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*** I figured it was time that I migrated some of my old stories over to this site. I wrote them when I was much younger, so be nice! ;). These should tide some of you over until I can finish a few newer stories.***


It all started out as an innocent visit to the Palms Mall with Laurie. Our husbands decided to ditch the both of us all Sunday so they could golf, so we thought it would be nice to have a girl’s afternoon pick up some of the new Fall fashion. As the day and shops flew by, Laurie and I decided to take a juice break and sit down for a while to go over our new loot.

“I’m glad you bought that top, you’re going to have to let me borrow it sometime.” I said about a gorgeous red silk blouse Laurie had snatched up.

“Any time hun, it’ll look great with your hair.” Laurie replied commenting on my shoulder length copper colored hair, which was the latest in a long line of color changes in the past year. I was just having a hard time staying committed to 1 color or style. My husband Tim didn’t seem to mind as long as I let him hang out with his friends from time to time.

As we went through our bags, I noticed a new shop out of the corner of my eye. It was a cute little boutique called new images, and it didn’t look quite open yet.

“What do you think that’s going to be?” I asked Laurie, pointing across the mall.

“I’m not sure Sabrina. What to go check it out?” She replied.

I nodded in response and we gathered our items before walking to the store front. From the window we could see that the store was not quite ready to be opened. There were several dressing rooms set up and big, comfy leather seats scattered around the store. We were so busy peering into the shop that we didn’t notice someone walk up to us.

“I see you’re admiring the store” the mystery woman chuckled, startling us.

“It looks really cute. Are you the owner?” I asked, shaking away the sudden start.

“Yes, my name is Sarah, it’s really nice to meet you. We should be opening by the end of the week one some of my stock gets in.” Sarah responded.

“What are you selling?” Laurie asked

“Clothes, but mainly hair accessories.” Sarah replied smiling. “Would you both like to be on my email blast list so I can let you know when we open?”

“Sure” I replied, “What time of hair accessories are you selling?” I asked as Sarah handed me a clipboard to write down my email address.”

“Wigs mostly. I’ll have extensions as well, but I specialize in highly quality, custom wigs.”

This caught Laurie and I off guard. I hadn’t even finished writing my email and I handed the clipboard back to Sarah.

“Oh, I’m sorry. We don’t need wigs.” I said apologetically

“Wigs aren’t just for the old and sick. Many women use wigs to change their style to match their clothes or just to feel sexy. Are you sure you wouldn’t want to check us out?” Sarah asked

“I’m not sure how my husband would react if I started wearing hair pieces.” Laurie responded.

“Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!” Sarah said with a smile “Most men can’t even tell when women wear wigs.”

Laurie and I stared at each other, as if unsure about how to respond to Sarah. Sarah took the opportunity to hand the clipboard back to me, where Laurie and I wrote down our email addresses.

“Like I said, I’ll email everyone once we open our doors. Have a great day.” Sarah said as we parted ways.

Laurie and I walked back towards the mall entrance gossiping about how amazed we were at the number of emails on the clipboard of Sarah’s wig shop.

“Do you think those were real emails or do you think she filled in some to make her look more popular?” Laurie asked. “How many people in this town could be interested?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll definitely pop in and see it when it opens just for curiosity sake” I replied lost in my own little world, imagining what it would be like to change hair styles and color at the drop of a hat.


“Yeah, what could it hurt to see?” I replied

“I guess I’m still on the fence with the whole thing.”

That night I surfed the internet on my phone about different types of wigs and I was getting more and more used to the idea that I’d like to try it out when I received an email from New Images with the subject “the great hair challenge.” Tim had long since gone to bed after dinner, exhausted from golfing all day. I decided to read the email.

“Dear Potential New Images Customer,

Please continue reading to claim your free makeover coupon.

Do you hate your hair? Do you take forever to get ready in the morning? Are you never satisfied with your color and style? Don’t you think its time to take a stand and change yourself for the better?

New Images wants to set you free by offering a select few, a chance to experience the wonderful world of wigs through this exciting offer/challenge.

Step 1: Tell your significant other that you plan on “changing” your hair. If they don’t seem to notice or care, move on to step 2.

Step 2: Respond to this email with the subject ’I’m in’ to lock in your free make-over gift.

Step 3: Choose from over 1000 styles and color combinations of wigs on our website, and your order will be secretly shipped to our store.

Step 4: Come in for you fitting.

Step 5: Wear your new wig for 1 week to see if anyone notices the new you.

Step 6: Once you fall in love with the wig culture, consider sticking around.

Step 7: If you decide to stay, we will upgrade your wig to a vacuum wig for no charge. (Vacuum wigs do require the owner to shave their heads or wear a bald cap for the wig to adhere to the head but offer a superior look and feel.)

