The shop down the street

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The sun flew high when she moved in down the block, her name was Deidre and was fresh out of the city.
Fiona couldn’t help herself, she had to glimpse the newcomer to the neighborhood.
A moving truck was parked alongside the moved-in house, unloading chairs: styling chairs.
“Careful with that”,instructed Deidre. Catching the gaze of Fiona, the neighborly gal waved friendly at the new face.
The longer she gazed on the new neighbor, Fiona felt it necessary to bite her lip.
Deidre was gorgeous to the housewife, black, thick tresses pinned up with bangs cut straight across.
A flannel blouse in shades of red in squares, black pants that complimented her red and white sneakers.
Even her yawn was cute, her pointed, red-painted fingernails erect as they sifted her early morning breath.
“It probably smells of cinnamon”, Fiona idled, redness flushed her face, a dreamy smile plastered to her face.
Fiona started home but looked back every other pace to spy the her new found crush.
A few days later, Fiona decided to make Deidre a pie as a WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD gift.
Once baked and prepped, Fiona spruced herself up with a 1950s-esque dress and brought her hair up in a beehive do.
Red heels finished the ensemble, a little blush here and rosy lipstick there, she was ready.
Balancing the dish on her right palm, Fiona knocked with her left, slightly balled hand.
Deidre opened the door and smiled,”Oh, hello”.
Fiona suddenly couldn’t speak, she thrusted the pie towards the woman,”Uh… Something for you to welcome you to the neighborhood”
“Thank you, you’re so kind”
Fiona nodded and turned to leave but a hand on her shoulder stopped her.
“Hold on, I don’t know your name”
Fiona turned and slightly blushed,”My names… Fiona”
“Well Fiona, thank you for the pie. Would you like to come in”
“Sure”,Fiona nodded.
The two women entered the house and what a house it was.
Tan walls, beige ceiling, and gorgeous tiles built the house.
“Tell me, Fiona”,started Deidre,”What do you do for a living”
“I’m an accountant, my husband works business”
“I see”,Deidre charmed, rubbing her slender chin,”I work in the cosmetology industry”
“I saw the chairs you have, must be nice to cut hair all day”
Deidre agreed,”But not just cutting but perming and shaving, a very noble profession indeed”
“Do you cut women’s hair?”asked Fiona.
“Oh, yes”,Deidre replied,”Females are more open to new hairstyles”
“More open?”
Deidre nodded,”Mhm, I might add, whatever style they (or I) choose, they always look good”
“Wait, you choose a haircut for them?”
“It’s very rare”,explained the hairdresser,”But now and then, a girl or woman comes in, sits in my chair, and leaves it to me to make them beautiful”
“They must really trust you”,said Fiona,”Do you have a shop around here?”
Deidre extended her arms,”This is my shop!”
Fiona became confused,”Huh?”
“Would you like to see?”
Fiona nodded,”Please”
Deidre took the other woman by the hand,”Come this way”
They walked into the hallway and ascended up some stairs.
Coming to a side room, the barberette took out a key from her breast pocket and inserted it in.
“Get ready”
A turn of the knob yielded the door and the two had suddenly entered a new world.
Chairs lined the wall on the right, tiles of black and white covered the floor in a pattern.
The mirrors sparkled marvelously due to the sun that shown through the window.
Fiona was in awe at the beauty of the setup,”It’s beautiful”.
Deidre had slid her head into an apron and was tying the strips behind her back.
“You ready?”
Fiona’s eyes widened,”What?”
The housewife didn’t know how to react so she went with the flow, she walked towards her hairdresser and taking a seat.
“Alright”,said Deidre, flinging a cape over her new-found friend, ”You’re going to look great, I promise”
Three to five pins were removed from Fiona’s scalp and her brown tresses rested just below her breast.
“You have such beautiful hair, Ms. Fiona”,charmed the stylist,”Such softness”
Fiona blushed hard, she loved the attention from Deidre.
Deidre combed through the brown hair and lulled Fiona with soft words.
“Now, you just relax”,charmed Deidre as she sifted the wave of chocolate.
Fiona did not stir, she didn’t want to, she only wanted to enjoy the free haircut.
With her client relaxed, Deidre gathered up the hair of the housewife in her palm.
Then, with her other hand, she took up her shears.
“You are going to be beautiful”,She smiled.
And with a sleek stroke, Fiona’s mass of brown tresses lay on the floor in small heaps.
The tranced girl barely cared that she was now short-haired, all she wanted to see were the emerald eyes of Deidre.
The barberette put back her shears and retrieved the clippers.
Taking a comb and hairpins, Deidre fastened up the crown and one-third of the sides.
The hair that hung low on Fiona’s head was swiftly shaved off.
The scraping of the razor of her scalp did not faze Fiona, she just smiled her pearly whites at her reaper.
With the remaining hair, Deidre trimmed it, and rolled into cylinders to perm.
It was weird to see herself partly bald, but Deidre did promise to make her beautiful.
With the perming formula set and the hair at maximum curliness, Deidre teased the hair til all was a flurry mass.
Deidre solidified her creation with a kiss on Fiona’s cheek.
Fiona snapped out of her trance but did not berate the hairdresser for what she had done to her head.
“Thank you”,Fiona smiled,”I really needed a change”
Deidre patted the fluffy head of Fiona,”You’re welcome, sweetie”
Fiona was about to leave but lingered a while.
The next thing Deidre knew was the two of them smooching on the piles of dead hair.

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