The Start of Something New: Katie’s Mission

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The First Day

I could barely believe it as I drove home to the big house I shared with the other girls on the cheer squad. My rigid mohawk scraping on the roof of my expensive SUV, the chill of the late fall breeze on my bare scalp, even the soreness of my new piercings were all exhilarating.

I still could not believe that my long, carefully maintained, beautiful blonde hair was gone, replaced by the harsh, extreme hairstyle I now wore on my head. Every time I looked into my rear view mirror and saw my strange new appearance, I nearly quivered in anticipation.

Throughout the entire experience of being shaved and transformed by the gorgeous Evan’s hand, my body had nearly exploded with pleasure. I had never found such intense satisfaction, not that my sexual experiences were anything special. Unlike many of the other girls on the cheer squad, I was considered almost to be a prude. By no means a virgin but I never took part in campus hookup culture, never crazy, adventurous one night stands like many of the other girls with whom I shared walls.

The humiliation, the shaving, Evan’s control, these had all awakened something in me. I never was one to masturbate often but the temptation of self pleasure was so strong I almost pulled over on the way home to feed the gnawing hunger of my flesh.

“Um, who are you and what are you doing in our house, skank?” Betty, my teammate with bra-strap length voluminous, curly red hair demanded as I entered the house.

I froze, unsure of the greeting. My keys jangled in my hand. Through peeks in the mirror I had grown accustomed to my new appearance but I had entirely forgotten that to those who knew me, I looked like an entirely different person. This mohawked, pierced girl couldn’t be Katie the cheerleader.

Tilting my head to the side, tall mohawk highlighting every move of my pretty little head, I replied, “Betty, it’s me. Katie. I live here.”

Betty adjusted her large, thick framed glasses which she never allowed anyone other than her roommates to see.

”Katie? Oh my god what happened to you? What happened to your hair?” Betty asked at a near shout.

In response to their roommate’s loud questioning, several of the other girls from the cheer squad began working their way from their rooms. When each saw me, their jaws dropped, mouths hanging open in shock.

”I thought I’d try something new, what do you ladies think?” I asked, running a hand over the bare scalp above my right ear in a motion I used to use to tuck hair behind my ear.

”It’s…it’s horrible!”

I turned to look at my teammate and friend who spoke, the others still in stunned silence. It was Shandra, standing with her kinky curly light brown locks falling around her shoulders, a green mud mask covering her caramel skin.

Embarrassed, I felt my face and even scalp flush. The embarrassment only furthered the arousal that I had been barely fighting down. I needed a distraction bad or I was going to have a humiliation induced orgasm in front of all of my friends and teammates. Of course the thought of my embarrassment only further fueled the intensity of my horny thoughts.

”Oh come on girls, it’s not that bad!”

Emma, the cheer squad captain and friendliest girl in the house, walked up and put an arm around me.

”Yes it’s different and yes it is definitely a shock but she needed a change and she got one. Katie is still gorgeous. And she looks pretty badass too,” she said with a kind wink at me.

”What about her hair? We’ve never even had a girl with a pixie cut on the squad. The piercings are one thing but she’s going to make us look bad when we’re doing our routines,” Annie said, her silken Asian hair tied up in a messy bun.

Annie was right, I hadn’t thought of how prevalent hair flipping was in our cheer routines. If I wanted to grow my hair back out I would probably be able to have enough hair, with the help of extensions, to be able to flip my hair with the rest of the girls. But I didn’t want to grow it back. Not yet. And I knew Evan wouldn’t want that either which mattered most of all.

”They make wigs don’t they? She’ll be fine,” Emma said as she tucked her collarbone length mousy brown hair behind her ear. “Now girls, let’s give Katie a little space. Come on, everybody back to your rooms!”

As the girls all returned to their rooms I nodded thanks to the scattered murmurs of “it looks great,” or “it’s just hair, it grows back,” and other courteous responses to my extreme new look. Soon I was left with Emma who still stood with her arm around my shoulders.

”So what happened, Katie?” Emma asked, breaking away from her hold and examining my exposed scalp and newly pierced face.

“Well I wanted something new and…well…I guess I got a little carried away,” I said, rubbing the left side of my shaved skin. I looked down at my feet in embarrassment for a moment. “Really, I do love it though. I’m so happy with my new look,” I said, raising my eyes back up to meet the concerned green eyes of my team captain.

