The Rich Patron

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Warning! This story contains strong adult themes! Proceed at your own discretion.

This story is very long. I have separated it into sub-sections with their own sub-headings for ease of reading this in parts if you don’t have time to read through the whole story in one sitting.


“Your million-dollar contribution to our establishment is much appreciated. I have arranged eight of our best girls for your entertainment tonight. A generous patron with very deep pockets like you deserve to be richly rewarded.”

The madam then beckoned for the girls to enter the room. My jaws nearly dropped to the floor. One by one, the most gorgeous young Slavic women I have ever seen, paraded through the door. They were all dressed in skimpy lingerie and their faces were adorned with sensual elegant make-up just like Jessica Rabbit.

But of course, their best feature as per my request, were their hair. All of them had super long virgin healthy hair ranging from hip length to all the way to knee length! Each of them had various natural shades of colour, from almost-black dark hair to golden blonde, and various brunette shades in between. I had indeed come to the right place, for it was relatively easy to find such Rapunzel-grade hair models among Slavic women to suit my fantasy. They have the most beautiful super long haired women in the world.

“These girls will not disappoint. You will get your money’s worth. The Viagra you took earlier is much needed for today’s session. Enjoy!”

With that, the madam left the room, leaving me alone with the eight nearly naked Rapunzels.


The Binding

Six of them started to belly dance in front of me, while two came towards me. One started to unbutton my shirt, while the other removed my belt. There was too much going on, I experienced sensory overload. Should I focus on the six dancing sensually in front of me, or pay heed to the two undressing me? I was momentarily dazed and just allowed it all to happen to me.

When I snapped back to reality, the two women had already removed my shirt and trousers. I started taking a closer look at them as they removed my shoes and socks. Both had ass length dark hair, their silky-smooth hair running like waterfalls down their backs.

When they stood back up, I saw that they looked identical. They were twins! The madam had indeed started off with the best appetizer with twins undressing me. I only had underwear on at this point. The twins pointed at my crotch and signalled that I should remove my last piece of garment myself. They were clever for instructing so, for I did not want be prematurely aroused too much this early by having them touch my genitals at this stage.

There I was, standing stark naked, completely vulnerable and surrounded by eight gorgeous women. One of the twins moved an armchair towards the middle of the room while the other guided me towards it and sat me down on it.

As soon as I was seated, the other six stopped dancing and moved closer towards me to join the twins. Eight of them stood shoulder to shoulder with their backs facing me. They flaunted their hair down their backs to show off their amazingly long beautiful hair. After about a minute, they turned to face me, and slowly caressed their long beautiful hair with their fingers. This long hair play show is to me what twerking is to ass-loving men. I was in paradise!

Instinctively, my hand went for my cock, like I usually do when watching hair porn videos on my computer at home. The twins saw that I was about to masturbate and moved towards me. One of them grabbed my hand and pulled it away from my cock while the other stood in front of me shaking her head in disapproval. I understood then that meant I was not to pleasure myself. Only they could pleasure me.

The other women stopped their hair show and moved to take position behind me. The six of them started to massage my body while the twins remained standing in front of me. Even though they did not touch my cock yet, the pleasurable massage stimulation induced my cock to start throbbing.

I watched as the twins took turns braiding each other’s hair into kiddy pigtail styles. Their braids were tied both at the bottom end and the top below their chin. I noticed that their braids were tied like how they are for donation. Having seen numerous hair donation videos, I knew what was coming next.

One of the twins took out a giant pair of scissors, the type used for cutting thick fabric. She brandished the blades in front of me to tease. Then, she inserted the blades into one of her twin’s braids. She paused for a moment, waiting for my reaction. My mouth opened wide and drooled. This was the cue she needed. So it begins!

*schnick schnick schnick*

The sharp giant scissor blades chopped through the braid easily, severing the long braid and leaving her with one side in a rough bob. Soon, the other braid was also removed from her head.

*schnick schnick schnick*

Moments ago, both twins sported identical kiddy pigtail styles. Now, the symmetry is broken, with one of their hairs chopped off short while the other’s hair was still long. The twin with the rough bob shook her head sideways, swinging the much shorter hair across her face. I could tell it was a liberating moment for her, never being able to do that bob hair shake movement before.

