The Transformation Salon – Part 1

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The quarantine had gone on for weeks now. Jordan was the type of person who couldn’t go on without a haircut for more than two weeks. It had been six. On top of that, Jordan had lost his job due to the virus and literally had nothing going for him. He sold everything he had and was living in a hotel day by day, trying to figure out what to do. He’d typically switch hotels every night as he’d get too cooped up in one place. Money wasn’t an issue, as he had plenty from selling all he had.

The barber he would regularly see wasn’t accepting appointments due to the quarantine, but Jordan couldn’t wait for a haircut any longer. He began to search and call various hair salons but either he would get voice mails or no one would answer. After about giving up and considering cutting his own hair, he found one listing called “Transformation Salon”. Jordan, being very selective with who he did business with, checked the online reviews. They had a perfect 5.0 rating. No comments from anyone, but all were 5’s.

Jordan called the number. After about 3 rings on the telephone, a female voice answered.

“Thank you for calling Transformation Salon, this is Jade. How can I help you?”

Surprised, Jordan responded. “Uh, yes. I am looking at getting a haircut today. Are you guys still open during this quarantine?”

Jade giggled. “Of course, sir. We consider our business essential. However, with everyone trying to remain safe during this scary time, all of our appointments cancelled this week. So, you are in luck. We have an opening if you would like to come in. We close at 5:00, and it’s 1:00 pm right now, so feel free to come in anytime before then.”

“That sounds great. I am glad you consider yourself ‘essential’, as I have been dying to get a haircut. I’ll be right over.” Jordan said enthusiastically.

“Sounds good hun. We’ll see you when you get here. What was your name again?” Jade asked.

“Oh sorry, uh, Jordan. My name is Jordan.” realizing he hadn’t given her his name.

“Jordan. Sounds great. We’ll see you shortly.” Jade hung up the phone.

Jordan grabbed what little he had and checked out of the hotel. He called an Uber and it picked him up within five minutes. As he got into the vehicle, the Uber driver verified the address and off they went. As they approached the destination of the salon, the driver stopped between two high rise buildings. Jordan got out and the driver drove off. Confused, Jordan began to look for the numbers of the address “147 Grand Ave”, but the building to the left was 145 and the building to the right was 149.

Where was 147? Jordan thought. As he looked down the alleyway, he saw a door about 30 yards down the way. As he approached the door, he saw a small sign right next to the door that said “Transformation Salon – 147 Grand Ave.” Surprised that he had found the door, he proceeded to open the salon door and walk inside.

What Jordan saw was surprising. The floor was tiled with black and white squares. The furniture was black leather, with studs on the sides. The front desk was a plastic shinning black. The only other thing was a black solid leather covered door to the left of the front desk. No salon chairs, no sounds of hair cutting or even the typically smells you would smell in a salon. On the front desk, was a black bell, with a sign below that said “Please Ring for Service.” The desk was empty. No computer, no phone. Just a black leather chair, empty.

Jordan was a little off put by the environment he just walked into, but did the next logically thing and rang the bell. For what seemed like only a second after ring the bell, the door opened, with the leather slightly creaking as it did. Jordan’s eyes immediately moved towards the door, some what startled. He was put a easy, and somewhat awe when he saw who came walking out.

This woman was wearing bright red latex high heeled boots that went up to her thighs. Above that was a tight latex short skirt dress of the same color. It seems to perfectly conform to her body, like it was specifically made just for her. Her hands in gloves covered in the same red latex all the way up to her biceps. Her face was absolutely beautiful and perfect, which matching red lipstick and bleached blonde curled hair, that went down to her shoulders.

Jordan was dumbstruck. The lady slowly approached the front desk, with the sound of clicking of each step, as they hit the tile floor. Clearly seeing Jordan speechless, the woman reaches out with her hand and says, “Hi, I’m Jade. Welcome to the Transformation Salon. I assume you are Jordan?”

Realizing he was being talked to, Jordan snapped out of it, and said “Yes…yes. I am Jordan. It is so nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine, handsome. What do you say we go ahead and get started, shall we?” Jade smiled.

She proceeded to sit down at the desk and pull out a thick pile of stapled paper. She plopped it on the desk and turned to the last page.

