The Sisters “T”

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The sisters “T”

By JimB    ©opyright August 2018



John and Mary Thomson had two daughters.

The oldest was named Tammy Theresa. The youngest named Terri Tina.

Over the years of their childhood, they became known as “The sisters ‘T'” to family and friends.

In their childhood years each developed a different path of interest.

But, both were very smart girls, taking to reading and writing as young as two years of age.

Both enjoyed sports, mostly competing against boys, but not against each other.

At the age of five, Tammy became interested in fixing her mother’s and sister’s hair, as well as her own.

She would comb their hair different ways, as if to be styling it.

She quickly learned how to use hair rollers, but not the solutions.

But, unknown to her mother she would cut the hair of her, and her sister’s, dolls. This led to her sister the next year.

Tammy talked Terri into letting her cut, as she told her, her hair.

“I will only cut the ends,” she told Terri.

That first attempt was one that brought tears to Terri, and a punishment from their mother. It also cost mother six dollars to have the uneven hair cut straightened out.

The haircut, by their mother’s friend and hairstylist, ended up being a short bob just about the bottom of Terri’s ears.

But, Tammy never gave up.

She would glue strips of paper on the now hairless heads of her dolls and practice cutting the paper hair even. She found some hair magazines her mother had purchased and tried to cut the paper hair like the models in the magazines were cut.

Surprisingly she became very good at it.

But, she still wanted to cut real hair, not her own.

When summer came the next year, she again talked her little sister into letting her cut her hair for the summer.

Again, Terri became her willing subject.

Terri’s hair had grown out over the year and was just to her shoulders.

This time Tammy’s haircutting was a lot better than the last one she gave Terri.

When their mother saw Terri coming out their room, with her hair cut as short as the stylist had she was surprised. Thinking their dad had taken her to his barber shop that evening.

When she found out he hadn’t, Tammy was punished again.

But, for part of her punishment, this time, mother took her to their dad’s barber.

Mary asked him to give her a boyish haircut.

Tammy did not like it and protested.

But, in the end the point was well taken by her.

Some years had gone by before Tammy approached Terri and her hair.

She became more knowledgeable, and acquired more skill, in hair care. She learned how to use perming lotion, as well as, how to trim the ends of long hair.

Terri became her willing model, always asking her to, do something different with her hair. Each week she would show up at school with her hair in different styles.

Each Saturday Tammy would play with Terri’s hair.

Combing, brushing it out, only trimming the ends when they were noticeably uneven.

Their father said they both had a hair fetish.

One liking to do things with hair!

The other liking things to be done to her hair!

But, he did not know how much this fetish was deep within them.

One night Tammy confessed to Terri her wish to give a crew cut to one of her girlfriends.

Terri confessed to her she really did not like her hair long, as she had let it grow for their mother.

She told Tammy how much she liked the haircut mother had required Tammy to get, the second time she cut Terri’s hair.

How she wished she had been the one to be punished and enjoy the adventure Tammy did that day.

They discussed this, their personal “fetish” for hair, many times before retiring for the night.

Unbeknown to Terri, and even their parents, Tammy had been checking out books on haircutting from the public library, as well as the library at school.

She even talked Rose, the older sister of her friend Candi, into letting her read her textbooks from beauty school, which she had finished the past summer.

Also, she found textbooks, ten years old, on barber training.

She was also surprised how she was able to hide, from them, the home haircutting set she had purchased around Christmas.

Even more so, she was surprised how she was able to practice using the scissors and the clippers.

She had thought she would have to wait until she was eighteen before she would be able to do more than what she was now doing.

But, Terri’s admission, of wanting to cut her hair, heightened her wish.

She made a promise to her self. She would make Terri’s wish come through.

Tammy would pretend she was cutting Terri’s hair each time she combed, or brushed, it. She would make the sounds of the scissors, even the clippers, cutting hair. She would show Terri pictures of women with short haircuts.

But, they would laugh and go about doing whatever it was they wanted.

A few weeks before school was out for the year, Tammy became more aggressive.

She first told Terri of the books she had checked out and read.

Even telling her she had plans to purchase one of those haircutting kits, to practice on her paper hair dolls.

Then, the night before the last day of school, Tammy took her aggression one step closer.

She laid out the kit on her bed where Terri could see it.

When she came out from her shower, Terri noticed the kit and began looking it over. She touched the scissors, the comb, and the clippers.

Tammy was standing outside their room in the hallway, viewing her sister’s interest.

At the right moment she walked in. Terri was holding the clippers close to her head.

Tammy took it from her and sat down on the bed next to her.

Without saying a word she started cleaning the clippers, even though she had never used it.

