The Skinny Dipper

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It had been 5 years since Major League Skinny Dipping had become a thing. While it obviously couldn’t be aired on TV, it was raking in millions from online subscriptions and pay-per-view races. And let’s just say it was one of the few sports where the women’s league was more popular…


As the 5th season was coming to a close, there was a rising star who everyone in the MLSD community was talking about. Her name was Kenzi and at 19 she was already a force to be reckoned with. Kenzi had tried out for the MLSD the previous year. She easily qualified and destroyed the competition. Everyone was stunned by her ability to effortlessly glide her arms through the water and paddle at motorboat speed, both of which led to her grabbing 1st place over and over again throughout her first season in the league. Now the final was approaching. This time it was head to head between Kenzi and the reigning champion, Danielle.

Danielle would be a formidable opponent for Kenzi. She had easily took the number 1 spot the previous 3 seasons and it really did feel like she would never be beaten.


As soon as Kenzi found out she would be in the final, she knew she had to give this her all. From the get go, she spent every day from dawn till dusk between the gym and the pool, with her friend and personal trainer Sarah by her side most of the way.

Fast forward to the night before the big race, Kenzi was in her room with Sarah. She knew she had done everything in terms of training she could, but she was still nervous.


“I can’t help but think there must be more I could do” she told Sarah.

“What do you mean Kenzi? For the last 6 weeks your life has been nothing but preparing for this.” Sarah replied.

“I know but is there anything other than training I could do to give myself an edge? I know it sounds dumb but in this league it can come down to half a second” Kenzi explained.


They both started thinking. There had to be something.


Not long after that, Kenzi went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Then she saw her razor sitting beside the sink and had an idea. She went back to her room to tell Sarah.


“I should go bald!” She said.

“What?!” A shocked Sarah replied.

“We already shave our body hair right before each race to help us be more hydro hydrodynamic. Why not do the same to our heads?” Explained Kenzi. “The nudity policy also means we can’t wear hair ties, so this would be extra helpful”.

“Kenzi, I know this race means a lot to you but are you sure this is worth it?” Sarah asked.

“Absolutely” Kenzi told her without hesitation. “I want you to shave me bald!”


Sarah was still in shock, but she knew her friend was committed and agreed to do it. They both headed to the bathroom.

Kenzi pulled out her electric clippers and handed them to Sarah. She told her to take the guard off. Kenzi looked in the mirror and ran her fingers through her wavy, dark-brown hair one last time.

Sarah started by running the clippers right down the middle of Kenzi’s head, leaving a thin layer of dark stubble. Kenzi audibly gasped as this was happening.

As she sat there watching in the mirror as the clippers went over her head again and again she got more used to the sensation of them running over her scalp. This was starting to get overwhelming so she took her mind off it by thinking about all the times she had one by just a second, sometimes less. And as more and more hair fell down her back, on her shoulders and on to her lap she pictured herself being crowned champion and reminded herself it was all going to be worthwhile.

Eventually there was just one patch left on the back. Sarah quickly evened it out.


“What do you think?” Sarah asked her.

Kenzi sat there almost crying. “Good. But I’m not bald enough yet.”


Kenzi then grabbed her razor and shaving cream before handing them to Sarah.

Sarah then covered her head in a thick layer of cream. She then used the razor to start scraping it away.

Kenzi looked in the mirror and was mesmerized. She knew that this would leave her bald, but seeing more and more of her scalp with absolutely nothing on it was a weird experience. It was just plain skin, like nothing had ever been there.

Eventually, Sarah had scraped off the last of the stubble from Kenzi’s head. Her brunette mane had been replaced with a silky smooth scalp. As Sarah used a wet towel to clean up her newly exposed dome, Kenzi was now confident she had done everything she could.


The next day, Kenzi emerged from her locker room in her birthday suit as usual. Only this time she was debuting her new hair-free look.

Danielle just had a confused look on her face when she saw Kenzi. She thought Kenzi had just went crazy, she wasn’t worried about losing her winning streak.


As the race started Kenzi just blocked everything out and bolted across the pool as fast as she could. This was the most intense moment of her life. Then, after reaching the other end, the results were in.

Kenzi had won by just 0.42 seconds.

She was stood there exasperated looking up at the scoreboard. She couldn’t believe it, the insane idea she had last night to just ditch her hair had paid off. She was now a MLSD champion.


Kenzi had changed professional skinny dipping forever. As all the other girls saw how her chrome dome had brought her to victory, they didn’t want to take any chances.

When the 6th MLSD season began, almost all of them showed up for their first races completely smooth-shaven.



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