The Start of Something New: Volume II Chapter 2 — Homecoming

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Well, it’s time for the next chapter in the ongoing adventures of our favorite cheerleaders.  No longer just Katie and Evan’s story this truly is an ensemble.  For anyone new, please check out the link below which takes you to the previous chapter.  From there you can find links to all the chapters of Volume one.


Without further a due…


The Follow Through

Even though it had only been a week since Heather had decided to cut off all her hair and she was unsure of what the future held, she felt she owed it to herself to finish the job.  It was Friday night and Evan was working his way through the team.  She had just had a big confrontation with Melissa, which, had it happened earlier, would have totally destroyed her and sent her into a downward spiral of depression.  Now, however, while still not a fan of confrontation and unable to really fight back, she could at least hold her own a little better.


Heather, dressed in a new, short pair of capris and her best Sports bra, had gone over to Evan and sat down.  Katie was by his side as usual.  Evan and Katie both looked at each other.


“Hi, Heather.  How’s it going?”  Evan asked.  “Your hair is coming in nicely, but there’s not much left for me to do anything with.  You’re good.”


“Actually, I’m not.”  Heather smirked while rubbing her now stubbly head.  “You did a fabulous job last week and it was exactly what I asked for, but” she paused.  “Well, um,” she was struggling to find the right words but also full of conviction when they came.  “I was hoping, maybe, that, if you didn’t mind, perhaps, you could finish the job?”  Heather looked up at Evan happy she had gotten the request out and hoping he would agree.


“So, just to be clear…” Evan started.


“SHAVE IT! SHAVE IT ALL!”  Heather confirmed.  “I want you to shave it completely.  I want it to be smooth like you, Katie.”  Heather reached up and touched the side of Katie’s mohawked head, which had already been shaved earlier.  “Please, I don’t know what my long-term plan is, but I can’t come this close and not see it through.”


“Heather, no doubt you’ll look stunning and I’d never try to talk you out of anything.”  Katie interjected as Evan started to get some shaving cream ready.  “But are you really sure about this?  Last week. –“


“Yes, I know.”  Heather interjected.  “I understand what happened last week, and I promise you I’ll be way more ‘present’ this time, but I need to do this and need to do it now.”  Heather let out a deep breath and looked straight ahead.  “Please, proceed.”


“One complete head shave coming up.”  Evan rubbed his hands together and lathered them up.  He took his foam filled hands and massaged them all over Heather’s dome.  Heather smiled and giggled uncontrollably.


“Do you need my hand?”  Katie reached out, impressed but unsure.


“Nah, I got this.”  Heather said with a little laugh.  “What a difference a week, makes, huh?”


“I guess so.”  Katie nodded in approval.  This girl had GUTS and she was impressed.


“OK, Heather, you ready?”  Evan asked, as he grabbed his razor.


“YUP” Heather declared full of confidence.  “More than ready.”  Evan proceeded to make swipe after swipe across Heather’s head, removing the shaving cream in its path along with any hair that got in the way.


Anna and Emma watched in amazement.  Melissa watched in horror.  There was no doubt now.  She’d have to cut her hair shorter.  How much shorter could she bear to go?  She subconsciously rubbed the back of her head and felt her undercut.  Well, she could always start there and see what happens.  A single tear began to form and roll down her cheek.


“By the way, Heather.  You’re lookin’ really good in general.  I don’t just mean your hair, either.”  Katie complimented.  “You’ve got this whole new vibe going on.”  She said waving her hand in a way to indicate Heather’s body as a whole.  “Betty’s been a great influence on you.”


“Betty’s been amazing.”  Heather grinned from ear to ear and got really excited.  “I don’t know where I’d be without her.  I never would have gotten through this past week without her.  She’s been so good to me.”  Evan was finishing up his first pass over Heather’s hair.


“OK, Heather, I’m just about finished here.  I usually do a second pass just to make sure I’ve got it all.  Would you like that?”  Evan asked rhetorically, already knowing the answer.  He wet a towel and placed it on her head.  “I’m just going to put this towel over your head, to help warm up the pours and make sure all your hair is gone.”


“OH, yes please! That felt amazing!”  Heather shuttered.  She couldn’t believe she was doing this, but also couldn’t imagine NOT doing it.