After brushing the head, she applied some oil.

She undid the cord and plugged it in the outlet behind her nightstand.

With the knowledge she had read, she pushed the switch turning on the clippers.

When it came to life Tammy noticed Terri jump, but not much.

She noticed Terri’s eyes as she moved the clippers around in the air.

After a few minutes she turned it off, but quickly she turned it back on when she noticed Terri turn away.

As Terri sat on her bed, reading, Tammy began telling her how the clippers could be used to cut hair.

Every so often she would click the switch on and off, quickly.

This caused Terri’s eyes to jump to the sound.

Then, came that night!

School was out for the year.

Each had a summer job to start in a few days.

Tammy had gotten one five months before, at the beauty salon a few block from where they lived. Her duties were not much, but somewhat important to the operation of the salon.

She would make sure the supplies the hairstylist used, were in stock and each station was clean for the next day’s operation.

She swept the floor of the cut hair.

After a few weeks there Doris, the owner, showed her the proper way to wash hair. This became her job when there were a lot of customers.

She took interest when one of the stylists was cutting hair.

She watched how the hair was combed out, then sectioned.

Mostly she watched, eyes following each movement, as the stylist combed and cut.

Tammy would look at the appointment calendar to see who would be doing what each day.

So, she could plan where to be when one of them was cutting hair.

Terri had gotten a summer job working for the recreation department.

She would be working with the coaches, seeing that their equipment was ready. In the afternoon she would be coaching one of the girls’ little league teams.

That night Terri told Tammy how she wished her hair was cut shorter, to keep it from getting in her eyes.

But, she didn’t know how short to get it cut, nor did she have the money to do so.

Tammy laughed and expressed her disgust.

“Why spend your money?

“I can cut your hair for you,” she told her sister.

“All we have to do is wait until mom and dad are gone for the night”.

Terri became a little worried, but she did want her hair cut for the summer.

Like before she agreed to let Tammy cut her hair.

While they waited for their parents to leave for the night, they talked about various haircuts.

But, Tammy wanted to know more about what Terri would be doing and how “brave” she was.

When their parents finally left they waited fifteen minutes to make sure they did not forget anything and had to return.

While they waited Tammy brushed Terri’s hair out from a center part.

Then, when she was ready she got out her little haircutting kit and set things out.

Terri asked her if she was sure she knew how to cut hair, reminding her of the last time she had let her do so.

Tammy smiled at her and said, ‘yes’.

Still a little worried Terri sat, in the chair in front of the mirrored dresser, as Tammy put the cape around her neck.

As Tammy combed her hair out Terri began asking her how she was going to cut her hair.

Again Tammy smiled and told her, “Trust me.

“I know just the cut for you.”

Tammy picked up the clippers and wiped off the head.

Then, she put a few drops of oil on the teeth and turned it on.

Tammy jumped just as she had the nights Tammy sat on her bed cleaning and oiling the clippers.

“How brave are you?” Tammy asked Terri once more.

Her eyes fixed on the haircutting tools before her. Her breathing begin to heighten. Her mouth became dry.

“Very brave,” she nervously told her sister. “But, I do, for some strange reason, trust you.”

With that Tammy turned the clippers off and picked up the scissors and comb.

She combed a section of hair out, and combed through it a few times. She looked at her sister in the mirror, her eyes fixed on what she had done.

“How brave are you?” Tammy asked her again.

Again Terri said, “Very”.

Placing the scissors in the middle of the section of hair, she had combed out, she asked Terri, “Do you really trust me?”

“Yes”, replied Terri, somewhat less nervous.

With that Tammy slid the scissors down the section of hair a little more and quickly cut off ten inches of hair. It fell into Terri’s lap.

Another section was combed and cut sending another ten inches into the cape.

Terri watched as Tammy combed and cut, combed and cut.

Slowly she worked around her head cutting her hair to within four inches of her head.

Terri noticed how her hair fell together. She liked how the scissors sounded when Tammy cut her hair.

“It feels nice”, she told her sister, who smiled at her.

When she was finished cutting she placed the scissors and comb on the table.

Standing so Terri could not see what she was doing, Tammy fingered the attachments.

She picked one up and looked it over.

Finally, she put the one that read number two on the clippers’ head.

She flicked the switch on and off a few times, watching to see if she had put it on right. Satisfied she had done it right, she turned around to her wide-eyed sister.

Flicking the switch on, causing Terri to jump a little, she asked again, “Brave and trusting?”

Terri sat staring at the humming clippers.

“Brave and trusting?” she heard Tammy ask again.

Taking a deep breath she shook her head yes.

