The summer haircut in the barbershop

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“I’ve read so many haircut stories here and wanted to publish mine too…It’s my personal story and this is my first time so hope you all will like it.”

Also, all the name used here are fictional for the purpose of privacy.

The summer mornings were usual as always.Sun rose early as usual. Reema woke up early even in the months of may and june when summer vacation have been started.Reema was a 32 year old housewife with a beautiful personality inside and outside.She had hair of bra strap length.She has two daughters Rushali and Isha.Rushali is a 16 year old girl studying in class 8th and Isha is studying in 2nd class.Both of her daughters are very good in studies as well as help her in household work also.But from some time Rushali is not paying attention to her studies.

Her parents are also worried about her.They tried to find out the reason and came to know that rushali spends way to much time on her hair.Rushali has same hair length as her mother.Her mother, Reema keeps Rushali’s hair short like in a short bob but due to pandemic she is not able to take her to salon and give her a clean cut.But this has provided rushali a advantage as she loves her bair as they are in this length.She does not like her hair short.

On the other hand, Isha her hair always in a mushroom cut or a bowl cut .She has no problem with it because all the girls in her class have the same haircut because they are small and there parents cannot spend much time on their hair.

Her mother is worried about Rushali as her hair is growing way too fast and the summer heat is making more problems for her because her mom always screams at her for not getting it cut.But also she cannot do anything about it as the salons are closed. Her mother is just waiting for the time when the salons will open and three of them can have a haircut.

Finally after four months of lockdown in India everything is going back to normal.It’s the time of july and the moist and humid climate is making everything worst for Reema.She has to be in the kitchen all the time , working in front of the kitchen gas, then has to handle her two daughters with their long hair.Isha hair is also grown below her shoulders as it was last cut in february.

Reema one day was sitting and planned to cut both of her daughters hair herself but she then remembered the incident which happened with her.When rushali was 6 years old reema accidentally cut rushali’s nape while using the scissors. She washed away this thought of cutting their hair herself.She then read in the news that salons and barbershops have been openend now.

No person in the whole worls would be happy than her.She was eagerly waiting for this moment.She then went to Rushali and Isha’s room and told them it is high time and they are now hoing to the nearby parlour to get a haircut.Rushali was in shock and she argued with her mom. Reema said “see your younger sister ahe didn’t say anything and has even started getting ready to go to the parlor. We all three are going.” Rushali started crying.

Her mother screamed at her and said,”I’m tired of this mess on your hair.The heat will damage it more!”

Rushali however agreed to her mom and got ready. All of them went together to the nearby beauty parlour but it was closed.the lady there said that she would open it after a week.Hearing this , rushali took a sigh of relief as she knew that her mother only went to this beauty parlour and she can have her long locks for more than one week from now.

But her mother was determined to cut their hair as she was also tired of her hair.Her hair now reaches her waist. She then moved ahead and her mother tried to find a salon but as they were walking, saw a barbershop in which she used to take both of her daughters when they were young. She stared for a moment at the door and the told her daughters to go there as she thought that the barber also knows them as  well as he is has expertise in cutting short hair.

Rushali was shocked hearing this. She still remembered when she was 5-6 years old how in every three weeks her mother used to rake her here and would told the barber to give her a very short boy cut will sides and nape shaved. She always cried there and felt embarrassed as the men enjoyed watching her and made fun of her. She was thinking all of this and before she could anything to her mother , her mother shouted at her and told her to obey and follow whatever she said. Her sister came there frequently as she got mushroom cuts and bob cuts only. She had no objection going there.

Both the daughters quietly followed there mother.As they entered the salon they were told to sanitise their hands and wrap their shoes with plastic coverings. Rushali’s feet were trembling and shaking.Her hands became sweaty. She was feeling nervous as she knew her mother if she has came there would cut her short and the barber there would always cut her hair short so that he could enjoy long hair cutting.