The twin with the chopped off hair took both her braids in her hands and walked up towards me. She placed my left arm on the chair’s armrest and tied it there with one of her braids! As she tied my other hand to the chair, I looked closely at her rough bob haircut. I thought she could still wear a chin length bob after getting the chop job fixed. I wasn’t new to bondage, but never like this, being tied up with human hair! Both my arms were now immobilised to the chair. The velvet feel of the silky soft braids against my forearms was beyond anything I have ever felt before.

The tables were then turned. The scissors now laid in the hands of the twin with the rough bob. The twin with the long hair closed her eyes and grimaced as she prepared for the inevitable.

*schnick schnick schnick*

Her left braid was soon chopped off. She relaxed her composure after this and opened her eyes. Unexpectedly, she threw her chopped off braid towards me and it landed on my lap! They both laughed.

*schnick schnick schnick*

With that last braid chopped off, both twins now sported the same hairstyle again, albeit rough bobs which need to be tidied! She thew the last braid towards me. It hit my bare chest and slid down to join the other braid on my lap. My cock grew hard from this sensational tease!

The second twin moved towards me while the other watched. She took the braids and tied my feet to the legs of the chair with them! The chair I sat on was an old heavy wooden chair. I was now totally immobilised to the chair, tied both arms and feet with the twins’ braids! My cock throbbed from the feel of their silky-smooth braids rubbing against my shins.

The twins then used proper salon scissors to cut each other’s hair neatly into chin length bobs. When they were done, they did some more sensual dancing before me, shaking their bobs side to side as they did. It was incredible arousing to watch the two freshly bobbed twins playing with their hair, knowing that their hair which used to be down to their ass, was now used to bind me to the chair! My cock grew to its maximum hardness and throbbed up and down like a happy puppy. It was almost cruel to deprive me from ejaculating then, but I couldn’t even if I wanted to, for my hands were bound. Nor should I since this was merely just the appetizer!


The Gagging

The women swapped positions. The six who had been massaging me all these while, moved away. The twins now surrounded me on both sides and continued the foreplay by licking my body. As they did, I felt tufts of their shortened hair against my skin.

Out of the six, one emerged and presented herself before me. She had hip length dark brunette hair. I watched as she played with her hair, flicking it around and flaunting it to tease me. After the long hair show, she tied her hair into a single braid, securing the braid on both ends similarly like the twins before.

Wanting to give me an up-close view, she came up to me and sat on my lap! At this point, her panties were still on and I couldn’t penetrate her. Nor did they want me to, for the session was still early and they did not want me to cum too early. One of the twins handed her the giant scissors from before. She placed the blades at the base of the braid very close to her nape and started hacking away!

*schnick schnick schnick*

The scissors was literally in front of my face, chomping away at the thick braid before my eyes. The visual and audio experience having it this close to my face was far better than the many ASMR videos I have watched thus far.

*schnick schnick schnick*

The thick braid put up a gallant fight, as the scissors gnawed through it. But eventually, the scissors triumphed. Many years of growth and care fell limp onto my crotch after the final snip. The braid was chopped so high up and so close to her nape that her hair needed a nape buzz to fix the style properly.

I didn’t have to wait long for that, for soon one of the twins took out a cordless electric clipper. While the other twin continued to massage my back, the stylist twin switched on the clippers and buzzed the brunette’s nape!



The action was so close to my face, it was as if I was doing the action myself! My rock hard cock throbbed against her back as I watched her nape hair buzzed off into a tapered fade all the way up to the occipital bone. It was my first time seeing a woman’s exposed buzzed nape this close!

*schnick schnick schnick*

After the nape was done, the stylist then used salon scissors to shape the rest of the hair into a neat bob. When she was done, the previously hip length brunette now sported a severe angled bob with the back nape exposed while the front piece hung below her chin!

Knowing that I couldn’t touch her nape on my own accord, instead, she leaned back against me and rubbed her buzzed nape against my face! I responded by licking her nape. Words could not describe my joy then! After the incredible tease, she turned around to face me, and sat back down on my lap. This time, she swished her bob across her face by shaking her head sideways slowly. The madam was right in choosing these playful women for the session.

