The unique Siamese twins of Bell and Bella

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Elementary years of Hans and the twins

Little Hans excited to be outside his best friends twins Bell and Bella. The 3 of them were always together even in school. Whenever Bell and Bella got bully in school for being different, Hans will beat up the bullies. The twins were definitely unique from others. They’re Siamese twins one of the rarest conjoined sisters in the world, called Dicephalic parapagus, meaning 2 heads 1 body. They each have a heart, pair of lungs, spinal cord, and stomach. Each control a arm and leg, Bell the right side, and Bella on the left.

In elementary, Hans is Bell and Bella knight, always defending off bullies and getting hurt for Siamese twins. Hans and the twins would eat and play together at school, and would often hang out after school too. They even have their own secret hideout near a river in the forest to meet up.

At the hideout, Hans and the twins were chilling after fishing. Hans couldn’t stop looking at the girls brushing their shoulder length light brown hair. The girls were aware and Bell called out Hans, “Stop looking and help us, you know we got only 2 hands!” Hans set aside his comic and replied laughing “Sure! why not!”

Hans: “Wow, Bell and Bella hair so soft and thick, and smells like strawberry.”

Bella: Do you like it Hans? Do like our hair? We have been keeping it long.”

Bell: “Yeah, but its hard to keep it long because we have only 2 hands for 2 set of hair.”

Bella: “We have been thinking of cutting it short because it so much work.”

Hans: “NO! Keep it long! I like it! I promised I will help you guys with your hair.”

Bell: “You have to help us wash it too.”

Bella: “We will even teach you how to make different hairstyle.”

Bell: “If can’t do it, we will cut it short. deal?”

Hans: “Deal, I think you girls look good with long hair.” They seal it off with a pinky promised.

8 years later 

Hans and the twins started dating. By then, the girls grew to 6’2, a body of a model, and both girls had thick brown hair down to their knees. Over the years, Hans become an expert in making hairstyles. He does the twins hair, making all sort of braids, bun, and he become creative by joining their hair together to create a fancy braid style or ponytail. This caught the attention of modeling hair agency, and twins become a celebrity. In high school, everyone loves the twins, not because of celebrity status but for their beauty, kind hearted, and brains.

Sex life for Hans was amazing with the twins. Luckily the Siamese twins shared the same reproduction system, so both girls feel pleasure at the same time. Furthermore, Hans also discover his hair fetish, through hair play and hairjob during sex. He just love how it smells and feel, even the girls enjoys Hans playing with their hair. He often would buried his face into their gorgeous hair, and girls offer him a hand job while Hans enter his heaven.

Unfortunately, good times have to come to an end. Hans was expel for beating up some bullies in school. The bullies were harassing Bell and Bella online for years until things gotten worst. So, Hans taught them a lesson by beating them so badly that they end up in hospital. Hans a 6’5 football player won’t let anyone hurt his queens.

Hans family decided to send him to the army school, which is the last hope to redeem his football career. The army school offer him scholarship because they see talent in Hans, and would also disciple him to control his anger.

At the hideout, both girls were in tears.

Bell: “NO! Please don’t go.”

Bella: “You could go else where.”

Bell: “Somewhere that is not for boys.”

Bella: “We could transfer together with you, if its not a boys school.”

Hans: “I’m sorry, I tried but that’s the only school would gamble on me. Because of my past record, beating up those bullies, other school won’t take me in.”

Hans and the twins hug each other in tears and sadness. Both knew it can’t be help and there’s no other way. The girls care for his future, and wouldn’t destroy his life because they love him so much.

A few days later, Hans and the girls try to shake off the sad vibes. They hang out more often then before. They would go out for a movie, fishing, and playing in the forest like the used too when they were kids. At the hideout, Hans was constantly touching and playing with the twins hair, like there’s no tomorrow. He would brush it, wash, and style their hair. The twins would try new hair play sex on Hans. He was thrilled when the Bell and Bella do a new hair play sex on him. 

Hans was combing out Bella hair after he trimming Bell hair. Bell look at ends of her hair and asked,

Bell: “Hans, can I have a short haircut?”