“Alrighty, let’s get the formalities out of the way. This is the Transformation Salon non-disclosure and waiver agreement. Basically, it says that you promise not to divulge any industry secrets that you learn here and waive any rights while here at the Salon. To make easy on you, hun, basically it allows us to give you the best possible experience while here, while keeping the exclusivity of the transformation salon. I mean, the reviews speak for themselves. And you seem like the type of guy that does his research.”

She was right. Jordan was a thorough individual and didn’t like to leave any stone unturned. The ‘contract’ that was lying on the desk looked like it was a least 100 pages. The page Jade had turned to was the last one with a signature required. Jade pointed to line and said “Just sign here and we can get started.” Jade handed Jordan the pen, but could tell he was a little hesitant.

“You know, usually, I like to read through things like this before I sign anything. It’s not that I don’t believe you, I just, when there is this many papers, it’s probably a good idea to browse through them,” Jordan said confidently.

“Oh totally. I’m only slightly offended that you don’t trust me,” Jade said, as she winked at him. “I mean, you are welcome to sit down for the next hour to go over what you are signing, but it really isn’t that big of a deal. Honestly, we close in 2 and 1/2 hours and I want to give you the VIP treatment, since we literally don’t have any customers for the rest of the week, but if you’d rather waste your time reading that contract, we’ll only have time for the basic haircut. But, to each his own.” Jade sat down at the desk, looking dejected and bored.

Jordan saw how quickly her demeanor changed and realized how he may have already screwed up what little of a relationship he had with Jade.

“Oh, no, no, no. I’m so sorry. I truly didn’t mean to offend. Here.” Jordan took the pen and signed the paper. “All done.”

Jade jumped from the chair quickly. “Fantastic. Tell you what, I’ll give you a copy of this so you can read it later. Now that this is out of the way, let’s go get started. Follow me.” Jade reached out her hand and grabbed mine. “Right this way,” she said as she opened the leather door, again creaking as it opened and closed.

Jordan entered a long hallway. The walls were covered in draped black PVC curtains, the floor still the checkered tile. As he approached a door on the right, Jade quickly opened the door and walked inside.

“Alrighty, Mr. Jordan. Here is our changing room. We require all our clients to put on salon specific clothing, so that way we aren’t liable for damaging any of your own personal clothing. Please take off all of your personal clothing and store them in the locker provided. The clothes you will need to put on are also in the locker. Once you are ready, please walk through that door and I’ll be waiting for you,” as she pointed to the only other door in the room. Jade walked out and locked the door behind her. Jordan hearing the lock engage, got curious and approached the door handle to see if in fact, had been locked. It was.

That’s odd, Jordan thought. Wouldn’t there be a lock on my side of the door for my privacy?

Brushing off the thought, Jordan approached the locker. He opened the door and saw instructions inside the door. “Please remove all clothing, including undergarments. Please refer to diagram below for instructions on how to put on provided clothing.” Jordan proceeded to take off all his clothes and placed them in the upper shelf in the locker. Naked and feeling exposed, proceeds to follow the instructions. In the bottom half of the locker, there were numbered drawers. He was to start with 1, then proceed to put on whatever item was found the drawer and where it went.

Jordan pulled out drawer 1, and it was black latex thong from what he could tell. Jordan slipped on the thong, but could clearly tell it was too big. Moments after pulling it up to his waist, the latex thong perfectly contorted to his balls and cock. A zipper was in front of the thong, but was unable to unzip it or take off the thong. It’s like it became a second skin. What the freak just happened? Why can’t I take this off?, Jordan thought.

“Jordan, everything ok in there? Do you need any help?” Jade said through the door. This startled Jordan and said “I’m fine, these are just interesting choices for salon clothes.” “I know, right?” Jade snickered. “Seriously though, you’ll understand why. The hair doesn’t stick and falls right off. They are so easy to clean too. See you in a minute,” as Jade voice fades from the door.

Jordan proceeded with drawer 2. Same material, but now the pants. Same thing happened to the pants after he pulled them up. They perfectly contorted to his body, but this time providing some modesty downstairs. A zipper was also included in the pants, but again, no luck unzipping them.

Drawer 3. The shirt. All black latex. All the way to his neck and wrists. Once it was on, again, perfectly contorted to his body. At the end of the wrists were the end of zippers, like something could be zipped, but there was nothing there. On the back of the shirt was buckles but nothing included to be buckled with. Jordan looked in the mirror that was in the room.