I was so aroused and almost came. But she knew from experience how much she could tease before a man gets aroused to the point of ejaculation. She stood up before that moment and I was given some relief. She took her chopped off braid and tied it around my mouth. I was now bound and gagged with five separate braids from three women.


The Whipping

The women swapped positions again. The brunette with the angled bob now stood behind me to caress my body. The twins took their leave and stood among the other remaining long-haired women. Another woman emerged from among them: a redhead Rapunzel with magnificent hair hanging all the way down to her knees! She had the longest hair among all of them in that room, like a real-life Disney fantasyland princess.

She took a stool from the side of the room, placed it in front of me and sat on it facing me. Her hair was so long that the ends touched the floor when she was seated! She distributed her hair around her body, covering it like a long veil. Fiery red locks cascaded down around her. She could wear her hair like a dress, completely hiding her body in this manner.

I am one of those “hybrid” hair fetishists, aroused both by long luxurious hair and that same hair being cut off into short sexy styles. The madam knew this and all the women she has offered to me thus far had exceeded my expectations beyond my wildest dreams. Here, a Rapunzel who had lived all her life known by that label, was about to sacrifice it all away for a rich patron’s fetish.

She revealed the giant scissors which had been previously carefully hidden beneath that mass of hair. I gasped through the gag. My cock stood upright. Part of me wanted her to stop and save her one-in-a-million locks. The other part of me wanted to see all that mass chopped off. Not that I could do anything about it anyway to stop her even if I wanted to, for I was bound to the chair and gagged from speaking.

With her free hand, she grabbed a large chunk of hair from behind her. The scissors was brought up to that lock. The scissor blades were positioned high up about two inches away from her scalp! With no remorse, she closed the scissor blades around the lock of hair she held out.


With a loud snip, the first four feet long chunk was severed from her scalp. Her fate from a Rapunzel into a short-haired woman was sealed. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Was it a dream? It seemed like a war crime to chop off such super long princess hair, yet so satisfying at the same time. A surge of arousal flowed through me, causing my cock to throb uncontrollably.

She laid the chopped off tress neatly on the floor and continued to chop off the rest of her cascading hair.

*schnick schnick schnick*

In fistfuls of hair, she methodically worked around her head, chopping off many years of her beloved hair. She worked from the back to the front. With each cutting, she lay them on the floor.

*schnick schnick schnick*

As the hair on her head decreased, the pile on the floor increased. She took her time to cut each lock and was careful to save the cut off tresses neatly. I watched in amazement as with each cutting of the red waterfall of hair, more of her lingerie-clad body is revealed underneath.

*schnick schnick schnick*

All these while, her hair nearly covered her entire face, for she had purposely left the front section to be cut last. When it was just a tuft of hair remaining in front, she paused momentarily. All of her hair had been hacked off into two inches all around except the super long front veil. It hung all the way down past her crotch, contrasting against the shortened hair on her crown.


With the final chop, the super long front section was no more, revealing a satisfied smirking face underneath. The transformation is complete. The Rapunzel is no more. Her hair now laid on the floor, forming another long-haired creature there, and the woman seated before me now is a short-haired redhead. My cock was throbbing so much then that I would have ejaculated at the slightest touch to the sensitive tips!

The redhead’s hair was a chopped-up mess of a rough pixie which needed fixing. Another woman emerged into the scene. She had hip length silky straight blonde hair. She brought a salon trolley containing various haircutting tools and parked it next to the redhead. Using a scissors over comb technique, the blonde stylist cut the redhead’s hair into a neat short pixie. More small cuttings of hair rained down on the redhead’s shoulders. Finally, the stylist took out clippers and buzzed the sides and nape, giving her a tapered look.

While the stylist worked, the other women gathered the long tresses from the floor. They braided the loose hair together into a rope braid that resembled a whip, which they handed to the redhead.

The transformation was incredible! She entered the room as a Rapunzel princess with knee length gorgeous wavy hair. Now she has morphed into a dominatrix with a short Charlize Theron buzzed pixie, holding her severed four-feet-long braid as a whip! I have been whipped before as part of my BDSM indulgences. But never before by a human hair braid. I wonder how it would feel like?

I didn’t need to wait long, for the redhead soon lashed out at me with her whip braid. Pain and pleasure mixed in a concoction of euphoria within me. With each lashing, I muffled out cries of arousal through the hair gag. It was a double whammy experience, seeing a gorgeous long-haired redhead chop off her hair into a short pixie and then using her chopped off hair to punish me.