Terri held the back of her sister’s head as she brought the singing clippers to her forehead.

Looking at her again, again asking, “Brave and trusting?”

Feeling a little uneasy, Terri again replied, “Brave and trusting.”

With that, Tammy slowly pushed the clippers back over her sister’s head, cutting away over three and a half inches of her hair.

As the clippers moved backward the pile of hair grew, almost choking the clippers.

Then, just as she was about to pull the clippers up and away, the pile of hair fell off her sister’s head, falling to the floor like a five-pound weight.

Tammy brought the clippers back, and began another pass over her head. Slowly another pile of hair grew on the clipper’s head, and fell to the floor when it came to the back of her head.

Three more passes and Tammy had cut her sister’s hair the shortest it had ever been cut, even by her until now.

As she looked at her sister in the mirror, she placed the clippers in front of her right ear and pushed it upward.

Quickly it moved up to the arch, where she had run the clippers first.

Unlike running the clippers over her head, the pile of hair fell to the floor as it cut each little strand. As she worked her way around her head hair followed her movement.

Tammy tilted Terri’s head forward and slowly pushed the clippers up her nape to the arch.

Five, six, seven, passes were made, now she was on the left side of Terri’s head.

A few more upward movements with the clippers and she was finished.

Tammy had given Terri a nice quarter inch clipping.

As she brushed her fingertips over it a strange feeling came over her. One she never felt before, not even when she cut the paper hair on her dolls.

Nor, when she washed the hair of the women who had short hair.

The feeling sent shivers up her fingers, her arms, through her body.

Her eyes were fixed on Terri’s new haircut.

“Tammy,” came a soft voice.

“Tammy… Tammy,” the soft voice called to her again.

“Tammy, are you all right?” it asked again.

Tammy blinked and shook her head.

It was Terri who was calling her name. She had a smile on her face.

“Yes,” Tammy replied. “I was just looking how nice the clipping came out.”

“Here,” she told her as she again brushed her fingertips over Terri’s clipping. “Here, feel how soft your hair feels.”

Tammy took both hands from under the cape and brushed her fingertips over the sides of her head.

Her body did a little shiver, but her smile grew.

When her fingers reached the back of her head, she let the full length of her fingers brush up the back of her head and over the top.

Her body shivered two more times, the last one as her fingers left her forehead.

“God, Terri,” she commented like a little girl, “That feels great.

“Just like the hair brush gram gave us when we were little girls.


Terri smiled as she shook her head, ‘yes’.

But, she was still feeling brave.

Her body shivered as she fingered the clippers.

Slowly she moved them to the head of the clippers.

She rubbed her thumb over the underside of the number two attachment.

Her throat became dry. She tried to swallow.

But, her throat was too dry.

Quickly she put the clippers down.

She patted Terri on the right shoulder, “Be right back.”

She quickly walked out the room and down the hall to the bathroom.

There she stood in front of the medicine cabinet, her face pale in color, her palms feeling moist.

Turning on the water she let its coolness fill her cupped hands.

Bringing them up to her face she inhaled as she let the cool water flow over her warm face.

She filled a paper cup with water and drank the dryness away, somewhat.

Standing there she could not believe Terri had let her do this.

She tried to think of why herself.

Then, a smile came to her face.

She cooled her face down one more time. She stood there looking at herself.

She had done it.

Wiping her face she gracefully walked out of the bathroom, heading back to their bedroom.

Back to Tammy, to finish her haircut!

When she reached the bedroom she stood in the doorway watching Tammy gently brush her fingertips over her clipper cut hair.

Her smile seemed to grow each time she did that.

Tammy was beginning to feel it was worth doing it.

“Hi, sis,” Terri commented as she entered the room. “See you like your haircut?”

Tammy didn’t answer, she just continued brushing her fingertips over her clippered haircut. It was as if she was in a trance.

Again Tammy spoke. “Terri, you like how I cut your hair?”

Terri turned her head towards the doorway as Tammy walked in and stood behind her.

“Yes,” she commented, as she brushed the back of her head 
with her full hands.

“Yes. I wish mom would have had Mr. Ken cut my hair like this when you first tried to cut my hair.”

Tammy placed her hands on her sister’s shoulders.

Then, brushed some clipped hair off.

“Would you like for me to leave your hair this way?” she calmly 

Terri looked up in the mirror at her sister. Her head tilted a little to the left.

“What do you have in mind?” she asked.

Tammy’s calmness began to slowly fade away as she searched for an answer.

Then, she smiled, “Are you still feeling ‘brave’, my dear sister?”

Terri just took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

She said nothing, but knew Tammy would understand what she meant.

Tammy picked up the clippers, removed the attachment, and turned the clippers on.

