The Reward

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I’m Charlie, better known as Lisa’s widower. I’ve been a widow for 3 years and I only hang out with my wife’s friend Sandra and her husband Wilton every time they remember they have an old lonely friend. When Lisa was alive we used to hang out with them every weekend, but since Lisa died and Sandra had her first child two years ago meeting them has become a rare occasion. I don’t mind much because when we meet I have sad memories of those happy days with Lisa. On a weekends I’d rather stay alone and do my thing which is usually sports and sad to say porn.

However, I had been invited by Wilton and Sandra to a fancy restaurant one of those they fancy. Wilton is heir to a property empire started by his great grandfather during President McKinley’s Presidency as he likes to  remark. Wilton would seem to anyone not knowing him to be the complete snob, but he is anything but. He likes fishing, hunting, sports, bets, bars and yes golf and yachting. He is great fun. His wife Sandra as befitting a rich businessmen from an old family and  is as chic as can be. She is a beauty with natural D size breasts and hips to make you wonder with tight slim long legs. She is stunner with her blue eyes, pale face with freckles, long neck and long black hair that had never been even coloured. She looks like the twin sister of Linda Carter of Wonder Woman fame. Wilton sometimes jokingly calls her Linda. Sandra has a fine sense of humour but usually limited to puns and jokes about blondes. She does not like rude words or anything sexual as she is a staunch conservative from an old Baptist family down south. She is a woman of fine tastes and very much goal driven. My wife Lisa once told me that Sandra’s mother had specifically sent her to Wilton’s same college so she could marry him as he was one of the richest man in the county. With her great looks no wonder she got all the attention and achieved her goal. Sandra’s days are usually full of meetings with her many charities of which she is usually honorary President or something of the sort. With her husband’s millions she does not need to work and she is always campaigning for some good cause usually related to something patriotic, family related or health conscious event. While Wilton is laid back she is a control freak and she chooses everything he wears and buys for himself. Wilton is so in love with her that he lets her have her way in almost anything as he knows that a women like her with her looks, her drive, her morals and her tastes is hard to come by. On my part I have to say that while I like Wilton I never could make myself to fully like Sandra. She is a very generous woman, but like all control freaks she would rather have a fan than a friend. This is in fact how she used to treat my Lisa whom she considered inferior to her. In looks and tastes I have to say that Sandra was and is a finer woman than my Lisa used to be, but Lisa’s easy going way and her heart made her superior to anyone I ever met. This is why I never really liked Sandra to the full. Her condescending manners towards Lisa, who was so genuine to never notice or care, had extended to me. As I knew Lisa’s sisterly attachment to Sandra I never expressed my doubts on Sandra to her. Ever since Lisa died Sandra has been pestering me about meeting people and her standard put down that I should go on work for Wilton where I could earn twice what I earn with my small furniture shop. While it may be true that I would earn more working for Wilton I’d rather earn less, but be free to work for myself with no boss over me which in this case would be Sandra more than Wilton.

They came to pick me up with Wilton’s new Bentley and I sat in the front with Wilton as Sandra sat at the back all by herself as if she was the queen. We went to one of those fancy restaurants with valet parking and I dressed with a tie and jacket. We ordered and had fun eating and chatting together. After about 2 hours we had finished eating and I excused myself to go to the restroom. While coming back I saw great commotion around our table. Sandra was choking on a piece of bread she had just buttered. Her face was turning pale to blue, she couldn’t breathe. I had done a first aid course and knew how to do the Heimlich maneuver which I immediately started doing without asking anyone’s assistance. After a few terrible moments where Sandra had almost fainted out came a piece of bread from her mouth. Sandra started breathing again and slowly returned to her normal skin colour. She was physically shaking and I covered her with my jacket until the ambulance came. Milton went with the ambulance and I drove his Bentley to the hospital. Sandra was checked if she had had any broken ribs , but aside from some bruises on her ribcage cause of my pressing on them and shock she was O.K. When she came out she first embraced me and not her husband and told me there and then that I could have anything I wanted. Wilton still in shock came and embraced us both he even kissed me on my head several times and told me ‘Anything you want Charlie. Anything I promise you anything for my Sandra. Without you she would be dead and we would both be widowers.’

Now I know he was in shock, but I did not like that last remark of reminding me I was a widower. I felt right or wrong as if Wilton had told me ‘thank you Charlie for saving my wife as I did not want to be a sad widower like you.’ I know it’s not what he said, but it is how it sounded to me. I know 3 years without Lisa might have been long enough for others , but to me it was as if it was just yesterday that I was holding her in my arms. It was there that I decided what to ask and I did not care if it was to ruin my friendship with Wilton. I would ask it the problem is how to tell them what I wanted.