The Crowning

The tables were turned again. Having received the punishment earlier, I was then treated to watch a domination and submission display. The redhead dominatrix made the blonde woman sit on the stool in front of me. She had smooth straight hair down to her hips, neatly cut into a one length style at the ends. That was soon about to change.

The dominatrix used her whip braid to tie the blonde’s hands together behind her back. She started by massaging the blonde’s scalp, setting a relaxed initial state. Slowly, the dominatrix ramped up the massage, becoming rougher with the blonde woman. Eventually the blonde started to cry out in pain. At this, the dominatrix started to pull the blonde woman’s hair. Her controlled screams seemed to indicate she enjoyed her hair being pulled, the mix of pain and pleasure slowly arousing her.

Next, the dominatrix took out the giant scissors and held the blades against the blonde’s cheeks. The cold steel against her skin made her shudder. She shook her head, indicating she does not want her hair cut off. Of course, the dominatrix ignored her pleas. She put the scissors away into the side trolley and took out a hairbrush instead.

Due to the rough hair pulling before, the blonde’s hair was a mess. The dominatrix soon rectified this, brushing the hair until it was smooth. The stylist

The dominatrix sectioned a thick triangular part on top of her head and brought the front hair down across her face. The silky straight blonde veil hung down covering her face and reaching down to her crotch. The rest of the hair was tied back in a low ponytail behind her back. I didn’t need to guess. I knew what was to come next. Someone was about to get “banged”! My cock hardened in anticipation of what was to happen to the blonde woman.

The dominatrix took out a salon scissors from the trolley and inserted the scissor blades into the golden sheet hanging over her face. Before the blonde could react, the scissor blades snapped shut!

*schnick schnick schnick*

Two feet of hair fell before the blades and heaped up on a pile at her crotch. In its place were thick blunt sexy bangs which sat on her eyebrows! The blonde stylist now looked like a teenager with those cute bangs and hair tied back in a ponytail.

The dominatrix saw my throbbing cock and grinned at me. She took the long blonde lock that was just cut off and twisted it into a thin strand of hair rope. Then, she fashioned it into a small ring and inserted it into my left ring finger! There I was, naked, bound and gagged with hair, now also “betrothed” to the blonde woman who had just been “banged”. My cock hardened even more from the feel of the blonde woman’s long front hair no longer attached to her head, but on my ring finger instead.

The dominatrix untied the blonde woman’s hands and made her kneel down on the floor on all fours. More punishment was to come. This time, the dominatrix whipped the submissive’s bottom with the whip braid. With each lashing, she cried out in pain and her buttocks grew redder. When her ass was as red as a baboon’s bottom, the dominatrix finally relented.

But it was not yet over for the submissive. While she was still kneeling on the floor, the dominatrix took out the giant scissors and sawed away mercilessly at her long blonde ponytail! The blonde woman pleaded out in a voice mixed with pleasure and sorrow, for she didn’t like her hair being forcibly chopped off like that, yet she was also aroused by it. Her moans and her orgasming body betrayed her inner fantasy.

*schnick schnick schnick*

After some hacking, the beautiful blonde ponytail was finally separated from its owner’s head and the dominatrix held up the trophy for all to see. The blonde woman, now in an uneven bob, started to weep tears of sadness mixed with guilty pleasure. All those while, my heart rate was off the charts and my cock was throbbing so hard; I thought it was going to fall off!

The dominatrix passed the chopped off ponytail to one of the other women. She got the submissive to get up and sat her back on the stool. She forced a smile through her red tear-laden face. Her hair was an absolute mess from the rough hack job. The dominatrix soon fixed it by cutting a straight blunt line with scissors, all around her head at lip length. When she was done, the blonde woman who previously had hair down to her hips, now sported a lip length box bob with thick bangs to her eyebrows. She went from a Barbie doll look into a China doll look!

While the dominatrix was tidying up the submissive’s hair, the other women weaved the blonde ponytail into a head wreath and gave it back to the blonde woman. By then, her haircut was done, and she had wiped her tears away from her face. Both women walked up to me.

