The Stupid Bet

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It happened with me last Sunday, It was never supposed to happen with someone as beautiful as me. It was my own mistake I was so stupid that I let it happen with me, I lost my hair on a bet I should have never made. They were the most beautiful feature I had, I was working on growing them to my knees they were just centimeters away from them, when I walked they hung like a silk curtain on my back. Thick as a bamboo when I made a ponytail I loved them so much that I never cared about money when it came to taking care of them. I was a beauty among beasts while all other women in the society tried looking good I looked naturally younger than my age, they would look at me and get jealous in an instant. Their husbands drooled when I walked past them, I loved it I would flip my long locks right in front of them making them envious. While other women in the society struggled with their figures I had a perfect one, I was a proud single mom. The divorce from my gay husband had left us with enough money to live for generations but I still worked making sure I don’t get dependant on the money.

It started last Friday when the results were to be announced a number of people had their children in the same school as it was a prestigious school near our society. When I reached there a few women were waiting outside for the gate to open. Pleasantries were exchanged as I flipped my long ponytail I saw some jealous eyed it almost made me giggle.

“This year my sonu will top her class she had studied a lot” Aisha said she lived on the same floor as I did.

“No no I think Rishu will do good too this time” Said Suparna from B-Wing

“Babes my ravi is working hard too he will do something good too” Said Rekha she lived in the same building as me

“You guys can only dream Abhi will top the class like every year while your children will only follow his lead” I said in a very arrogant manner. Why wouldn’t I my son was way brighter than children of these aunties.

“Oh is it? I don’t think your Abhi has a chance this time” Said Aisha taunting me

The conversations kept going they kept taunting me until I almost reached my boiling point.

“I can bet anything for my son’s marks he will do better than your kids” I said

“Anything haa” Said Suparna she gave a look to Aaisha

“Okay then let’s make a bet” Said Rekha

“Why not I know my son’s preparations he will top the class” I said

“Well then the stakes are simple you bet your hair on your son’s marks” Said Aaisha with a wide grin on her face

I was startled for a few moments but started taunting me again telling each other she will chicken out it made me angrier.

“Done, if any of your kids get better marks than my son you can have my hair” I almost yelled at them.

Just then the school bell rang and the doors were opened, the parents rushed in the school eager to know the results of their kids. The 4 of us went to the class of our kids, we were all handed the results. I was very proud to see the marks of Abhi i was sure no one was able to touch him after all he had scored in 90s in all subjects with a total of 569 out of 600 total marks. I looked with arrogance at Rekha and Suparna who weren’t as happy looking at the results of their kids. “Leena Ji it’s a shame Abhi missed being the topper this time with just 2 marks” Said his teacher.

I almost had a hitch when I heard her, I saw Aaisha standing with her daughter right in the middle of the class grinning at me “Who topped? ” I couldn’t even say the words properly looking at Aaisha’s wide grin “Sonu topped this time” She replied. I swear I felt as if would fall down when I heard that, I quickly took my sons hand and started walking towards the school’s gate. When I sat on my scooty the 3 women came near me “You won’t be a Rapunzel after sunday dear so have fun with these hair till them” Said Aaisha. My heart skipped a few beats, my stomach sunk a little I was about to vomit when I heard her so I quickly started the scooty and went straight to home.

The 48 hours till the sunday were very difficult for me I was cursing myself for making such a kiddish bet. There were all chances for me to back out or stand away from those jealous bitches but I chose to be arrogant. I wont let them do anything I told myself I made a plan to leave on Sunday morning for my brother’s place and return the next week when school starts. This will be enough time for things to calm down I thought to myself.

On Sunday I woke-up early for my hair routine, I washed them well then conditioned them. Then properly dried my lovely locks. It was raining heavily I was trying to book an outstation cab but no driver was responding. Finally, one responded he told me he will be there in an hour. I knew there was enough time to leave the others would be still buzy with their morning chores. So I sat on the dresser and calmly brushed my hair, it was one of my first loves whenever I was stressed or un-happy I would just sit and brush my hair it made me happy again.

