The Study Abroad Mix-Up Part 2

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Study Abroad Mix Up Part 2

She told him the whole story, how she had wandered Shanghai, how she had tried to communicate what she was looking for. How she had found the shop and gone in and communicated with the man. How he had given her tea and how she thought he was cutting her hair only to find herself bald, browless, and toothless when the man removed her wig and dentures. “Wow,” John said. “He gave me all these wigs, and this.” Abby pulled out the business card. “Plus he didn’t make me pay anything.” John, who knew more Mandarin than Abby, read the card. “Chinese Sexy Wife Treatment. Never have to deal with hair or crooked teeth again. Best Blowjobs for your wife.” They googled what was written on the card. Sure enough thousands of results popped up for shops like this one all over China. They found a Wikipedia on it. “Chinese Wife Treatment” or “Chinese Sexy Wife Treatment,” as the English translation says, is a traditional Chinese wellness remedy. The remedy involves depilation of the recipient’s hair and removal of the recipient’s teeth to insure there is no disease of the teeth or hair that may injure the recipient or otherwise damage their beauty. Traditionally, the Chinese Wife Treatment was given to the wives of wealth upper class women, whose husbands could afford the costly and rare herbs necessary to complete the remedy painlessly. Other cultures, including Indian culture involve similar, though less permanent processes, as women in East Asian culture are often shaved bald as an exotic form of beauty. With the rise of Western standards of beauty, Chinese Wife Treatment has largely fallen out of favor with the majority of Chinese. In some rural areas or the outskirts of large cities, small shops practicing Chinese Wife Treatment may still be found. One of the most famous is run by Fu-Ya, in the outskirts of Shanghai, who films his recipients of Chinese Wife Treatment for his Website – “Ultimate Transformation.” As a result, Fu-Ya does not charge his recipients anything for their treatment and provides several wigs to the recipients afterwards. Other shops in rural areas, charge relatively inexpensive amounts around 3580 chinese Yuan or about 500 us dollars. As such prices are enormous for rural Chinese, the Chinese Wife Treatment is still restricted to upper classes in these areas. Women seeking Chinese wife treatment should be warned that such depilation and tooth removal is permanent.

“You said the guy didn’t charge you right?” John asked. “Yep, that’s right. Maybe this Fu-Ya was the guy who ran the shop?” The clicked on the link to Ultimate Transformation at the bottom of the Wikipedia page. The link took them to a website with the same Chinese calligraphy that was on the business card. Google translated the headline, “NEW VIDEO RELEASE: BROWN HAIRED AMERICAN GIRL LOOKING FOR CHINESE WIFE TREATMENT IS MADE PERMANENTLY BALD AND TOOTHLESS!” They scrolled down the page to find a picture of Abby, bald, browless, and toothless, looking into the mirror after her wig had been taken off and her dentures had been removed.

John was clearly excited by their finding of this new website. He clicked on the “Members” area and immediately paid the $50 subscription fee. The members area showed hundreds of videos. Most were Asian women, but there were possibly 20 or 30 videos of American girls who got the full Chinese Wife Treatment. Each video showed a “Before” picture, of the girls looking into the barbershop mirror with their hair and teeth. Then the “After” photo showed the girls hairless and toothless, some grinning, exposing their empty mouths, but others were shocked hands on their scalps in surprise or in some cases, absolute fear over their new change.

John clicked on a video titled “Emma.” The “Before” picture showed a girl with blue eyes and long blonde hair smiling in the first picture showing off a mouth full of perfectly white teeth. The “After” picture showed a girl just a happy as before, but completely hairless. Her grinning mouth was open, showing her tongue gliding over her gums were her perfect teeth once were. “Doesn’t that look like the Emma who graduated after this trip last year?” Abby asked. “You know, the girl who was in Alpha Phi?” “Yeah I think so,” John replied. “I remember seeing her after the trip,” Abby said, “She was always changing her hair color after it.” They played the video.

