The Teacher Learns a Lesson

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Marybeth was the newest teacher at the college. She was only 28 years old, and had a master’s degree in biology with minors in chemistry and physics from Harvard. Her teaching credentials included stints as a high school science teacher, middle school teacher of math and computer studies, and an elementary teacher for both regular education and gifted students. So teaching wasn’t new to her what was though, was the students. They would get very angry when she corrected them about anything. The first few days were filled with complaints: “She talks down on us!” they said; “We’re smarter than that.” There was always some kind of trouble during her class periods. In fact, it became almost impossible to have one period without incident or argument. At least two fights broke out between male students every week over something trivial—and sometimes not so trivial.

Marybeth came to class wearing her usual pants and blouse. Her long auburn hair was up in a bun and held by chopsticks through her hair tie. Just before class was over she handed back everyone’s tests scores. When the bell rang four students stayed behind, including Ryan Anderson, the boy who kept getting his answers wrong even after having been told repeatedly how to do them correctly.

“You’re a bad teacher,” he accused her bluntly, “How the hell are my scores so low?” He stood tall against her desk facing towards her. It wasn’t hard to tell if he meant what he said because no matter which way you turned him the look on his face remained hostile.

“Don’t talk to me like that” Marybeth replied evenly. But the truth was, Ryan made her uncomfortable. Maybe it was because of his large stature combined with the intense glare coming off those dark brown eyes. His voice sounded rough, maybe because he’d never learned how to control his emotions.

“You know what bitch? You can kiss my ass!” he sneered loudly and angrily. That got his friends sitting around him excitedly whispering and snickering amongst themselves until someone dared say “Hey, why don’t we teach her a lesson right now?” A cheer went up among them and they rushed forward menacingly towards her. Ryan was still standing where he was, glaring daggers at her, ready to jump into the fray at any moment. As soon as they reached her table they surrounded her, grabbing her arms and pinning them behind her back while another grabbed her ankles. Marybeth struggled mightily to break free, kicking and twisting her body trying desperately to escape. She screamed at the top of her lungs, screaming profanities aimed directly at Ryan’s face, spitting mad that these brutes should dare touch her.

Ryan stood in front of her as his friends kept her subdued. He pulls the chopsticks from Marybeth’s bun causing it to unravel into a ponytail. With his fingers he tugs on her ponytail forcing her head back exposing her vulnerable neck. Then reaching down to the buttons of her shirt he unsnaps each button starting from the top. Her breasts spill forth as the shirt falls open revealing her bra underneath.

One boy pulls her bra away freeing her breasts. The other guy reaches down pulling the waistband of her pants down, revealing her panties. Suddenly Ryan yanks down her underwear too revealing her bare bottom. Now totally exposed to the group of young men surrounding her. Marybeth is panting heavily gasping for air and crying tears of anger. Some of the guys start rubbing her naked flesh. Someone pinches her nipples making her cry out in pain again and release more hot tears.

Ryan begins rummaging through her desk looking for things. Pulling papers out throwing them onto the floor in frustration. Pushing aside books and pens until finally reaching for a pair of scissors. Grabbing the handle of the scissors and holding them up threateningly to Marybeth.

Her breath comes faster as she looks at him pleading with her teary red eyes.

No please…” she begs quietly. No longer fighting the boys restraining her. Too scared to scream anymore knowing full well what would happen next. Everyone else has gone silent except Ryan continuing to glower down at her.

“How about a haircut?” he asked coldly and menacingly. Slowly shaking the blades side to side, snapping them closer and closer to her. Fear turning to terror. Tears are streaming freely down her cheeks. Her mouth opens wide releasing a loud shriek as he brings the scissors close enough to feel the metal touch her neck. He cuts through the end of her ponytail, slicing it completely off. It falls to the ground and Marybeth lets out an anguished sob.

Screams and cries come from her mouth, begging the boys to stop. Hands hold tightly, preventing her from struggling more. Ryan continues slowly chopping away the rest of her hair. Placing the blades at her scalp and snipping away at the last bits of hair. Smeared in dried tears, her head is uncovered and the last of her hair is lying in a heap on the floor. Her beautiful auburn hair reduced to a patchy mess. Naked. Totally helpless and completely exposed.

“Anyone got a knife? I need a sharp knife to shave her,” Ryan asks. Eyes gleaming with excitement. Nose twitching with anticipation, teeth clenched tight as he waits for someone to hand over a pocketknife. Marybeth tries weakly to wriggle out of the grip keeping her hands pinned behind her back. Struggling uselessly. Wriggling in vain. Finally one of the guys pulls out a pocket knife and gives it to Ryan. Marybeth screams in protest, struggling to get away. Crying uncontrollably. Bare skin scraping the floor as Ryan holds the blade close to her face and proceeds to shave away the remainder of her hair.

The blade moves across her scalp and Marybeth’s eyes widen in horror. She feels the short hairs trickle down her neck and back as the cold metal touches her skin. Her heart beats wildly in her chest as she feels the air get cold on her head. “Why… why…why?” she whimpers.