The loud “click” and humming filled the room, and Terri opened her eyes.

“Yes,” she answered, “I am still ‘brave’, sister dear.”

She had a feeling she knew what was going to happen, in a way she wanted it to.

Tammy put her left hand on Terri’s head and gently pushed it down.

Slowly she moved the humming clippers to the hairline.

Then, she pushed it up the back of Terri’s head until it reached where the head arched over the top.

She pulled the clippers away sending clippings to the floor and over herself. She repeated this three times on each side of the first pass.

Terri sat there, her mind feeling enjoyment, her body shivering with each movement of the clippers. Her head was tilted to the left as Tammy clipped the right side of her head.

Their eyes met in the mirror as Tammy walked around her to the left side.

There, Tammy completed her sister’s haircut.

After placing the clippers down Tammy sat on the edge of the dresser.

She said nothing, just watched her sister brush her fingertips over her cut. After a few minutes of this, she leaned over to her sister.

Giving her a sisterly kiss on the left cheek, she told her, “Thanks.”

Then, she reached behind her neck and undid the cape and removed it.

Terri smiled up at her as the cape was removed.

“No”, she whispered, “I must thank you”.

They smiled at each other.

Terri stood up and admired her haircut. A haircut she had longed for.

A haircut her sister had longed to give a woman.

Both felt good for each other.

“Now”, Tammy commanded of her sister. “You have to hop into the shower and wash your hair.

“The shower will get all those little tiny clippings out of your hair so it won’t feel itchy.”

Terri gave her another sisterly kiss on the cheek and went into the bathroom.

Tammy began cleaning up.

She cleaned the clippers off, oiled it, and put it in the little case she now had for it.

She placed the little case in her secret place, where her parents would not find it.

Then, she began sweeping up the hair on the floor.

As she was playing with the hair before deciding what to do with it, she heard her sister say, “Hey, look.”

She looked up at her sister standing in the doorway to their bathroom. She was naked with only a large blue towel hanging around her shoulders and pulled under her arms. “I did it”.

Terri said with pride.

“I shaved my…”, she pointed to her pubic area. “That’s two things I did today I have always wanted to do”.

“God, Terri”, Tammy cried as she stood up. “If mom sees you shaved your pussy it’s going to be worse than what she is going to do when she sees how I cut your hair”.

But, she had to admit she looked great shaved there.

And, it would be kind of hard for their mother to see that.

Harder than it would be for her to see the haircut!

Besides, she herself had been thinking of doing the same thing.

“Got an idea”, Tammy told Terri. “We know what’s going to happen when mom sees your haircut.

“I know I am going to catch the worst of it.

“So, I’ll make you a deal…”

Terri gave her a wicked smile, “Go ahead, what is it”?

“Since, I gave you the haircut you wanted”, she said with a wicked smile herself. “You can give me a shave, the shave I want, before we go to bed”.

Tammy’s smile got bigger, “Got a deal, sister”.

They hugged.

Terri went back into the bathroom and finished drying herself off and got dressed.

Tammy put her sister’s clippered hair into a plastic bag and put it in her secret hiding place with the clippers.

Tammy had gotten dressed. Terri had cleaned up.

They lay on their beds and began reading a book. They were also waiting for the return of their parents.

Tammy knew she was going to catch a lot of hell over this haircut.

But, was it to be was what was scaring her?

She thought of Terri and what their mother would tell her, for letting Tammy do this to her again.

Again, hadn’t she learned from the first time, or what?

Terri wasn’t worried that much.

What could her mother do?

After all it was something she wanted.

So, what could be worse than being yelled at!

Grounding her would be nothing. She had nothing to lose.

Terri looked over at Tammy when they heard the garage door open.

Tammy was nervous and began sweating a little.

“It’ll be alright,” Terri said reaching out for her hand.

“Let’s go out and face them together”.

They got up and hugged.

Tammy took a deep breath, “Well, we still have that deal for later tonight”?

“Sure”, Tammy replied. “I think it’s helping me feel better about the haircut”.

They walked out their room, then down the hallway that led to the kitchen.

When they reached eyesight of the kitchen they stopped and looked at each other.

“Me first”, Terri said as she stepped forward. “Follow a few steps behind me”.

“Damn!” came the first sound of a voice, it was their father.

“What the hell…!”

“TAMMY”! their mother sounded when she looked up and saw Terri standing there.

Tammy took a deep breath and walked in.

“Yes, mom”, she answered as if nothing was wrong.

She walked past Terri, who was being inspected by their father, to the kitchen table where her mother was standing.

She picked up an orange and began peeling it, “Did you want something?”