We have had several happy customers at our other locations wear their wig for years without anyone (including their husbands) realizing.

Come experience you New Image.

Are you game?”

Without even realizing, I clicked reply and typed in “I’m in” into the subject line. I couldn’t stop thinking about how nonchalantly the email mentioned someone shaving their heads for the better wig. After sending the email, I spent the rest of the night researching women with bald heads and wigs.

In the morning, Tim ate his breakfast, and kissed me goodbye on his way out the door.

“Hey honey. I think I might do something with my hair this week.”

“Cool Sabrina. I’ll see you later tonight.” Time replied on his way out.

As soon as he left I picked up my phone to check my email. New Images had responded with login instructions to their website and a special coupon code to I could select my new wig. The email suggested picking a wig similar to our current hair, but either a little shorter or a different color. After browsing Sarah’s amazing website, I settled on a chin length angle bob wig that matched my current color. Just a few minutes after I hit “submit” my email alert chimed with a response from Sarah herself.

“Hey Sabrina,

I’m so glad you opted in for the challenge. I actually have the exact wig you chose in my shop right now. I got a huge delivery this morning. If you’d like, you can come by today for your fitting. I hope to hear from you soon.



I wasn’t expecting to have my wig so soon, but I guess that now is better than never. I got dressed and headed down to the mall. New Images still didn’t look open quite yet, but Sarah met me outside of the shop and let me in.

“Are you ready to see it?” Sarah asked holding a gorgeous looking hat box.

“Definitely.” I replied smiling. I couldn’t believe I was getting excited over a wig.

Sarah open the box to reveal a the stunning Copper colored wig I picked out online.

“The one you chose was actually  vacuum wig, so I’ll have to fit you for a bald cap if you still want it.” Sarah said motioning to one of the large changing rooms.

“Are you sure you don’t have a normal wig in this style?” I asked

“I should get one in the next week or two, but the cap really isn’t that hard to deal with and you would get your wig today.”

I thought about it for a moment, and I was a little curious on how the bald cap would make me look.

“Sure lets go for it.” I said

Sarah led me into one of the dressing rooms. The room was large and was surrounded by mirrors. A large stylist chair sat in the middle.

“Go ahead and have a seat” Sarah said patting the red leather chair.

I sat down as Sarah took the wig out of the box and placed it on a crystal mannequin head in the corner.

“Do you just want a wig cap, or would you like me to put on an actual bald cap? If you do the bald cap, I can do your makeup so it looks real. I have a lot of customers who like the look better than a standard wig cap.” Sarah stated.

“Do you think I would look weird with the bald cap?” I asked

“Not at all. I think you have the face for it, plus, if you hate it you can just leave your wig on the entire time.”

“Should I not wear my wig the entire time” I asked

“Whenever I put a bald cap on, I like to take off my wig when I’m alone and walk around the house. I get excited, thinking that I’m hiding a big secret. But that’s just me. What would you like to do” Sarah replied.

“What the hell! Lets do the bald cap.”

Sarah opened a fresh bald cap from its package and proceeded to clip and tuck my hair very tight to my head before placing the cap on. She then glued the edges with great skill. After Sarah finished touching up the makeup around the seam I got my first look at myself bald.

“Wow” was all I could say.

“Wow indeed. it’s a good look for you. Ready to put your new wig on?” Sarah replied.

“Sure,” I responded, but I secretly wanted to look at myself a moment longer bald as a cue ball in the mirror.

Sarah placed the copper wig on head and showed me the proper way of taking it on and off. After I got the wig situated, I was surprised on how realistic it looked. I looked as if I just got back from the salon. I felt great. I felt sexy.

Sarah told me to come back in a week to check in and see how the experiment went. I agreed. We said our goodbyes and I headed home. I wasn’t home for 5 minutes before I ran upstairs to my bathroom and pealed my wig off, exposing my fake bald head. It looked so real. Out of curiosity I took off all of my clothes and admired myself in the mirror. It was odd, but I looked good and the wig did an amazing job hiding it. Sarah was right, it was exciting to keep this a secret from everyone.

As bald as I looked, it seemed weird that I had public hair. I took Tim’s beard trimmer and quickly shaved my nicely trimmed bush and took of the remaining visage of hair with a bic razor. After admiring myself a moment longer, I started trying on different lingerie and outfits to see how I looked. Even with the bald head, I still looked feminine and sexy especially in my green teddy.

It was while I was in my teddy that I heard Tim come in the door. I quickly put on my wig, made sure it was secure, and called him upstairs. He walked into the room and saw me sprawled out on the bed beckoning him. We made passionate love, as rough as its ever been, and my wig stayed perfectly still, although I thought it would be exciting if it had fallen off to expose my fake bald head. Afterwards, Tim held me as we both panted heavily.