Emma entered the screen and sat down in the barber chair. The same Chinese man who rendered Abby permanently bald and toothless enter the frame. He gave Emma a cup of tea, and a bottle of clear liquid, just as he had done with Abby. Then he turned her around, a new camera showed Emma’s face, excitedly waiting for the change. Unlike with Abby, the man fired up clippers immediately and placed them right at the crown of Emma’s head. He ran them right down her middle part, sending sheets of long blonde hair to the floor. Abby was growing wet just watching this girl from her school being shorn. After her blonde hair was reduced to nothing but stubble, the man gave Emma a cup, just as he had done with Abby, and Emma swished and spit it. Then the man lathered up Emma’s head with shaving cream and scraped the last remnants of her beautiful long blonde hair away. Some more shaving cream, and two quick razor strokes whisked away Emma’s dirty blonde eyebrows. Finally, the man showed a jar to the camera. “Perma-Shine, Permanent hair removal cream.” John read. The man spread the cream all over Emma’s head and where her eyebrows were. Then he wiped it away.

The screen then flipped to the room where the hair dryer was. The Chinese man led a now hairless Emma into the room and sat her down in the chair. He showed a different jar to the camera, “Hair Root Filler; for the perfect scalp shine.” The man rubbed the substance all over Emma’s head and where her eyebrows were. He then showed a tube of gel to the camera, “Teeth-Be-Gone; Painless tooth remover.” He put the gel in two trays, then slipped them into Emma’s mouth and walked away. The camera panned out and panned back in. The man walked up and titled the dryer chair back up. He wiped off the white substance off Emma’s head and eyebrows. Then, he showed a bottle to the camera. “Shinee Scalp.” He poured some on a towel and rubbed Emma’s head with it. Finally, he pulled out the mouth guards. The camera then zoomed in on Emma’s hairless face. A hand reached in and slowly plucked a tooth from Emma’s mouth. It looked as though it came out with no resistance. He repeated this process, plucking every pearly white tooth from Emma’s mouth. Then, when all her teeth had been removed. Emma ran her tongue over her gums and gave a huge smile, showing off her new toothless look.

The camera panned out one final time, showing Emma back in the room with the barber’s chair. She had long blonde hair, with blunt bangs just covering her eyebrows. She smiled and waved at the camera, showing off a mouth full of pearly white teeth. Then the Chinese man walked up behind her. He was petting her hair, until he reached by her forehead and grabbed a seam. He carefully pulled the blonde wig off of Emma’s head, revealing a shiny bald scalp with no eyebrows. Emma faked a gasp and held her hand over her mouth. Then she ran her hand over it and traced her fingers over her eyebrows, grinning furiously. As Emma was smiling, the man reached over into her mouth and pulled the pearly white teeth right out of her mouth. Emma kept grinning into the mirror. Then gave the camera a wink, and ran her tongue over her gums. She blew a kiss at the camera and waved, smiling to show off her toothless mouth the whole time. Then the video faded to black.

Abby looked at John and saw he was clearly aroused. She pushed him back down onto the bed. “How would you like to fuck your own bald toothless slut?” He quickly took off his shorts and shirt, and Abby, stripped as well. She then climbed on top of his stiff cock and slowly inserted it into her sopping pussy. As she road him, her hands began to rub over he slick, shiny, bald scalp. John reached up with his hands and pushed his fingers into Abby’s mouth. She sucked on his fingers as she rode his cock. John grabbed her teeth and plucked the dentures from Abby’s mouth. As soon as he pulled the dentures from her mouth, Abby felt his cock pulse. She hopped off and took him into her toothless mouth, letting him cum all over her gums. She slurped the last of his cum down and cuddled up next to him. They both fell asleep.

An hour later, Abby woke up to John admiring her newly bald, toothless look. She slurred, “Where do you think Emma is right now?” They decided to look it up. They found her on FaceSpace. Emma had moved out of her hometown after college, and now lived…in Shanghai! They both looked at each other, before Abby wrote a quick message to Emma.

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