A Mistress Punishes Her Slave

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19-year-old Amy knew that a swift punishment was coming her way if her daily chores weren’t completed properly by the time Mistress Beth returned. Her mistress always inspected her work carefully and expected perfection. Amy knew that any missteps would be dealt with immediately. She was been Mistress Beth’s slave and had been subjected to this arrangement for most of her life.


Amy’s story was indeed a sad one. She had been a beautiful blonde, born into a world of wonderful parents and a future so bright. That was until an intruder murdered her parents in the middle of the night and kidnapped her at the tender age of four. Amy had been sold on the black market and ended up with Mistress Beth, who at the time was looking for a young girl to groom as her slave.


Amy had been been forced to do chores around the house for as long as she could remember. She had never gone to school, she wasn’t allowed to have any friends, and she simply had no contact with the outside world.


One might wonder why Amy didn’t try to escape when Mistress Beth left on occasion. Amy had been forbidden from ever stepping outside of this house and she simply had no idea where she was and how to survive outside these walls. That was if she even found a way to get through the barred and boarded up windows or the doors that her mistress said were secured with heavy duty locks on the exterior.


Amy had no recollection at all of her parents or her old life and Mistress Beth had brainwashed her into believing whatever she wanted her to believe.


Poor Amy was so pale and thin and was getting worn down with the constant workload. There were just too many chores to do every day and she was always tired by late afternoon. Today had been a very long day and all Amy wanted to do at the moment was lie down and take a quick break so that she would have some energy to finish up her work before Beth returned.


Amy was suddenly jolted awake as a door slammed shut and Mistress Beth burst into the living room. Beth froze when she saw her slave lying on the couch.


The surprise on Beth’s face quickly turned into anger. “What the hell are you doing?” Mistress Beth commanded. “Your sleeping now instead of cleaning? All of your chores better be completed and to my satisfaction young lady!”


Amy fearfully looked up at her mistress towering over her, dressed in her familiar black leather cat suit and black heels. Mistress Beth could be fierce and very intimidating. She was very tall and muscular with a cap of black hair cut brutally short around her ears and across her neck in a masculine style. Amy was aware that her mistress went to a place called a barbershop once a week to have it maintained.


Amy felt lucky enough to keep her long blonde hair, which was loose and wild and hanging halfway down her back at the moment. Mistress Beth always required her to tie the long hair back into a ponytail to keep it out of her face.


Mistress Beth took notice to her hair immediately. “Get up this instant you sad sack!” Beth hissed while poking her in the ribs. “Tie your hair up properly right now!”


Amy quietly did as she was told, tying her hair back into a ponytail and fixing her rumpled old maids dress as she stood.


“You fell asleep on the job, that is strike one and we will deal with that in a moment. First, let’s see if you followed your list of chores for the day. Come with me!” Beth huffed.


Mistress Beth had a long list of chores for her slave to do every single day of the week and when inspection time came, she ran right down the list one by one. There were always small infractions that resulted in discipline and Beth dished out punishment to prevent any reoccurences. Today would be much worse for her slave because she had fallen asleep. How much worse would depend on her performance with her chores.


Amy had a sinking feeling that she was in serious trouble as she followed Mistress Beth’s clicking heels into the kitchen. She had hurried while mopping the kitchen floor earlier and had left smudges and streaks. She was behind schedule doing the laundry and had failed to clean the downstairs bathroom. The blame was entirely on her.


Amy stood by knotting and unknotting her hands nervously as she watched Beth review her work in the kitchen.


“You lazy good for nothing cow! This floor needs mopped again. No streaks or smudges this time and no water puddles,” Beth hissed at her. “Let’s see what else you managed to mess up today.”


Mistress Beth was no dummy and found a total of 5 infractions on her checklist today including those which Amy already knew about. Mistress Beth was very cross about the kitchen floor and decided that would have to be resolved immediately. Amy’s other failures could be corrected or caught up with tomorrow.


“Sloppiness in your work proves to me that you are slipping off the rails and need more discipline!” Beth snipped at Amy as she mopped. Amy tried to focus on being more careful this time and not leave any puddles or streaks but it was much harder with her mistress glaring at her with her hands on her hips.