“Wow, Heather.  I’m really proud of you.  What a difference a week makes, huh.”  Katie exclaimed.  Outside of that one time she shaved her head and Anna shaved hers for their fundraiser, Heather was the first one to actually take things all the way.  Somehow, she felt her long-haired teammate was gone for good, upgraded to this new model.


“OK, Heather, time for round two!”  Evan said, as he removed the towel from Heather’s head and lathered up his hands again.


As he began massaging the cream on her head again, Heather let out a long deep moan.  Evan and Katie both exchanged quick glances at each other and smiled.  Evan picked up the razor and carefully and slowly started scraping Heather’s head again.  There really was no hair to pick up, but Evan also knew Heather was enjoying herself and figured he could make it last as long as possible.  Before long, he was done, and was wiping Heather’s head of any remnants.  For the finishing touch he took some oil and rubbed his hands over Heather’s completely bare scalp, working it in.


“Just finishing up.  This oil will cleanse your skin and give it a shine.  You’re completely bare Heather, but it won’t stay that way for long, so you’ll have to decide how much, upkeep you’ll want to give it.”


Heather stood up slowly and brought her hands to her head.  She touched tentatively at first but then quickly found herself running both her hands over her head repeatedly.  She gasped, wide eyed and then quickly smiled as she turned toward Evan.


“This feels amazing!”  Her small barely five-foot frame reached up to the towering Evan and gave him a hug.  “Thank You so much.”  As she turned away “I’m sure I’ll be back again, soon!”  Heather skipped away, unable to keep her hands away from her head, the happiest and most confident any of the girls had ever seen her in the time they had known her.  As she got to the end of the room, with Anna, Emma and Melissa still standing there, in awe of what they had just witnessed, Heather slowed for just a moment and whispered to Melissa. “This was for you.”  She smiled and continued on back up the stairs.


“She’s putting me to shame.”  Anna said to no one in particular.  “Maybe it’s time to update.”  She rubbed the back of her head.


“Hey, um, hold that thought.”  Emma replied slightly distracted.  “Can I talk to you about that later?”


“Yeah, sure” Anna replied slightly confused, as Emma darted off.


“Seriously?  Are you gonna shave your head too?”  Melissa completed.  “Is this whole team going to be bald?” Melissa almost cried.


“I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again.”  Anna informed matter-of-factly.  “But apparently not yet.”  Anna headed towards Evan to discuss her options.


Melissa felt disgusted.  As if it wasn’t bad enough that she was surrounded by all these short-haired teammates, half of them wanted to go even shorter.  She felt sick to her stomach and ran up to her bathroom so she could throw up.


Feeling Blue

Betty was chilling in her room, perusing the latest fashion magazine.  She would make her way down to see Evan soon, but she really needed to figure out what she was doing.  Her hair was starting to grow in a bit, and while she was happy about that it really lacked any kind of discernible style and that wasn’t really any better.


Suddenly, there was a soft knock on her door.  Betty got up and went to open the door.  As she swung open the door her jaw dropped as she let out a gasp.  “WOW!” She squealed.  “You did it!  You actually did it!”  She stepped aside as Heather walked into her room grinning ear to ear.


“You like it?”  Heather was still unable to stop rubbing her head.  “Just got it done.  You were my first stop.”  She sat down on Betty’s bed.


“KIDDO!” Betty was unable to contain her excitement.  “I LOVE IT!  You look freakin’ amazing!”   Betty was visibly enthused as she reached her hand towards Heather’s head.  “May I?”


“Of course.” Heather grinned extending her head towards Betty.  “You never have to ask.”


“I’m going to anyway.”  Betty was now rubbing her hand up and down Heather’s head.  “Wow, I still can’t believe you actually went through with it.”


“I told you I would.  Did you doubt me?”  Heather asked mock offended.


“Well, no, but it was only a week ago that you had hair down past your ass, and now there’s literally NOTHING left.”  Betty was more than impressed with Heather and found herself subconsciously feeling her own hair.


“Your next” Heather remarked, noticing Betty foundling her own hair.  “Don’t worry, I’ll help you through it.”


“Wouldn’t that be a switch.”  Betty chuckled.  “To think how devastated you were just a week ago.  I take it there are no regrets.”


“Nope, none” Heather shook her head.  “I even managed to give Melissa a scare, which was fun.”  Heather smiled.  Suddenly, getting slightly more serious.  “I did pee again though.”