The blonde woman kissed my forehead and then laid the wreath on top of my head like a crown. The dominatrix followed suit and laid her whip braid around my neck like a garland. There I was, naked, bound and gagged with braids, with a hair ring on my finger, a garland of red hair around my neck, and a wreath of blonde hair on my head like an angel’s halo! I was adorned with hair from five women on my naked body! What a sight to behold!


The Offering

Next up was a light brunette girl with ass length thick wavy hair. She was a playful one, draping her tresses all around my body and whipping it around in hair show foreplay. Every time my upright cock caught a whiff of her long hair as she flicked it around in front of me, it throbbed. The five “courses” I had partaken before this was mind-blowing enough. I wondered what she could bring to the table to top what had been done?

I need not wait any longer. As if reading my mind, she brought out the giant scissors and placed the cold steel on my face, the same way the dominatrix did to the blonde girl in the previous session. But this time, she was going to do it on herself. She stood directly in front of me and bent her head down, letting her thick tresses spill over onto my crotch like an offering! Her thick mane covered my cock completely, and it throbbed rapidly in response. Then, without warning, she plunged the giant scissors into her the thick mass hanging before me!

*schnick schnick schnick*

The giant scissors chopped off random big chunks of wavy locks. Every scrunch of the scissors slicing through the thick wavy mane was like music to my ears. Hair of all manners of length fell down onto a giant heap on my crotch.

*schnick schnick schnick*

The scissors gradually worked its way up higher as she goes, chopping ever closer to her scalp. The initially long pieces of hair that fell eventually became shorter small clumps.

*schnick schnick schnick*

Before long, the thick ass length mane that used to be on her head, was now all piled up on my crotch. It was as if she spilled her hair from her head onto me! I could scarcely contain my arousal, because there were two more women left still with long hair, and I didn’t want to ejaculate prematurely.

Her hair was now a messy, uneven shag of various lengths, some up to her scalp. There was only one way to salvage this mop of hair. Again, as if reading my thoughts, she took out the cordless clippers from the side trolley. She placed a #1 clipper attachment onto the blades.


*bzzz bzzz bzzz*

The woman plunged the clippers into her head. She laughed out in joy as she mowed the clippers into her head. More hair joined the giant pile on my crotch.

*bzzz bzzz bzzz*

Her bent-over head was literally in my face, so close that I could actually feel the vibration from the clippers as she buzzed her head neatly into a #1 buzz cut.

*bzzz bzzz bzzz*

After a few minutes, every single strand of hair on her head had been shorn to 3 mm long. Moments ago, her hair was the dreamy ass length wavy locks which every girl would kill to have. Just like that, she chopped off and shorn them all off as an offering to me. From super long light brunette mermaid waves into a buzz cut rebellious look. All those mermaid locks now a pile of keratin mound entombing my cock.


The Riding

By now, six of the women had their haircut and only two remained with their long hair still intact. One had raven black hip length hair and the other had honey blonde hair down to her knees! The six stood behind me and took turns massaging and caressing my body while the last two performed in front of me.

The black-haired woman stood before me and looked disapprovingly at the pile of hair on top of my cock. She scooped up the pile from my crotch and dumped it onto the floor. Then, she eyed the woman whom the hair had belonged to and stomped on the pile with her foot to assert dominance. It was then I knew that she was going to on up her in some way.

The dark-haired woman did a twerk in front of me as foreplay and then sat on my lap. She did an amazing dirty lap dance, while flicking her long hair around. When she felt that I had hardened enough, she took off her panties and mounted my cock! Like a rodeo rider, she continued to lap dance while she rode my cock. She was experienced and synced her movements perfectly with the throbbing of my cock. It didn’t take long before I started to moan with pleasure through the mouth gag.

That was the cue she was waiting for. Not wanting me to ejaculate prematurely, she reduced her intensity and signalled to the honey blonde girl to role play as the stylist. While the black-haired woman sat facing me on my lap, the blonde stylist brushed her hair neatly down her front, back and sides. The raven black hair soon covered her completely all around like Cousin It.

The stylist then switched her tool from the brush to the giant scissors. I was about to get an up close and personal haircut view while being ridden! The stylist inserted the scissor blades into the front lock at eyebrow level. Her long front lock cascaded down onto our crotch. Oh my goodness! A bangs-cutting moment was about to happen right in front of my face!

