The undercut (true story)

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I was hanging out at my best friends house as we were wasting time before we had work. Her name is Jessica, she has brownish-red hair with natural fire red highlights and an undercut going straight across below her ears. We both have roughly the same shoulder length hair except I didn’t have an undercut, and I was a light blonde since birth.

While wasting time before work, she walks into the bathroom and grabs a set of clippers. I asked “are you redoing your undercut with those” Jessica (Jess for short) replied back to me, “yea something like that.” She puts her hair into a bun to separate the long pieces from her over grown undercut. Jess clips on a guard to the clippers and flips her head down. I walk over to her as she starts buzzing her overgrown undercut away. I mention that it’s going to look so cute again, then I walk back over to the table and sit down. A couple minutes goes by, not too long considering the height of her under cut stoped right below her ears, and finishes and lifts her head up. She checked it out in the mirror to make sure it was neat and at the length she wanted.

I looked over from across the room and said “it looks so cute and sexy” she looks over and smiles then starts sweeping her hair off the ground. While she does that I get lost in my phone. Suddenly all I hear is “Courtney get your ass over here.” I reply “ok for what?” As I say that I look over and notice her leaning on the door way holding clippers. Jess says “don’t ask questions just get your ass over here.” I didn’t think to much of it so I walk over to her. When I get over to her she says “I wanna play with your hair.” I had asked her earlier to braid my hair for work, so I thought that’s what she was doing. She started sectioning my hair. She put up all my hair that was about one and a half inches above my eye brows into a bun leaving everything below untied. I wasn’t facing a mirror so I couldn’t really see exactly how she was ‘styling’ my hair.

Jessica’s next words were “bend over and put your head down” as she said that she grabbed my bun with force and guided me to bend down. I then hear a click and then a quiet buzzing noise. Right after she turned them on I felt a vibrating motion pushing through the hair she didn’t tie up. It took me a second to realize what was happening. I said “omg jess what are you doing???” She replied “well you shouldn’t have said my undercut was super cute and that you were jealous” I said “fair point but you could have asked me or warned me!” Jess keeps on buzzing my hair off and says “oh well, a 360 undercut will look cute on you.” My head starts feeling lighter and little colder with each pass she does. She starts talking about the pros and pluses of having an undercut and going on and on about it being the start of summer and keeping me less hot and sweaty while looking more fashionable, cute, and sexy.

As Jess finished up my hair, she mentioned that I had a really good head shape for it and that it looked so cute on me. Keep in mind I still haven’t seen any part of the process or where she parted my hair, or even how short it was. She finishes cleaning up my hair line at my nape making it all straight and even. Jessica told me to lift up my head and to look in the mirror.

I absolutely loved it. It went a lot high I was expecting and a lot higher than hers, but it was cute. She used a guard to make it the perfect length and I was in love with it. I started looking in the mirror more and feeling the shaved part of my head. After a little while of admiring my new haircut my best friend kind of surprisingly forced upon me, I took the hair on top out of the bun, and everything felt so much lighter and cooler. It was so much easier to throw my hair up in a ponytail or a bun. It was such a cute hairstyle that I’ve kept up today and have kept Jess shaving it whenever it started to out grow.

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  1. Courtney,

    Regardless if this this first attempt at writing, or not …

    I loved your story! That being said, normally dialogue from more than one person belongs in separate sentences / paragraphs. It makes it easier to discern who is speaking without the reader having to stop every other sentence and try to figure out who’s who.

    I look forward to reading more stories from you soon!


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