She nodded with her lips pressed together for a moment. Slowly she reached a hand up and felt my cool scalp, gently stroking it with her fingers. I was pretty sure I heard her gasp slightly at the feeling but she didn’t pull her hand away immediately. She silently considered my new look, and it’s implications, for a moment before finally speaking.

”Well if you like it, I like it. You really do look like a badass. You’ll need to buy a wig, a good one, before the season starts back up and figure out a way to get it to stay on for the routines. Don’t worry about the piercings, with hair on your head, I doubt anybody will have any problems with it,” Emma said sharply.

Emma, as the captain of the cheer squad, was a big part of deciding who was on the team and things like the requirements for appearance. If she was ok with my new look, I was in the clear and would get to stay on the team.

”Don’t worry I have a wig on the way. Something like my old hair,” I said, smirking as I realized that she might not ever know that it was actually my old hair.

”Ok, great. You’re crazy, you know that right?” Emma said, one side of her shapely mouth stretching up into a lopsided grin.

”I know it, but hey it got me a date for tonight. He’s supposed to come pick me up later for dinner,” I said taking one of her hands in mine.

Her eyes opened wide, mouth stretching out into a full grin, “No way!”

I nodded and smiled, “It’s actually the guy who did my hair. Let me just say, he is so hot!”

”Well good for you, girl! You better go get ready! I don’t know what goes with this new style of yours but you better figure it out!”

I hugged her quickly before scurrying off to my room. Before I could do anything else, I had to deal with my throbbing womanhood. I could barely stand it any longer, locking my door and turning some music on to mask the sounds that I feared would slip out.

Sitting on the end of my bed and slipping out of my pants and lacy thong, I began to tickle my clitoris. This nearly brought me to orgasm immediately and so I began to work my fingers inside me, working my clit harder and harder with my thumb. With my other hand I reached up and rubbed the shaved parts of my scalp, feeling the edges of my mohawk and examining the feeling of my new hair.

Within minutes my womanhood was sopping wet and I laid on my side to prevent my mohawk from being messed up against the bed. Now that my urges had been met, hopefully I would be able to have a somewhat normal date with my abnormal new friend, Evan.

After a few minutes of resting, thoughts of my wild day of transformation still running through my mostly shaved head, I finally got the energy to get up and begin my selection of my outfit for the date.

I chose something cute, and good for the cold weather that would come later in the night. The knee high brown riding boots, dark blue skinny jeans, white, skin tight long sleeved shirt, and gray fleece vest all starkly contrasted my shaved hairstyle, dark makeup, and multiple piercings. I loved seeing the juxtaposition that was my appearance and hoped that Evan would feel the same way.

”Um, Katie? There’s a guy here for you!” I heard a shout from the front door of the large house.

As I walked out in my new style, I saw that all of my other roommates, each dressed in their Saturday night best, were out gawking at the man who had come to pick me up.

Evan stood at the door, not the least bit uncomfortable at the stares of the house full of cheerleaders. He smiled as I walked up and held out a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I heard several of my friends swoon over the gentlemanly behavior which to me was so shockingly different from the firm and powerful man who shaved me. And it drove me wild.

”Well Katie, you look amazing! I love your outfit,” he said, handing me the flowers. He was dressed in a black coat with a nearly pressed gray shirt which was tucked into a nice pair of dark blue jeans.

I smiled up at him, sniffing the flowers, “Thanks, I think you look great too!”

He leaned down and kissed me on the mouth, me rising up to my toes to meet his lips. I heard several gasps and felt the flowers being gently removed from my hands by one of my friends, probably Emma.

Evan and I pulled away from the kiss and from that, the date was on. I was impressed by his sleek, clean Tesla, his choice of a casual but exclusive restaurant which would normally require reservations but apparently not for him, his manners, his life’s story, by everything he did.

Evan had been a football player at the school that I cheered for and, after a career ending injury, had found his fortune in the stock market. Fabulously wealthy, he had the time to do whatever he wanted and he chose to become a skilled hair stylist and aesthetician, enjoying the prospect of performing dramatic changes on the women who came to him. He had also become an important donor for the school and had several places named after him.