Both Hans and Bella were surprised of Bell question.

Bella: “Have you gotten crazy, Bell!”

Hans: “Why do you want to go short? I love your hair as it is.”

Bella: “We have been growing this out for Hans have you forgotten?”

Bell: “Guys listen, Hans is going away for a few years, and the promised we made was that Hans will take care of our hair. If he can’t do it, we will cut our hair.”

Bella: “That was years ago, we were kids back then. We can take care of our hair ourselves!”

Bell: “Bella, you don’t have to go short with me. Beside, I grow it out for Hans, since he’s leaving, we have 1 less long hair to take care off with 2 hands.

Hans: “But Bell…

Bell: “NO BUTS, its mine hair and you won’t be back for a couple of years. Don’t worry Hans, it will grow back again. When you come back, it will be long again.” Bell kiss him on the lip

Bella: “You’re such a fool sis! I can believe you!”

Bell: “Come on Bella, you know that Hans gets extremely turn on cutting out hair!”

Hans (blushing): “Wait what!”

Bell reach out to Hans crouch and massaging it.

Bell: “Bella look! Hans is all warm up just trimming our hair. ”

Bella: “Hans, out with the truth! Do you get turn by cutting our hair?”

Hans: “Yeah… I do, but at the same time I love long hair too. Maybe I just wanna experience it once cutting long hair.”

Bell: “Hehe, well…. you should be thankful now, because you’re going to experience it!”

Hans and Bella choose a short hairstyle for Bell. Bella suggest her sister if wanna go short, she should try for a pixie cut. Hans and Bell agreed Bella suggestion for a pixie cut. The cut will happen before Hans leave.

Last day for Hans

Hans and the girls were out enjoying their last day together. They were having a blast at the theme park. People were astonish at Siamese twins with 2 heads and 1 body, but that’s not only the reason they were at them. They were amazing with their beauty and knee length hair. People gather around them asking for a picture with them, especially with little girls, they love the twins long hair.

Little girl: “Wow, when I grow up, I want to be like you sisters with long hair!.”

Bell: “Haha, but the problem with that you only have 1 head.”

Bella: “You have a long way to go little girl, this hair take years to grow.”

Everyone was having a good day at the theme park, even though Hans and girls get on a few rides. They rest of the day was talking and taking pictures with people.

At the hideout, Hans was preparing haircutting tools for Bell’s haircut. Bell and Bella hugged Hans from behind.

Bella: “Should we have a bit of fun before you cut Bell’s hair?”

Bell: “We have a new hair play for you.”

The twins wrap their long hair around Hans neck and kiss him. Soon, both were naked and were having a wonderful sex. But the girls wanted to give Hans a special experience. Bell and Bella stop Hans before he ejaculate, they up stood and sat on the chair, and command Hans to come over. Bella ordered Hans to put her hair into a ponytail and he did.

Bell: “Darling! Take my hair and smell it!”

Bella: “And you better take a deep breath with Bell long hair before its gone!”

Hans took Bell hair and gave a good smell and play with the thick brown mane with his fingers . Next, Bella wrap her hair around his penis and started giving him a hairjob. Bell was rubbing hair hair against Hans body. Hans was in a hair heaven mourning pleasure.

Bell (Speaking playfully): “Hans, please cut my hair, I really want a short hair cut (mourning).”

Bella (Speaking while giving a hairjob): “Dear, please cut of that hair off and enjoy mine instead (mourning).”

Hans pick up the scissor. Bell push all her hair to the right side and lift the 5 foot of hair with her forearms and told Hans to cut. While Bella still giving him a nice hairjob.

Hans: “OMG! This is amazing! Bell’s long beautiful hair!”

Bell (mourning): “Yes, this long hair its yours! TAKE IT!.”

Bella: “DO IT!” My long hair is here for you, Hack off my sister hair, DO IT NOW!”

Hans slowly start cutting Bell’s curtain of hair below her forearm, (“SCHHIINKKK” “SCHHIINKK” “SCHHIINKK”) Mass of hair falling on her body and to the floor.

