The summers

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This story is about a girl named Yana. It was a hot summer day and i just came out of the shower and i let my hair open to dry them. My hairs are very long till my waist and quite heavy sometimes it gets difficult to manage them. As i was sitting infront of fan and reading my book electricaity went off ,” god now electricity is also cut off in this hot weather i think im gonna melt at this rate” i thought to myself. My mother came from the kitchen as she was preparing lunch she saw me sweating alot due to weather and also due to my thick hair. she came to me and said ,” I think we need to cut your hair this much long hair is not suitable for this weather how will you manage them its just starting of summers now what will you do in extreme summers”. I resisted. I said ,”I can manage mumma i have managed through all summers what’s new this time and also i don’t want to cut my hair short”. My mom said ,” okay as long as it doesn’t effect your health and studies i am fine with it ” she said and went into the bedroom to take out handfan. but this time summers were very extrme and i spend most of the time taking care of my hair oiling them , washing them, styling them and sometimes i even get late for school and then i get scolded by my father. At evening dad came from office he asked me about my exams i told them they are held next week he told me to work had and get good grades i said yes papa i will try my best.

Next week:-

i gave my exams and result came and i didn’t do well in them heat was the main cause i wasn’t able to study well. my parents and teachers were not happy with my results next week ptm was held my dad came to the school to meet my teachers . My class teacher complained that i wasn’t getting good grades and that i need to work really hard for the sessional exams she also told my father to cut my hair since i was only 15 year old studying in 9th class she said it’s not good for her to have such long hair they are also disturbing her studies. my father agreed to it and i was really scared what will happen to my precious hair on the way back home i pleaded my father not to cut my hair and that i will study more and will put all my attention in studies he didn’t said anything. 2 weeks passed nothing happened . after that my summmer vacation began.

Summer vacation:-

It was the 1st day of my holidays so i was sleeping in the morning and it got quite late it was about 10 in the morning my mother woke me up and said you need to go to the parlor and fix your hair and i thought to my self that yes they need some trimming so i said okay i will go then she said no go with your dad i have some work to do i said okay i got up got ready and went with my dad.

dad took me to a old barbershop and i got scared that what are we doing here he said that i have to get my haircut then we will go to the parlol i was relieved a little i got in and sat in the waiting chair as there was rush in the barbershop because it was morning hours we had to wait for sometime then my dad’s turn came and he got his haircut. next my father asked the barber ” aap ladki k baal b kat te ho kya(do you cut girl’s hairs too)” barber said yes he can cut little girl’s hair then my father said me to go and sit on barber’s chair to get a haircut i said no i just need a trim i don’t want a haircut. my father forced me to sit on the chair. barber put the white cape around me and started combing my hair i was really really nervous and scared barber asked “kesa haircut dena h sir( what type of haircut sir)” my father said ” iske baal bilkul chote chote krdo (give her a very small haircut) i was shocked to hear that i started resisting my father in angry tone said keep quiet it’s for your own good and i shut my mouth crying silently . barber sprayed water on my hair and took scissors. he tied a rubber band to make a ponytail and started cutting it with scissors i was crying and crying my father said stop crying or else i will make you bald after listening this i shut my mouth completely and barber cut my ponytail and threw on the table infront of me. the length of my hairs got reduced to shoulder level. next he took comb and scissors and started cutting length of my hair making me look like a boy then he took out clippers and put a no. 3 gaurd on them and started reducing my remaining length of hair then he asked my dad “itna kaafi h ki or chota krna h (is this enough or i have to cut more) my father checked the length and said “nahi or chota kro top pe se bilkul chota or side se pura hta do ( make it more small and shave the sides and back) he put gaurd 2 on clippers and started to reduce my length even more then he took a straight razor and shaved my sides and back of the head i was looking like a boy completely i wanted to cry a lot then my father said yes this much is enough he payed the barber and we went home. my mother said now you will be cool for summers and this haircut suits you too i went in my room and started crying i wanted my hair back.

after 2 week:-

2 weeks passed my hairs grew a little after that traumatizing haircut it was sunday afternoon i was reading a magazine my mother asked don’t you have to study you should study more so you can get good grades this time and she also said you’re hair has also grown up i think we need to clean this up and i said no my hairs are already very short what else you want from them my mother said no you have to get your haircut done and also it’s good to keep shorter hairs in summers

at the barbershop:-

barbershop was empty as it was middle of the afternoon my mother and i went in my mother said to the barber,” iske baal ktwane h( she needs a haircut) barber said okay and told me to sit on the chair. i sat on the chair and he put a white cape around me and started spraying my hair and asked my mother what haircut should be done my mother said anything appropriate for summers as weather is really hot and her hairs grow really fast. the barber said ,” fr to aap ganja kra dijiye grmi pla hi bhoot h razor se chikna krdenge to baad jldi b ni aynge (he said to shave my head with straight razor) ” i knew i can’t do anything now or will get scolded by my mother or can get a slap too i practically gave up before even trying anything my mother seemed pleased she said “hn thik hai ganji krdijiye isko pura takla krna ache se (that okay make her bald completely smooth) barber put more water on my head and took a straight razor out and put a blade in it and started shaving my head he started from back of my head then he shaved my sides and then on the top in few mins i was completely bald then he sprayed more water on my head and shaved me 3 times completely smooth then he said to my mother,” check krlijiye madam pura takla krdia Bilkul ache se saaf krdia” my mother came and rubbed her hand on my head and said okay its nice then barber said ” 3-4 baar ganja kra dena ache baal aynge( make her bald 3-4 times for good hair) my mother said ” hn ab to har hfte krate rhnge (yes we will every week) from that day after i was shaved every Sunday my parents didn’t allowed me to cover my head or grow even a stubble of hair till my school time i used to feel very embarrassed going to school my friends would tease me by rubbling their hand on my head and saying “ganji” “takli” my teachers were happy that now i can concentrate more on my studies.

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