The thing about haircuts

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I’ve always had the thing about haircuts.  Even when I was a little kid, before it had anything to do with sex, I took note of the girls with long hair and never failed to notice even the slightest trim.  At the end of each summer I looked forward to the first day of school, mostly to see which girls returned with less hair than they had in June.  Inevitably, at least one or two would arrive with notably shorter back to school haircuts, giving me the endless joy of wondering if it was their idea or not.  At every level of my own education, I made sure to sit in seats directly behind the girls with the best long hair.  I’ll never know how much I failed to learn while subtly playing with a stranger’s hair and fantasizing about taking it from her.

Of course, once I was old enough to know I wanted sex from girls, I also knew I wanted to cut their hair.  It didn’t take long for me to understand that it wasn’t just about cutting the hair, it was also about control and submission.  The less the girl wanted her hair cut, the more I wanted to cut it and the shorter it had to be cut.  When I was a teenager, I managed to convince a few girls to let me do some cutting.  In hindsight, those first experiences were awkward and tentative.  I never cut more than a few inches at that point, and never managed to get a decent result.  I still vividly remember those first few times.  As I think back on how obviously nervous the girls were as they sat down in submission, I can’t help wonder what would have happened if I had cut far more than I was supposed to cut.  Nothing so awesome would happen until I was older, but those first few hair cutting experiments were important steps on the path to greater things. 

When it comes to my own haircuts, it’s a total role reversal.  I just want to feel as submissive as possible while the barberette does whatever she wants to me.  Sadly, that’s not the easiest thing to make happen.  When I was young, it was fun to ask for a drastic haircut and watch in the mirror as she snipped and buzzed my hair off.  But that gets old quickly.  If I ask/tell the barberette what to do, she’s not really in control.  The best haircuts require absolute submission.  

When I was in my twenties, I scouted out every haircut place anywhere near me to find all the hot barberettes.  It’s always great to have a hot girl cut my hair, but it’s just not all that satisfying to have her cut it how I tell her to.  For a while, I had a super hot girl from Spain that I found in a local place.  Every single time she cut my hair she started by asking how I want my hair cut and then saying, “but I’m going to do whatever I want anyway”.  But she never did.  It made for great haircut anticipation, but she was really just a tease.  

About a year ago, I started visiting a new barberette.  I picked her entirely for her long red hair, but it’s worked out better than anyone before her.  At the time we met, I had grown my hair fairly long.  Not COVID long, but long by my standards, maybe six inches on top.  At first, I just asked her for trims, which just don’t excite me, as I was still trying to let my hair grow longer.  I made sure to show her my drivers license photo while paying one day.  My head is completely clipper shaved in that picture.  

After several months of trims, I told her I was tired of the long hair and told her to do whatever she wants with it.  To my endless joy, she didn’t push back at all, she just took over.  For the next few haircuts, she started by asking how I want my hair cut and I told her to do whatever she wants.  About a month ago, she didn’t even ask.  I sat down and she started cutting without any conversation.  Each time she cuts my hair, she cuts it shorter than the last time.  I know this because I take before and after photos.  When she was done cutting last month, my hair was maybe an inch and a half on top.  Just barely long enough to lay down flat if I use a comb on it.  She clippered the back almost short enough to see skin.  

Every day since that last haircut, I think about my next visit to my barberette.  I know she’s going to cut my hair however she wants.  I’ll sit in her chair, with her cape around my neck, and various women watching me submit to her.  I’ll watch in the mirror to see which clipper guard she starts with.  My cock will stiffen under her cape as soon as she touches my hair.  Maybe she’ll give me a trim, maybe she’ll use her clippers on the top of my head for the first time.  Sooner or later, she’s going to cut off all my hair.  Not because I ask her to or anything like that.  When she cuts off all my hair, it will be because she wanted to do that to me.  

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