As the three of them entered, tgere were 1 gents was sitting in the waiting area and 1 little girl was getting shorn there with a very short pixie cut with shaved side and the nape.It seemed like the little girl has cried so much that her eyes were red and full of tears.The black cape was full of ling luscious locks of the girl which seemed of 11 years of age. The gents there was his father who was instructing the barber to cut her hair short.

Rushali was trembled at the situation.She can feel the smell of sprays , shampoos there and felt familiar to her. The curtains here were dirty and looked like they have been there not washed since many months. As she was noticing all of this, the barber called her mother’s name and greeted her. The barber said, “Long time no see Mrs. Reema.” Reema replied” yes the due to the pandemic” The barber told them to sit in the waiting area.The waiting benches were simple with black cushions and steel handles.

She then noticed rushali and isha and said to rushali that I saw isha a few months back only but you don’t come here often now..why so? Reema the replied , “That’s why we all are here..Almost all the salons are closed and only you were open . We all would like to get a haircut.”

The barber replied ,”It would be my pleasure to cut your hair. Please make yourself comformtable. This haircut is almost completed.”

There was only one barber there so they have to wait till their turn comes.

The barber then completed the girls haircut by removing all the fuzzy hairs on the girls nape and leaving not more than 3 inches of hair on the top.He then took some powder and dusted the sides and nape of the girl.He the removed the cape and took the money.

As soon as the girl left from there he said,”Next”

Rushali was so nervous that who would be going next but her mother walked to the barber chair.The barber put a tissue around the neck and fastened the cape around her. He then asked what are we doing today.?

Reema seeing the climate outside and told the barber to cut her hair in shoulder length lob.The barber was confused  and shocked as well because when he untied her hair it reached to her waist.But without saying a word, he sprayed jer long locks and comber her long hair. He then took clippers and cut about 17 inches of her hair.Reema already felt light.The barber then cleaned out the ends and removed the cape. Reema looked all freshed and new after the haircut. Rushali was shocked to see how her mother had cut all her hair without thinking one time.

The barber then turned the chair towards Isha and told her to sit. Rushali was relieved. It was till not her turn.The barber then asked Reema what was to be done with Isha’s hair.He aksed it was to be trimmed or cut short.

Reema said,” The weather outside is burning abd so moist. We all cannot handle the heat. Cut her hair short please.”

Isha was ok with jer mom for this decision because she also couldn’t bear the heat.

The barber then said,” Should I cut a bob because her hair is now reaching below her shoulder or should i go more short?”

Isha immediately said to her mom to cut her hair into a bowl cut or a pixie cut.

Reema was happy with Isha’s decision. Isha thogh never argued with her mom over haircuts. But rushali always made a scene whenever she was in a salon even when she was young she always cried afte and while her hair was cut short.

Reema then said to the barber to cut Isha’s hair in a same bowl cut he used to give before lockdoen but this time with shaved nape.

The barber the covered isha’s neck with the tissue and fastened cape around her, pumped the seat up and untied isha’s hair.Isha can now see her self getting shorn.

When the barber was combing her hair, he said “it has become pretty long, and thick also. But don’t worry isha you would get to your old self soon”.

Isha smiled. She was excited.

The barber sprayed her hair with water and cobed it thoroughly.he then took the the scissors and her hair just below the ear. Snip snip snip…………..

Isha’s thick long hair were falling on the cape.The barber then even out the edges and the cut was almost complete.He then took some  front hair and cut it into straight bangs.He then took his clippers with zero guard and ran through Isha’s nape so that there was nothing left.There was buzzing sound filled in the whole room. He then took a straight taxor and shaving cream to clean isha’s nape. All the fuzzy hair were removed. Isha enjoyed the haircut. He then checked the sides and unfastened the cape. Isha left with a happy smile and felt so light and could feel the cold a.c. hair on her nape. Her mother was also satisfied.The barber said to reema that she have to come here every month to clean up nad trimmed.