Honestly, Jordan said to himself, I look like the Gimp from pulp fiction, minus the black hood. He laughed to himself. Let’s move on to drawer 4.

Drawer 4 was black leather boots, that went to the ankles. They looked like they had just been shined. He put on the boots and proceeded to approach the door he was instructed to enter.

As he opened the door, the color of red became very distinct. The tile on the floor was now red and white. The room wasn’t very big but from what he could tell, everything that was in a salon was there. The barber chair was in the middle of the room, covered in red leather, complimented in shiny chrome. Part of the chair was separated in the middle, leaving a space for each leg to rest. Against the wall was what seemed like giant tool chests, a portable shampoo station, a hair dryer machine and what looked like a broom closet.

Most importantly, Jade was standing behind the chair, looking stunningly beautiful. “Come have a seat, handsome.”

Jordan approached the chair and sat down. “Let’s get started with a steamed towel,” as she when to the closet and pulled out a black towel. She leaned the seat back and placed the hot towel and Jordan’s face. The smell of the towel was intoxicating and he immediately began to relax.

“Next, we are going to moisturize your hands.” Jade began to put lotion on his right hand and massaging it into his skin. “It achieve maximum benefit, we’ll zip on some attachments over your hands to contain the lotion so it doesn’t try out as fast.” Jordan now knew what the zipper parts were at the end of the sleeves at the wrists. Jade proceeded to attached the other latex portion of his shirt. After massaging and lotioning both hands and zipping/covering up with the attachments, Jordan was in bliss.

What a great way to start off a haircut, he thought. Although Jordan couldn’t see, Jade started to push up the legs on the chair to reline and thus forming a V shape with his legs.

“Now, we are going to massage your legs while you relax. You’ll feel a little pad go over your ankles. This is to prevent your legs from falling off, as you’ll notice quickly that your whole body is now relaxing.” Jade pushed on the sides of each of the legs revealing padded leather straps. She secured each of Jordan’s ankles to the barber chair and proceeded to push up the pant legs, revealing his bare legs. She then lotioned and massaged each leg. Jordan began to moan, but quickly stopped and apologized. “Oh Jade, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. I have never had a salon experience like this before and this is amazing.”

Jade laughed cutely. “No need to apologize, hun. We aim to please and when we hear sounds like that, we know we must be doing something right. So don’t be shy. Moan all you want.” While still leaning back, Jade started to remove the back portion of the chair, while the neck portion remained intact to support his next.

“Alright, now I need you to do something Jordan. We got to stretch your arms for this next part. Act like you are giving yourself a big hug.”

Jordan thought that was weird, but since was so relaxed, he didn’t care. As he proceeded to hug himself, he could feel straps at the ends of the attachments that covered his hands. He could feel Jade take the straps and then proceed to buckle them into the buckles on the back of his shirt. Realizing what was going on, Jordan attempted to pull his arms away, but they were now strapped into his back, like a straight jacket. Jade quickly attached the back portion of the chair and revealed another compartment near the neck and strapped a soft leather buckle around Jordan’s neck, pulling it tight.

“What are you doing?” Jordan yelled as he shook off the towel on his face to see what had happened. Through the mirror he could see that he had been strapped down in the barber chair, completely immobilized. Jordan struggled through the restraints, but achieved no progress. Jade, without speaking, proceeded to more hidden chair compartments, revealing more leather straps, around his thighs, waist and chest. What little movement Jordan had was now gone.

“Jade, get me the hell out of this thing, right now!”, Jordan shouted.

Jade looked at Jordan through the mirror with a smile. “Oh Jordan. You know that contract you signed? Yeah, if you would have read it thoroughly, you would have realized that you have basically signed your life over to me and I can do whatever I want to you. And for yelling at me, you shall be punished.” Jade went to the tool box and grabbed what looked like a strap with a ball in the middle and a pump at the end of it. Jade shoved it into Jordan’s mouth and buckled it behind his head. She then took the pump that was connected to the gag and started to blow it up. Jordan’s mouth started to inflate with the gag and all he could do was moan.

“There you go, that’s the sound I like to hear.” Jade giggled. “Jordan, I am going to have so much fun with you. Let’s get started!”


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