“You have never had this many infractions in a single day. As a result you will not recieve any dinner tonight and you will spend tonight locked in the cellar instead of your cage upstairs. If you get hungry enough you can always eat the bugs down there,” Beth laughed horribly.


Amy began to weep because she hated to cellar. She had spent a few nights down there in the past and it was a very lonely place. It was damp and dirty and full of spiders. Why did I fall asleep on the couch, she moaned sadly to herself.


“Once you finish up mopping, I have a few special treats in store for you,” Beth continued, tapping her foot while watching and waiting for Amy to finish up.


Once the floor was completed and Mistress Beth approved, she announced that Amy’s first punishment for her lapse in judgement today was a good solid spanking. Beth already had her wooden paddle in hand and pulled out a folding metal chair and sat down.


“Take off your dress now you bad girl!” Mistress Beth commanded. Amy whimpered and whined but she knew that now was not the time to stall. She had been through this routine before and delays only aggravated her mistress. Beth would grow impatient and the number of wacks on her behind would increase. Amy quickly pulled her dress over her head and stood before Beth in just her plain vanilla bra and panties.


“Pull those panties down to your ankles as well, you know the drill and we don’t have all night!” Mistress Beth lashed out as if she were speaking to a little girl.


Amy dropped her panties to her ankles and bent over her mistress’ lap, feeling the cool leather pants rub against her bare skin. Her mistress raised the wooden paddle and cracked it loudly down onto Amy’s bare butt, causing her to yelp in pain and squirm in her lap. Ignoring Amy’s outburst she continued with twenty more solid smacks, releasing such fury on poor Amy that her butt cheeks were glowing cherry red and she was now crying her eyes out.


“Now that is a good solid spanking young lady. I hope that you feel that searing pain all night long and will do a better job tomorrow!” Mistress Beth scolded, taking great pride in dishing out her latest punishment. “Now stand up!”


Amy struggled to her feet as her stinging back side felt like it was on fire. She swayed from side to side feeling dizzy from the rush of blood to her head. Amy bent over and grasped her panties, struggling to slide them back up her slim quivering legs.


“Oh no you don’t! Take your bra and panties off right now, we don’t need those on for the next phase of your punishment!” Beth’s voice boomed. Amy began shaking and shivering as she reluctantly removed her undergarments and now stood in front of Mistress Beth completely naked.


“That’s much better, we aren’t finished just yet. You will sit down in this chair now so I can begin your second punishment. That nasty blonde mop of yours has to go young lady. You are getting a good short haircut!” Mistress Beth lashed out as she stepped back from her now vacated seat. Amy lingered as her scalding butt cheeks ached so badly that she didn’t want to sit and she certainly didn’t want a haircut.


“I said sit your naked ass down in this seat now! Like I said, I don’t have all night to fool around!” Mistress Beth demanded as she grabbed Amy’s arm and pushed her down into the chair. Amy winced as her searing bare butt cheeks contacted the cool metal seat. She shivered and crossed her slender arms over her chest trying to hug some warmth into herself as goosebumps appeared all over her bare body.


“I like my long hair. I don’t want a haircut!” Amy pleaded and tried to stand up again. Her mistress quickly pushed her back down and slapped her hard across the cheek, causing her to whimper and finally settle down a bit. A blindfold was quickly tied around her head to leave her in darkness. Amy fidgeted nervously in the chair, wringing out her hands in her lap as she heard rustling behind her.


Mistress Beth quickly grabbed a piece of rope and looped it around Amy’s waist and the back rest of the chair several times, tying the ends together into a knot. Amy’s arms were now pinned to her sides under the rope. Another piece of rope was looped around Amy’s ankles securing them to the chair legs.


The blindfold was removed revealing allowing Amy to understand that she could not possibly escape this next punishment. Amy tugged her body this way and that and finally gave up in defeat, letting loose a round of sobs. Her pale naked form was firmly tied to the chair and Mistress Beth was about to get her wish.


Mistress Beth stepped over to the table nearby and came back moments later with a comb and a sharp pair of scissors. She held the scissors out in front of Amy, snipping them open and closed several times to further taunt her victim. Amy’s eyes stared wide as she was terrified at what was in store for her.