“Heather, we told you last time, that’s not pee.”  Betty consoled.


“Well, it’s only ever happened twice and I don’t really remember much of last week.”  Heather retorted.


“Last week was otherworldly.  It’s like you were possessed.”  Betty recounted.  “I’m glad this week was better.  I’m glad you’re happy.”  Betty sat down next to Heather.  “I like the outfit, too.  You ready to venture outside the house?”


“Um,” Heather hesitated.  “I don’t know.” She hedged.  “I have no issue dressing like this around the house, and I think you’ll be seeing more of this going forward.  I’m not quite sure I’m there with anyone else… yet.”  After a moment, she smiled and looked Betty directly in the eye.  “I’m not hiding this anymore though.” She indicated her bald head.


“Good for you, kiddo.  I am SOO Proud of you.”  Betty congratulated her as they got up and hugged.  Then Heather left.  Betty went and stared in the mirror.  She put her hand over her head trying to cover up her hair.  Could she really shave it off?  Could she really go bald?  Sure, Heather looked amazing, and she had already had her hair pretty close.  This was different, though.  She sighed; it was getting late and she needed to make an appearance.  Betty turned and exited her room and headed downstairs.


As Betty entered the Living Room, Elsa was just finishing up in Evan’s chair.  As soon as Elsa got up, Betty sat down.


“Hey, Evan.  Hi, Katie” Betty exhaled.  “I think it’s time.”


“Time for what exactly?”  Evan asked looking to Katie for a hint.


“To do something with this.”  Betty reached up and touched her hair.


“Oh, Betty, that’s great!  What did you decide?”  Katie interjected.


“Um, well, I’m not cutting it.”  She looked up and saw Evan and Katie’s face “At least, not yet anyway.  But I was thinking maybe I’d color it.  That seems to be the equally popular thing to do on this team” Betty smiled “So Teal me up!”


A New Endeavor

“Hey Heather” Emma banged on her bedroom door.  “Heather! Wake up!”


Heather awoke, to banging on her bedroom door.  She groggily opened her eyes and looked at the clock.


“It’s 6AM!”  Heather grumbled from her bed.


“I know, we’re already late.”


“Late for what?  It’s Sunday!”


“Just trust me.  Meet me downstairs in 5 minutes!”  Emma informed.  “Wear you best workout clothes.”


“Workout?”  Heather, still half asleep replied.


“Just be there!”


“Fine” Heather begrudgingly got up and started to get dressed.


A few minutes later, Heather headed down the stairs in her yoga pants and a T shirt over her black sports bra.  Emma was waiting for her in a bright orange Sports bra and matching bike shorts.  As usual, she wore a backwards baseball cap over her hair.


“It’s still dark outside!” Heather moaned.


“Yeah, but not for much longer.”  Emma declared.  “Come on, we gotta get going.”


“Where are we going?”  Heather yawned.


“We’re going for a run!”  Emma said with way too much energy for this early in the morning.


“What? Why?”  Heather asked, “I don’t want to go.”  She turned and started heading back up the stairs.


“Heather! Let’s go.”


“Fine.” Heather agreed reluctantly.


Emma opened the door and they both stepped out.  As they went down the stairs, Emma said back to Heather “Try and keep up.”  and off they went.


Heather struggled mightily.  She, in fact, did not keep up.  Emma often found herself stopping or running in place waiting for Heather to catch up.  A few times she would run back to help push Heather along.  However, she was always encouraging and supportive.  They finally made it back to the house and headed up the stairs.


“That was great, Heather!” Emma exclaimed “Ok, same time tomorrow.”


“Tomorrow?”  Heather wheezed.


“Yep.  Every Day. You and I.”  Emma stated.  “At Least until you can keep up.”  Emma opened the door and went inside.


Heather sighed.  “Goodbye Sleep.” She mumbled under her breath, as she followed right behind.