“TAMMY”! Mother sounded again. “I know you did this. WHY”?

Tammy looked at Terri. They smiled at each other.

“She wanted a crew cut”, she replied candidly. “So, I gave her a crew cut”.

“Crew cut… my ass”, came Mother’s reply.

“You”, she said, motioning to Terri. “In your room… and don’t answer the telephone or try to leave the house.

“I’ll deal with you later.”

Terri smiled at Tammy and went to her room.

“That wasn’t bad,” she said to herself.

Mother pulled a chair out from the table, “SIT.”

Tammy sat, still eating the orange. Her father reached over and took it from her and tossed it in the trash can.

“Bullseye,” Tammy said.

This got her a stare she had never gotten before from both of them, and at the same time. They sat there looking at each other, not saying a word.

This began to get to Tammy.

They hated it when their parents did this. It meant they were getting madder by each minute they said nothing.

She reached for another orange, but her father cracked her hand.

She started to say something, but was cut short as her mother stood up and walked to the hallway door.

“TERRI… TERRI,” she yelled out.

Then, Tammy saw her motioning to “come here”.

“Don’t you go anywhere… don’t you talk on the telephone,” their mom commanded. “All you do is start getting the table ready for dinner.”

Terri nodded her head.

“Come on John,” she said.

Dad got up and they walked to the living room.

Tammy sat there watching Terri start setting the table. They looked at each other but didn’t say a word.

Then, mother called out, “TAMMY… let’s go.”

Tammy got up and walked out to them. Terri reached out and they grabbed each other’s fingertips. She winked at her with a smile.

Tammy and her parents got into the car.

“Drive,” her mom said.

“Where?” her dad started to ask, but her mom cut him short.

“You know… so drive,” she barked.

“Yes,” he said and they drove off.

And, Tammy knew where to as well.

Fifteen minutes later her dad pulled up in front of Mr. Ken’s barber shop.

No one said a word.

They got out the car and walked to the shop. Her dad opened the door for them, as her mother walked in first.

Then, he motioned Tammy in behind her.

“John, Mary,” came a welcome from Mr. Ken’s sister, who was also a barber and worked with her brother.

“Hi, Rose,” Tammy’s mom replied as her dad just waved to her. “Is Ken here?”

“Sorry,” Rose said, “He’s home under the weather with a little cold.

“Can I help you?”

Tammy felt relieved, her punisher was home sick. Her dad turned to leave, but both were short lived.

“John,” her mother spoke. “You go ahead and pick up the things at the garden center and come back for us when you are through.”

“Mary,” her dad said, pleading. “Mary, her prom is next Friday.

“Can’t you wait until…”

He was cut short again.

“Prom, be damned,” her mom said. “We’ll be waiting for you.”

Tammy’s dad shook his head and gave her mom a kiss on the cheek.

He gave Tammy a little sad smile and told her, “You got yourself into it.”

Then, he left.

When the door closed Mary turned to Rose.

“Yes, Rose,” she said. “I think you’re the one who can help us this time.”

She motioned Tammy to the chair. As she walked to it Mary began telling Miss Rose. “You know about what happened a few years ago between my daughters?”

“Yes,” said Rose.

“Well, this time the hair cut was a lot shorter,” Mary commented.

“A crew cut,” Tammy popped as she sat in the chair. “Really good one, if I may say so.”

That did it for Tammy, as if it wasn’t enough. Her pride was beginning to show more than expected.

“Crew cut,” her mom cockily said. “This time it is a crew cut.

“So, what do you think can be done to someone who can’t stop doing what they shouldn’t be 

Rose looked at Tammy. She could not believe it but she had a smile on her face.

A cocky smile at that!

So, they thought.

Rose looked Tammy over as she ran her fingers through my hair.

She pulled the right side back over my ear.

“Prom next Friday night?” she asked.

Tammy choked as she tried to swallow.

Miss Rose wasn’t going to be like her brother. She was thinking more like Tammy’s mother.

“Yes,” her mom replied. “Whatever it is, it will have to last until then.”

“No problem, she can come in Friday afternoon for a touch up,” Rose said as she put the cape on Tammy.

“Have anything in mind,” she asked Mary.

Mary looked at Tammy sitting there, still with her cocky smile.

Tammy could see she saw it and it was getting her madder.

So, the smile disappeared, but 
she was still nervous.

“What I have in mind,” her mom started to say, but she stopped.

“I’ll leave that to you,” she told Rose.

“No problem,” she commented. “I think I know what you want. It’s going to look just great on her.

“But, as far as the problem… don’t know what it will do about that.”

“Whatever,” Tammy’s mom said and picked up a magazine and began reading it.