Wilton phoned me the next day thanking me again and reminding me of his promise.’ Anything’ he said ‘even if its a million dollars. What’s one million compared to the love of my life.’ Words never better spoken. I told him that I wanted to see him and Sandra at my house next Saturday if it was possible. He answered that he would cancel all their appointments just to be with me, his hero, as he called me. Now I had six days to think of a way to tell them what I wanted. I was ready for the worse, but I had set my sight on something and just for once like Sandra I was going to be goal driven.

The night had come when I was to tell Wilton and Sandra about my wish. They came at about eight and I had called caterers for a nice dinner all 3 of us. During the dinner I was to remind Sandra half jokingly to chew as a reminder that she owed me. After dinner the caterers left at about eleven and we sat for some drinks. They sat down took a couple of drinks and than I stood up and I started to announce what I wanted. I said ‘ever since my Lisa died my life has been just a sad life of solitary surviving. Many of my friends seldom or never called me. I was the lonely widower. I have to confess that out of all the sadness my only consolation and I say it with shame has been porn.’ To the word porn Wilton looked surprised and Sandra’s face was stunned. I continued ‘Worse than just porn I’ve been obsessed with a particular fetish and I have never told anyone.’ from their relieved look on their face they sort of believed it was some coming out ceremony, but it wasn’t. ‘Listen’ I said ‘ I want you to see what I like.’ I opened my computer and showed them some of the videos I had downloaded.

In the video there was a pretty young woman and somebody was talking to her, but only his voice could be heard. They probably believed it was one of those porn casting nonsense. The girl was asked to strip and she dutifully did. Afterwards a man in a black mask came near her and tied her to a chair. Finally he shaved her hair right down the middle. She was completley sheared and  to a zero. Afterwards he untied her and took photos of her.  I could see from Sandra and Wilton look the surprise.

‘So what do you want Charlie ?’ asked Wilton in a voice filled with horror.
‘Do you want us to provide you with a model for you to shave ?’ asked Sandra hoping for a positive response.
‘ Kind of.’I said. ‘Listen what I want, I mean you did say both of you I could have what I want I mean I did save her
life.’ I said in a defensive tone of voice.
‘What do you want ? I’m not shaving my hair for you. Forget it.’ said Sandra.
‘ May I remind you Sandra that if it wasn’t for me right now worms would be eating you inside a cold grave. Yes I don’t care what you think I want Sandra’s hair. I deserve it not only do I want her hair I want her to go to this site and be headshaved in front of a camera while she sits there naked with me imparting orders.’
‘ But why this cruelty to my wife. Haven’t we been friends, good friends ?’
‘ No.’ said I ‘You invite me out once every four to five months take me to restaurants you want to go only for your conscience to be clean. You never introduce me to any of your other friends and never cared how I was. To you inviting me out is a charity thing kind of tick the right box thing. I don’t care this is what I want I don’t want your millions I want to headshave your wife in a public site and I get to keep her hair. That is what I want. You can take my offer or renounce on your promise. Anyway I did what I had to do save her life. Both of you gave your word at the hospital, but it seems you never meant what you said. All I can tell you is that your hair would grow back unlike Lisa’s hair which never grew back from her chemotherapy. And I don’t remember Sandra showing any solidarity towards her ,but just saying to her oh I think you should  have bought a darker whig it goes better with your complexion. So yes there I said it. Keep your word or leave right now.’

Wilton and Sandra stood there stunned  and said nothing. After a while Sandra started crying and Wilton went to console her. Than she stood up and said ‘Charlie it’s very cruel of you what you want from me, but you did save my life and I owe you big and so those Wilton. I will do it not just for you, but also in memory of my late friend Lisa whom I loved like a sister. Yes it is true we could have been nicer and closer to you after Lisa died. I am a woman of honour. i don’t approve of such fetishes, but a promise is a promise I will do it on one condition.’

‘ What’s that ? I asked.
‘ On condition that they blur my face on the website. You can have the full video of my humiliation if that is that turns you on, however I will not have my naked body exposed to all pshycos with such fetish with my face on it. You promise to keep the video to yourself and I want this in writing and you can have your fun. You can even have my hair and do all nasty things to it. We will say to my friends that I shaved my hair for cancer charity and you will deposit all the money this sick website will give you to our cancer fund. O.K. is it a deal, shalll we send our lawyers to you to finalise the deal next Thursday.’