The next morning, Heather was once again awoken by Emma.  At least this time, she expected it and was prepared.  Heather once again struggled, but she didn’t complain, not once.  Once they got back, Heather got herself ready for class.  She was excited, it was time to unveil her new look, at least from the neck up.  For the rest of her look, Heather decided to go with an old look.  Her new old look to be exact.  Heather dug out her old blouse, the one that Betty had ripped the sleeves off of when they went shopping.  She wore it as Betty suggested.  Instead of her jeans, she put on capris, and put on a casual heel, for just a little extra height.  She knew her hair, or lack thereof would be the focus, but maybe if she dressed differently enough, people would just plan not recognize her.  She stood in front of the mirror and looked things over.  She thought she looked ok and took a deep breath and told herself she could do this.  One last glance and she reached down and unbuttoned one extra button.  She gave herself a nod, grabbed her backpack and off she went, out of her room, out of the house and off to campus.


Emma and Heather continued their routine every day that week.  By Friday Heather was already up and waiting.  Just as Emma was about to knock, Heather opened the door and led the way down the stairs.  To say that Heather was excited for this new normal would be inaccurate, but she proved herself to be a quick adapter and accepted that this was how things were for her now.  Besides, in much the same way she felt about Betty, it was nice of Emma to take her into her inner circle and be so willing to spend alone time together.


An Old Friend Stops By

It was Homecoming Weekend, and the house was buzzing.  Homecoming was always a special time and the cheerleaders were all excited for another game.  Evan was once again at the house working his way through the team.  This time it was the ENTIRE team.


For the past few weeks Emma had been upset that every Friday night Annie left the team to go to her own barbershop.  The barbershop had bid on her during their annual hair fundraiser and had stuck with her through all this time.  Emma had planned a meeting with the barbershop and Annie for the previous Monday evening to discuss some options.


Earlier in the afternoon Annie had approached Emma, separately about being ready to end the partnership.  The truth was she missed the new bonding time with her team, and honestly, she was ready for something new.  So, with Emma and Annie both on the same page the meeting with the barbershop went better than expected.  The barbershop was very understanding and thanked Annie for her loyalty for all this time.


When Annie had first cut her hair, she was one of the first to do so.  Since then, the entire team had joined in, and Annie wanted something different.  She had spent a good portion of the week researching and asking her teammates what they thought.  Nothing was off the table, so the girls all had fun making suggestions.  They all knew she was doing something different and drastic, but no one had any idea what it would be, including her.


The doorbell rang and Elsa was there to answer it.


“Jacqueline!” Elsa greeted her former teammate.  “Wow, so great to see you!  This is certainly a different look for you.”


Throughout her four years of college, her stick straight raven colored hair hung long, generally reaching the small of her back.  Aside from when she was cheering and in its “requisite ponytail” it was generally down and she flaunted it.  She had a good-looking body and knew it as she often would show it off and tease all the boys.  The person who stood before Elsa was different in just about every way imaginable.


Jacqueline entered the house.  The former cheerleader was dressed in a causal business suit.  She had on a black turtleneck under a beige blazer and matching slacks.  The biggest difference though was her hair.  Gone was the long hair she had sported.  In its place was a “businesswoman’s lob” falling just at her shoulders.


“Hello, Elsa, good to see you.”  Jacqueline causally touched her hair and dragged her fingers through her hair.  “Yes, well, I’m not in college anymore.  It’s a whole different world out there.”  She reached out for a hug.  “I see you haven’t changed much though.”


“Oh, yeah.”  Elsa reciprocated.  “The whole rest of the team sure has though.”


Just then as if on cue, Shandra with her teal mohawk perfectly styled, appeared, having just left the living room and Evan.  Jacqueline ended the hug and did a double take.


“Wow, Shandra?  Is that you.”  Jacqueline inquired.  “You’re absolutely the LAST person I would expect with a hairstyle like that.”


“Yeah, well, it wasn’t by choice.”  Shandra retorted.  “I could say the same of you.”


“I know, I know.” Jacqueline rolled her eyes.  “As I was just telling Elsa, things are different when you leave the sheltered world of college.”


“Jackie! Jackie! Is that you?”  A voice from above squealed out.


The three all looked up and saw Annie running down the stairs.


“It’s me, dear.”  Jacqueline held her arms out ready to embrace.  Annie fell into her arms and squeezed tightly.


“I was just on my way to see Evan!”  Annie excitedly proclaimed.  “Time for something new.”  She smiled.  “I have no idea what though.”


“I just came from him, I believe Anna is there now, but I’m not sure if anyone else is lined up next.”  Shandra informed.


“Oh, good.”  Annie replied.  Turning to Jacqueline “You never met, Evan, did you?”  She grabbed her hand and started pulling her towards the living room.


