The Swimming Competition

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== Part 1&2 first published by me on another website, both parts posted below. ==

This was it, the day of the big swim competition. James was an amazing swimmer. He was just a teenage boy, but was strong. He could swim his local pool In seconds. James and his other swimming friend, Matt, also a teenager, had won competitions all over the state, just to get to this moment. The big final. They both had trained hard, and were soon going to be driven to be swimming pool were the final is held by their coach. Coach Marty was a big man, who had a passion for sport. He would take James and Matthew under his wing and train them for hours on end. James, Matt and Coach Marty where a strong team.

“So, you boys ready?” Coach Marty asked James and Matt from the front seat of his car.

“Yeah sir, we have got our costumes and have trained incredibly hard for this, we won’t let you down.” James replied from the back seat and Matt nodded.

They pulled up at the swimming pool and walked inside to reception. Coach told James and Matt to go say hello to their competition and off they went. Two teens, A boy named Daniel and a girl named Hannah stood with bags in hand outside the pool.

“How’s it going you two.” James asked. Hannah turned, yet Daniel stayed fixed on the pool.

“James!” Hannah ran up to him and gave him a hug. They were long time friends. Hannah started running her hands through James’ long hair.

“Hannah! It’s great to see-”

“So, Matt and James… You been training?” Daniel butted in.

“Well of course we have! We are on our A game for today.” Matt exclaimed.

“Really? With that long bush on James’ head, don’t expect to get far. It’ll hold you back… That’s why I just hopped into the changing room and got this shaved.” Daniel said as he rubbed the stubble on his head while holding a shaver in the other.

“It does look good…” Hannah pondered. She looked at James’ hair and smiled.

“Daniel… Can I borrow your clippers?” Hannah asked.

“What? Why-” Daniel questioned but was interrupted by Hannah snatching his clippers.

Hannah grabbed James by the arm and dragged him to the changing room, looking back and smiling at him the whole way.

“What are you doing Hannah?” James asked.

She locked them In a changing room cubicle.

“Maybe Daniel was right. Your hair… It’s got to go.” She smiled. And Janes smiled back, glancing at his shoulder length hair.

Hannah turned on the clippers and slowly walked towards James, both of them with a grin on their face. She rose her hand, and the clippers reached James’ forehead. She hesitates.

” Dont he scared. Go for it.” James said, chuckling.

She shaved a strip right through James’ hair. She gasped then smiled. She carried on, each swipe of the clippers covering the floor with more hair. She couldn’t stop smiling and neither could James. She stopped every few cuts and rubbed his head. Eventually, she stepped back and glared at James’ bald scalp. She looked him in the eyes and grinned.

“You look… Bald.” She said.

“But do I look good?” He asked.

“Amazing.” She moved towards him and closed her eyes. She kissed him on the lips, moved back and said:

“May the best swimmer win.”

Hannah then left the changing room without looking back. James stood up and looked in the mirror. His hair… It was gone. But… He liked this bald look. He rubbed his head and smiled. He then quickly got changed, as the competition was only 10 minutes away. James walked out in his speedo and new shaved head to a surprised Coach Marty.

“Looks like Hannah beat me too it.” Coach said, while raising up a pair of clippers.

“Wait, you were going to shave me bald?” James asked.

“And me…” Matt said, from the changing room next to James’.

Matt walked out of his changing room, and to James’ shock, with a shaved head.

“Yep. You know what they say, if you have a bald head while swimming, you glide through the water. So I was goon to shave both of your hair. But, looks like yours was taken care of James.” Coach said. “Now let’s go win us a swimming trophy!

Matt and James sat in the pool, beside Danirk and Hannag, all in different lanes, waiting for the buzzer to sound.


That was it. The four friends shot off into the water, each trying to out swim the other. One thing was for sure, bald heads do prevail, as James and Matt won.

“Well done boys. Looks like the haircut was a blessing.” Coach said.

“It was no problem.” Hannah butted it. “Besides, James, if you want it cut again, just come to my house. I’m sure we can arrange something.” Hannah winked at James, turned away and walked to an awaiting Daniel.

“Hey! Good job out there, you two.” Daniel shouted from across the pool.

“Thanks!” Matt and James shouted back.

James and Matt were new swimming champs, and both kept their bald heads for every competition they entered. James regularly visited Hannah, who was know his girlfriend, for a nice, clean shave.

== Part 2 ==

It had been a year since James had his head spontaneously shaved by Hannah and won the swimming competition. Since then, a lot had changed between them for the good.

James waited at his locker, it was the end of college on a Friday afternoon and he twirled his car keys around his fingers as he waited for his beautiful girlfriend. The halls were quiet now, teachers dropped out of classroom doors, briefcases in hand, finding their way out of the building. James felt a vibration in his pocket, a notification on his phone. As he lifted his phone to see Hannah came round the corner and embraced him.

“Hi, babe.” James said.

“Hi James, been a long day huh? I’m glad to see you”. She picked him on the cheek and in doing so looks down at his phone.

“Oh, a swimming competition, huh? First of the new season, exciting.” She glanced at his head.

James opened the notification. An email from Coach Marty:

‘Hello all swimming students, as it is the start of a new season I would like to invite you all to tryouts. This is going to be a good year for the swimming faculty. I have an Olympic scout coming to view our crop of talent here at the school. The tryouts will be held tomorrow, I expect most of you to show up and give it your best shot.’

“Huh. This is cool, they have an Olympic scout coming to check us out!” James said excitedly.

“Oh wow. This is going to be awesome. I’m glad we have been training all summer for this, I’m just nervous about a few things.” Hannah said curiously.

“Like what, babe?” James replied.

