The Start of Something New: Summer Break

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Here is the next part in Katie and Evan’s story! If this is your first time reading this story, here’s the link to the first part!

The Start of Something New

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The Grow Out

The rest of the spring semester was interesting. After taking me down to nothing, Evan was actually growing my hair out.

It was only around an inch long on the top, the sides he kept neatly trimmed in a high fade which was kept at a number 2 on the sides. I would have never thought that this was long hair this time last year but now I almost felt shaggy, even with the biweekly trims.

The grow out was for a reason, though. Evan and I had some big plans for the summer, mostly relaxing on a yacht in the Caribbean. That’s right, a yacht. One of Evan’s wealthy friends had one and had offered it, along with the small crew that ran things, for two months of the summer. I could hardly believe it and had eagerly informed my parents of the plans. They were less than excited about the prospect of me spending two months, alone, on a boat with an older man they hadn’t even met yet.

So, in an effort to only minimally shock my family, who we would be staying with for a week before we set off for our summer on the yacht, Evan was letting my hair grow out into a pixie cut. The tattoos, piercings, and dramatically shorter hair, even shorter than the bob wig I had worn during my short visit over winter break, would be enough. Even though I wasn’t happy about it, I knew I couldn’t just show up with a multicolored mohawk.

He also had left my hair it’s natural color during the grow out. After being a blonde for years, and then having the dramatically colored mohawk, I felt almost boring with my little brunette pixie cut. Not that Evan inspired those feelings, he still got as much joy as ever doing my trims and running his fingers through my cropped hair.

The semester drew to an end and my hair had grown quite a bit, thanks mostly to the fact that it was natural and well cared for. An inch and a half of length had grown since spring break and I sat in Evan’s chair for my last clean up before we went to visit my parents.

”Alright, let’s get started,” he said, draping his black cape across my body and snapping it around my neck.

“Just a trim today, babe?” I asked, knowing what the answer would be.

”Actually no,” he said, turning and placing the number 2 guard on his clippers.

”Wait, what?” I asked, tilting my head to the side and scrunching my nose at him in the mirror.

“Well, I mean you are getting a trim but you’re getting something extra,” he said with a smug half smile.

“What, a new tattoo? Or piercing? I thought I was trying to look less like a crazy person for my parents,” I said, matching his smug attitude.

”Nope, I’m actually making you a blonde again,” he said with a wink.

”Baby! Really?” I nearly squealed with excitement.

”Well last time you left them, you were a blonde. I mean not technically but the wig you wore was blonde, and you had been a blonde for a long time before that. I thought maybe they would find the transformation a little less shocking if you were at least a blonde,” he said, flicking the clippers on and tilting my chin to my chest.

“Thanks, baby. I have missed being a blonde. And my natural color is just so boring,” I said, watching the short brown hair from my nape fall into my lap as he buzzed up the back of my head.

”I would have done it sooner but it’s hard to do the roots when it’s this short and I wanted you looking good when we get to your parents’ house. And also,” he paused and kissed my cheek, “Nothing about you is boring.”

Smiling to myself, I closed my eyes and enjoyed our biweekly ritual. I always loved a fresh cut, even if it was long like this. And I would get some extra pampering thanks to the coming bleach job. He would definitely be getting a reward for treating me so well. Maybe in the form of me performing a certain kind of job on him.

His hands were fast and the trims had always been quick and this one was just the same. He then used his blow dryer to clean away the itchy trimmings from my edge up. Now clean from the haircut, he began applying the bleach to my short hair. He started with the top, making sure every section was coated with the thick white concoction. Then it was time for the sides which he finished quickly as well.

He spiked the hair up on the top of my head and laughed, “Look babe, you look like Guy Fieri!”

I blushed and furrowed my brows at him, “Rude! I was just going to offer to do something for you but now I don’t know if I should.”

”Oh what was that?” he asked, using a comb to slick my hair down.

”I was going to suck your cock. If we have time while this lifts,” I said, using the proper hair coloring term because I knew how much it would turn him on.