For some reason Tammy knew it was going to quick.

The time on the clock told her Rose was thinking of being somewhere else right now.

And, she was going to pay for her being delayed, just as much as her mother wanted her punished for giving Terri her crew cut.

She knew there was no way she was going to get out it, and if she tried it would be harder than just sitting here and taking it.

But, what did Rose have in mind?

She somewhat knew, somewhat wanted it.

But, she didn’t know if her mother was that mad.

Then, she found out.

Tammy heard the sound that pleased her, the sound that gave her peace. The sound she had heard hours ago.

The sound of clippers coming to life and the song 
it sang.

Her head was pushed forward, her hair brushed over her head.

Then, she felt the coolness Terri always talked about, as the singing clippers met her 

Slowly it was moved up into her hair, where their song changed.

Tammy felt her hair being cut by its hungry teeth, vibrating back and forth over each other.

Cutting her hair shorter than it had ever been. Short like Tammy had cut Terri’s sides and back.

But, she knew the sides and back of her head wouldn’t be the only place the clippers would sing its song.

The top of her head would feel its vibration, cutting her hair off like it did the sides and back.

Tammy sat there pleased.

A pile of hair slowly made it’s way down into the cape.

It was long, fifteen and a half inches almost.

Then, the clippers began another pass upward. Tammy could feel the coolness of the air conditioner. Her body was tingling.

Another pile of hair slid into the cape. The third pass was slower…

Was Rose excited about this?

Tammy looked at her mother.

She just sat there reading the magazine. She hadn’t looked up to see if what Rose was doing was what she wanted. It must 
have been.

Rose removed her left hand from the top of Tammy’s head.

Tammy slowly moved up looking at herself in the mirror along the wall.

Her hair floated over the top of her head, it caused her body to shiver more when it fell touching the bareness of the back of her head and neck.

“Will you be wanting to keep this when I’m finished?” Rose asked.

Mary looked up from her magazine. “Why would I?”

“Hey, how about asking me. It’s my hair, isn’t it?” Tammy said to herself.

“I have a plastic bag,” Rose said as she pushed her left fingers into Tammy’s hair and pushed it over the top of her head.

“She can sleep with it, dreaming of what she did.”

She pushed the clippers up into Tammy’s hair, right in front of her ear. When it reached the arch she pulled the clippers away letting the pile flow downward into her lap.

Mary was watching this, and smiled.

“I see we had the same idea.”

Rose placed the clippers behind Tammy’s right ear and pushed it over it, sending another pile of hair into her lap.

Another pass was made from behind her ear, sending another pile of hair into her lap.

Tammy’s haircut, as if they didn’t know, was beginning to look like the making of a Mohawk.

But, she knew it wouldn’t last, the Mohawk would something on the way to baldness.

When she was finished with the right side, Rose repeated the same process on the left side. Tammy felt her pull the length of the hair on top of her head.

“Too bad,” she commented lowly, as if to herself.

But, there were no tears in her eyes.

There were no tears in Tammy’s eyes either.

She pulled Tammy’s face to her, to the left, as she pushed the hair on top of her head over it to the right side.

“Don’t want any to get on the floor,” she said as their eyes met.

Tammy watched as Rose placed the clippers at the back of her head. It felt strange, but pleasing, to see this.

Tammy had not had this feeling when she did it to Terri.

Then, the pile of hair grew as Rose pushed it forward, the pile fell into her lap. Another pass was made, sending another pile of her hair down into her lap.

As Rose walked around the back of the chair, Tammy smiled.

‘Terri is going to go nuts when I get home. And, later…

Well maybe that will make up for something.’

Rose pushed what hair was still on Tammy’s head over to the left side. Two slow passes and all her hair was sitting in her lap.

Tammy looked at herself in the mirror.

She wanted to smile a big smile, but she knew her mom would sense something.

And, she would come up with something else for punishment. This she 
didn’t want.

Rose hung the clippers under shelf and opened a drawer.

Tammy was looking at herself, then to her mother who was still reading her magazine.

She felt a hand touch her. It was Rose picking up her hair and putting it the plastic bag.

She looked at Tammy.

Tammy sensed Rose knew how she was feeling, but how!

When she had all Tammy’s hair in the plastic bag she walked over to Tammy’s mother and handed it to her.

“She can use this for her pillow,” Rose commented.

Mary looked up and took the plastic bag setting it down next to her.

She looked at Tammy.

Tammy felt a smile coming to her face, but held it back.

“Great,” Mary said. “We were thinking the same thing.”

Rose undid the cape and placed a large white towel in Tammy’s collar, spreading it over her shoulders.