“That was amazing Sabrina” Tim said

“You weren’t so bad yourself there cowboy” I chuckled

“Your hair looks great by the way.”

“Thank you hun. I’m glad you like it. I was thinking about going shorter though” I said, testing the water

“Oh okay. How short were you wanting to go.” He asked quizzically

“I’m not sure yet. I guess it just depends on how I feel when I go back to the salon.”

“Hey, if I get surprise sex like this, you could cut your hair as short as you want.” Time replied with a big smile.

“Really?” I asked

“Hell, shave it smooth if you want” Tim replied with a laugh

“I just might.” I thought to myself.

The next morning, Tim ate breakfast and rushed off to work again. He was barely out the door before I took off my wig to see if I still liked the look the day after. It was still so foreign to see no hair on my head, and Sarah did a spectacular job with my makeup. I actually liked the look of my bald head instead of the wig.

Just as I started to do some chores around the house, I got an email from Sarah asking how my first night went and if I needed a touchup on my makeup. I responded that I had an amazing time and Tim didn’t suspect thing. I told her that I would be down at the shop for a touchup this afternoon.

After I cleaned up a bit, I took a shower and I got dressed. Surprisingly, even after a shower, the cap stayed perfectly attached to me, but the makeup ran a bit. I put on my wig, and went back down to New Images. Sarah met me outside and let me in again. Today the store was much more put together.

“It’s looking really good in here” I said

“Yeah, its coming along.” she replied “Lets head back into the fitting room.”

I followed Sarah into the room and sat down in the leather chair. Sarah stepped behind me and pealed the wig off of me and placed it on the crystal mannequin head.

“Did you walk around your house bald last night?” She asked with a smile.

“Yeah! I couldn’t help it. I just looked so weird but good at the same time, that I wanted to experience it for a while longer.” I replied.

“Were you bummed when you had to put your wig back on?” Sarah asked as she inspected the cap

“Yeah a little, but Tim didn’t suspect a thing” I chuckled

“Great!” she replied “We can go ahead and take off the bald cap though, I got in one of the normal wigs of this same style this morning”

“Oh” I said as she began to peal the cap away.

Sarah stopped what she was doing, “would you rather keep on the cap and the vacuum wig or switch?”

“I think I’d rather keep what I got.” I replied

“Okay, we should probably change the bald cap any way. I’m sure your hair is hot and sweaty by now. I can wash your hair in our of our sinks and set you back up again.” Sarah replied and she continued to peal back the cap.

My hair looked greasy and nasty from having the cap on it all night. I was a little sad to see my hair, after having experienced being bald for such a short time. Sarah picked up on this.

“Don’t worry sweetie, we’ll wash your hair and get a new cap on you right away.” Sarah said with a smile

“You know what’s funny?” I asked

“What” Sarah replied

“I told my husband that I was thinking of going shorter when he commented on how good my hair looked, and when he asked how short, I said I didn’t know, and he said ‘hell, shave it smooth if you want’. I know he was probably joking but I probably wouldn’t mind just shaving it all off right now.” I said with a chuckle

“Do you want to do it?” Sarah asked.

“I don’t know. Kind of, but I don’t know if I would like it tomorrow if I did it today. Does that make sense?”

“Yep, I thought about it for a long time.” Sarah replied as she started to comb through my hair.

“Did you ever do it?” I asked

“Yep” Sarah responded and pealed away her gorgeous blonde hair, revealing a bald scalp. “Made the decision to get rid of it all a year ago. My husband still doesn’t know.” Sarah giggled as she set her wig on another mannequin head.

I was stunned. Sarah looked so good with and without the wig on.

“So are you going to make me wash this mess or should I give you the quickest haircut of your life?”

I thought about Tim telling me to ‘shave it smooth’ and I took it as permission to do so.

“Take it all off, but quick before I change my mind.” I replied

Sarah, my bald barberette, didn’t waste any time gathering her clippers and plugging them in. I have never had my hair cut with clippers before today. She turned them on with a loud pop and set the humming, hungry machine at my hairline. She didn’t bother asking me if I wanted to change my mind. Sarah dragged the clippers straight down the middle of my head. Each strip she did revealed more and more skin. The feeling was sensational but did not last long. Shortly after turning on her clippers, all of my hair was on the floor.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror. This wasn’t a cap anymore, I really just had my hair mown down by Sarah in her shop. I rubbed the stubble over my head and was instantly disappointed that it wasn’t as soft as it looked. Sarah once again could instantly read my mind.