“We have plenty of time for that, just let me lock the door,” he said with a wicked grin.

As soon as he returned, I unfastened the belt on his dark jeans. Pulling his pants and underwear down, his hard cock was there waiting. I smiled up at him after I kissed the tip.

”I’m happy to see you’re enjoying things. You know how much I love making you happy,” I said seductively.

Holding my small hand over the top of his shaft, I licked up the bottom side, starting at the base. Putting my other hand under his balls, I tickled his taint with my fingertips as I slid my tongue upward. I had practiced this many times, him loving to hold my hair and run his fingers through it, or when I was bald, over my scalp. If I wanted to make him cum quick, I could. So I did.

Putting my mouth over the tip of his cock and sliding it back into my throat as far as I could, I worked my hand up and down his shaft as I moved his cock in and out of my mouth. I could tell his knees were already getting weak, his state of arousal so advanced from my cut that I had very little work to do. It was so sexy that I could turn him on so much.

I moved my hand faster, holding his balls with my other hand. Using my tongue on his sensitive tip, I pumped my hand faster and faster until I finally tasted his cum shoot out into my mouth. Salty and delicious as always. I kept sucking, taking every last bit of his savory seed into my mouth as his cock pulsated in my mouth.

Looking up into him with my best innocent eyes, I slid my mouth off of his cock and slurped off any of the remaining cum. Then I contentedly swallowed his load and licked my black lipstick covered lips in satisfaction.

”Thank you for the snack,” I said.

”You’re welcome, now put my pants back and we’ll rinse this bleach out of your hair,” he said with a happy sigh.

I did as he asked and then stood from my seat in his chair and took my seat in front of his sink. He warmed the water in the sink and then began to rinse the chemicals from my short hair, rubbing gently with his fingertips at my scalp. My eyes nearly rolled back at the pleasure of his touch. He then put a hefty amount of purple shampoo into my hair and let it sit to tone my most likely yellowish hair.

”It’s good to see you as a blonde again. I forgot how sexy it was on you,” he said, leaning down and kissing my lips.

”I think it’s pretty sexy on me too. It’s why I was one for so long,” I said, giving him a quick peck before he stood up.

The relaxation was soon over as it was time to rinse the purple shampoo out. He did so gently and lovingly but there was so little hair on my head, it didn’t take him long. That was possibly the only drawback I had found for having such short hair.

He pulled the cape from my body and had me sit in his barber’s chair without looking in the mirror. “Not until it’s styled,” he had said, withholding my own reflection from me.

I smiled at him sweetly as I took my seat. There was only so much styling he could do but I understood that he wanted me to see the completed look first. He put a little product in his hands, the same kind I used to fix my hair every day, and massaged it into the longer hair on my crown. His swept the front up slightly and pushed everything to the side, following my natural side part. Although middle parts happened to be the style for girls my age, with short hair, I looked my like a school boy than a sexy college co-ed.

”All done! You can look now!” he said, turning my chair to face the mirror.

In the mirror I saw the blonde hair that I hadn’t realized I had missed so much. It was cut in the same style I had become used to over the last few months but it just looked so much cuter blonde. A few shades lighter than what it had been when it was long, it was more of an icy platinum rather than golden blonde.

”Babe, it looks so great! Thank you!” I said, standing up and wrapping my arms around him.

”Good enough for your family?” he asked.

”Definitely. And so are you, I can’t wait for them to see,” I said, squeezing my arms around his ribs and putting my cheek on his strong chest.

Back Home

”Oh my god Katie! Your hair!” was the way I was welcomed into the house by my long blonde haired little sister, Kelly.

Her jaw hung slack as she grabbed my hair like she was searching for the rest of it. I brushed her off and laughed.

”Stop or you’ll mess it up!” I said as I hugged her.

”Mess what up? You’re basically bald!” she said, putting a hand on the buzzed part of my head and rubbing it. If only she knew that I had been completely bald only a few months earlier.

