The Transformation Salon – Part 2

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Jordan felt the cool black latex against his skin. To him, latex always looked uncomfortable, but strangely felt comforting, considering the situation. Not only was a mirror in front of him, but now that he could see the ceiling, there was one there as well. He stared at his reflection. Jordan had light brown hair, with a length of about 3 inches. Because of the quarantine, it had been more than 6 weeks since his last haircut. His bangs, usually brushed to the side, were in his face. He also examined his current situation, trying to figure out a way to escape. Jade had securely fastened him to the barber chair. Jade had already added more straps to secure him to the chair, completely immobilized. Straps were around his ankles, right below his knee, the middle of his thigh, around his waist, around his chest and his arms tightly secured in his straight jacket. And to top it all off, the inflatable ball gag in his mouth, to which he was already drooling.

Jade was out of Jordan’s sight and she had moved all sorts of trays and moving tables near the barber chair. Jade walked in front of Jordan and started to stare. She was smiling.

“Oh my sweet Jordan. How on earth did you get into my chair? I am seriously the luckiest woman right now. I did the liberty of doing a little research on you while waiting for you to come to my shop. You are one lonely guy. No family, no friends. No one to wonder where you are. I can keep you here as long as I want. I hit the jackpot.”

She was right. Jordan had just moved to this town to start a new life. He had no family that was alive and burned any and all bridges with anyone he knew. No one would even think about him, no matter how long he was gone. A tear rolled down Jordan’s eye.

“Oh, Jordan. Is that a tear? Have a struck a nerve? Honey, I am going to take care of you, pamper you, make you feel pleasure you’ve never felt before. It’s just you and me and that’s all you’ll need.”

Jade wiped the tear off of Jordan’s face.

“Let’s lighten the mood. Let me show you something.”

Jade showed Jordan a remote with many different buttons.

“This little thing here is connected to your thong your currently wearing. It controls lots of little things and luckily, it has perfectly contorted to your little member down there. Let me show you the different settings. First, let’s start with the pleasure setting.”

Jade pressed the button and his thong began to vibrate. The latex surrounding his cock was causing unbelievable pleasure and Jordan couldn’t help but react.

“Mmmmmmmm…Ughmmmmmm…Hmmmmm” Jordan was moaning and couldn’t deny how good it felt. The vibrations were getting more and more intense. Jordan started to moan louder. Just as he was about on the verge, the vibration stopped.

“Seemed you enjoyed that one. But I don’t want you to enjoy it too much my lovely,” Jade smiled. “Now, let’s show you what else this remote can do.” Jade pressed a button and an intense shock game through the thong and Jordan screamed through his gag.

“AHMMMMMMM,” Jordan muffled. The pain was intense but bearable. I definitely prefer the 1st setting, he thought.

“That setting is if you don’t cooperate and do what I ask, like a nice boy. Got it?”

Jordan nodded.

“Good. Glad we are on the same page. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get started on your hair,” Jade said excitedly.

Jade wheeled over a shampoo bowl station by the chair. Jade removed the head rest of the barber chair and placed Jordan’s neck into the bowl.

“Let’s wash your hair first.”

Jade began to wet Jordan’s hair with warm water as she combed through his hair with her fingers. Next, she started to rub in some shampoo and began to give him a scalp massage. As soon as she began, Jordan’s thong began to vibrate again.

“Ughmmmm….hmmmm…,” as Jordan moaned through his gag. Jade didn’t seem to care and continued with the massage. As before, just seconds before Jordan was about to release, the vibrations stopped. Jordan was close but couldn’t quite release. For 30 minutes Jade massaged and cleaned up his hair. The tense and denial of his cock lasted during the whole shampoo, but no orgasms occurred.

Jade reattached the head rest to the barber chair and wheeled away the shampoo cart. Jade then took the barber chair out of a reclining position and faced the chair to the mirror.

“Alright Mr. Jordan. I want to try all sorts of hair styles on you today, but I’ll need your hair a little longer to do what I want. So, let’s start with some hair extensions.”

Jordan gave Jade a confused look. I came in for a haircut, not to make my hair longer, he thought. Granted, I didn’t expect this whole experience to begin with so, really, what can I expect?