*schnick schnick schnick*

Two feet of raven black hair was sliced off in quick succession, revealing a lovely pair of green eyes. The long locks fell onto my chest as we grinded even harder. She now had thick blunt bangs perfectly framing her face, giving her a Cleopatra vibe, considering her black hair. It was a euphoric moment!

As if reading my mind, she dismounted and sat back on with her back facing me. Her hip length black locks now cascaded down her back with the ends tickling my crotch. The stylist brushed the black waterfall of hair until it was smooth. Then, she inserted the giant scissor blades into the jet black silk at the middle of her back. One foot of hair hung below the blades.

*schnick schnick schnick*

The scissors chopped across the back, reducing the hip length hair to mid-back length. Foot-long locks of hair fell to my lap, joining the two feet long lock there from the bangs-cutting before. Now she’s truly Cleopatra reincarnated with black mid-back length hair with bangs!

She dismounted and remounted facing me again, wrapping her arms around the back of my neck. She flicked her hair around, initially surprised by the ease at which her shortened locks moved. We thrust harder. It was too much for me to handle this exotic beauty and I nearly came. Again, she knew how to pace herself so as not to over-arouse, like a true professional. She turned down the intensity and signalled to the stylist to cut off more of her hair. It seemed like they had pre-arranged this.

The blonde stylist inserted the giant scissors into her hair level with the freshly-cut bangs.

*schnick schnick schnick*

The scissors cut into the side locks, sending another foot of hair down onto my chest. The bangs had been widened all the way to her left ear!

*schnick schnick schnick*

After some more snipping, “Cleopatra” now had ultra-wide bangs from ear to ear! Her hair is now more like a long mullet. But they were not done yet. She dismounted and remounted with her back facing me.

*schnick schnick schnick*

The stylist continued to slice away at the hair at the back, level with the line already made in front.

*schnick schnick schnick*

More raven black hair rained down onto my lap. The black veil covering the upper half of her back was eventually hacked off, revealing her lovely neck. “Cleopatra” was no more, replaced by an uneven bowl cut. But that was soon to be fixed.


*bzzz bzzz bzzz*

With no guards on, the stylist mowed the nape, shaving off everything under the horizontal line created by the scissors earlier. Everything below the line was shaved down to a stubble. I couldn’t believe my luck for experience a second nape shave up close in my face as I was ridden on! I tried my best to contain my arousal, because I knew it was not the end yet. There was one more woman to go after this. Nearly there.

The stylist applied some shaving cream onto the shaved nape. It was a familiar smell from up close, but this time, it was not my beard that was getting shaved, but a woman’s nape.

*scrit scrit scrit*

The stylist used a razor to shave off all the stubble at the nape down to the skin. I have seen numerous nape shaves on videos, but that was my first time seeing a razor shave up close literally in my face! When done, the stylist wiped the nape with a wet cloth.

The black-haired woman couldn’t stop touching her smooth-shorn nape after that. It was criminal that I couldn’t touch it myself, for I was bound to the chair. Knowing what I was thinking, she leaned back towards me and let me lick her smooth nape. My cock hardened again and to prevent ejaculation, she quickly dismounted.

She gathered her cut off black locks from my lap and held them up to my face to tease me. My cock throbbed at the sight of this gorgeous woman with a sexy bowl cut style holding her previously hip length hair, now in a pile in her hands. She threw her hair into the air and let them float down to join the huge pile of hair on the floor from all those other women before.


The Wrapping

There was only one woman left with her long hair still intact. The final woman stepped forth. The madam had indeed reserved the very best for last! The young woman who stood before me was the pinnacle of Slavic beauty with magnificent thick honey blonde hip length hair down to her knees! She was the legendary fairy tale Rapunzel herself in person!

Knowing that she was the most special one and the climax of the show, “Rapunzel” put on a stellar long hair show. The hair play involved a lengthy hair show, brushing, and flaunting session, knowing it would be her last. Just like the redhead equally long and gorgeous knee length hair earlier, it was criminal to chop off this natural human wonder of a hair. But I was to get my money’s worth. Furthermore, the establishment has a reputation to maintain, so all that hair must go before the curtains closed.