I didn’t know how the time passed I was so into my lovely locks that I had no sense of what was happening around me. I heard a notification on my phone it was right in front of me at the dresser I looked down to see the driver had cancelled my ride. When I looked back up I saw a figure standing behind me “your lovely locks good God you have no idea how much fun we will have with you today” It was Aaisha she was sitting right behind me on my bed. I got scared looking at her “how…. Who.. Let you in? I almost stuttered ” Your son may be you won’t be so lost in your hair after today to know what’s happening around you” She laughed. The other 2 also entered the room with a few other women from the society some who hated me so much they didn’t even talk to me. I looked around to see everyone at my place I was sitting on my dresser in shock and fear of what they had planned for me. They send my abhi to Suparna’s flat to play with the other kids leaving me alone with them. “We can do it here it’s a good sitting too with her huge dresser mirror she can see what’s going on with her” Giggled Aisha the other ladies agreed.

I gathered some strength “what are you all doing at my home? Get the fuck out now” I yelled at them. I knew I had to fight my way out of this predicament so I got up and pushed Aisha who fell on my bed, I was trying to fight my way out of this when someone grabbed a huge chunk of my hair and pulled it hard. Aisha got back up smacking me hard in the face, someone grabbed hold of my top and tore it away from my body. I was throwing my hands at them when I heard clothes snapping and tearing away. There were 8 of them against me, I was held by Hetal who was the strongest among them she shook me hard when I looked in the mirror there weren’t any clothes on my body. Torn straps of my bra hung from my shoulders while the torn panty was stuck on my ankles.

Someone got a dining chair from the hall and replaced the dressing stool, I was almost thrown on the chair they used bedsheets and scarfs I had in my cupboard to tie me down on the chair. I was trying to fight but they were too many and too strong for me, as I looked at the mirror i saw a defeated woman sitting tied to a chair bare naked. The door bell rang Aaisha left the room for a few moments when she returned I saw a familiar face coming into my bedroom with her, it was Anjali she ran a small barbershop type salon near our society, I use to take my son for his hair cut at her shop some time back. She would often request me to let her trim my hair but I always refused until one day I got angry and scolded her “You run a barber shop dear look my hair do you think I would ever get my hair done here? ” I had told her very arrogantly. That was the last day I saw her since then I would take my son to another shop.

As she came in the women made way for her she took her place behind me while all others scattered some sat on my bed while some stood on the sides. “What are we doing today Leena Ji” She smirked as she asked me, the bitch had seen my torn clothes and how I was tied to the chair she was just playing with me. “Hahahaha” Aisha couldn’t control her laughter “Well Leena lost her hair in a bet and it’s time to remove her rapunzel status so I’d say let’s get rid of these lengths” Said Suparna. The started chatting amongst each other discussing about what to do someone said make pony tails and cut them some said why bother just cut them with the scissors while someone suggested why waste time just take out the trimmer. I got so scared that I almost started crying “you bitches you will regret this your whole life I will file a police complaint against you if you touch my hair” I yelled out almost crying.

“Is someone recording this? ” I heard a voice it was Aisha’s “yes don’t worry I am” Suparna standing beside Anjali with her camera on replied. Aisha came forward she held my chin in her hand with her face so close to mine that I could feel her breathe she said “It’s been so long since I have seen you flip your locks it’s time we take them from you”. Anjali handed her something when she brought her hands up I started shivering she held those big scissors high in air opening and closing them mocking me while doing it. She kept playing with the scissors sometimes bringing them close to my head sometimes holding my hair up in the hair pretending to cut them off. Everyone in the room was laughing at her antics “Please no please keep these down not my hair please. I’ll do anything” I begged her. She was holding my chin in her left hand while playing with it she inserted the scissor blades right on my forehead she had done it multiple times in past 5 minutes.

“Sccrunhhhh….. Scrunchhhhhh….. Scrunchhhh” she closed the blades multiple times from the corner of my eyes I saw my beautiful hair falling off my forehead straight onto the floor. Some locks hung on the hand from which she was holding my chin. She shrugged the locks away from her hand leaving my chin, when she moved away from my face I could see what she had done. My front hair from over the forehead were chopped very close to the scalp so much so I could see some skin from where she had cut, I started crying my eyes out shaking myself to get free screaming and yelling at that bitch when I saw my locks on the floor. They laughed at me all of them but they didn’t stop there, Aaisha brought the scissors close to my head again I shook my head to get away from her Anjali and Rekha held my head tight “scrunchh….. Scrunchhh….. Scrunchhh” I heard again more of my beloved locks fell over my shoulders, lap and breast I could feel the blades on my head as she kept opening and closing them. This time when she moved away there was almost nothing in the middle of my head only small roughly cut strands some places there was visible scalp.