‘Wow that is mighty impressive of you. Thank you.’ I said.
‘Don’t thank her you’ve lost the only friends you had you miserable man.’ said Wilton while gesturing to Sandra to leave.

Sandra was true to her word and my fetish was to become reality I was going to headshave Sandra the snob while naked for everyone to see. I was to give her orders. I found a website that specialized in such videos which are than downloaded for a fee. They agreed to me ‘directing’ which meant that they would let me be the voice telling Sandra what to do. They also agreed in writing with Wilton’s lawyers to blur her face and change her voice.

The day had come and Sandra together with Wilton and two lawyers came to the studios of this fetish website. I sat there as Sandra finalised the agreement with the teenager who managed this website which was in another city and state. She looked at me before the camera started and told me to have my sick fun. The cameramen said start and so it started.

‘What’s your name?’ I asked.
‘Linda.’ said Sandra as we had agreed on a fake name.
‘How old are you?’ I asked.
’29’ she answered.
‘Why have agreed to this ordeal.’ I continued.
‘I am Linda and I owe you big time my master as you saved my life.’ she said resolutely
‘Fine unbutton your shirt.’ I ordered.
Sandra did what was asked.
‘Continue and show us your big titties.’ I directed her.
Sandra removed her bra and out came two big gravity defying titties with dark brown protruding nipples. It must be those super perfect erect titties that made Wilton such a doormat for her.
‘Remove your skirt and turn round.’ I ordered.
‘Now remove your black laced panties and show us your nice snatch.’ I ordered again.
Sandra did as told.
‘Good I said to her that was a great start now you are going to be naked for a while. Mr. Barber please it’s showtime.’
‘Oh no oh no my hair my black hair is going to go.’ Sandra started crying.
‘Please my master I beg i’m sorry for your loss, but please reconsider I will pay you. Oh no what did I just get into. Get me out of here. Out of here!!!!!’ she screamed.
‘You signed a contract if you don’t go over with it I will show your face to the public and send this video to all your friends. You want me to name them now eh!!!’ I yelled.
‘No please no my hair my hair.’ she cried.
‘Decide hair or shall I show your face.’ I yelled again in anger.
‘Oh hair hair hair.’ she sobbed.
‘Fine Mr Barber first give an undercut and let’s see maybe I’ll be happy with just that.’ I told the barber.
In a while he was finished.
‘Is it alright is it enough oh please say it is enough.’ sobbed Sandra.
‘Shut up L-I-N-D-A’ said I with a high pitched voice.
‘First Mr. Barber cut her long hair you made into a bun. No more long hair for you. It will take years to grow it back.’ I ordered again. That’s good let her cry she deserves it.
Mr. Barber please, now  I want to see her nape so please shave her accordingly. After some work with his clippers he razor cut her hair showing all her nape. However Sandra still had lots of hair to her sides and I ordered it buzzcut to the sides. Now Sandra lying there naked only had hair on top of her hair, no hair at the back and had a buzzcut to her sides. I have to admit she looked mighty sexy especialy with her sparkling blue eyes wet with tears and with that look of utter shock , fear and disbelieve on her tiny oval face.
‘Good good this could be enough.’ I said while interupted by Sandra.
‘Oh thank God I’m not a baldy.’ Sandra said relieved.
‘I said it could be enough, if I were in a good mood. However all your crying and you trying to weasel out of the deal have put me in anything ,but a good mood. So please Mr. Barber make her the dreaded baldy she just described. Now and fast. And afterwards razor her hair the amount of times to make it a smooth head and lastly I’m gonna pass my hand over her shiny bald head and finish off by making her clean her hair and take photos of her naked with her hair in her hands instead of on her head as it should be.’ I finally said.
Sandra cried and cried, but had to do as was told. She repeated till the end ‘Oh my god I’m a baldy I’m an ugly baldy.’
What a day I still watch the video both the blurred version people see and the unblurred version only I posses. Sandra got her lesson and ever since her headshave I heard she is no longer the bossy wife giving order that she was. I’ve heard she even keeps her hair short. I don’t know it’s what I heard as we don’t talk anymore, however it’s not what I hear that’s important, but it’s what I see meaning her video of her naked headshave and humiliation and what I feel  meaning her beautiful shaven black hair which I have kept let’s just say to still savour the moment.

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