She knew for sure her head was going to be shaved.

With the towel spread neatly over Tammy’s shoulders and tucked in her blouse, Rose turned and walked to the sink.

Her left hand pulled another large white towel from the pile under the shelf. It was tossed into the sink, which now had steam rising from it.

She grabbed two ends and began moving the towel under the hot running water.

After a few minutes she began to wring the towel out very carefully.

Tammy watched as she turned, unwinding the towel as she did so, to the back of her head.

Her eyes glanced at her mom sitting there. She had laid the magazine next to her and was watching. Her arms were crossed under her breasts causing them to rise.

She was carefully, slowly, crossing and uncrossing her legs.

Tammy knew from experience she was nervous, but how nervous she could not tell.

Usually the more nervous she got she began to ask questions, but she said nothing.

“This will be kind of warm,” Rose softly said to Tammy, as she slowly moved the steaming towel to the back of her head.

Tammy sat waiting, watching, then the steaming towel touched the back of her head. Her body rose quickly from the warmth of the towel. It was as hot as the towels she and her sister would wrap around their knees or ankles when they sprained them from overdoing sports.

Slowly Rose began wrapping the steaming towel around Tammy’s head. As she brought the towel around she pulled it away just enough so the edges of the towel could fall behind her ears.

Then she continued until Tammy looked like she had a turban wrapped around her head.

The hot towel sat on her head. Tammy could feel her head getting warmer.

Then Rose began pressing on the towel.

First in the back, then working around to her forehead. Slowly she pushed down on the top of her head. It began to cool.

With a sudden quick jerk Rose pulled the towel from Tammy’s head.

She glanced in to the walled mirror. Her head was almost beet red.

Her head felt hot, warm as it does when you have a high fever.

The water was running again, steam was flowing upward, as Rose moved the towel, again, under the hot water.

Then, she lowered the towel into the sink and warm running water.

Rose turned to her right and reached over to a silver machine. Her left hand lay palm up, as her right fingertips pushed on it.

White stuff, which Tammy recalled the barber calling it when he used it to shave her dad’s face one day, began piling up in her left.

As the pile grew it steamed a little.

She released the button and the shaving lather stopped coming out.

Her left hand reached to the sink and turned the steaming water off.

She turned and walked to the left side of the barber’s chair.

Tammy turned her head a little to eye her.

She smiled, picked up some shaving lather with the tips of her right fingers, and began spreading the lather on the left side of her head.

This caused her head to turn forward.

Tammy watched in the walled mirror as she continued lathering, working back around her head left side to back of head then to the right side.

She looked like an old man, hair on the sides and back, nothing on top. That was quickly covered with lather.

Rose walked back to the sink and picked up the warm towel with her fingers. Again she began twisting the towel, wringing it almost dry. As she turned and walked to the back of the chair she shook the towel, causing it to unwind.

Again, this time not saying a word, she wrapped it around her head, just as she had the first time. The warmth of the towel was not as not as the first time, but Tammy could feel its warmth.

She allowed the towel to cool some on her head.

She slowly unwrapped it from her head. Behind was left what looked like fading snow.

Tammy heard the winding sound again and saw the warm shaving lather spill onto her left hand.

When she had the amount she wanted Rose walked to the left side of the chair and began lathering Tammy’s head.

She did not turn to eye her as she had the first time.

Instead she looked at her mom who was now sitting on the edge of the plastic chair. Her arms were uncrossed and gripped the side edges of the plastic chair in a supporting matter.

Her legs were uncrossed but unsteady on the floor.

With Tammy’s head all lathered, Rose wiped her fingers.

With her right hand she picked up her straight razor from the shelf, and flicked it open in one smooth quick motion.

As she stepped to the right side of the chair her left hand took hold of the leather strap hanging from the right arm.

Pulling it outward some she began stropping the open blade of the straight razor over it.

Up and down… up and down… she did this five or six times.

The strap fell swinging, hitting the metal of the barber’s chair a few times, and coming to a stop when her body pressed against it.

Her left hand came over the top of Tammy’s head pulling it to the right, so the center of it was almost level.

She brought the sharp straight razor to the center of her forehead and began shaving with short strokes.

Tammy looked at her mother, her legs nervously bouncing on their toes.

Her eyes were wider than she had seen them since they had come to the barber shop.

She was biting her lower lip. Another sign Tammy had learned was a nervous sign.

It looked like she wanted to push herself from the chair and yell, “STOP!”

But, as Rose began the third shaving stroke she sat back into the chair. She began to smile a smile of satisfaction.

After a few more shaving strokes Tammy looked away from her mother.

