The time Aunt Wilda cut my hair short and dyed it green

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Hi, my name is Stella. I am a girl that is currently 19 but the story takes place a month after my 15th birthday.It was summer and mama and papa were too busy to take care of me so I was taken to my aunt’s for the season. She loved in a small town near Montana state, in a little house on a lake, Wilda was her name.

To be honest, she is a bit of a weird character but she does love me in her own way.Her story is short so I don’t have to explain much, she worked as a hairdresser’s apprentice for a short time and moved out to start up her own shop.Wilda’s business grew fast, a guess she has a certain flair that a proper lady craves. Ha! I’m joking, she just knew how to play her cards right.

Well, anyway, she waited a week before asking me if I wanted a haircut.It didn’t matter if I said no, I would end up in her chair anyhow.She hooked me on her idea by saying if I came with her to the shop, she would buy me a new phone.My old one was cracked and I couldn’t say no to an upgrade.

We went to the shop early in day, it was a short walk from her house.It wasn’t your typical barbershop or beauty parlor, elements of both were incorporated to make a mixed establishment. She ushered me to the chair and sat me in it.

I had semi-long hair a quarter down my back, she wanted to change all of it. I was oblivious and let her cape me up with no fuss, I assumed she would let me pick the style but I was naive.Wilda said nothing as she listened to me describe what I wanted done.

The words went in one ear and out the other, she only smiled and put on her utility belt; pumping up the chair as she did so. But her surprise couldn’t hide forever, she said,”Honey, I promised you a new phone for a haircut. I didn’t say that you were choosing the style”

I realized that she tricked me and tried to get out of the chair but her firm hand kept me in it.She chuckled as I stopped fighting and sat still for her.A comb and scissors were taken out of the belt and my aunt started to cut my hair.My long hair was cut off at the stump of my neck.

She took so much off and when she stopped cutting, what I had left was a short mop top. Her shears were put away and I thought she was done but then she shocked me once again by mixing a dye in a bowl.Gloves on, her hands spread that elixir on my head and covered it with a shower cap.My aunt swept the off the cape and off the floor as the dye set.

It was a tragedy to lose my hair but when she took off the shower cap, all I saw was an even bigger tragedy. She had dyed my hair green! Not a bright green but still green, I looked hideous and she was proud of her handiwork. I wanted to yell at her for messing up my hair but I feared she’d shave my head if I did.

She was a woman of her word and she bought me a new phone as a reward for this strange style.Her mind genuinely thought I looked cute with short, green hair; not wasting a moment giving me a compliment for it.No matter how hard she tried, I hated it. It was not me and I told her that.She was disappointed that I didn’t like having green hair but told me that it was too late, I had to either wait for my natural hair color to come back or shave it all off.

At that moment, I looked at my aunt and said,”Cut it all off then”

She sighed but obeyed my request. The dye had begun to fade but I would rather have no hair than faint green hair.We went back to the shop and I strapped the cape on myself, I wanted the whole thing done quickly.My aunt grabbed her clippers and switched it on, its hum buzzed in my ear but I didn’t care if it sounded like a hurricane; as long as it removed the green.

When the device was turned off, my head was just short stubble but what made me mad was that it was a patchwork of green and blonde. I told my aunt to remove the stubble and she obliged my request, spreading shaving cream on my head and taking it off with a straight razor.

I was satisfied when I could feel no hair on my head, I was bald but, at least, the green was gone.Wilda was surprised that I should smile when all my hair was shaved off but she glad that I did.

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