“Don’t worry hun, come with me and we’ll shave it smooth so your wig can fit it.” Sarah said as she led me to a wash basin where she proceeded to lather me up and shave off every last trace of my hair. Sarah went over my head 3 times before she pronounced me finished with the makeover.

I ran my hand over my head countless times. It felt so good and soft just like I imagined.

“Because you have darker hair, you will still have somewhat of a shadow. I can touch it up with makeup if you want but you or I will have to do it everyday to keep it looking good if you want to keep the look for a little bit.”

“Does yours look so good because you had blonde hair?” I asked

“Nope I was a brunette who yearned to be a blonde” Sarah chuckled

“So you do your makeup every day to keep yours looking good?” I asked

“Nope, I use a mild depilatory cream to keep me smooth and hairless between shaves. Ever since I started using it I’ve had to shave less often.”

“I wouldn’t mind keeping this smooth for a little bit” I said as I touched my head again.

“I’ll give you a tube of my cream to take home with you and I’ll put some on you now while the shave is fresh.” Sarah said as she left the room.

She returned and proceeded to squirt a small amount of the cream in her hand and rub it into my scalp. I could feel the cream tingling as she rubbed it in, followed by a mild burning sensation.

“Tell me when it stops tingling and I’ll wipe you down.” Sarah said

After 5 minutes the burning sensation went away and my head felt nice and cool.

“It stopped tingling” I said and Sarah wiped a damp cloth over my head. It felt amazing.

After she finished, she showed how the cloth was covered with tiny hairs.

“Take a look in the mirror” she said with a smile

I looked up from the cloth and saw that the shadow on my head was almost completely gone.

“Wow” I said grinning from ear to ear

“It should look perfect after you shower. You can take the tube with you, but you should be good for a month or so before you have to shave again.”

“What happens if I use the cream again before the month is over?” I asked.

“You’ll extend the effect. But only do it if you really want to.”

Sarah placed my wig back on me and we said our goodbyes. I raced home and immediately ripped off my wig and my clothes and masturbated feverishly in front of the bathroom mirror. I could not believe that the bald head that I saw in the mirror was my very own and I loved it.

I was so exhausted that I took a nap  until Tim came home. One I heard the door open I hopped up and quickly pulled my wig on before returning to my bed completely naked. Tim looked and me and didn’t hesitate to take me. I was amazed on how good the wig was holding on as much as Tim liked to pull my hair while we made love. After we finished we got up and started to make dinner.

“I thought you were thinking of getting your hair cut again today” Tim said as he put a pot of water on to boil.

“I was thinking about it, but decided I didn’t have time” I responded curiously “Did you have your heart set on having me with shorter hair?” I asked

“It’s not that I want you with short hair” Tim blushed “I just want you to be happy.”

“Well maybe I’ll take your suggestion and shave it smooth one day.” I replied with a smile.

“You’d never do something like that” Tim replied

I decided to stop the conversation there. I was having too much fun messing with him.

Morning came too soon once again. Tim ran his fingers through my wig and gave me a big kiss before he left for work. As soon as the door shut, I peeled the wig off to let me scalp breathe and I ran my hands over my head. I could still feel the remnants of the hair that the cream had not taken care of yet. I remember Sarah telling me that a hot shower would help even everything out up there. I stripped out of my nighty and hopped into the shower. The water felt fantastic on my skin. By the time I finished I could barely see a shadow on my head; it looked perfectly smooth. I was falling in love with this new look and I was starting to want my hair to never grow back. My mind wandered over to the cream Sarah gave me. I never bothered to read the label. The product was called Cue-ball and was marketed to balding men who liked the smooth look. There were two sets of instructions, one for temporary removal of hair and one for permanent. Sarah had done a temporary treatment on me and results were guaranteed for 1 month. The permanent treatment required use of the product every day for 1 week to guarantee that the hair would never grow back. The thought of my hair being gone forever was exciting and scary at the same time, but I could not stop myself from unscrewing the cap to the cream and smearing it all over my scalp again. The cream felt different this time, there was no burning sensation. Instead the cream felt cool and refreshing as I rubbed it in. After I finished I told myself that I still have 5 days to change my mind just in case.

I spent much of the day walking around the house bald and naked and I loved it. I felt so free. Sarah emailed me again asking how I felt being a true bald girl/wig girl, and she asked if I had shared my secret with Tim yet. I told her that I was in love with the feeling of smooth skin and was unsure if I wanted to be anything other than a wig girl from now on, but that I had not told Tim yet. She responded quickly with a suggestion to pull my wig off and surprise him at the right time. I might have to think about that soon, but I may wait until the week and my treatments are over.

To Be Continued…

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