“No, I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure.”  Jacqueline allowed herself to be pulled.  “I can’t wait to see this man that transformed my team.”


Anna was currently in Evan’s chair.  She had held onto her signature #1 buzz ever since he initially gave it to her, except for those few weeks when she went bald for the fundraiser.  She was ready to do it again, but Emma had requested that she hold off.  She still hadn’t had a chance to talk with her and find out what that was about but was sure there was a reason.


As the pair walked over, Katie looked over and noticed them.  She cocked her head just a bit.  The person next to Annie looked familiar but yet very different.  As they got closer, something clicked for Katie.


“Jackie!”  Katie exclaimed as she ran over.  “I barely recognized you!”  She reached out as they embraced.


“I barely recognize this TEAM anymore.”  Jacqueline retorted.  “I assume this is all your influence.” She said to Katie but directed towards Evan.


“I’d say it’s good you graduated when you did, but it looks like, you’ve still lost quite a bit of hair.”  Katie remarked noticing the former teammate’s shorter locks.


“Of course, this team would notice my hair.  I guess I should’ve known better.”  Jacqueline began.  “Yeah, unfortunately, my long hair was just not considered ‘professional’ in the business world.  I actually only relented and cut it a few weeks ago.”


“That would still be long by team standards.” Anna chimed in from the chair.  “Evan could do wonders for you!”


Evan chuckled.  “I already take care of the entire team; I suppose alumni count as well.”


“Ha-ha” Jacqueline scoffed.  “No thanks, this was a big enough change for now.”


“Speaking of change,” Annie interjected “Can I get in there next, Evan?  I’m ready for an update.”


“Absolutely, Annie” Evan replied.  “What are we thinking?”


“I’m not sure, but I think I’m ready to go significantly shorter.”  Annie started “Maybe some kind of buzz cut?”


“So, Anna and Annie will both end up with buzzcuts?”  Jacqueline chimed in.


“I don’t think I can go anywhere near that short though.”  Annie replied.  “There are longer versions though, right?”


“Yep, just give me a few minutes to finish up Anna and you’ll be next.”


Elsa walked into the room with Janie.  They both headed over towards Jacqueline.


“Hello, Jacqueline.  This is Janie.”  Elsa introduced.  “She’s one of our new freshmen.  She’s taken over your position on the team.  She’s been struggling a little bit and I thought maybe if you had a few minutes, you could talk with her?”


“Hello, ma’am” Janie started “Pleased to meet you.”  She stretches out her hand to shake.


“Oh, dear.” Jacqueline grabbed Janie’s hand and pulled her towards her, “You’re on this team.  This team is family.  Family hugs, and don’t call me ma’am” She embraced Janie.  “Now why don’t we go sit over there and you can tell me what’s on your mind.”  Jacqueline guided Janie over towards one of the couches where they sat and talked.


There’s A Buzz In The Air

“OK, Anna, you’re all set.  Annie you’re next” Evan declared as the two girls switched spots.  “So, you want a buzz, bit not as short as Anna’s.”


“Yeah, I want to lose a lot of this.” Annie grabbed the mop on top of her head.  ‘But not ALL of it.  I know I want it short and Spiky.  But I still want visible hair.”  Annie looked up at Evan.  “What’s the longest it can be and still be a buzzcut?”


“Well, the longest attachment I have is a #8, which is about an inch.  Then it goes down an eighth of an inch from there.”  Evan was scrunching his fingers through Annie hair.  “Anna typically goes with a #1 which is an eighth of an inch.”


“Ok, how about a #7?”  Annie asked, “and would a #3 be good for the bottom?”


“That sounds perfect.”  Evan smiled. “So, is that what you want?”


Annie nodded in agreement and Evan went to work.


Kitchen Revelation

“I never thought I would willing buzz my head and then start to feel like it was too long.”  Jessie was in the kitchen.  “Yet, here I am, and I love this style SOO much.  Evan is amazing.  He seems to know exactly how each of us should wear our hair.”


“I have to say Jessie, it really does look amazing on you.”  Emma agreed.  “To think, most of the team now, I wouldn’t even say has short hair, but buzzed.  I mean how many on the team don’t need the clippers?”


“None.  We all use the clippers to some degree.”  Jenny chimed in.  “Most of us with a #1 attachment or less.”  She got up from the table and started to leave.  “Anyway, I’m off to see Evan.”