Mistress Beth stepped behind Amy and grasped her long blonde ponytail, tugging it hard and taunt. Snipping the sharp scissors angrily, she chopped right through it without remorse. Without any regard for Amy’s feelings, Beth carelessly tossed it to the floor. Amy saw it float lifelessly through the air and land with a plop on the floor and burst into fresh tears as her abbreviated locks now fanned haphazardly around her head.


Mistress Beth didn’t waste any time as she stepped around in front of Amy and forced her chin up, looking straight into her tear stained eyes.


“Now that your ponytail is out of the way, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. You will behave and sit there like a good little girl while I cut your hair short. I don’t want to hear a peep out of you,” her mistress snarled. Amy resigned that she had no choice in her fate and slowly nodded her head and braced for worst.


Beth spent a moment combing through the hair to settle it down. Then she combed out a long blonde lock right at Amy’s forehead, held the strand out with her fingers, and wacked it off with the scissors leaving a messy tuff behind. She tossed the severed hair onto the floor again with total disregard for Amy’s feelings. Amy’s eyes followed its fall downward until the lock dropped out of sight. Then her mistress forced her chin back up again.


“Learn to keep your head still young lady. I won’t tell you again!” Beth snapped irritably. Amy only whimpered in response as her mistress glared into her eyes.


Beth quickly combed up another lock, slicing through it in the same manner and dropping it to the floor. More and more locks were severed as the hungry scissors continued their ruthless course, eating through Amy’s tresses at Mistress’s Beth direction. More snipping here and more snipping there released torents of blonde hair, most of which ended up on the floor around the chair.


Amy sat trembling in the chair, chilly from the cool air in the room and wishing that this ordeal would soon be over. Her naked skin itched with a fine coating of her golden hair that she wished she wanted so badly to scratch. Amy could feel a small pile of hair that had accumulated on her lap and in between her thighs, tickling her pussy. Her arms tied tightly in place with the rope, made her wishes seem hopeless.


Amy was so angry with herself for falling asleep and doing a sloppy job with her work. How could she have let this happen. She wished that Beth would stop already and leave her with some hair, but the relentless snipping continued on.


By the time the scissors finally went silent, the remaining tuffs of hair on Amy’s head stuck out in all directions and weren’t cut evenly at all. Some were half an inch long while others were an inch long. There was no need to worry because as soon as Mistress Beth had set down her scissors and comb onto the table nearby, she had picked up a pair of hair clippers without a guard and returned to Amy’s chair.


Mistress Beth pushed Amy’s head down and fired up the clippers, driving them straight up her nape. They sounded like an angry swarm of bees attacking without mercy as they bit into what was left of her hair. Poor Amy watched small tuffs of blonde hair floating down from her head as Beth continued to power the clippers this way and that all over her scalp. Her faint cries resumed, though they could barely be heard over the constant snarl of the clippers.


The clippers with Mistress Beth at the helm just would not be denied as they set forth mowing across the top and sides of Amy’s head until only a faint shadow of blonde fuzz remained. Amy shivered in the chair as the vibrations sent chills down her spine.


The loud buzzing seemed to go on forever until Mistress Beth finally seemed satisfied with her work and switched the clippers off. She set the hair clippers back on the table and returned to Amy, whose naked body was coated from head to toe in fresh hair clippings.


“Now that’s a good haircut for you young lady. Buzzed you right down to the scalp indeed.” Beth laughed cruelly. Poor Amy was very worn down but still cried softly as Mistress Beth began dusting the loose clippings off her head with a brush.


“I really hope you learned a good lesson today that I mean business and won’t stand for any more laziness,” Mistress Beth scolded. “No more sleeping on the job, even when I step out for a bit. And don’t think I won’t catch you again! Once I finish cleaning you off, you will march your little butt right down to the cellar for the night!”


Please no, not another night alone in the cellar, thought poor Amy sadly as she dropped her head forward and sobbed uncontrollably. She hated the cellar more than anything else in the world. Amy was weak and had been defeated again. Mistress Beth had beaten her and there was absolutely nothing that she could do about it.

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  1. Always nice to see I’m not the only one who enjoys mixing spanking and shearing. Something about a good hard spanking makes haircuts feel so much more submissive.

  2. I believe a good spanking is a very essential part of any forced haircut for a bad girl. It would be great to see other authors include spankings in their works as well. I seriously thought about having Amy recieve a good lashing with a whip courtesy of her mistress, but that might have been too extreme right before the haircut.

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