“Nothing. Come on, let’s get to mine, I’ve been waiting all week to see you.” She smiled and grabbed his arm, heading for the door.

They arrived at Hannah’s, and after a long day of hard work decided to slump onto her bed and watch some Netflix. A couple hours went by and James drifted to sleep. Hannah carefully got up from the bed and walked out of her room to prepare her plan.

“James”. Hannah whispered.

“Huh? What is it?” She tugged his arm.

“Cmon, I have something to show you.”

By this point, Netflix had stopped playing for a while. How long had he been asleep for? James followed Hannah down the hall as she spoke.

“You see… James. This swimming tryout, is really important. And I think it’s time we address that crop on your head again”. Hannah said convincingly. James hair was now shaggily hanging over his eyebrows.

“Oh, I see. Yeah, I haven’t cut it all summer. I’m not sure Hannah, last year was good but I kind of like my hair long as well.” He replied.

Hannah stood at the bathroom door, staring at him as if she was in charge.

“James, babe. I want you to win this. And besides, I miss your bald head. Anyway, it’s a free haircut..”

She opened the bathroom door, a chair was sat in the middle of the room and clippers stood without a guard on the bathroom shelf.

“Now sit down, I promise it won’t take long.” Hannah ordered.

James anticipated the haircut. He loved Hannah and wanted to do it for her, except he wasn’t sure.

“Take your shirt of babe, it’s going to get messy in here. In fact, I’ll take mine off too.”

James did as he was told as Hannah stood fiddling with the clippers.

“Alright, are you ready for this?”

“Yes..” James closes his eyes.

The clippers sprung to life. His stomach turned. In what felt like forever he awaited a crop of hair to come falling off his head. The buzzing got closer until finally, the first strip of bald scalp was revealed. He opened his eyes and looked in the mirror. Hannah stared as well, rubbing the shaved patch.

“Well, no turning back now.” She said as she lifted the clippers again.

Another patch fell as James felt his head getting lighter and lighter. Surprisingly, he was enjoying it. He could tell Hannah was too, as she was so focused and rubbed his head after every strip of hair was laid bare.

“And… done.” James spoke up as Hannah finished shaving his nape.

“Uh, not so fast.” Hannah turned round and picked something up out of the bathroom cupboard. A razor and some shaving cream.

“That’s not bald. That’s a 0 all over. Your not getting of that easy.”

James sat in disbelief. He always knew Hannah loved shaved hair but this was insane. She rubbed his head seductively with the shaving foam and began to carefully and precisely remove any little grain of hair she could find. She wiped his head with a towel and James looked again in the mirror, pleased with the results.

“Oh god James, thank you for letting me do this” she said.

“It’s ok babe, I guess I am a swimmer and I need to be at the best of my abilities.” He replied.

“No, this is more than the swimming. I just love taking your hair off”

James stopped for a second and looked at her.

“Well… for you, this can be a regular thing.” He smiled.

Hannah smiles back and tied her hair into a ponytail.

“One more thing… I want to tryout tomorrow too. The girls are doing an Olympic scouting event as well… and I think I’m good enough. It’s just, my hair.”

“What do you want me to do?” James stood up as Hannah sat down.

“I want a short chin length bob. I can’t have this hair tied up in a swimming cap, it’s too long. I need a change, baby, please.”

James looked at the shelf and saw a pair of hairdressing scissors. He picked them up and looked at them. He thought to himself how he had always wanted to see Hannah with short hair. Without a seconds more hesitation he grabbed Hannah’s ponytail, sending her chin up in the air as she closed her eyes and squinted waiting for the cut.

“Do it.” She whispered.

James hacked away, leaving a long ponytail in a bobble hanging in his hands as her hair fell back into place. Hannah turned and looked in the mirror as her hair grazed her jawline.

“I… love it.” She said.

“You look gorgeous.” James replied staring in disbelief.

She jumped up and hugged James.

“We are going to do so well tomorrow”. She excitedly claimed, rubbing his freshly bald scalp.

It was Saturday. The day of the tryouts. Hannah appeared and excitedly discusses her new hair with her swimming friends who were all in disbelief at how good it looked on her.

“Wow, Hannah you look amazing!” Her friend shouted:

“Thanks, just wait till you see James!” She replied.

“James clomped in, sports bag over his shoulder and a cap on his head.

“Hi Hannah, hi ladies.” They all stared awaiting his new bald head to be revealed.

“Well… show them.” She replied.

He took of his cap and was showered with all sorts of compliments from the ladies. However, this is not what he was here for. He trudged to the changing room and got ready.

The hour of the tryouts was upon them. They were concentrated as ever and met outside the pool.

“Hi babe, you are really looking great.” James said, as they both donned swimsuits and swimming caps, holding their goggles.

“Thanks James, I hope we both do good. Break a leg, but don’t loose your hair if you don’t win.” She winked.

James walked off and got ready to start. Adrenaline pumped through his veins as he stood beside the water. He saw the Olympic scout standing beside Coach Marty and his mind filled with images of joy and victory.

The buzzer sounded.


In a frenzy of water, sweat and perseverance James arose from the water winner.

He got out and celebrated with Coach Marty.

“Well done son, you did fantastic!” Marty shouted.

“It’s going to be so strange having an Olympic couple come from our school!” Marty added.

“Wait… what?” James replied.

Hannah came round the corner smiling hard and she took her swimming cap off letting her chin length bob fall.

“Guess what babe, I won!” She shouted as they hugged.

“Now lets get home, we have to prepare for going to the Olympic swim team meeting next month!”

James was ecstatic.. His dreams were coming true with his best friend by his side, and it looked like he was going to be bald for a long time.

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