“Katie! Your hair!” my mom said from the living room. “Brian come look at your daughter!”

My mom also had long blonde hair. Or at least long by my standards. Where Kelly’s hair hung down to her lower back with long wavy layers and curtain bangs, my mom’s hair stopped at what I would have described as nipple length. The women in my family had always had long hair. Until my run in with my handsome boyfriend.

”That will definitely take some getting used to,” my dad said, brushing past my mom and wrapping me in a hug. “But you look beautiful,” he said as he kissed me on the cheek.

My dad was the best. Mom could always be a little too proper, a little too critical. It was all from love, I knew that. She wanted the best for her girls. But dad, a former Marine, wanted the same but did so without ever being harsh or controlling.

”So where is this boyfriend? Should I go get my shotgun? Or has he been good to my short haired daughter?” my dad asked, looking past me through the door.

”Dad!” I said in embarrassment. I could feel my cheeks blush red, even though they were coated with my dark makeup.

”No shotguns required, I think I’ve done well enough. Or at least she hasn’t complained to me yet! I’m Evan,” my perfect boyfriend said, nearly having to duck as he walked through the doorway of my house and offering my dad his hand to shake.

”Katie! You didn’t tell me he was bigger than I am. How am I supposed to intimidate him now?” he asked, nudging me with his elbow and taking Evan’s hand in his.

They shook for a moment, both men judging one another based off of their grips. “It’s nice to meet you, Evan. You can call me Brian. That’s a good grip. You would’ve made a good Marine,” my dad said, pulling his final intimidation tool out.

”I almost was. I was in ROTC to be a Marine officer until I blew my knee out playing football. That injury ended my football career and my military career,” Evan said, scratching the back of his head.

”That’s a shame. I can tell you would have been good at it. So tell me, what do you think about my daughter’s new look? You must like it if you let her drag you over here like this,” my dad said, looking at me.

I rubbed the back of my head bashfully. I had gotten a lot of attention since becoming Evan’s girlfriend and letting him take over my hair but it was different with my family.

“Of course I like it, I’m the one who cuts her hair,” he said with a proud grin.

”You cut hair? But you’re dating a girl?” Kelly asked, stepping in front of him and poking his muscular chest.

”And? Straight men can cut hair. I do it mostly as a hobby because my investments do so well,” Evan said with a shrug.

Suddenly my mom was at my side, rubbing the back of my head and looking at my boyfriend. “Investments? Is he rich?”

I raised an eyebrow at her and smiled slyly, “So rich.”

”Good job, sweetie,” my mom said proudly, leaving her hand on my buzzed nape. “I like the hair, even if you don’t look like my daughter anymore,” she said with a wink.

“Thanks mom,” I said, rolling my eyes.

Kelly continued to interrogate Evan. He held his own, answering every question my 18-year-old high school senior sister asked. Her roots had grown in quite a bit and she wanted a trim before her graduation on Friday. She knew I had always been careful with my hair and expected that if I let Evan cut it, he must be good.

”Well? Do you have your supplies with you?” Kelly asked, poking his chest yet again.

”Would a real stylist go anywhere without his mobile salon gear? I can update everybody’s hair if you guys want,” Evan offered to my parents and sister.

”Not until we’ve had dinner! I know how long you ladies take at the salon!” my dad said, patting Evan on the back. “I hope you like your steak rare, that’s the only way I make it.”

Evan smiled at me and followed my dad, making small talk. My sister and mom stayed with me.

”Could he really do our hair?” Kelly asked.

”Sure! He loves doing it. He normally does shorter styles. Not always as short as mine of course, but I’m sure he could do your long hair too. It’s much easier than a style like mine,” I said, proudly feigning the motion of primping my hair.

“I’m not so sure I want to keep the long hair,” my mom said absentmindedly as she stroked the ends of her long hair. I noticed her eyes were locked on Evan’s shapely backside.

”Mom!” I said, mortified.