Melissa’s Lament

Everyone was in and out of Evan’s chair all night.  Jacqueline had finished talking to Janie but hadn’t left her spot on the couch as other teammates made their way over to catch up.  Elsa and Annie were particularly interested in what she had been up to and what post college life was really like.  Emma made her way over at one point.  Jacqueline made sure to comment on what the team had become and Emma made sure to note it was all personal choice.


“Well, you’re all in college, have fun.”  Jacqueline stated, “But note that things are different on the outside and some of these styles may not be perceived in the best way.”  She cautioned.  “Honestly, I wish I had ‘experimented’ a bit more in college.  I hung on to my long hair all throughout college.  Now, look at me, and if I’m being honest, even this is probably the longest it will ever be again.”


“Well, Evan’s here.  I’m sure he could get you in…”


“No Thanks!”  Jacqueline cut her off.


“Ok, but would you mind talking with Melissa?  She’s been in a funk ever since she cut her hair, and none of us know how to get her out of it.”  Emma begged.


“Sure, but I don’t know exactly what you want me to say.”


“Just start with what you just told me.”  Emma encouraged.  “Every little bit helps.”


As if on cue, Melissa walked into the room.   Emma waved her over and Melissa noticed and headed in that direction.  Melissa was happy to see Jacqueline there, but then froze as she got closer.


“Not you, too!”  Melissa moaned.  “What’s with everyone cutting their hair?”


“Hey, Lis, have a seat.”  Jacqueline patted the seat next to her, as Emma got up and started to leave.


“I suppose you’re going to tell me I should suck it up and cut my hair short like everyone else.”  Melissa sobbed.  “I already cut it so much and I HATE IT!”


“No, not at all.  It’s your hair and your choice.”  Jacqueline began.  “No one here is telling you what to do.  Honestly, I’m a little surprised to see you like this.  You definitely had one of the best heads of hair on the team.”


“Yeah…” Melissa looked down.  “HAD being the operative word.  This,” Melissa reached up and grabbed the bobbed hair and began twirling it in her fingers.  “This, is well, boring.”


“So do something about it.” Jacqueline chuckled.  “I look around this team.  Yes, they all have short hair, yes, many of them are shaved, but you know what I can’t say, they’re boring.”


“I just didn’t want to be the only one on the team with long hair.  Guess what I still am!  I just can’t bear cutting it anymore.”


“Isn’t there that girl with the really long hair?”


“Not anymore.  She shaved her head!  Like completely!”  Melissa complained.  “It wasn’t bad enough when she buzzed it like two weeks ago.  Last week she went and finished it off!  Wouldn’t surprise me if she did it again.  That’s the only reason I even cut it at all.  If I knew she was going to do that, and I’d still be the one with the longest hair, I would have just left it as it was.  At least then it would be worth it.”


Jacqueline reached out to offer a hug.


“Normally, having the longest hair of the team, could be a source of pride.  Something to be proud of.”  Melissa continued.  “NOT on this TEAM!”  Her eyes started to well up with tears.


“Oh, Hun.”  Jacqueline tried to console Melissa.  “It’s not worth getting upset about, honest.  College is about fun and making lifelong friends.  It’s about experimenting and trying new things.  This” Jacqueline stopped for a moment to indicate the house and college in general.  “This is a safe space, or at least it should be.  These girls,” again showcasing the various girls in the room and through the rest of the house “are family.  They have your back and support you.  At least it should be,” Jacqueline stopped and looked Melissa straight in the eye. “and if it’s not, tell me right now, and I’ll make it right.”


Melissa smiled.  “No, it’s not like that.”  She wiped away a tear.  “Things are good and we are like family.  It’s just…”


“I know” Jacqueline reached her hand up and pushed Melissa’s hair back behind her ear. “I know.  Look at me though, you remember my hair while I was here.”  Melissa nodded.  “You see how it is now, and honestly, it will probably end up getting even shorter over time.  What was I doing?  I missed out.  I’m telling you I missed out.  Not that I would have gone and done anything any of these girls are doing, or maybe I would have, who knows.  But what was I hanging on for?  You’re still young and hair does grow back.  Don’t get yourself so upset.”


“So, you think I should cut it to.”