Her foreplay moved to include me in it. She stood behind me and draped her golden locks down across both my shoulders. Her hair was so thick and long that she could cover my entire chest with it and the hair hung down past my crotch. My cock started to harden again when it came into contact with her hair. She rubbed her long hair against my chest from behind. I enjoyed every bit of this foreplay, lost in the moment, absorbing every bit of her caress.

Then, she repositioned herself in front of me. She knelt in front of my hardened cock and wrapped the ends of her long hair around the shaft! Slowly and masterfully, she massaged the shaft with her hair wrapped around it. Even with the gentle hair job, it was almost too much for me to handle, and I nearly came at that moment. Knowing this, she unwrapped her hair from my cock. Time to turn it down a little to prolong the fun.

She stood back up and turned her back to face me. “Rapunzel” beckoned to “Cleopatra” to come aid her. The black-haired woman – now with a bowl cut – brushed the honey blonde haired woman’s hair down her back until it was smooth. It was truly a magnificent sight to behold! Such long silky straight blonde hair like a river of gold flowing down her back. Next, the stylist tied the hair at the middle of its length, about waist length.

My cock throbbed excitingly like a happy puppy at anticipation of what was coming next. The stylist took out the giant scissors and inserted the blades above the hair tie level. Two feet of golden blonde hair hung helplessly below this line. Cutting the hair here would severe the length exactly in half, leaving another two feet remaining.

*schnick schnick schnick*

The giant scissors sawed into the top of the thick ponytail. With each snip, my cock throbbed. The paradoxical fetish in me meant I enjoyed both super long hair appreciation and the same hair being chopped off. At that moment, both were in play; the partly chopped hair was doubly arousing!

*schnick schnick schnick*


With those final snips, the ponytail was severed from its owner’s head and fell to the floor with an audible thud. Her hair now laid to her waist level, from an astonishing knee length just moments ago! Her hair was still considered very long by normal standards, but definitely a far cry from being a Rapunzel anymore.

The stylist tidied the ends into a blunt straight line at waist length. There is something mesmerising about freshly trimmed long hair with ruler-straight ends cut all one length with no layers. The perfection is like a satisfying work of art.

When done, the blonde woman turned around and picked up her chopped off ponytail. Both the ponytail and the hair on her head were now equal length at two feet long. She draped her ponytail all across my body to tickle me. From my neck to my chest and down to my thighs, she teased me with her freshly chopped ponytail. It was like foreplay before the main course next.

Then, she got down on her knees in front of me and started round two of a hair job. Somehow, it was even more arousing to receive a hair job with a ponytail that had just been chopped off, than one that was still attached to the head, especially from the one whom it was chopped off from. Which she got down to work on my cock, the stylist knelt down beside her and started to brush her now waist length blonde hair.

It was all too much stimulation to take in! I was surrounded by women whose hair had just been cut off, while receiving a hair job from a woman whose hair was also being brushed at the same time! Chopping off her super long hair into two manageable lengths enabled her to give me head with her ponytail while also still had long hair to be played with by another woman. I was in hair harem fantasyland!

My cock grew harder and throbbed like mad as she worked her magic with her blonde ponytail wrapped around the shaft! Sensing that I was about to hit my limit before bursting, she uncoiled the ponytail from around my rock-hard shaft, to allow me to recover. When I was ready to go again, “Rapunzel” signalled the stylist to move to the next phase. Out came the clippers!


The stylist popped the cordless electric clippers on and the blonde woman took hold of my cock again. This time however, she brought the shaft into her mouth! That was the cue the stylist was waiting for. As “Rapunzel” started the blow job, the stylist positioned the clippers right in front of her forehead at her middle part. She held it there for a few seconds, and after a few mouthful throbs, she ran the clippers slowly over her crown.


I have watched this very scene numerous times before on video. But that was the very first time I witnessed the infamous “straight down the middle” clipper shave on a woman while she was knelt in front of me blowing my cock. It was a delirious experience that shouldn’t have been available for mere mortals. But there I was, getting head while clippers mowed a path down her middle part.

*bzzz bzzz bzzz*

With each successive pass of the clippers, more of her crown was exposed, sending golden blonde long locks falling to the floor around her. All the while sucking on my cock. I was not sure which I enjoyed more: the blow job or the head shave scene. Perhaps both.