”What? He’s cute! And I might be married but I’m not dead! I’d love to get his hands in my hair. Maybe not as short as yours but a bob might be a nice change of pace,” she said, her cheeks flushing surprisingly red.

”Ugh, I wish I could go short but what would everybody at school say?” Kelly said, crossing her arms over her chest.

”Aren’t you about to graduate and go off to college in another state? Why does it matter?” I asked, cocking my head to the side.

”Yeah, it’s not like you’d have to face down the ladies at my book club. They can be brutal if you don’t look your best,” my mom said.

They continued their complaining and gossiping as I left to follow my dad and boyfriend. None of their problems sounded as bad as that first day I came home to my teammates.

Dinner went well and soon everybody left for their bedrooms for the night. Despite the fact that my parents knew we would be staying on a yacht together, they couldn’t imagine their little girl sleeping in bed with a man she wasn’t married to under their roof. I would sleep in my old bedroom while Evan would sleep in the guest bedroom.

“My parents were really impressed by you, babe,” I said, hugging him outside his bedroom as we said goodnight.

”They seem great. I had a good time,” he said, kissing my forehead.

”My mom was really impressed. She mentioned something about wanting to get your hands in her hair,” I said suggestively.

”I mean, I can see where you got your good looks. I’d be happy to cut it for her. Even if she just wants a trim,” he said sweetly.

”She wants a bob actually. Which would be the shortest I’ve ever seen her hair. Kelly mentioned wanting to go short too, I guess I’m just inspirational,” I said, rubbing the back of my head and scrunching my nose at him.

”That you are, maybe we’ll just see how short we can get them to go,” he said, giving me one last quick kiss before disappearing into his room.

Family Haircuts

The next day we all awoke. Kelly had school, dad had work, which meant that Evan, mom, and I would get to spend most of the day together. I knew that I wanted to get mom to cut her hair short, but how short? I wasn’t sure but I felt like I wouldn’t like it if she went too short.

Every kid always feels weird seeing their mom change something that’s familiar and I felt the exact same way. Evan understood, he recommended a bob like she mentioned. He had bigger plans for Kelly that would involve me giving up one of my favorite wigs. It was a worthy trade and I knew that Evan would replace it because he always liked to see me wear it.

At brunch I made a point of showing off how quick my morning routine had been. A quick shower, some styling product, and a simple makeup look. I had chosen to forego my goth makeup, just in the off chance that I ran into somebody I knew from high school. The short hair, tattoos, and piercings would be plenty to get my old cheer team talking if any one of them saw me.

”I haven’t ever had short hair, though,” my mom said, running her fingers through her ponytail.

“Well a buzzed pixie is a big jump,” I said with a laugh. “But a bob would be cute! And you’d still look like you.”

”It wouldn’t change the way your face looks too much. I could cut it so it’s just below your chin. You wouldn’t be able to have the ponytail but you could still put it back,” Evan said, feeling her ponytail like he would if she was sitting in her salon chair. Of course my boyfriend would use his sex appeal on my mom. How embarrassing.

”Would it look nice?” my mom asked him, her cheeks flushing.

”You would look gorgeous, Susie,” he said to her.

”Ok, if you think so let’s do it. I’m ready now if you want to go back home and cut it!” she said eagerly.

Evan paid the bill, ever the gentleman, and drove us home in his Range Rover, which my mom gushed over the whole drive home. Soon we were in the kitchen, my mom sitting in a barstool with Evan’s travel salon gear set out on the kitchen table. She had a black cape around her shoulders and her hair was clipped up.

”Did you just get it done? Your roots are perfect,” Evan said.

”Yes, my normal girl did my root touch up and trim just a few days ago. She’s going to kill me when I show up for my next appointment with all of my hair gone,” my mom said.

My mom would actually look beautiful. If I had to be honest, my mom was hot. She was trim and fit, she aged like fine wine, and she was always well dressed, even when wearing casual brunch clothes. Boys at my high school always called her a MILF and I had always been embarrassed by that but it was true. My mom is without a doubt a hottie.