She looked in the walled mirror to see the right side of her head shaved of any hair that was there minutes ago.

Her head was pressed forward as she felt the sharp edge of the straight razor touch her scalp. A long stroke was taken, then another.

She knew it would be a little longer and her head would be completely shaved.

As she sat there Tammy began to realize that neither her mother, nor Rose, had realized how she was taking to having all her hair first cut off with clippers.

And, now what hair that was left behind by the clippers was being shaved off close to the skin.

Tammy herself did not realize this until just that moment.

Were they both too tied up into what was happening?

Were they somewhat disbelieving of what was happening?

Whatever the reason, Tammy hoped this acceptance, of getting her head shaved, did not bring something else up for punishment.

As Rose took the last few shaving strokes Tammy’s mother rose and walked to the chair.

With her arms crossed under her breasts she stood there watching Rose take the final shaving stroke.

“Well, young lady,” she spoke in a questioning voice. “I hope this has taught you a lesson about cutting your sister’s hair like you did?”

Tammy looked down in a saddened manner, and in a low voice said, “Yes, mother, it did.”

As Rose wiped Tammy’s head with a warm, not hot like before, towel she told her mom, “Mary, I am sure she has learned her lesson.”

Then, she stroked Tammy’s head with her fingertips.

“This smooth enough for you?” she said.

Mary gently stroked the top, down the left side of Tammy’s head, “Yes.”

Tammy felt Rose stroking the back of her head then the right side.

“I think she could use another shave,” Rose commented. “I can feel a few little hairs sticking themselves out in a few spots.”

Tammy’s mother began brushing her fingertips over more of her head, to the back then down the back.

“Yes,” she replied, “I can feel them, too.

“But, you can shave her smoother Friday when she comes back for a touch-up before going to her prom.”

“Damn,” Tammy thought to herself. “Why must I wait until then?”

“Okay,” Rose said and began wiping her head dry.

“I’ll spread some skin lotion on her so her skin will not dry out.

She’ll have to do this twice a day to prevent it.”

“You hear what Miss Rose said,” Tammy’s mom questioned her as her left fingers grabbed her chin and pulled her head to look her in the eyes.

Tammy nodded her head.

After a minute Tammy was stepping out the chair.

She looked in the walled mirror as she walked towards it, “Damn, I look good.”

She started to sit when her mom said, “Step outside and see if your dad is coming.”

Tammy took a deep breath and walked outside.

Her dad was not in sight.

She turned to the shop to give her mom some kind of sign he was in sight.

She and Rose were talking, with some laughter.

Then, Rose raised her right hand to the front of her mom’s head and pushed her fingers over the top of her head and pulled it away like she did the clippers from Tammy’s head.

Mary’s left hand came up to her mouth and she started laughing, and shaking her head.

Rose said something to her and she said something and shrugged her shoulders.

She leaned over and gave Rose a kiss on the left cheek, and turned and walked outside.

“Dad’s not in sight,” Tammy told her. She said nothing.

Just then Tammy saw him driving around the corner. When he stopped Tammy got in the back seat, her mom in the front seat.

“Well?” he said to Tammy. “Have you learned a lesson?”

Again like she had when mom asked the same question, Tammy lowered her head and said, “Yes.”

When they got home Terri had dinner ready and they sat down to eat.

Nothing was said by anyone, not even Terri.

After eating, Terri and Tammy did the dishes and went to their room, another part of their punishment.

They lay in their beds reading a book, neither looking at nor saying a word to each other.

They heard the television turned off and knew their mom and dad were off to bed.

It had to be close to 10pm, their usual bedtime during the week.

Terri and Tammy stayed up a little longer, still not saying anything to each other.

Then, Terri got up and walked to the door.

Slowly she opened it and walked down the hall towards their parents’ room.

About three minutes later she returned slowly, quietly closing the door behind her.

She stood there, her back against the door.

“You lucky bitch,” she let out just loud enough for Tammy to hear her. “Mom had Mr. Ken shave your head!”

She quickly raced to Tammy’s bed, her fingers wiggling in the air.

“No,” Tammy replied with joy. “It wasn’t Ken.

“It was his sister Rose.

“And, I think she and mom kind of got off on it!”

Terri was brushing her fingertips over Tammy’s head, saying over and over, “You lucky bitch, You lucky bitch.”

Then, after they stopped talking and fingering Tammy’s shaved head, Terri stood up and reached out to her with her left hand.

“Remember we had a deal,” she said softly.

“Yes,” Tammy told her as she got out of bed.

“Between the legs is now going to match the top of the head.”

With that the girls walked to their bathroom.

THE ???   By JimB    ©opyright August 2018


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