”So what did the roommates think of your new looked?” he asked me at one point, admiring me in the warm yellow light of the restaurant.

”They we’re shocked to say the least. Honestly I don’t think they like it but I don’t care. I love it and I think that you like it,” I said, batting my black lidded eyes at him.

”Of course I do, I made it didn’t I? You know, they all had pretty nice hair. How would you like to help me get my hands on it? Make them all look more like you?” Evan asked, taking my hand in his across the table.

I smiled widely at him, “I’ll get them to come to you. Willingly.”

The First Transformation

The following weeks had been fantastic. I unfortunately had to go home for a week at Christmastime which was spent wearing either an uncomfortable but natural looking blonde wig that was cut into a lob, or under a beanie which hid my extreme style. I didn’t want to explain that to my mom and dad at all.

Other than that, I had enjoyed frequent dates with Evan, the weekly razor shaves of my sides being my favorite. The girls had gotten used to my new style. Putting my head in their laps and rubbing the shaved parts of my head had even become a favorite pastime amongst almost all of my roommates. Except Shandra who refused to accept me as her almost fully shaved teammate.

Laying with my head in the lap of my youngest teammate, a freshman named Anna, who had a shoulder length platinum blonde bob which she now wore with the top half tied up, the back hanging down.

”Katie, how do you actually feel about us all stroking you like a cat?” she ran her fingers through the only section of hair on my head which was currently hanging limp, not held up by styling gel.

”Honestly, it’s one of my favorite things about this haircut. If I didn’t like the mohawk so much, I’d probably get Evan to shave the whole thing bald. But he and I both love the mohawk so it’s here to stay.”

While it was true that I loved the mohawk, Evan wanted me to keep it and so I kept it. If he had told me it was time for something new, I would gladly move on to please him. Making him happy was probably the best part of my life.

”You know, I’ve thought about shaving my head for a while,” Anna said absentmindedly as she scrolled through her phone with her other hand.

I raised an eyebrow at her. Was this going to be my first teammate to be transformed? I knew I needed to play it carefully, make sure she was willing and that she believed it was her idea.

”Anna, oh my god, you have to shave your head then! As someone sitting here with a mostly shaved head, I know for a fact that you will love it!” I sat up next to her excitedly and took her hand in mine.

She set her phone down on the couch and looked up at me, a smile stretching across her face.

”Really? Do you mean it? I don’t think I could go smooth like you shave yours,” she said looking down before continuing, “But I always love the way girls look with bleached buzzcuts. Do you think it would look good?”

I nodded eagerly, “Of course! I could text Evan and we could go by his salon and buzz it today!”

Anna flipped her phone on selfie mode and examined her face, “Are you sure it’s a good idea? I don’t want the girls here to pick on me.”

”Anna, are you kidding me? Look at me. I have a mohawk. A buzzcut won’t be a big deal at all. Plus your hair is already the shortest on the team, after me of course, so it won’t be that big of a change!”

Nodding her head, at first cautiously, then faster as she grew more excited, “Ok text him! Let’s shave my head!”

Within an hour, I was driving Anna to my boyfriend’s salon. One of his appointments had cancelled last minute and he had a small window to shave her head. He had told me buzzcuts take almost no time at all, even if they were getting bleached so he would be able to squeeze her in.

We arrived at the shop that I had become so familiar with and walked straight in. I could sense Anna’s nervousness as she shuffled her feet while I spoke with the receptionist.

”Hey Katie, it’s not your day for a shave, are you just here to see Evan?” the green and black haired receptionist asked.

”Hey Lacey, actually we’re here for my friend Anna to get a buzzcut. Evan is going to do it for her but she’s nervous and would only do it if I came along with her,” I said, pointing at my nervous friend.

Anna blushed and smiled bashfully as she shook Lacey’s hand. “Ready for a big change?” Lacey asked knowingly.

”Yes ma’am. At least I think so,” she said, voice almost shaking with nervousness.

Lacey smirked at me as Anna and I took a seat. Before long, Evan walked out his client whom he had just finished with, one of his many girls with close cropped, skin faded pixie cuts, shaking her hand and directing her to Lacey for payment.

”Well hello, Anna. Ready to become the new you?” he asked politely.