”Well it won’t be all gone, you’re going to have a lot more hair than I have! And I think she’ll love you because short hair means more haircuts and that’s more money for her,” I said, pointing at my own hair.

”Oh I don’t know if I could keep it short! What if Brian doesn’t like it?” she asked nervously.

Evan sectioned out the top section of her hair and let the bottom section hang down as he sprayed it wet.

“I’m sure your husband will love it. And I think you will too so I would bet you’ll keep it short,” he said, getting his scissors and combing the hair down on her nape.

“Oh god, are you starting?” she asked, almost shaking.

”Of course I am,” he said, sliding the scissors in a straight line on her nape, snipping off the wet hair.

“How are you cutting it? I’m realizing now that we didn’t talk about it other than that it’s going to be a bob and that it’ll be too short for a ponytail,” my mom said, looking at the pieces of hair that fell down into her lap.

”I was thinking I’d do a blunt bob. If I do an angle I feel like you’d look old fashioned and we don’t want that. Have you ever had bangs?” he asked her.

”No, but she should try them!” I answered for her, wanting to pressure my mom into something new.

”Katie!” she said embarrassed. “No I haven’t, but if you think they’ll look good, I’ll try them.”

“I’m glad you trust my judgement, I know your daughter does,” he said, sending more hair tumbling into her lap. She was losing a lot of hair, fast.

Soon he was done with the bottom layer and was letting down the top. He sprayed that wet and began to snip away.

”I can’t believe I’m doing this. How my hair was before you started cutting is the shortest I’ve ever had it,” she said.

”It’s ok, mom! It grows on you,” I said with a wink.

”Katie, I thought I raised you better than to make such terrible jokes,” mom said.

“And dad raised me to make such terrible jokes,” I replied.

As we talked, Evan snipped straight along a line back from mom’s chin, sending the last bits of her long hair onto the kitchen floor. She already looked so good and he wasn’t even finished with her cut yet. Maybe if Evan and I ever got sick of the short hair, the bob would be a cute look for me.

”I literally feel so light,” mom said as Evan stepped away to check the evenness of the cut.

”Let’s cut these bangs and then I’ll style it for you,” he said, already using his comb to section them out.

”How long are they going to be?” she asked. “Or I guess, how short?” she corrected with a gulp.

”They’re going to rest right on your eyebrows,” he said, snipping through them casually with a series of quick cuts.

They fell wet on her forehead as he checked the length. He then did made a few vertical snips, both on her bangs and on the ends of her hair, adding texture to the cut. Using his blow dryer and a round brush, he dried and styled her bangs. He then dried the rest of the hair and used a curling wand to curl the rest.

”All done,” he said, sweeping the cape off of her body.

She shook her head from side to side, feeling the new significantly shorter length. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” she repeated.

”You look gorgeous Susie,” Evan said.

”Yeah mom! You look sexy!” I said.

”I can’t believe I did that!” mom said, visibly shaking.

”You haven’t even seen it yet,” I said with a laugh.

I think we were all shocked by how much she loved it as soon as she saw it. She squealed, she laughed, she cried a little, and she couldn’t stop playing with it. My dad even loved it when he got home. He said it was like his wife was a new woman and she said she felt like she was one. This only further drew Kelly’s attention who seemed to look on at mom and I with envy.

That night, Kelly knocked on my door. She laid down next to me and put her head on my chest. Putting my arm around her I stroked her hair with my hand.

”What’s up?” I asked.

”What do you mean?” she asked, looking up at me.

”I mean you only ever used to come in here and do this when you wanted to talk about something,” I said, raising an eyebrow at her.

”Promise you won’t make fun of me?” Kelly asked.

”I promise,” I said, rolling my eyes dramatically.

”Could Evan shave my head?” she asked.

I immediately laughed in reply.

”Katie! You promised you wouldn’t laugh! I’ve been thinking about it for a while! And I saw that your teammate, the one that’s so big on Instagram, shaved her head for that fundraiser and now I want to!” Kelly confessed.

