The Transformation Salon – Part 3

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Jordan’s night was long, pleasurable, and miserable. Being wrapped in latex, spread eagle, restrained down to a bed, wasn’t the most comfortable. And to top it all off, the tube that Jade connected his gag to his cock was tiresome. At this point, Jordan had gotten used to the taste of his ‘man fluid’, as Jade would refer to it as. But his cock by the end of the night was barely producing any and would take longer and longer to orgasm. After 8 hours had passed, the lights turned on in the room and Jade entered.

“Good morning, my beautiful slave! You ready for a wonderful, productive day?” Jordan moaned. It was all he could do and after a long night, he was exhausted.

Jade outfit was different from yesterday. This time, instead of a latex outfit, it was black leather. Tall leather boots to her knees, a leather corset covering and securing her breasts. And to top of the outfit, a leather choker with a rose charm around her neck. She was, however, wearing black latex gloves. She also stuck with the bright red lip stick but this time, had perfectly straight blonde hair.

Jade started to unbuckle the restraints and removed the gag and tube. Jade surprisingly walked away from the table into a cabinet, rustling through various things, leaving Jordan to rub his jaw and face. Jade returned from the cabinet, with a giant 2 1/2″ red latex ball gag. “Let’s put some color in that black outfit of yours.” Jade shoved the gag into Jordan’s mouth. The size of the ball was uncomfortable going in, but after it sat in his mouth, it was fine. Jade helped Jordan sit up. “Let’s head over to the barber chair.”

Jade, holding Jordan’s arm, guided him to the chair. She then got behind him and took his arms and buckled them into his straight jacket. Jordan didn’t resist. On his own, he sat in the chair. Jade noticed his obedience. “See, isn’t it so much better when you just cooperate? Don’t think I don’t notice.”

Jade proceeded to buckle all the restraints on the chair. She then turned around and talked toward one of the cabinets. As Jade returned to the chair, he was holding a shiny black latex hair cutting cape. Jordan could tell it was heavy because of the strain in Jade’s face. She whipped it out in front of him and Jordan was right, it was heavy. She secured the cape around his neck, using a buckle to secure it. She made it as tight as he should without choking him. Jade adjusted the cape, to ensure it covered the entire chair and even touched the floor. Jordan felt quite snug and comforted underneath the heavy cape. He felt secure.

“Today, we are to start off with a bob, right about above your neck. Let’s need how much of a sissy we can make you look.”

Jade had a tray next to the barber chair with various scissors, razors, spray bottles and combs. She began to spray Jordan’s hair with one of the bottles and started to comb through his hair, sectioning portions of his hair together.

Next, she grabbed some scissors and started to cut.

Clip. Schnick. Snip.

The touch of steel and the sound of cutting were only clues to what was going on, as Jade had removed the mirrors from the room. Jade continued to cut, with precise movements, brushing each section of hair after cutting it. She then started at the base of his neck and feathered out from there.

Snip. Clip. Schnick.

Jordan watched his hair hit the latex cape and slowly slip onto the floor. He could get a feel of how much hair she was cutting.

Schnick. Snip. Clip.

Her movements were hypnotic and exact. Jade took her time and didn’t rush the process. 4 hours had passed.

“Done. Phew, you are a piece of work. Let me show you.” Jade wheeled the mirror around. Jade had cut Jordan’s hair into an A-line bob. His hair was shorter in the back and angled to a longer front. The look was very feminine. Jade snapped a picture. “I want to document this whole experience,” she said. “Let’s move on my dear.” Jade grabbed the remote and the tease and denial started again. She moved away the mirror and she began again.

Jade started to take the sides of Jordan’s hair and section it out. She then took the electric razor and began to slowing cutting the sections she grabbed. She was purposefully was going slow, as she seemed to enjoy every second and every hair strand that was being cut. The only sound coming from Jordan was moaning. His thong was vibrating randomly and more often as time went on. Jade only smiled when he did this.

Jade was beginning to cut a pixie cut, starting with the sides, cutting a #1 for the sides. The razor touched is soft head, as the sound of the buzz closely went by his hear.

Bzzzzz. Bzzzzz.

She then took the scissors and started to cut and texture the top. As before, her cuts were exact and meticulous.

Schnick. Clip. Snip.

At this point, Jordan kept his eyes closed and try to enjoy the experience, as he couldn’t deny how relaxing and good he felt. 3 hours had passed this time.

Jade wheeled back the mirror. She had cut a pixie cut, where it was short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the top and very short bangs. Again, with the look being very feminine. “You look lovely dear. Very cute!” Jade came around and took another picture.

“I had so much fun and surprisingly, I can keep going!” Jade said excitedly. She ran to one of the cupboards and brought out a bowl full of white lather and a straight razor. Jordan realized what she was about to do. For some reason Jordan couldn’t explain, the latex cape felt even heavier and the tightness around his neck felt like it increased. Jordan struggled against his restraints and moaned.

“Are you ready to be my bald sissy slave?” Jade sneared, as she grabbed the clippers and turned them on.


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  1. Very cool and unusual story. Unfortunately, there are not as many such stories as we would like. I really look forward to continuing. Is it possible to add unusual styles? For example, bouffant 60s or poodle perm.

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