Anna stood and nodded nervously, all words escaping her vocabulary. I stood with her and followed, “She’s nervous and needs me to hold her hand.”

Evan smirked wickedly at me, “Well she’s lucky to have you as a friend, come on back ladies.”

Leading is to his room where he worked, Evan opened the door and followed Anna and I into the room. I nearly had to drag Anna through the threshold but once she got in the room she seemed to loosen up.

The room was immaculately clean as always, fresh lavender scented candles burning and creating a calming, relaxed atmosphere. Evan could have shaved my head wherever he pleased but I loved having my shaves done here. It was just the perfect place.

Anna cautiously sat in the seat and I stood next to her. She held my hand tightly as Evan draped the cape over her body. I noted that he also wrapped a strip of tissue paper around her neck, something he had not done in my first cut but now always did for my shaves.

”So a bleached buzz right?” he asked, taking the hair tied that held up Anna’s half ponytail.

”Yes sir,” she said, voice quivering.

”Alright, we’ll do a number one buzz then. That is the best looking length for a bleached buzz. As a friend of Katie’s all I ask is that you just find holes in my schedule for upkeep and I’ll take care of you for free. To keep it up you’ll probably need to come in once every other week at least but once a week would be best.”

Anna nervously nodded her head as Evan picked up the clippers that he first used to shave me. He placed on the number one guard and flicked the clippers on. I felt my womanhood moisten as it so often did when he shaved me. My shaves always led to sex, the barber’s chair being a favorite spot which made this experience particularly confusing.

I felt Anna’s hand clamp down onto mine as Evan placed the humming clippers on the center of her forehead. She closed her baby blue eyes and he swept the clippers back, sending nearly white blonde hair cascading to the ground.

His clippers moved quickly with a speed that only comes from frequent practice. The clippers left behind a stubbly 1/8 of an inch of hair behind in Anna’s natural dark color. I watched as a tear ran down her cheek. She took a deep quivering breath and I squeezed her hand with mine.

Evan looked at me with a smirk as I moved to the side opposite me to shave, her crown now fully buzzed. I was discovering that I loved watching him work and that confident smirk had almost sent me melting to the floor.

Anna’s tears soon ceased falling and her breathing calmed down though she had not yet become brave enough to look. I reached up and rubbed her buzzed crown as Evan worked.

”Oh my god, Anna, you are going to love this. My head gets prickly but yours is like velvet. You might find your head in some laps getting rubbed too.”

Anna laughed, almost daring to look, “That did feel pretty good, I get why you enjoy head rubs so much.”

Evan finished her right side, shaving around her ear that was almost as heavily pierced as my own. I then switched sides with him, moving to stand where he had stood and taking Anna’s other hand in mine. He made quick work of my roommate’s left side as well, leaving only the long hair on her nape to buzz away.

I had never seen Anna’s natural color and the brunette stubble almost looked strange on her head. It would be good for her to come and see Evan for frequent trims and to have it bleached, her natural color was almost unbecoming on her.

Standing behind her and tilting her chin down, Evan began to buzz away the hair on her nape, sending it cascading down around her face.

Feeling brave enough to look at the hair in her lap but not yet look at her new appearance, she spoke up, her voice now much more steady.

”Sorry I cried, I don’t really know what happened to me. I want to do this, it’s just so scary,” she said with a nervous chuckle.

Evan smiled at her as he shaved her nape, “You know Katie actually started off bawling her eyes out when I first shaved her. She got over it pretty quick but she didn’t handle this near as well as you.”

I flushed with embarrassment, remembering my first shave. Unlike Anna, my transformation had not initially been voluntary. I was glad that Evan forced my change but I was still embarrassed by my tears. Evan noticed my embarrassment and lovingly rubbed my head, giving me a quick kiss on the stubbly side.

Soon Anna’s full head was buzzed down to the same uniform 1/8 of an inch. Evan quickly snapped off the guard while her head was still down and gently faded her nape down to almost nothing. He then lifted her chin and I took note that she chose to keep her eyes open as he did.

Her eyes opened wide with shock at her new appearance. Evan took little notice of her shock as he began fading her right sideburn the way he had faded her nape.

It took several moments for the college freshman cheerleader to form words but eventually she finally worked out three words.

“I. Love. It.”