”Kelly, I’m laughing because I shaved my head too! At the same fundraiser, I just didn’t get the same attention she did. That’s why my hair is so short now!” I said, continuing to laugh.

”So you think it’s a good idea?”

I sat up and looked her in the eyes. “I think it’s a great idea. And, if you want hair for your graduation, I even have a wig that you can borrow to wear under your cap.”

”No way! When can we do it?” she asked eagerly.

”I can go get Evan and we can do it right now,” I said.

”Really? Let’s do it!” she sprang out of bed and nearly danced with the anticipation as she waited for me to get my barber boyfriend.

Evan was out of bed and we were in Kelly’s bathroom within minutes. He had tied her long hair into four pigtails. Part of why Kelly wanted to shave her head was to donate the long hair, and because she had been thinking about it for months, she had found a charity that would take her bleached hair.

One by one, he snipped them off with his sharp scissors. Soon her hair was left short and hanging in a choppy looking mullet.

”Ok, please shave it off, this looks terrible,” Kelly said.

”Are you sure your parents won’t get mad at me?” Evan asked, raising an eyebrow.

”I’ll tell them I did it and you guys heard me so you offered to make it look right. I just really am so ready to not have to deal with this,” Kelly said, nodding eagerly.

”Alright,” Evan said, flicking on his clippers.

He wasted no time and plowed them straight into her hairline, sending the short blonde and brown hair cascading down. Left behind was only the dark stubble of her natural color. Ever the professional, he cleared her head in a matter of minutes, leaving her with a perfect zero buzz.

”What do you think, Kelly?” Evan asked, brushing hair from his hands.

She stared at herself in the mirror and ran her hands over her stubbly head.

”Why is there so much left? I thought I was going to be bald like your teammate,” she said, clearly disappointed.

”Evan only used clippers, my teammate got shaved with a razor. Is that what you want?” I asked, surprised but amused.

”Yes! I want it to be smooth!” she nearly shouted.

”Go ahead,” I said to Evan who already had shaving cream and a razor ready to go.

He first put a hot towel on her head for a few moments.

”Oh god, this feels amazing,” she said.

”It does, and that’s why I got him to shave my head every day for a week after the first time I shaved it. I wasn’t ready for it to be over,” I said.

“I wish I had my own personal barber. If I want to keep it, I’ll have to shave it myself,” she said, eyes closed in relaxation.

I smiled slyly at Evan, “It does have its perks.”

Evan sprayed a healthy amount of shaving cream onto my sister’s nearly bald and began spreading it out. It was funny how much we looked alike, especially without hair. I wished I could join her but I knew that if Evan had been growing my hair out, he had a reason. So instead my sister would get to experience this on her own.

Using a straight razor, Evan started on her crown and shaved away the stubble. His hands were always so quick, whether using a straight razor or a safety razor. I couldn’t help but be attracted to him and his skill.

He manipulated her head with his left hand as he used the razor with his right. I could tell she enjoyed the shaving as much as I had enjoyed mine, hopefully for different reasons.

”So why did you really want to do this?” I asked.

”What do you mean?” Kelly asked in reply.

“I mean the first time I chopped my hair off, I did it because my boyfriend dumped me. Why are you going all the way like this?” I asked as Evan shaved the right side of her head.

”You know I don’t have a boyfriend. I guess it’s just I’m sick of looking like a cheerleader. I won’t be cheering in college and this is kind of my way of reinventing myself,” she said, allowing her head to be moved around as Evan shaved the last bits of stubble from her head.

”Hey, I’m a cheerleader and look at me! Do you think you’re going to stay bald?” I asked.

”I kind of want to. I know it might get me some weird looks off at college though,” she said.

”If you want to talk about weird looks, you should have seen my roommates the time I came home with a mohawk,” I said with a smirk.

”A what?” Kelly asked.

”All done!” Evan said, wiping her head with a towel.

