near my ear as she whispered, “Take it all off.”
I held her hand and asked her to wait for me as our crazy night continued. “I will be back with my stuff.” I said as I rushed to my salon to grab the scissors, cape, comb, razor, shaving cream and all the other things I needed. I came back and Pam was standing on the balcony waiting for me. I went into the other room to set it all up and called Pam in.
Pam entered the room as she saw the chair I had set up along with all the things I needed. I went closer to Pam and whispered in her ear, “All off.” She smiled as she undressed me and I undressed her and in a matter of seconds we were sharing our second kiss all naked.
“We are not doing this tonight. We will celebrate by being one once we are ready to move ahead” said I but I was hard. Pam sat on the chair all naked as I went for the cape.
“No cape. Let it fall on me.”
I straight away went for the razor. My one eye looked at Pam and other at the steel in front of me capable of shearing years and years of hair growth within seconds. I went closer to Pam as she sat wanting to feel the fall of her hair onto her. But I changed the direction of the clippers towards her pubes as I again whispered in her ear, “All off.” I could feel the arousal of Pam as she didn’t say a word and held her lip with her lip. The clippers turned on and the sound of the clipper was followed by the gentle moan of Pam. I held the clippers against her pubes and kept on shearing them off as Pam sat there with her legs open and her eyes closed. Pam kept moaning and it felt to her like the best decision she ever made.
I kept on shearing the clippers between her legs. I didn’t stop until I got all of it and then I turned the clippers off.
“Why did you stop?” asked Pam
“It’s all clean now down there.” Said I.
“I want to have this bare skin forever.”
“Don’t you want to see how you would look in a bob cut or a pixie before I shave your head? I can cut it in stages.”
“No. There is nothing like this feeling of having my hair separated from me with a single rush of the metal. I held on to my hair too tight and for too long. I want to be free now. Shave my head right from the roots. The length of my fallen hair will signifies the amount of time I listened to everyone but myself. The ease with which you will do it signifies how easy it is to let go.”
“Let me see you in wet hair one last time. I would remember it forever like I remember it from this afternoon. After that I will shave your head down to the skin every single week for the rest of my life.”
Pam nodded as I took her by her hand into the shower. I pushed her against the wall and kissed her and turned the shower on as we both got wet. We kept on kissing in the shower as I touched her between her legs to make her moan again. “I will have to shave it again with shaving cream to make it smoother.” I said.
“I would like that.” Said Pam.
We got out of the shower and Pam got back into the chair. I touched her body as she touched mine. I felt her boobs and lay my head on them. We got tired from hours of passion as we lay on the bed besides us and waited for Pam’s hair to dry up a little.
We stared into each other’s eyes till it was 4 o’clock in the morning.
“Ready?” I asked Pam and she nodded with a smile affirming me that she was enjoying every bit of our crazy night together.
I combed her hair. The tangled hair got stuck and hurt her as it pulled her head but Pam didn’t flinch. It was as if she knew that this was the last time her hair would ever be entangled like this. I straightened her hair and parted them into three parts- the left and right temple, and the middle. Her head was down. I grabbed her by the chin and straightened her head and kissed her on the cheek. Pam didn’t flinch or say a word. She knew it was go time. I turned on the clippers. The sound of the clippers did away with the silence of the night. Pam did not move. I placed the clippers right in the middle of her forehead as she looked upwards with her eyes without moving her head. I pulled the clippers back from the middle right towards the center of her head. Pam’s expressions did not change. I went again. This time from a little left. And again, this time from the right. I repeatedly pushed the razor against her head. The damage was of our passionate night was done. Pam was bald in the middle with little strands of hair hanging which the clipper had missed. The hair fell to the back of her head over the hair still on the back of her head. I stopped and grabbed the removed hair and placed them on Pam’s lap as her eyes moved from top of her head to her lap. It was the length of hair she wanted separated from head to remind her of the ease and inevitability of it all.
I paused for a moment but then I didn’t stop to look at Pam. I pushed her head to the right and used the clippers to shave her hair off from the left of her head piling to the enormous amount of hair Pam had in her lap. Some of the fallen hair fell on her shoulders. Pam didn’t move. Again I pushed her head with authority towards left. I shaved the right side of her head. I pushed her ear down and took long strokes of the clippers through her hair as there was no voice but the sound of clippers.
Within a matter of minutes Pam was bald from the front of her head as fallen hair were all over her naked body. The hair to the back of Pam’s head still went down to her waist. I kept the clippers aside and turned them off. I put my hand all over Pam’s body to accumulate the fallen hair onto her lap until there was only two places where Pam’s black soaked her were: her lap and the back of her head.
This is what it all came down to after a half an hour of clippers on enormous amount of hair. Pam’s hair never looked that long but seeing the pile of her lap I realized how much I underestimated the amount of hair girls have on their head.
I grabbed the clippers again and turned them on right in front of Pam’s face as she smirked, her first facial expression in the last half hour. I went behind Pam and pushed her head down. I pushed the clippers from down to the top of her head repeatedly. Her hair had fell in large amounts but the sight of the hair to the back of her head falling on the shoulders made me cum.
With the last stroke of the clippers, the last strand of Pam’s hair left her head. I pushed her head back up. All of Pam’s hair were in her lap now. I went in front of her and put my hand over her waist, then her boobs and finally her bald head. I grabbed Pam’s face and kissed her.
“I told you.” I said as I kissed her with the same passion and desire.

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