“Melissa, I am not saying that. It’s YOUR hair and YOUR decision, and from what I’ve gathered everyone on this team supports you in that.  It really comes down to what you want.  You say, you don’t want the longest hair on the team.  Ok, so what does that take?  What would make you happy?”


“That’s just it.  Everyone’s hair is SOOO short and keeps getting shorter, I’d have to SHAVE my HEAD.  I could never do that, no matter what.  I’d rather die.”


“Ok, let’s not be dramatic.”  Jackeline soothed. “Somebody has to have the longest hair and someone has to have the shortest hair.  There’s no reason it can’t be you.  I promise no one is giving it as much attention as you.”


“If you were in my shoes, what would you do?”


“Honestly, I don’t know how to answer that.  When Katie first cut her hair last year, I remember what we all thought, and then a few others followed suit.  If I was still on the team, I can’t say what I’d do.  It should be clear though, that I’m not quite as opposed to cutting my hair as I once thought.”  Jacqueline indicated her own recently cut hair.  She let out a deep sigh.  “Would it make you feel better if I cut my hair, too?”


Melissa shook her head.  “Absolutely not. I couldn’t ask you to do that.”


“You’re not asking, I’m volunteering.”




“Ok, fine, but I don’t want you getting upset about your hair anymore.”


“I won’t” Melissa swore.




“I Promise!”


“Ok, then.  Good”


Affirmative Action

Heather was on her way down to the living room.  She had about a week’s worth of stubbly growth on her head and she wasn’t a fan.  She was in a bright green sports bra and blue athletic shorts.  She had a pair of flip flops on her feet, but mainly because she didn’t like walking around bare foot.  This was certainly her boldest look yet; however, it was haircut day and this is what she had set for herself.  It also said a lot that she was 100% comfortable and no longer felt any need to hide or cover up.  She wasn’t declaring herself ready to be like this anywhere else, or even all the time around the house, but for her for now, she was ready for this next step.


Heather walked into the living room.  There were a few more people in there than usual.  No bother.  She walked over to Evan and Katie.


“Hey Evan, Hi Katie.”  Heather sat down in the chair.  “Same as last time, please.”


“Wow, Heather, you’ve really adapted to this look, haven’t you.”  Katie remarked taking notice of the girl sitting in the chair by her.  To think this was the same girl who until two weeks ago, was shy, timid, and meek with hair down well past her butt.  That girl was long gone.  She liked this new girl though.  She liked her a lot.


“Yeah, well…”  Heather trailed off.


“Ok, one head shave coming up.”  Evan got out the Shaving cream and began to lather his hands.


Planting Seeds

At the game, Jacqueline found Tanya.  Tanya hadn’t changed at all since graduating college.  Her blonde, tightly wound curls still cascaded halfway down her back.  She dressed in a revealing cropped tank top and short mini skirt.  Jacqueline was not all that different from how she was the night before, just slightly more casual.


“Wow, Jackie” Tanya scoffed seeing her best friend.  “I can’t believe you.  You certainly have changed quite a bit.”


“Hi, Tanya.  Well, it’s not college anymore.  Unfortunately, sometimes that means some of us need to grow up a bit.”  Jacqueline responded.  “This is how the real word dresses.”


“What the hell did you do to your hair?  I can’t believe you cut it.” Tanya continued “I hope you didn’t get sucked into all that hair nonsense the team has going on.  Can you believe them?  Certainly, don’t look like any cheerleaders I know of.”


“I told you; things are different now.  This is the way things are, out in the business world.  I couldn’t stay in college forever and I needed a ‘more professional’ look.”  Jacqueline explained.  “You should really stop talking about your teammates that way, they are all really sweet girls.  I spent a bunch of time with them last night.  Several of them asked of you, and I have to say you may not approve of their new looks, but they pull them off really well.”


“Whatever, it’s not gonna last.” Tanya responded.  “My sister is coming next year.  No way she’ll cut her hair.  They’ll also have to make room for her up in the air.  My family has a long tradition of flyers.  Before me, my mom was a flyer, my aunt was a flyer, and my grammy.  My sister aims to continue that tradition.”


“Tanya, please don’t cause tension.”  Jacqueline pleaded.  “Those girls go through enough and we’re family.  I hope you can remember that and support the team with whatever is best in the long run.”


“Whatever, Jackie, you’ve sold out.”  Tanya declared.

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