She said each word with emphasis as if each were their own sentence as she snatched her hand away from mine and began to rub her newly buzzed head. Evan and I smiled at one another as she rubbed her head in awe.

”Evan, thank you so much! And you too, Katie! I would have never been brave enough if it hadn’t been for the two of you! I can’t wait to see how it looks bleached, I hate my natural color,” she said excitedly, laughing slightly as she spoke ill of her brown hair color.

”You’re welcome, Anna. I had a feeling that I would see more of Katie’s friends for big transformations after you all saw hers. It’s contagious,” Evan said, moving and fading Anna’s left sideburn.

”Oh I’m definitely going to get more girls in your chair. This is the best. I will be back once a week like you said, I think this will be my new look for a while,” she said, gushing out her excitement at her new look.

Evan chuckled as he finished her up and began mixing the bleach. I rubbed her buzzed head along with her, our hands almost fighting for real estate on her small, perfectly round head.

”I think Will might actually kill me over this one,” she said, continuing to feel her buzzed head.

I laughed at the surprise I knew her boyfriend would experience seeing his cute little girlfriend with less hair than he had.

”You never know, some of us guys like short hair. You know I love Katie’s mohawk,” Evan said, walking over with bleach in hand.

He painted the strong smelling chemical onto her head and covered it with a plastic shower cap to trap in the heat. We also sat and chatted, discussing big earrings to accentuate her round head, buzzcut maintenance, and how cheer practice had been going.

Before long it was time to rinse the bleach from her head and Evan confidently led the young 18 year old to his chair in front of the sink. He warmed the water and rinsed the bleach away, Anna melting into the chair.

”Katie, this is the life. I can see why you love dating a hairstylist, I could get used to these head washes,” she said, oozing with relaxed pleasure.

”Well if you actually stay up on your buzzcut maintenance appointments, you’ll get these once a week,” my boyfriend said as he began to massage purple shampoo onto her slightly yellow tinted buzzcut.

Crossing her eyes, mostly as a joke, Anna groaned as Evan massaged her scalp. I knew the feeling and laughed as she sank deeper into the reclined seat.

Quickly rinsing the shampoo away, Evan towel dried Anna’s head.

”I’m going to have so much extra time in the mornings. I think my hair is already completely dry,” she said with a laugh. “Which is good because now that I have no hair I’ll probably want to spend the extra time on my makeup.”

I laughed, completely understanding the desire to make such a masculine cut more feminine with makeup. I had spent more time using the expensive makeup that Evan had gifted me with, crafting the perfect cute goth girl look. I smirked at my appearance in the mirror, black winged eyeliner and dark red lipstick with my mohawk that I let fall to my right side, following my natural part.

Anna stood up and shook Evan’s hand. “Seriously, thank you so much. I will brag to everybody in the house that Katie has the best boyfriend on the planet.”

She then looked at me and hugged me, “Thanks for the encouragement and for holding my hand.”

I hugged her back, putting one of my hands on her buzzed head and giving it a good rub. “Any time Anna. You’re the sweetest and I’m glad I could be here. Do you want to go show this off now?”

Anna nodded and nearly bolted out the door. I hung around for a moment to hug and kiss Evan. He ran a hand through my hair, stroking my scalp as well.

”You know, once I’m tired of the mohawk, that’s a style I’d like to see on you too.”

I gave him one last kiss before following my friend out of the room. I gulped in nervousness and anticipation. Living at the whim of a sexy, rich, barber boyfriend was certainly an exciting life.

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  1. I felt like another part of Katie’s story would be fun! I hope you all enjoy the introduction to her new life and Anna’s transformation. This will be the first of many of Katie’s friends to be changed! Please let me know what you think!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I know a lot of people love the complete removal of all hair but I like to give a little variety. I’m thinking I’ll probably give the friends lots of different cuts, colors, and shaves over time.

      1. I am almost kind of unsure of what I want to do next with Katie. I know I want the team to have lots of varying hairstyles by the time that I’m done with them but maybe a team building buzz and dye event would be an interesting idea. Katie getting nervous to lose the mohawk would be an interesting thing to write

    1. Thanks, I love a little variety and Katie is kind of my current pride and joy so she’ll go through plenty of changes but I think the mohawk is going to be her signature look that she always comes back to!

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