“Oh so lovely please take a picture of it” Said Aisha laughing at me, after they took pictures of me she started again her blades moved from the middle of my head towards my crown she was running those scissors laughing at me all over my head from the mirror I could see my long locks covering the floor. She was relentless they all laughed I felt her cutting the hair close to my scalp near my ears I was distraught my tears were pouring out of my eyes like a river. This time when she left my chin, I bowed my head down I didn’t want to look into the mirror but she grabbed my head pulled it up to show me what she had done. All my locks had been shorn away from my head there were only very small roughly cut hair left on my head, the floor around me sad covered with my beautiful locks.

“Why… Why did you do this with my lovely hair you jealous bitch” I cried out

“Because you deserved it” She said looking straight into my eyes thru the mirror.

She went and sat back on my bed signalling Anjali to do something. Anjali ran her hands in what was left on my head, I could hear the zip of her bag open I was too much into my own misery I didn’t know what she was doing behind my back. Sprinkles of water started flowing from my head she had started spraying it all over my head, it came from all sides I felt cold when it touched my head. She then rubbed the water into my scalp for a few minutes the bitch was loving it she was taking her time running her hands on my head. I saw her pour something white over my head it looked like she poured all what was in that tube over me she squeezed the tube till the last bit was out and over me. She started rubbing that thing all over my head until every last inch of my head became white.

What she took out next gave me a shock of a life time it was a safety razor “no please no you have done enough leave me please” I cried out begging them but they just laughed “Oh Leena Maam I asked you so many times to allow me to do your hair, its a shame to do just the ones you have left now” She laughed the others laughed with her. She kept the razor over my forehead I was shaking my head to get away from her so the others held me, I saw her make the pass straight down I’m the middle. White strip of skin was visible in the middle of my head, she didn’t waste time another pass was made right beside the first one widening the strip. She continued making passes my head was held straight I was forced to watch her remove my hair to skin. After every pass more and more skin became visible I could see myself loosing every inch of hair I had over my head. “Scrrr scrrr scrrr scrrr” The voice was deafening for me the sight blinding, she was taking full pleasure in doing it. Slowly she removed all the hair from my head I saw myself hairless in the mirror, never in my wildest dreams I could imagine I would be looking at this sight.

She didn’t stop there she took out another tube of white liquid and poured it over my now bald head again, just like the previous time she rubbed it all over my head and again with another razor shaved every centimeter of my head. She then poured some other liquid over my head and massaged it slowly enjoying torturing me when she stopped I could see my head glow. The bitch finally declared it was done, Aaisha came back she ran her hands over my head slowly from forehead to the crown and then caresses the back of my head. She came near me almost joining her head with mine she took a selfie, then placed her own hair over my head and took a few more. The other ladies took selfies too, one of them picked up my long locks and stuck them to my head then took pictures with them. “Aaisha maam can I take these with me I will prepare something for you from it” Anjali asked pointing at my hair on the floor. She gathered them with care, Aaisha was about to pay her but she refused “I loved it as much as you did” She said ran her hands over my scalp “nice hair cut leena ma’am” She said making everyone laugh then left the room. They kept making jokes touching my head, one by one everyone left until it was just me and Aaisha there. She untied me and threw some clothes at me “This is what happens to arrogant bitches leena, I hope you’ve learned your lesson” She said then left my house.

I sat there for over half n hour looking at myself crying in the mirror when the door bell rang I was woken up from my trance, my son Abhi had returned he was shouting from outside for me to open the door. I quickly wore the T-shirt snd skirt she had thrown at me and covered my head with the scarf they used to tie me to open the door for me. It’s been a week since it happened I still can’t believe I have lost my hair to those jealous bitches.



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