The Sensuality of Bangs Cutting

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She came into the salon with hair pass her bum, long enough to sit on. I gave her the much needed trim and reduced the length by ten inches. Her freshly trimmed ends now reached just to the top of her bum. The straight blunt cut made her hair look much thicker and healthier. I finished by brushing her hair out until it was smooth and shiny. Her one length middle-parted silky locks cascaded down her back and draped across her shoulders like dark velvet curtains. Her raven black glorious mane contrasted nicely against the white cape. Pleased with the trim, I moved on to the next step of the hairstyle I have in mind for her.

I stood in front of her and parted a triangular section from the front, about two inches deep from the front hairline. I tucked the rest of her hair back behind her ears and allowed the front section to fully cover her face. Because her hair was one length, this front section was so long that it the ends nearly reached down to her crotch. I combed out this would-be-bangs section until it was smooth. I wanted to cut it off with one continuous motion. Once I was satisfied, I took out the scissors and inserted the blades into the front veil just below her eyebrows.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked her, to which she replied with a nervous whimper and submissive nod.

I snapped the scissor blades shut. Schnick! The first cut sent a slither of hair two feet long sliding down the cape. The first snip revealed her left eye, which was frozen in terror.

Schnick! I continued to work the scissors across her face and snipped off another two feet long lock. The audible sound of long hair sliding down the polyester cape was mesmerising. The freshly severed section joined the first cut lock at her lap. There, they coiled up in defeat at her lap.

I re-positioned myself on the other side so as to cut the last section more easily. She shut her eyes as I inserted the cruel blades at eyebrow level. Slowly, I shut the blades close, severing the last bangs section. Schnick! The slicing sound of metal meeting hair, followed by the slithering sound of hair sliding down the polyester cape, were like music to my ears.

Her long bangs now lay on a pile on her lap. In its place were stunning thick eyebrow length bangs, blunt cut straight across. It accentuated her facial features and brought out her beautiful sparkling eyes. After gazing at the large mound of hair on her lap, she finally had enough courage to look up and see herself in the mirror. She nearly couldn’t recognise herself at first, but after about ten seconds inspecting her new look, she managed a smile.

Later after she left, I noticed a wet patch on the cape she had on earlier, at the crotch area. Because I cut her hair dry, it couldn’t have been water from the spray bottle. I smiled to myself.

Cutting her bangs was indeed a very sensual experience… for both of us.

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