“Oh Jordan, that look says it all. We need extensions because I am not just giving you one haircut. We are going to try many different styles and cuts. Eventually, I’ll shave you bald, but I want to take my time,” Jade concluded with a laugh.

Jade wheeled over another tray. She opened several drawers with various hair strands, with all different types of hair color and lengths. Jade would take one out and place it near Jordan’s hair, seemingly looking for a match. “This one!” Jade jumped up and down.

Jade started to pull individual hairs and began to fuse the hair extensions to various portions of his hair. Several hours were passing by. Again, Jordan’s thong was vibrating throughout the whole process, continuing the tease and denial, not letting him orgasm. Jordan struggled against his restraints and straight jacket, but achieved no progress. Jade finished with the last extension and turned Jordan towards the mirror. His hair was down just past his shoulders.

“Wow, Jordan, you look beautiful,” as Jade ran her fingers to examine her work. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted. Let’s get you rested up and we can start fresh tomorrow. I have several cuts and styles I want to try now that we got your hair longer. But, not today. We both need rest.”

Jade left the room, but returned moments later with a flat padded table with buckles that were lined in an X position, all in a black latex material. A pillow, also sheeted with latex was at the top of the table.

“Ok, we can either make this easy or hard. I have to unbuckle you from the chair and transfer you to your bed. It would be much easier if you didn’t put up a fight and just lay down.” Jade held the remote in her hand. “Do I even have to tell you what will happen if you make this difficult?”

Jordan knew exactly what she meant but also had no desire to get shocked. However, Jordan also knew that this would be a good opportunity to escape. All I would have to do is get out on the street and someone would be bound to see me and help me out, he thought.

Jade began to unbuckled all his restraints. After finally unbuckling the last one, Jade asked him to stand. Jordan did so and Jade held the remote in her hand. “Now, lay down,” she said forcefully. Jordan, although still in the straight jacket, approached the table, but then bolted toward Jade and rammed into her, causing her to fall over. The remote flew out of her hand and across the floor. Jordan knew this was his chance. He bolted to the door while Jade screamed.

“You bitch!” she yelled, but Jordan slammed into the door and was in the hallway. Just as he was able to reach the door to the front reception area, it happened. His thong was pulsating with extraordinary amounts of electricity, immediately dropping him to his knees. Muffled screams could be heard through his gag and it seemed to inflate a little more while he screamed. Jade grabbed Jordan by the hair and dragged him back into the salon. Jordan, still writhing in pain, laid by the padded table as the electricity finally stopped.

“You listen here. That was not nice. You will stand up and lie down or I will turn up the intensity 10 fold,” Jade said breathing heavily.

Jordan did has he was told and stood up and laid down on the table. The padding in the latex was a memory foam and Jordan was surprised by how comfortable it was. Jade moved Jordan’s legs into the strapped and began using several buckles to secure him down. She moved up to the waist and then ask him to sit up. She then unbuckled his straight jacket and laid him back down and buckled several buckles, securing his arms to the table. Jordan was now in a spread eagle position on the table, with the pillow supporting his head.

Jade took the pump at the end of Jordan’s inflatable gag and deflated it and took it out of his mouth. “Not one word, Mr. Jordan or I hit this remote.” Jade grabbed a gag ring and put it in Jordan’s mouth and fastened it to the back of his head.

“Alrighty Mr. Jordan, next, we got to start getting all that man fluid out of your cock. Can’t have that when I’m done with you.”

Jade pulled the zipper down from his pant and thong, exposing his cock and balls. Jade then fastened on a tube on it and attached a hose to the end of it. She then took the hose and attached his to Jordan’s gag. “Have you ever been milked before? It’s quite fun, but when you orgasm, this little hose will transport your ‘man fluid’ right into your little mouth. It’s your punishment for the rest of the night. When I come back in the morning, we’ll get started on why you are really here my friend. You’re going to be my hair sissy woman slave,” Jade said while smiling….


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  1. incredible, awesome…. words can not define how good the story is…plot, tightness of script is tremendous… it has everything which we want in a haircut story..i just want to say great story till now and i will wait eagerly for next part…
    just a your next story please put female in barber chair instead of man.. rest will be the same…like bondage,bdsm etc…

    thanks again for sharing such awesome story..

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