Hans “Ahhh… Bell’s your beautiful hair!.”

As soon Hans about to ejaculate, Bella stop her hairjob and waited for Hans snipping off Bell’s hair. When he’s done cutting through her hair, Bell’s hair fell just touching her shoulder.

Bell: “Oh… Hans, its uneven! please fix it.”

Bella (Still holding Hans penis with her hair): “Don’t do cum yet, dear. You better finish up the haircut.”

Hans pick up his comb and start cutting Bell’s hair. Bella was containing Hans excitement, and as she watch him happily cutting her sisters hair. After about 10 mins, Hans have successfully given Bell a nice short pixie cut.

Bella: “Wow! Bell it look good on you!”

Bell could feel the cold hair touching her neck and the weight was taken off her head. She felt amazing and love it.

Bell: “Alright Bella, finish him off.”

Bella “No! Not yet! Bell hold his penis with my hair, I got a surprised for Hans too.”

Hans (breathing heavily): “What is it?”

Bell: “No way Bell, you too?”

Bella (with a smile): “Yes… Dear, please give be a bob haircut!”

Bell was shock to hear her sister said that. Bella always love her long hair and kept it for Hans, not expecting to do the same with her. But Bell understand her sister, she’s doing it for them. So, Bell took over the hairjob from Bella.

Bell: “OH… now my sister is offering her hair to you. Please hack it off!”

Bella: “Yes! Cut that ponytail off that you love so much!”

And Bell start giving Hans a hairjob and blowjob. Hans holding the ponytail began cutting Bella hair.


Bella: “Yes, cut that lovely hair… hmmm.”

After a while of hearing the scissor crunching sound, Bella ponytail is off. Hans was in a traces but still holding Bella’s ponytail without knowing it. Soon, Bella joined her sister suckling his penis with her hair. And finally, Hans give a big ejaculation, the biggest ejaculation Hans given to the girls.

Hans (breathing heavily): “OMG, I sure make a big mess on you two!”

Bella: “Nooo… my ponytail is all dirty now.”

Bell: “GOSH!, look at my hair on the floor, so much!”

Hans: “Bell, do you want to keep the long strands? I think its still possible but might take a bit of time.”

Bell: “Yeah, we’ll do that later.”

Bella: “Give we please hurry, I wanna go to the river wash my ponytail.”

Hans: “I’ll wash it for you Bella, don’t worried. I’ll fix your bob too, its a little uneven, with a little water your bob will look amazing”

Bell: “Don’t forget the shampoo too! Gosh! my head feels so light.”

Hans and girls went off to the nearby river at the hideout. Hans fix up Bella’s chin length bob cut. Bella love the bounced on her short hair.

Bell: “You should gotten to same cut as me, Bella.”

Bella: “In your dreams! I like this and beside for once I wanna look different from you!”

Hans: “Girls, thanks for this, I won’t forget this, and I promised in my heart and soul. I’m coming back to you guys!”

Both Hans and the twins hugged each other tightly, and the girls gave Hans a kiss.

6 years later…

Hans graduated from the ARMY high school and university. He came straight back home after his graduation. Instead of going home, he went to hideout. He was surprised to see the hideout was renovated, it has a kitchen, a toilet and rooms in it. Hans walk around the new hideout, he saw pictures of him and the twins hanging on the wall.

Bell and Bella bought the land and renovate the hideout, they got the money from tv shows and modeling. Ever since their haircut, the Siamese twins popularity sky rocket, they are on hair shows, tv shows and movies because of their unique beauty and looks. They even sold their 5 foot of hair to some millionaire hair fetish guy for big sum of money to add into his collection.

Bell: “HEY! took you long enough!”

Bella: “FINALLY, you’re back!”

Hans turns his head and saw his beautiful conjoined twins. Their hair had grown below their butt, light shiny brown hair and thick as always. Hans quickly walk towards them and gave a big tight hug.

Hans: “Just like I remember, girls… your hair smell like strawberry.”

Bell and Bella: “WELCOME BACK!”


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