The woman in my basement

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I returned home from a long day at the shop. To relax, I showered and dressed comfortably. Watching my film on the couch, I couldn’t seem to shake the feeling I was being watched. I couldn’t enjoy myself and had the urge to tear apart my whole house to figure out why I felt the way I did.

As I was rearranging furniture, I heard a thump in the basement. The sound scared me and I swear that I had jumped out of my skin. I basically ran to the basement door and threw it open.

What I saw in the darkness was surprising to say the least. Huddled in the corner of a corner of the basement was a woman, dressed in a tattered coat and shoes. The hair under her hat was unkempt and she was scared like I was.

”Who are you… What are you doing here?”I ordered in a stutter. She looked at me with frightened eyes,”Please, don’t hurt me”

”I won’t hurt you”,I replied,”If you answer my questions”

”My name is Isabelle”, she said through chattering teeth,”Please, I mean you no harm. I just need a place to stay for the week”

”I ain’t housing you for a week”,I growled,”Get out before I call the cops”

”Please!”Isabelle begged,”I will do anything for you to repay you”

I should’ve called the police on her but the word ‘anything’ sparked something in my head. A plan formed; if she would do anything for me to stay in my basement, I could do a lot with her. All the days were mapped out as I told her,”Okay. You want to stay here for week, okay. Well then, you will do everything I tell you; okay?”

The woman quickly nodded and rose to her feet, wiping a tear from her eye,”Thank you, sir. I promise you won’t regret this”

”I better not”, I walked out of the basement, turning on the light and closing the door behind me,”I want the light off in an hour. Goodnight”

”Thank you”, I heard the woman say as I shut the door and locked it.

Monday morning, I ran through the day in my head. I didn’t have to work today so I wanted to work with the woman. I unlocked the door to the basement and saw her still asleep on the floor. Awakening her, I gave her breakfast and told her she could stay in the basement and go outside, through the basement’s hatch that led outside, but she was not to go into my room, the living room, or into the kitchen. All she did was nod as she scarfed down her meal. Satisfied with my ruling, I left the basement and got into my car to go shopping.

When I returned, the woman was back in her space. She was surprised that I bought things for her, I told her to come with me to the bathroom. Her feet followed mine to the bathroom and I gave her a bar of soup and towel she could use to wash up. It seems a big charity to give her access to my shower but she smelled foul. The clothes she wore were in the hamper I put out for her, I trashed them after I told her to leave them.

Instead, I gave her a sweatshirt and pants to wear. It was pure luck that I bought her exact bra size. She waited for my orders patiently as I looked her over. Showering was a step forward for her and I dare not to ruin all the surprises at once. Her final treat was a sleeping bag and comfy socks.

On Tuesday, I worked so I gave my lady her breakfast and a PB&J sandwich for lunch before I left. Coming home, she was waiting for me like she should. I was ecstatic to see her and wanted to hug her but I composed myself before I did. She asked what I wanted her to do and I stretched out my hand for her to grab,”Come then”

She smiled as she took hold of my hand and I took her to my home workshop. The room was what I could use if a neighbor or one of my family or friends wanted a haircut. It was a small room, one chair and mirror near the wall, I gave her a brief tour before seating her.

I sat her in the chair and pumped it up three times. She was blushing in the mirror which I found cute: I don’t know why. Taking the cape from off its rack, I wrapped up the woman and snapped its buttons behind her neck. I don’t know if she knew what I intended to do.

A surprise or not, I took my clippers off their hook and activated them with great speed. I had waited all day for this. Wasting no time, I started buzzing off the woman’s matted hair. Again and again, my clippers took more and more off her scalp til all her hair laid limply on the ground. She did not seem to mind being buzzed or shaved: I kinda wished she did.

With microscopic hair still on her head, she watched with neutral anticipation as I covered her scalp in shaving cream. Using a sharp razor, I cleared away the cream and stared at my handiwork for a second when I was done. She didn’t touch her freshly shaven scalp but watched me for further orders. I looked at her, noticing her bushy eyebrows. Reclining the chair, I told her to close her eyes. Her eyes were shut and I took up my fine shears. I couldn’t bring myself to shave off her brows completely so I allowed my shears to tidy up them up instead.

Chair back into position, I invited her to look at herself and touch her smooth head. Undoing the cape and throwing her hair in the trash, I couldn’t help but gaze at her. She looked so beautiful but I dare not tell her that. I told her to follow me and we went back into the basement. I gave her another outfit to wear to bed and I left her for the night.

Wednesday, I had work but when I came home, I called Isabelle into the living room. She came and I sat with her on the couch; I had bought her earrings but her ears were not pierced so with her consent, I carefully pierced them with a sterile needle. It was a painful process as she winced all the while but she said she could take it. Once the swelling had gone down, I fitted the earrings into the holes. Isabelle look gorgeous with them and I thought that I was falling in love with her and yet, I held my tongue.

Thursday, there was nothing important on that day. I worked and she cleaned my house for me after much begging to do it. The only reward I gave her was a dress to wear.

Friday, like Thursday, I worked and she worked in my house. When I came home, Isabelle asked to use the internet for an hour. I agreed but she had to surf the web next to me on the couch. She only watched funny cat videos all the time she was on my tablet I gave her.

Saturday, I was free from work for the remainder of the week. Isabelle was beginning to get a little shaggy so I walked her into my workshop. After her shave, she asked me,”Could you do something for me?”

I looked at her,”Well, that’s not how this works but I guess”

”Could you buy me some makeup”,she flashed puppy-dog eyes at me,”A lipstick and eyeshadow; that’s all I need”

”Alright”,I smiled,”Why don’t you come with so I know what color you want”

Isabelle was excited to leave the house but before we left, I made her change into the dress and earrings I bought her. We went to a popular makeup brand store and she retrieved what she wanted, it was a conservative amount that I bought her. When we got home, she put on the gloss and eyeshadow. And in the outfit, she started flirting with me. My will had finally cracked and I couldn’t resist her so she spent the night in my bed.

On Sunday, we sat in the kitchen: groggy from I high. I was bitter that Isabelle had to leave and I think she was to. She kept looking at me as we ate breakfast. Annoyed by the atmosphere, I asked her,”Are you positive you have to move on?”

”I… you did as I asked and I don’t want to pester you any longer than I have to”,she replied,”I have some friends back home but I don’t know if they’d be willing to take me in”

I nodded,”I’ve lived with you for this long. And I… lov… it would be an honor if you would be my roommate”

Isabelle’s eyes brightened,”Really? Can I.. may I live here”

I shrugged,”Okay. If I let you live here for free, I expect a few things”

”I’ll clean the house, do the dishes and laundry”,she began to lose her breath when she talked so loud,”And, I’ll keep my head shaved just for you”

”Slow down”,I laughed,”I’ll take care of the shaving”

“Okay”,she smiled, running over to me and hugging me tightly.

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