”So I’m really bald now? Can I touch it?” Kelly asked, my mohawk now completely forgotten.

”It’s your head, do whatever you want,” Evan said, wiping his own hands on the towel.

Kelly’s hands crept over her head, feeling every smooth inch of her scalp. Evan had done a good job, making sure it was truly smooth with no roughness whatsoever. There wasn’t even any razor burn.

”I love it! I wish I could go to graduation bald but mom would kill me!” she said, looking happily at her reflection.

”That’s right, let’s try on the wig,” I said, stepping out to get my long blonde wig that I had actually intended on wearing to the graduation ceremony. The chances of running in to former classmates was high and I wanted to look as much like my old self as possible. Evan had been ok with the idea and I still had my backup bob wig to wear.

Kelly came into my room after we saw that the wig fit her perfectly, looking almost completely natural thanks to Evan always buying me high quality gifts. She laid with me just like she did before her shave but now I rubbed her bald head instead of stroking her hair.

”Mom and dad are going to freak out when they see this, aren’t they?” she asked.


”Can I tell them that you’ve shaved your head before?” she asked, looking to me hopefully.


”Can I at least see a picture?” she asked.

I rolled away and grabbed my phone. It was full of sexy pictures I had taken for Evan so I was careful to keep those hidden. I found one from the event, with all of the other short haired girls, and showed it to her.

“Bald looks better on me,” Kelly said, settling her bare head back onto my chest.

”Not a chance,” I said smugly.

The next morning, our parents did freak out. As was expected. Her bald head was much more poorly received than my mom’s makeover, or mine for that matter, but when she showed them the wig I had given her, and when she reminded them that she was 18 and getting ready to move out, they calmed down some. At least enough to not punish her.

”Being bald will be punishment enough, once you come to your senses,” my mom had said, tucking her new short hair behind her ear.

On graduation day, Evan got the chance to meet a few more relatives but, wearing my bob wig, my mom got more attention than I did. I saw a few former classmates from a distance but with my tattoos, piercings, and even the relatively long hair of my wig, no one noticed me.

Kelly wore her wig throughout the whole graduation but then, after taking pictures for a while, she ripped the wig off and surprised everyone with her bald head. She loved all of the attention, all of the rubs on her head that had been reshaved that morning by Evan. Although I was the college cheerleader, Kelly has always been the one to put on a show.

The rest of our time was uneventful and we were soon off for our two month yacht vacation with my family’s blessing.

On A Boat

Our first week had been perfect. Sun, water, good food, and lots of sex. I was somewhat surprised though that after two weeks from my previous cut before we left for my parents’ house, Evan had not edged me up.

One morning while watching a movie on the back deck over mimosas, I finally built up the courage to ask about his plans for my hair.

”Hey babe, can I ask a question?” I asked meekly.

”Of course you can,” he said, squeezing me and kissing my forehead.

”When do I get another haircut? It’s been two weeks.”

”Babe, I didn’t bring anything to cut your hair with. You won’t be getting it cut while we’re on vacation,” he said simply.

”What? No haircuts? Not even a trim?” I asked, utterly shocked.

”Nope, I’ve got to grow your hair out so you can have your mohawk for football season. I’ll keep up your roots to keep you blonde but I’m going to let you be shaggy for the summer,” he explained.

I touched my hair, touching the sides that were already starting to feel long, “Baby! My tan line is going to be terrible when you shave the sides!”

”That’s half the fun. Enjoy getting to have some hair, we’re taking it easy. It’s nice to withhold something from you, it’ll make it that much better when I finally shave you again,” he said, rolling me onto my back.

”I like the sound of that,” I said, putting my glass down and kissing his lips.

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  1. Here’s a new story in Katie and Evan’s series! Some new cuts, new characters, and more progress for the sweetest hair fetish romance you’ve ever seen! Let me know what you think in the comments and what hairstyles you might want to see in the future. For some reason I can’t reply to comments right now but I see what people have said on my posts. Thanks for reading!

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