The Wanted Headshave

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Marissa was in need for a haircut. Instead of going to a hair stylist… she went to her grandmothers house because she personally did hair herself. Marissa didn’t want to get her haircut alone so he asked her friends. Nick, Aliyah, Duke, to come. The friends always hated Marissa’s hair. They wanted it gone. The thought of her hair gone made them so crazy. When they got to Marissa’s grandma’s house she went to take a shower to damp her hair. Meanwhile she was doing that the friends decided to ask her grandma if she can shave Marissa’s head.

Friends-“Hey this might be a weird question to ask you but do you think you can cut Marissa’s hair short?’
Grandma- “Of course I will. How short do you want me to go?’
Duke- “Well whats the shortest you can go?”
Grandma-“Well I can go crystal clean short’
Nick- “That will do”
Grandma-“Okay! I’ve wanted to cut her hair short since she was little but never had the time’

Marissa is done with the shower. She sits down on the chair of where she would get her haircut and her grandma asks a question:

Grandma- What haircut would you like?”
Marissa- “Just a trim. Nothing to drastic”
Grandma- “Okay_

Grandma starts cutting her hair. She puts her hair in a ponytail. Mind you her hair is up to her butt. She cuts the ponytail. So Marissa wouldn’t notice right away, grandma gave it to aliyah to hide. Grandma started closer and closer to the ears of Marissa. Grandma soon began thinning the layers of her hair cut it would be to thick to cut with clippers. After she thinned Marissa’s hair, she went to get the clippers. Marissa questioned;

Marissa-“Why are you getting the clippers”
Grandma-“For duke”

Grandma lied to Marissa because Marissa loves her hair and if she knew she was shaving her hair she would flip and not let her do her job. Grandma then told Nick to plug in the clippers when she told him to do. She held the clippers at her nape with no guard on. She then told Nick to proceed and Grandma shaved Marissa’s nape. Marissa freaked out. Duke and Aliyah held her down.

Duke- “Stay still”
Aliyah- “Your hair is getting out of hand’

Grandma continued to shave Marissa’s head. Marissa had to other choice but to like it. Grandma shaved her nape shaving up to her sides then top of the head. The breeze against Marissa’s neck felt good. Grandma took out the “Ultra Hair Remover” and displayed it all around her head. She then got the razor and made her head, CRYSTAL CLEAR.

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