*bzzz bzzz bzzz*

It was like an out-of-body experience, seeing what was going on before me. A gorgeous eleven out of ten young blonde woman with fairy tale super long hair, was giving me head while being shorn to the scalp.

*bzzz bzzz bzzz*

By now all of her crown hair had been mowed down into stubbles, leaving only the sides and back still long in a sorry Franciscan monk tonsure skullet hairstyle. The stylist changed position and started shaving from the bottom to top direction, raining more long blonde hair around her.

*bzzz bzzz bzzz*

She seemed to mouth my cock even more intensely as more and more of her luscious hair was shorn off.

*bzzz bzzz bzzz*

My cock grew harder and throbbed more intense as the final pieces of her long hair was severed from her scalp. Her prized long golden locks laid in semi-circular heap around her. In its place, was a shaved head, still giving blow job to the patron. When she realised it was done, not wanting premature ejaculation yet, she removed my shaft from her mouth. It seemed she did not want me to cum inside her mouth but had special plans in store ahead.

She also stopped because she wanted to feel her shaved head herself for the first time. I saw a look of satisfaction and liberation in her face as she stroked head and felt the soft stubbles on her hands. After being hidden away under her luscious blonde locks all her life, she had finally freed herself and was ready to discover herself without Rapunzel’s security blanket. The short respite allowed both of us to recover and continue on to the final step.

The newly shaved woman took hold of her ponytail that was chopped off earlier. I had nearly forgotten about its existence after such an intense session! She wrapped the ponytail around my cock and resumed caressing it. Meanwhile, the stylist applied shaving cream onto her head in preparation for a razor shave.

*scrit scrit scrit*

She started the hair job again for the third round while her head was being shaved smooth with a razor. She skilfully synced the massage motion on my cock with that of the razor shave motion on her head by the stylist.

*scrit scrit scrit*

I watched as the razor blade carved wide avenues across the white fields of shaving cream on her head, leaving behind a baby smooth scalp. It was amusing to watch while my “golden” cock was being handled by her. I noticed that she was also shuddering herself. Was she also getting aroused by her head getting shaved?

*scrit scrit scrit*

She masterfully caressed my cock with her golden blonde ponytail wrapped around it like a cocoon. My cock pulsated through the nestling of golden hair, massaged by the former Rapunzel, now bald. Just a little longer to go.

*scrit scrit scrit*

The stylist finally finished shaving the last stubble from the head. She wiped the head clean with a wet towel to remove excess shaving cream. Her shaking grew more intense. Finally, she released her pent-up orgasm and let out a loud moan. It was all too much for both of us to take in. I had been holding myself back through eight women getting their long hair chopped off. This was it. This final woman deserved my cum. Her orgasm was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I let out the stream of semen onto her smoothly shaved bald head. At this, she moaned and shook even more violently. She let go of my cock leaving behind her golden blonde ponytail wrapped around my cock. With her hands now free, she touched my voluminous ejaculate on her head. Pleased at how much cum there was, she proceeded to rub my ejaculate around on her head. She used the semen as a lubricant to feel her smoothly shaved head.

As she spread my cum around her head, the smooth head became more shiny! More ejaculate dripped out of my now limp cock, which she gladly licked off the tips while she continued to rub her smooth bald head in orgasmic ecstasy. She had walked into the room as a Rapunzel with the longest hair among the women and will now walk out of the room completely hairless! We were both totally in our own little world, oblivious to the presence of the other seven women around us. They only smiled in amusement, not wanting to ruin the moment.

As for me, to say it was the best day of my life was a serious understatement. Eight women had chopped off their prized super long hair to fulfil my fetish and shared intense sexual encounters with each other. They walked away with far less hair, and in some cases, no hair, but gained an unforgettable experience, not to mention being paid very handsomely for their sacrifices.

Another happy patron for the establishment.

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      That is my preferred way to work. If I am inspired and I have time, I rather write it up in one go. Splitting up the writing into more than one session would result in losing inspiration and discontinuity in the “feel” of the story. That’s just the way creative people are. You can go for a long time without inspiration. But when you do, it all just flows out at once.

      I like your stories too. You can probably tell I love bangs-cutting the most. My favourites from you are “Isabella” and “Brown Locks for Dinner”. Keep up your good work. 🙂

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