Ryan palms the top of her newly bald head and tilts it back towards him staring straight into her terrified gaze. Marybeth quivers and shudders violently in fear. Writhing and bucking against the boys restraining her legs and arms. Trying to squirm her way out of their grasp. He moves the blade closer to her face. Snickering and laughing hysterically as he does. The sound echoing through the classroom.

Marybeth closes her eyes and squeezes her eyelids shut. With her eyes closed Ryan glides the blade across her eyebrows, carefully shaving them off her forehead. Squeezing the corners of her eyes to raise them up and away. Marybeth’s face contorts with anguish. Her lips trembling and pursed. Moaning softly. Her whole body shuddering. She hears the blade drop and hit the floor before opening her eyes. Opening her mouth gasping in desperate gasp of air only to find Ryan towering over her. His pants are down and his member stands fully erect pointing towards her.

“You’re gonna suck me good now” he said triumphantly. Laughing and snickering. Licking his lips expectantly. Marybeth starts to tremble and shake in terror and confusion. Looking down and seeing his cock jutting up in her direction.

“What do you think about that bitch? Don’t you like my big dick? Come on bitch, show me how much you like my cock. You do you like my cock?” Ryan taunts. Marybeth nods frantically and whispers yes.

“Come on bitch. Show me.”

“Please don’t…please don’t do this to me.” Marybeth whimpers in desperation. Ryan laughs and shakes his head, walking towards her and positioning himself in front of her face. Holding the tip of his erection up to her wet lips. Marybeth moans loudly and Ryan chuckles as he feels her soft warm mouth engulf his thick rod. Her pink tongue lapping at the sensitive spot on his crown. Slurping up and down his shaft like a starving animal. Marybeth moans loudly around his length sucking and licking him eagerly.

“Mmmmmm, yeah bitch, that’s it. Take my cock. You’re gonna taste my cum. Yeah, keep that slutty little mouth working.” Ryan continues, “Hey boys she still has a free hole, who’s taking it?” Marybeth gags slightly as he speaks, choking and coughing around his prick, but manages to pull her head up and off his member.

Ryan grabs her head roughly, forcing her to look him in the eye.

“Hey bitch. I bet some of these guys wanna fuck you too. What do you say? You want some more cock?”

“N-no, no, please. No. Please don’t. Oh god. Oh god. Help me. Someone help me.” Marybeth cries, blubbering and shaking. Her words becoming garbled and slurred. Ryan leans forward, placing his weight on her desk and lifts up her head to look directly into her frightened gaze. Her mouth opens and he slides his penis deep inside her, filling her hot throat with its thickness.

As she begins choking on his cock she feels something enter her from behind. Something large. Hard. Throbbing. Her body quakes uncontrollably as the object fills her pussy. She can feel it moving back and forth between her folds. Filling her. Moving inside her. She gasps for air, feeling it move within her. Marybeth’s mind goes blank. Her thoughts racing. Her body spasming. Unable to comprehend what is happening to her.

She sees Ryan standing above her, fucking her face. His hands squeezing her head tightly, holding her head. Marybeth’s eyes widen with fright as she watches her own face being used. Suddenly she feels a swift slap on her ass. A sudden burst of pain as she cringes, the pain causes her to wince and cry out loudly.

Ryan snickers and taunts her, “You like that don’t you bitch? Spank her again” Ryan orders. As Marybeth tries to move she is pinned down by both cocks penetrating her at once.

Another painful moan escapes her lips as Ryan fucks her mouth harder and faster. Grasping her smooth head and pulling it forward to force her to take more of his fat pole. A third smack, then another. Ryan’s body begins jerking as he bucks his hips. Thrusting his cock into her face. Her mouth filled. Her body shaking and trembling. Marybeth looks up at Ryan, her face covered in tears and snot as he continues to use her mouth. Then Ryan’s thrusts slow down and he pulls his cock from her mouth.

While still being violated from behind Ryan stands in front of her and begins to unload across her head. Splattering her scalp and face with his white sticky semen. Marybeth’s head snaps up and her eyes open wide as the sperm covers every inch of her head. She looks up at Ryan and screams as he glares down into her teary red eyes.

He snatches her hair from the floor and holds it out in front of her.

Ryan sneers at her, “See how pretty I made you? Now everyone wants to fuck you.”

Ryan drops her hair and Marybeth collapses to the floor in a heap.

Bending over her, the boy who fucked her from behind, picks her severed locks and drops them over her sticky head. The short tresses cling to the white substance coating her scalp. While she lays there motionless the students leave the classroom. Marybeth hears them whispering as they walk away.

Marybeth rolls onto her back and stares at the ceiling. Staring in shock, disbelief and pain. Tears continue to flow from her eyes and her mouth hangs open. Her eyes glazed. Her whole body quivering and twitching. Slowly her eyes roll upwards as she drifts away, too exhausted to even lift her head. When she awakens Ryan and the other boys are gone. All that remains of the previous evening is the scattered hair and dried semen on the floor. She sits upright and wipes the tears from her eyes. Slowly getting to back on her feet she attempts to get dressed. The boys took her clothes when they left though, along with her ponytail.

Marybeth walks naked out of the room. Walking down the hall to the main entrance and out into the parking lot. Only her car remains and she gets in. She drives away from the school vowing never to return again.

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