Now rushali was terrified. The next and last turn was her. The barber then turned his chair towards her.Her legs were shaking she became all sweaty. Her mother  thought it was because of heat and said to her “see i told you to geta nice cut so that you can bear this heat.”

She was then frightened. As she stood up from the waking chair, 2 or 3 gents came in. Her old fear revived again. Before she was thinking that it was only her and her mom so there would be less embarrassment but then she can feel this will all happen again like her childhood days. She was walking slowly her mother thrn shows her eyes to rushali and told her to walk fast and sit in the chair.

She then walked and sat in the chair.The barber doing his same job wrapped a tissue around her neck and fastened with a cape. She was so nervous.All the men were seeing her. The barber then opened her hair and said “Rushali your hair has now become too long.I remember how your mother used to keep it short when you were young as your sister.”

All the gents then stared at isha and laughed and Rushali couldn’t handle the embarrassment anymore. She pleaded her mom to not get it cut here and tears started flowing from her eyes.

The barber then immediately said “Mrs. Reema she is crying the same way she used to cry when she a little girl all helpless..”and then all the mens laughed.

Rushali felt so embarrassed.

Her mother lokked angry and said to the barber “You are right, she is still the same even we both had a argument at home also and she was not ready for getting a haircut as she used to when she was small”. This sentence by her mother embarrassed her more infront of everyone and everyone laughed.

The barber then started combing her hair and aled her mom what haircut should i give to her and asked if she had to get the same haircut as her mother.

Her mother immediately said,” At first I thought I would not let you cut her hair so much or you should give her a shoulder length haircut as mine but after seeing Rushali’s behavious and also the heat , I want you to cut her hair short. I think a chin length bob will be fine.”

The barber said ok but after seeing rushali’s hair he said, “A chin length bob would not give her relief from the heat outside as her neck would still have hair on it.I think a bowl cut or a ear length blunt bob with shaved nape would be good..If you agree.”

Rushali was crying non stop. And after listening that she will be losing some 18 inches of hair and with a bowl cut she couldn’t stop her tears.

The barber as he used to say to her in her childhood said her “if you would not stop crying I would shave your head.”Everyone in the waiting area was enjoying the show.

Her mother then shouted at her and told the barber to cut her hair in a ear length bob with shaved nape and straight bangs. She then said to rushali “You are now a little old otherwise i would get you hair cut in a bowl cut.”

Rushali stopped crying immediately. She knew if she would cry more her mother can also let her give a bowl cut.

The barber then pumped the seat and now rushali can see herself in the mirror being shorn. Her old memories revived again she sitting in the barber chair men enjoying the show watching herself being shorn helplessly.

The barber combed her hair and made a ponytail. He then put the clippers above the rubberband on her nape and ruthlessly cut her hair.Rushali cried again. She could see her damaged hair which she has grown for months , now in a 18 inches ponytail.The barber then kept the ponytail on the table so that rushali can see her hair again and again. Then the barber sprayed water on her hair till it was wet. Then he started cutting her hair and finally gave shape to her ear length bob.She can now feel the cold hair on her neck. She cried nad cried and cried. Finally the barber took some hair in the front and cut bangs.Rushali was now looking like a 8 or 9 year old girl.Her face was red from embarrassment.

The barber then took the clippers and whole room filled with the buzzing sojnd. He put them on her and cleaned the excess hair. Her neck and ears were barely exposed. He then took a straight razor and shaving cream and cleaned all the fuzzy hair on the nape.He took some powder and then brushed off all the excess hair.

He once again combed her hair and unfastened the cape removed the tissue. She left from the chair. Her mother felt satisfied. She touched both of  her daughter’s hair and told them we would come here every mont for a touch up.

Rushali couldn’t feel more embarrassed.

Her mother paid the barber handsomely and told we will be coming here soon.

The barber said it would be my pleasure. You are most welcome.

He then told to Rushali that now she is looking like how she looks like when she was younger.

Rushali left the shop witha sad face.



One month has passed away now.

It’ s again time for their clean up. All the whole process is now repeated.





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