The Train Station Barber IV: Emma’s Roommate

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Emma hated being bald, especially since I refused to buy her a wig. She, however, did great her first year at university. Her roommate, a very sweet young woman from China who went by Amy, was also a Godsend. She really encouraged Emma to study and work hard. As a thank you, I invited Amy to spend the summer with us.

One day, Amy asked about our shaved heads, playing with her straight, jet-black hair that touched her butt. I told her that it was a necessary punishment.

She turned red. Suddenly, she blurted out, “I think that I require this punishment as well.” Knowing how sweet she was, I objected, only to have her confess having dirty thoughts about men and women, including my daughter

I asked Emma, “So, do you think that we should bring Amy to have her head shaved as punishment?” Much to my surprise, Emma ran her fingers through Amy’s hair and said yes. Amy shivered. Clearly there was something between those girls. We brought Amy to the train station barber that night. He was delighted to finally have another head of hair that he could sell. Amy looked nervous as he sectioned her hair in ponytails.

Emma told her, “There’s no backing out, Amy. You wanted to be a cueball. It’s all gonna come off.”

“Yes,” said the barber, harvesting the first ponytail with his clippers, “that’s what all you sluts secretly want – the humiliation of being stripped of your beauty and made humble bald sluts.”

Amy said nothing as he continued to harvest her ponytails, though she started to moan when he made another pass with the clippers. By the time of her hot lather shave, I thought that she would explode. The barber took his time bluffing her head. It was gleaming under the harsh lights. Amy burst into tears when she saw herself. Being bald did not suit her. She had such a round face. Without her hair, she was no longer a pretty girl.

“We will be touching this up daily,” said Emma, running her finger down her friend’s shiny scalp, “I will shave you, and then you will shave me.”

“But I look so ugly, Emma,” she said, the tears running down her face.

Emma smiled. “You’re the one who wanted to be punished. In fact, I think that the barber should punish you further by taking your eyebrows.

“Yes, Emma,” replied Amy, slumping down.

Much to my surprise, after the barber shaved off Amy’s eyebrows, Emma took out a Sharpie and wrote “SLUT” across her friend’s forehead. Her tears flowed even harder. I wasn’t concerned though. She may have been crying over being humiliated by her new ugliness, but I could smell her enjoyment of it. And you should experiment in college. I paid the barber and took the girls for smoothies afterwards.

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